Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Inner Transformation

Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will begin on January 14, 2013 and end on February 4, 2013. For you, dear Lightworker, this time period will mark the beginning of all that you have come to do upon Mother Earth! There will be three main groups forming after the Unity with God process completes. The first group is composed of all activated members of the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny Souls ready to move forward while the second group will include those who will postpone Unity with God until a later date due to the lack of Spiritual preparation for the New Millennium. The third group will simply be moved aside to wait for separation from Mother Earth. By January 30, 2013, dear Lightworker, you will know who will be in each group by the Love Energy he or she will emit!

For those largely in the second group it will be at least one more year before they will complete the Inner Transformation for the New Millennium. They will not be ones to lead in their own right but will serve to lead their offspring into the mindset of “New Millennium Awareness.” The last group will be placing themselves into a place of “least harm” to themselves and others. For these one’s, dear Lightworker, only prayers will assist them in their transition to the place of learning with Love. So for those who will be ready with the Energy of the last week of January 2013 the Energy will serve as the springboard to his or her Joy in Living!

Every Soul upon Mother Earth has been processing for the Inner Transformation in one way or another since December 5, 2012, shortly after the New Millennium began on December 3, 2012. The Inner Transformation will be functioning to reorder one’s sense of priorities for the New Millennium and beyond! And as you can see in the outside world, dear Lightworker, it has not been such a wonderful transition for everyone with pent up anger, frustration, and negativity towards the world in general!

Following the Unity with God process, dear Lightworker, you will begin to see the greatest transformation ever witnessed upon Mother Earth! No more waiting for internal decisions to be made! No more waiting for the Energy to drive the internal decisions into their direction! And no more waiting for Mother Earth to decide which way she will want to manifest her Pathway as the Abode of Peace and Harmony! On February 2, 2013 the Energy will bring Mother Earth to “rise up” to declare that she will be Creating her Heart and Soul’s Expression of Love – a New Earth body to resonate with the New Vibration of the New Millennium!

In shifting into her New Earth body, Mother Earth will also be shifting her Creation Energy. This will mean that only those aligned with the Universal Energies of the New Millennium will have the ability to Create upon her! So what about those who will be in the place of “least harm?” Without aligning into the Energy of the New Millennium there will be no ability to Create with negative energy upon Mother Earth! Hence, dear Lightworker, your Service of Light will be simple, easy, and carefree!

The process of Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is an Inner Transformation and cannot be accomplished in any other way! Your ability to align yourself with the Universal Energies and God Source, dear Lightworker, will lead you to Unite with God and the entire Universe! But it will be with your ability to sing and dance with the Energy of Love and Harmony that your Heart and Soul will bring in the rhythm of the New Earth – where you will demonstrate and lead the Way of Light and Love by example!

Friday, December 21, 2012

New Millennium Awareness

On August 13, 2012 God the Father and Mother of ALL Things brought His/Her Presence upon Mother Earth and now walks the land. The final stage of God’s Presence upon Earth is to Unify with all of His/Her Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls! This will begin from January 14, 2013 through February 4, 2013, where everyone choosing to Unite and become a Co-Creator with Him/Her will be given the opportunity to do so. There will no longer be a separation from God and the Universe, dear Lightworker, as that was a condition of the Third and Fourth Dimensions. And since October 28, 2011, Mother Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy entered into the Fifth Dimension – the Dimension of Love – where God and the Universe transverse into our present world!

The sequence of Universal Events that will bring us to the stage of Unity with God will have long term societal consequences that will bear fruit in directing everyone living on Earth with Peace and Harmony within the next four years! The Way of Transformation will come through the Internal Self guided by God Source! Some, like you, dear Lightworker, already have access to God Source and this in fact will lead you with the ability to Create in 104 days rather than six months of sustained belief, thought, and commitment to what you are doing. This shortened time span will function through you with your Love in conjunction with God’s Love in the Fifth Dimension!

The shortening of the Creation Cycle will serve as your gift from God – your Joy in Living – to fulfill your responsibility in assisting Mother Earth’s Transition into the New Millennium! Your task, dear Lightworker, will be much easier, effortless, and in sync with what you have come to do! For you will be Unified with God and working with and for Him/Her in all that you will do! Additionally, dear Lightworker, you will have no other Soul to enslave you into his or her system of control for you will be Co-Creating with God, who has NO ONE or THING ABOVE HIM/HER!

The mantra of “God is First” will bring you into New Millennium Awareness that Unity with God acknowledges for you and everyone around you! This is the beginning and many more will eventually join you once that they too become aware that the New Millennium is truly here! You will be first in line, dear Lightworker, for you have come with advanced gifts, talents and skills designed to readily make you available for what only few can do and accomplish in these times of momentum gathering for a New World!

While the Mayan Calendar “end date” of December 21, 2012 will have many stating “nothing happened!” many will actually begin to take notice that something else was happening, Unity with God was just around the corner! On a conscious level, dear Lightworker, this will bring many to become more “open” to seeing outside their external eyes and begin to see more with their Internal eyes of the Heart and Soul! For when the first round of Unity with God completes on February 4, 2013 there will be great Joy and elation by those who will have caught the “New Millennium Awareness” bug!

Let these days of Joy in Living bring you to share and spread your message of New Millennium Awareness from your own Heart and Soul! Do this and allow God Source to speak with you and through you to lead you into the place of your Heart and Soul! And now you will know, dear Lightworker, that you will never be alone for you are entering the New Millennium with God!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Harmonizing with ALL Things

At the core of everything that exists in the Universe is the Energy of God Source. Unseen and untouchable yet can be felt and heard within the Soul of every living being. The Energy Field that makes communication possible between one Soul and another Soul is the Energy of Love that encompasses each particle of God Source so that it can expand, grow, and prosper as its own unique Expression of God’s Love. At this point of time our Mother Earth and Milky Way Galaxy are at an Expansion Phase with the Universe and this is why, dear Lightworker that every living Soul within the expanding Energy Field of the Universe is in a process of growth and expansion beyond any other known time frame!

When the Universal Energy of January 11, 2013 arrives for us to begin to truly consider our possibilities in Expanding our Soul’s Spiritual Pathway, we will also be bringing Love and Harmony to Activate our Purpose with Joy. This will be the way in which all who have chosen to expand beyond his or her known Spiritual Properties will be not only ready for Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things but will also ensure that every pitch and chord is struck in accordance with the Harmony of the Universe!

By Harmonizing with ALL Things in the Universe, dear Lightworker, you will be able to consider where you would take your Love to begin an experience of Co-Creating with God! You have already been Ordained, Activated, and given the Responsibility of Mother Earth’s Transition into the New Millennium! Now, you will be achieving your final stage in the week to come, dear Lightworker, when you will begin to merge and commingle all your Energy of Love with God and the Universe from January 14, 2013 through February 4, 2013! When this stage is complete, rest assured that you have passed through all preparation stages of the Heart and Soul!

The process of preparing the Heart and Soul was not as arduous or as dramatic as one would think, but actually served as a reminder to whom you really are and what you have come to do. These opportunities offered the “path of least resistance” so that by the middle of February 2013, you will vastly improve and increase your ability to “Harmonize with ALL Things!” So what has appeared to be a “test of endurance” was in Reality, an Expression of Free Will provided to everyone willing to progress, expand, and become Unified as a Co-Creator with our Creator!

Soon it will be time to relax, dear Lightworker, and despite your steady anxiety to bring about the New World and New Millennium, we all must wait and stand back to see what happens to those who have not prepared his or her Inner Self. For they have not realized, dear Lightworker, that they too are being offered the opportunity to Unify with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and to realize Joy in Living in everything that they will do! It is not a missed opportunity if you were not aware but it is if you choose to let it go by you! That is the difference in these days, dear Lightworker – to Progress with God or not to Progress!

After the opportunity to Unify with God Completes on February 4, 2013, big sweeping Changes will begin upon all lands of the Earth from March 2, 2013 until April 6, 2013. Man’s economic values will fade away from any recognizable form of understanding, for the Energy of the New Millennium will be prevailing and offering those who have chosen to Serve God and to assist Mother Earth in her Transition to Live in Peace and Harmony. Mother Earth will gather them to share her bounty and all she will have to offer as Co-Creators with God! Rejoice for it begins soon!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Activating with God Source Part 2

The New Millennium began on December 3, 2012. The next stage in the process to bring about the New Millennium’s core premise of Peace on Earth will begin on January 14, 2013. The Energy of January 14, 2013 through February 4, 2013 will begin activating the process of Unity with God so that those like you, dear Lightworker, become empowered with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things as a Co-Creator upon our Mother Earth! But before the Unity with God process begins there will be an initial period of time dedicated to learning what will be needed for Unity with God.

Learning for Unity with God begins from January 1, 2013 through January 10, 2013. There will be no ritual process or even a formalized ceremony to acknowledge that you are Unified with God. But there is the requirement to fulfill your Heart and Soul’s Pathway on Earth. “What is my Pathway on Earth,” you may ask? It is intrinsically aligned with your Heart and Soul and is what brings Joy and Happiness into your Heart with what you Love. Many will continue looking outside of him or herself, but even through a process of negation, “This is not it,” “This does not make me happy,” they will still be led to where they will eventually need to be.

Learning for Unity with God is an internal process and cannot be discovered outside of one’s self. And as you will notice at the beginning of January 2013, dear Lightworker, many circumstances and opportunities will make themselves available to bring the internal process of Learning for Unity. The access channel for Learning for Unity is through God Source, which is the direct Universal communication source that forms between one’s Heart and Soul and the Universe to express God’s Love and Joy through the Soul. Once one has gained trust and credibility with God Source experience, opportunities in ones Life will serve to direct one into becoming Empowered through God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!

There will be two days during the first week of January 2013 in which the opportunity to gain great experience with God Source will become available, January 2 and 3, 2013. In the next two following days, January 4 and 5, 2013, the Activation process towards Unity with God will begin for those ready with God Source! As you can tell, dear Lightworker, the entire process is through the Internal Self and experienced alone by reciprocating God’s Love. And with the supporting cast of your fellow members of the Legion of Light, there will much to do and accomplish with your part in leading Mother Earth’s Transition into the New Millennium!

Though this stage of the New Millennium’s process may sound quite intimidating, this will be the last sequential step towards activating your Co-Creator role with God, dear Lighworker. Co-Creating with God will not only involve placing Love for your Heart and Soul’s purpose to Create your Pathway of Service but also, aligning yourself with God Source for direction. What this will do for you, dear Lightworker, will be to allow you to “Harmonize” with God to bring you direct instruction from God pertaining to your Service of Light!

This will not be a time of fear but a time of High Spirits and Rejoicing for those who are aware and know the Truth about what will be occurring! And it will all begin when everyone begins to learn and experience Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! God Source will serve to lead you where you will need to be and with whom you will need to connect but it all begins with you, dear Lightworker, Activating with God Source to become who you truly are – God’s representative on Mother Earth!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Activating with God Source

When the final week of December 2012 arrives, dear Lightworker, you will be seeing the final stages of the New Millennium’s infrastructure being completed. Everything for everyone’s Joy in Living will now be at his or her disposal in order to Create the Pathway they were meant to Create upon Mother Earth! Do not let it worry you that some will not get “it,” or even understand what you will be doing, for now, dear Lightworker, you will be role modeling how one works with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things through God Source upon Earth!

Every Soul’s connection to God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is through the Life Force of God Source. It is this very connection from which Life in the Universe is Created, set into motion, and allowed to grow, learn and prosper as an expression of God’s Love. All things in the Universe go through a similar growth process. In Mother Earth’s case, it is the process of becoming a Nurturer of the Universe to bring Enlightenment to the Souls of the many so that they may also become Co-Creators with God.

The Energy that will complete the New Millennium’s infrastructure will be available from December 29 through December 30, 2012. This particular Energy will serve a threefold purpose upon Mother Earth. The first will increase the Energy of Love and Harmony externally upon the Earth Plane so that everyone will increase his or her own internal Energy likewise. In the long run this will bring many to become filled with Lovingness to increase their endeavor as a Co-Creator with God!

The second purpose will be an enhancement to the Co-Creator with God status bestowed upon everyone who has chosen to activate his or her Soul’s task and purpose with God Source. With the increase of Love and Harmony available, this Energy will bring success to anyone who will seek to become his or her own unique Expression of God’s Love through their connection to God Source! This will also set into motion a Social Transformation ignited through the Change of everyone internally seeking to activate their Soul’s task and purpose rather than to seek their physical needs first!

The third and last infrastructural component to be completed during these two integral days will be the designation of the Legion of Light to lead Mother Earth’s Transformation. Though this component has already been in motion since October 24, 2012, it will now be time for the Legion of Light to actively lead Mother Earth into her new place in the Universe with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! This will bring a sequence of many rapid Changes upon Earth as the 20 year process to bring everything Energetically into the New Millennium completes on December 30, 2012!

Freewill will still be major issue, even in the times ahead. It will not be for lack of willingness to participate but more from the lack of experience, preparation, and knowledge. But once everyone understands that, “We are all Partners with God in Co-Creating Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony!” then everyone will begin with momentous strides in Creating his or her own Joy and Happiness! And now it all begins, dear Lightworker, as the Energy of January 2013 will bring the initial activation process of Unifying with God through the Energy that makes everything possible, God Source!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Eye of the Universe

On December 16, 2012 the Sun will be crossing into the sidereal constellation of Sagittarius and align Mother Earth into position to begin her Transition into the Eye of the Universe! It will not be a long process and, in fact, everyone upon her will be ready in one way or another to make this Transition with her. This, dear Lightworker, is what everyone has been referring to as the Mayan “end of the world.” But it will not be the end! Rather it is Mother Earth’s Re-Creation and Re-Birth as a Nurturer of the Universe!

As a Nurturer of the Universe, Mother Earth’s role as the Abode of Peace and Harmony is ensured as will the Caretaker roles for those who are upon her body. Mother Earth’s role will bring you, dear Lightworker, to become the “designated” Caretaker of her Transition through the multifaceted gifts and talents you will be expressing for her nurturing and care as the only Creator Planet in our Solar System. While you assume leadership through the advanced tools you and other Lightworkers will collectively bring upon Mother Earth, there will be nothing for those not fully prepared to do but watch and wait!

December 16, 2012 will only mark the beginning as the Energy to propel Mother Earth into her long awaited Transition will eventually bring everyone into understanding the Way of Light and Love! Those who will “watch and wait” will be stunned and bewildered by events that will not make sense or even bring logical consequences. Vicariously, however, they will be learning from you, dear Lightworker, that the world is different! The choice to become Joyful in the Way of Living upon Mother Earth will be available to everyone but will only come when one is willing to learn and experience it!

Mother Earth will still be in the peak of her Transition through January 3, 2012. Her growth and expansion through her increased capacity to hold and give Love will be felt by everyone and will serve as everyone’s Beacon to guide him or her with Love through the New Millennium! Your work, dear Lightworker, will be much easier as you let your own Heart and Soul lead you to naturally align yourself into doing the task that you have chosen to do with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! By the time we all arrive into the Energy of February 14, 2012 everyone will know on some level that everything is moving along with Mother Earth’s Transition to become a Nurturer of the Universe.

Not everyone will be actively participating and this will largely be due to his or her own fear of the unknown. All you, dear Lightworker, will be able to do for them is to send them Light, Love, and prayers, to bring them understanding and knowledge for their Soul’s greatest capacity. It will not be a fast Transition for everyone involved but remember, this is a long term Project of Enlightenment that will go on until every Soul is Living in Joy with God!

In the years to come the average lifespan will increase to 120 years. Some will Live even longer but it will not be for years of learning through negative experiences. Instead Life will come through Positive Promotion with Love and encouragement to Live in Joy! The next step with Mother Earth’s Transition will come on January 14, 2013 when the Process of Unifying with God in the Fifth Dimension will begin! Though many will be in fear they will eventually find the experience Loving, non-judgmental, and comforting to their Souls. The time to begin is December 16, 2012 when Mother Earth enters into the Eye of the Universe!

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Millennium is Here! Part 2

The atmosphere will be electric during the second week of December 2012 dear Lightworker, for the urgency to enact the Pathway you were meant to be doing will never have felt stronger! It will be time for subtle Change to become apparent to everyone WHO YOU TRULY ARE in your Service to God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! It will not take any effort on your part to enact and become WHO YOU TRULY ARE except through your Will to decide the Way of Expressing your Path of Love and Joy!

The New Millennium begins on December 3, 2012 and by December 10, 2012 you will feel the call and stirring of your Heart and Soul to engage yourself into Mother Earth’s Transformation. For on December 10, 2012 the Legion of Light, the aggregate whole of all Lightworkers upon Earth, will be in charge of bringing order into the Great Transition! The Energy will increase from December 13, 2012 through January 2, 2013 and apex from December 29, 2012 to January 2, 2013! The latter dates will also be when the Re-Creation of Earth will begin, not from mass destruction scenarios depicted in Armageddon types of movies and television shows, but to begin displaying God’s New Paradigm for Creating with Love upon Mother Earth that was introduced on November 25, 2012!

While everyone will not be moving in the same direction during the second week of December 2012 all of the Energy needed to Re-Create Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony will be in place. The biggest misconception many will have during this time period will be in understanding how to be “Unlimited” when limitation has always been their “norm.” But in proceeding to understand, they will find that the more they look inward for their answers, the more they will learn about their “Unlimited” Pathway in the New Millennium. And when they will do so, they will find that they will have more in common and more to share with others as “Unlimited” and Multifaceted Expressions of God, who is Everyone!

The New Millennium Awareness of commonality and cooperation will also function to bring down all walls of separation and competition as the “we against them” mindset of the Third Dimension becomes disengaged and severed in all thoughts and deeds in the New Millennium! What will be waiting for everyone will be as Unlimited as the Stars of the Universe, who in their own role in the Universe function to display and demonstrate a New Expression of God’s Love! Likewise each individual Soul upon Mother Earth, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will have the potential to do so and thus, become as unique as each Star in the Universe as an expression of Love but also shining and contributing their Light collectively! And it will be through this method of individualizing like a Star of Love that the Universe will be introduced upon Mother Earth!

Some will be in wonderment about what they “should do” but once that they understand what they will be doing individually and collectively to contribute into the Re-Creation, there will be little hesitation. The time to learn and experience as a Multifaceted Expression of God’s Love will begin with the arrival of the New Millennium on December 3, 2012! So while learning to experience what it will be like in the future, all Souls will begin considering how to grow and bring in more Light and Love into their own existence, for this is the sustenance of ALL Things in the Universe! So now you understand, dear Lightworker, your role, your contribution, and your place in the Future of Man and Light! The New Millennium is Here at last

Friday, November 9, 2012

New Millennium is Here!

When you awaken on the morning of December 3, 2012 you will know internally that something is different. But as you look around your bedroom you will notice that nothing will be out of place or even missing. Outside, you will see the same familiar trees and shrubbery that landscape your neighborhood. Even when you think about your family and friends, they will still be in your Heart. The difference will be that your internal guidance will feel and know that the Energy of the New Millennium will be here!

Love has brought everyone with you, dear Lightworker, and now your valued Spiritual gifts and talents will be in demand! Not that they weren’t already but there is a new mission and that is to bring Light and Love into everyone’s Life. Many in this New Horizon will still not understand what happened and will think that, because there are no physical differences between the days before and December 3, 2012, it will be as any other day. But you know that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is upon the Earth Plane and is guiding all of His/Her Lightworkers to their Soul’s highest purpose of expression, what each and every single Lightworker has been designed to do!

The Energy of December 3, 2012 will begin every Lightworker’s Pathway into a place of leadership for just slightly over a thousand years. The reason is to ensure that Man of Destiny will have gained wisdom and Enlightenment to become a Caretaker of Mother Earth. This way Man of Destiny will know and understand that everything is part of the Universe and that the Universe is an ennobled being of Light and Love as Man of Destiny already is! After the thousand years complete, all Man of Destiny Souls will be ready and more than willing to become Light and Love and contribute their share with the Universe as Co-Creators with God!

The Energy of December 3, 2012 will only be the initiation point, the Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change! All Lightworkers will know in their Heart and Soul what they will be doing in their task and Service to God! But first there will come the time to unite and recognize each and every Lightworker who will be on your team to contribute into the Changes of the New Horizon. The first week of December 2012 will become a time of connecting with your fellow kindred Souls of Light so that by January 1, 2013 all Projects of Light will be in process to assist with the first Wave of Unifying with God from January 14, 2013 to February 4, 2013.

Outside of the assembling Projects of Light there will be a general lack of comprehension but there will be a willingness to learn and understand! What a great difference being totally immersed into the Fifth Dimension will bring for the Great Transformation upon us all! For there will be greater growth to become Self Aware and Self Reliant with the Responsibility that one will need to Create his or her own Joy in Living within a foundation based upon Love!

For as you will see, dear Lightworker, Love will not be an issue at all! It will only be unlearning and learning, applying and then activating the Principles of Love that will be needed to Create and become a Co-Creator with God! And as you know, dear Lightworker, in order to be a Co-Creator with God, you will have to purge whatever interferes with that task, and for the most part it takes a path of solitude to know and understand the Truth between what is in your Heart and Soul and what is externally absorbed inwardly as truth! Everything is New and begins all over again for the New Millennium is here at last!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Unlimited Beginning, Unlimited Change! Part 2

If you are still clinging to any past experiences that no longer serve you by the end of November 2012, let them go! For they will no longer serve you in the New Horizon that you will be experiencing on December 3, 2012! You, dear Lightworker, are now Unlimited in whatever you will Create from your Heart and Soul as all decisions to enter into the New Millennium will be complete on November 28, 2012. From that point forward we will all be in uncharted territory upon Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy!

To assist all those who will be entering into this uncharted territory, God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will begin Creating upon Mother Earth on November 25, 2012 to present a New Paradigm for Creating upon Mother Earth! No longer will Creating be based upon whims and desires brought to you by advertisers and others who feel your needs are based upon consumer consumption of products already in existence! “What’s in your Heart and Soul?” dear Lightworker, will be the new question to begin everyone’s evolution upon Earth to align with God’s Paradigm of Lovingness in the Fifth Dimension!

Based upon God’s Paradigm of Lovingness, all things not aligned with this New Model will cease to grow and provide little if any value to anyone! The reason will be simple as the final cleaving of dimensions will be upon us from November 30, 2012 to December 2, 2012! For those Souls who will choose to remain as Third and Fourth Dimensional Souls will be separated from the umbilical cord of the New Horizon where corresponding Fifth Dimensional attitudes and aptitudes will be required! It has been a twenty year process begun in May of 1992 and finally arrive on December 3, 2012!

This period of time will introduce an Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change! No longer will anyone willing to Live with Love and Create with Love be held captive in a world based upon Man’s values over God’s Values! Your time to be WHO YOU ARE, dear Lightworker, will finally arrive and with it, all that you truly are as a teacher, leader, healer, and role model in an unparalleled World of Light and Love! Those who are waiting to see what decisions they may postpone before that notorious date of December 21, 2012 arrives will be in for a great surprise that only their Heart and Soul could have told them!

When the Energy of November 27, 2012 arrives, all decisions to progress into the Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change will unleash an unprecedented time of Chaos and Confusion unlike any other recent period of time upon Mother Earth. Lay low, dear Lightworker, and stand back as those who have chosen to keep their world intact for creating with gain and unjust laws will be moaning that “Babylon has fallen” because the rule of Man’s laws have fallen and with it all that was never built upon Love for one another!

Dear Lightworker, now begins the timing that all have been waiting for! You are already a Co-Creator with God! You will witness the Fall of Babylon and all of Man’s laws and values for those who have taken advantage of others. And now you will be in the prime of your Life upon Mother Earth as she becomes the True Abode of Peace and Harmony with you and all others around you as her Caretakers! Let Life in the Fifth Dimension bring you to your Joy in Living forever, for Joy in Forever!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Unlimited Beginning, Unlimited Change!

The term “unlimited” brings to mind related terms such as “infinite,” “without boundaries,” and “never-ending.” Think about these terms for a moment longer, dear Lightworker, and relate them to what is in your Heart and Soul. In this exercise of Creation, you have just witnessed and found what it will be like to Create from November 17, 2012 through December 3, 2012. There will be no barriers to hold you back from whatever you will desire to make your Heart and Soul Happy and Joyful!

This event has long been foretold in the sacred books and will be about to unfold before your very eyes, dear Lightworker, as all Souls now have the capacity to Create their own Joy of Living! There will only be two requirements to do so. The first you already understand, to Create with Love as the foundation of all that you do, and the second is that you will not take away anyone else’s Freewill. There will be much to learn and unlearn as both of these conditions will apply for everyone, Man of Destiny and Lightworkers! The Internal Revolution to “Know Thy Self” through self exploration and understanding about who one truly is, is about to begin the Unlimited Beginning!

In order that you may know of your part in this Revolution of the Inner Self, dear Lightworker, there will be a Gathering of the Light on November 17, 2012 with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. It will not be a physical gathering as you may suspect but in the Consciousness of the Higher Self so be prepared if you should feel sleepy, light headed, or in a very meditative state of mind on that date! This Gathering will greatly prepare you for the days to come for not only understanding but to also define your role in preparation with Man of Destiny Souls’ unifying experience in Unity with God from January 14, 2013 to February 4, 2013!

The Human environment of Mother Earth will be very rapidly Changing in the days to come as everyone and everything is now in the Fifth Dimension. This difference will be one of the main influences of the rapid Change but the True difference in these days is God’s Presence upon Mother Earth. On November 25, 2012 God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will begin Creating a State of Lovingness upon Mother Earth. All those who are aware that they are within this State of Lovingness will prosper and succeed with the Unlimited Change of God’s Currency of Love!

The month of November 2012 will still not be complete when the Portal of Entry for the place of non-existent Negative Energy will appear on November 27, 2012. For six days the Portal will be open and those who are willing to follow God and His/Her mighty band of Lightworkers like you, dear Lightworker, will find themselves Living without fear in the place of Pure Love to Create their Heart and Soul’s Joy and Happiness. And as you will further witness, dear Lightworker, there will not be a violent Armageddon type of ending to Mother Earth but rather, a smooth transition with Love and Harmony, as it was designed to be!

When the Energy of December 3, 2012 reveals itself everyone willing to follow God into His/Her sphere of influence will find him or herself in a New Horizon! For we will be emerging into the threshold of an Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change in each individual Soul’s quest to develop their journey of growth and expansion. You were designed to Create your Joy in Living and experience Life as God the Father and Mother of ALL Things does, Creating All Things with the intention of experiencing Joy and Happiness in a state of “infinite,” “borderless,” and “never-ending” Love! The World to Come is here at last! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Harmony with the Universe Part 2

Harmony, the state of mind that brings synchronicity, balance and order into your life, will be your greatest asset and ally during the duration of the next few months, dear Lightworker. This will be tall order for everyone as the Changes that begin during the second week of November 2012 will require much inward attention and concentration. These Changes will come as a direct result of Mother Earth’s decision as an Ordained Soul to bring about whatever she will need to ascertain that she will become the Abode of Peace and Harmony without interference from the deeds of Humanity!

Although many Man of Destiny Souls do not have malicious intent, they will still have “short memories” about the role Mother Earth plays in their Lives and how much she contributes to their Soul’s growth and development as the only Creator Planet in our solar system! And as Mother Earth reveals her plan to become the Abode of Peace and Harmony so will the need for Man of Destiny to begin to “Harmonize” with her! While for you, dear Lightworker, this time will be a process of learning to adjust yourself into your new role as an Ordained Co-Creator with God.

The remaining days through November 27, 2012 will be a time of adjustment and learning for both Man of Destiny and all Lightworker Souls. For Man of Destiny Souls it will be a time to pay attention inwardly in order to begin to understand him or herself through the needs of his or her Soul instead of the physical Universe. For you, dear Lightworker, it will be time to remove and release the “camouflage” that you have “worn” to disguise your Lightworker status in order to learn how to “blend into the crowd.”  Both of these tasks will be inundating for each Soul but in doing so, Truth through Light and Love will prevail in ushering in Mother Earth’s task of becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony!

Understanding one’s Truth in the New Horizon is necessitated by the fact that everyone will need to understand what will be required for each individual Soul to Create the experience of his or her own unique Joy in Living. Some will move rapidly while others will struggle with the basic self-identity questions of “Who am I?” and “What am I about?” There will even be Lightworkers struggling with their own identity and what they are to do, but in these cases, your Brothers and Sisters of the Light already know how to go within and it will only be a case of them “remembering.” Self Awareness of one’s Spiritual Nature will be the key to understanding and with it, will come the Truth for gaining experience for Joy in Living forever!

Harmony with the Universe begins within you. It is much like the process of momentarily being in Unity with everything and everyone around you! But rather than this being a self aware experience of solitude, Harmony brings you into a prolonged experience with the Universe and all that it has to offer! And the more everyone learns to understand with his or her Inner Self the closer everyone will be to experiencing Joy and gaining familiarity with what is to be expected in the New Millennium! To know that to Live in Harmony with Love is forever, is to know you are Eternally with God! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Harmony with the Universe

Your body, dear Lightworker, is part of the physical Universe and responds to all orders you consciously or unconsciously dictate to it. Your Soul, however, is a part of the Spiritual Universe and connects you into the entire Universe’s vastness and synchronized systems to maintain Harmony throughout its form. In the same way Harmony performs its duty in your Life through your willingness to participate in all that the Spiritual Universe has to offer. It is a choice.

Your emotional state of mind is what demonstrates whether or not you are in line with the Spiritual Universe. If you are not feeling Happy and Joyful with your current state of mind, your emotions will trigger the feeling of need to remedy the condition. But it is up to you to decide what you are going to do about it. Again this is a choice. When you look to your physical Universe to bring you Joy and Happiness, simple remedies like looking for a new job, a new home and locale, and even new friends, will only function as a short term solutions. The long-term solutions are always within you!

The first week of November 2012 will offer everyone, dear Lightworker, the opportunity to bring long term Harmony with the Universe into his or her Life! This time will also serve to offer all Man of Destiny Souls his or her initial opportunity to become a Co-Creator with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Many will not be prepared much less have the comprehension to immediately begin yet! But Man of Destiny will remedy this Gift from God with Time and effort!

The Energy of the first week of November 2012 will in fact be releasing Creative Potency to bring into manifestation anything you desire in your role as a Co-Creator with God, especially from November 2nd through November 8, 2012. In the process of becoming a Co-Creator with God there will also come the Responsibility to Create with the Intention of Love, letting your Love guide you, in all that you do to bring your Project of Light forward. Some will be very successful in Creating with their Intention of Love while others will still have to work on prior conditioning and issues to expel myths and untruths about who they Truly are!

Fortunately for you, dear Lightworker, you have prior experience and foreknowledge about what is in your Heart and Soul and therefore, you have your Intention of Love to guide you! And as the initial activation of Creating responsibly begins there will be many in wonderment and bewilderment about how and what you are doing! But in Reality, dear Lightworker, you will simply be demonstrating the True meaning of the words “in God’s own image,” as a Co-Creator with God!

Our Sun and solar system are part of the Universe that brings all things into Creation. Everything in the Universe is a whole and a part of the Harmony that keeps it all in synchronicity, balance, and order. Once everyone will not only understand this concept but also become the part of understanding, everything and everyone upon Mother Earth will be living in Harmony with the Universe! Think about that, dear Lightworker, Joy and Happiness will be all around you as now we will be fully merged into the Fifth Dimension! How did that song go? “Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions. Mystical crystal revelation and the mind’s true liberation, Aquarius! Aquarius!” Welcome Home! Welcome to God’s Universe!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Joy Is Forever!

Joy and Happiness are the end goal of every Human experience upon Earth. Yet few currently realize the goal of Joy and Happiness for any enduring amount of time. However, dear Lightworker, the final week of October 2012 is designed to do just that – to align everyone’s Heart and Soul into an enduring place of Joy and Happiness! Don’t look outside of yourself to know what is right for you! Instead look within your Heart and Soul to lead you!

The weeklong sequence to develop each individual Soul’s Joy and Happiness will begin on October 24, 2012 when the leadership of the Legion of Light will begin to initiate God’s Plan to bring everyone upon Mother Earth into his or her place of Joy in Living. It will not be an easy process for everyone who will not yet be aligned with his or her Internal Self, dear Lightworker, but for those who will be ready, the process will place them “light years” ahead of the curve! Those who will not be ready will begin the learning process to recognize his or her Spiritual Destiny as a Co-Creator with God.

By turning one’s Internal Awareness towards Joy and Happiness during the week of October 24 through 31, 2012, one will be establishing his or her foundation for his or her Pathway and Purpose in the New Millennium! This foundation will then serve as the basis from which one will Create in Lovingness and contribute as a Co-Creator with God through his or her participation in the Brotherhood of Man and Light. This time of heightened awareness of Joy and Happiness will take an even bigger step at the beginning of November 2012 when everyone, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, will be activated as Co-Creators with God!

The Way of the Universal Energies is one of Free Will. And in Free Will there are always opportunities to promote one’s Spiritual Growth. During these last days of October 2012 there will be three days, October 29th, 30th, and 31st, for choosing to Live with Joy and Happiness forever! These thee days will provide the decisive time in which everyone will consider what they will be doing in a world of Peace and Harmony with Love, Joy and Happiness! Your choice is already known, dear Lightworker, for this opportunity will bring you closer to being in a place like “home,” and with it, the ability to Create experiences of Joy and Happiness once again by December 3, 2012!

Because of Man of Destiny’s limited experience upon the Earth Plane, the days ahead will be without precedent for him or her! But rather than to let him or her begin to withdraw and isolate themselves with fear, God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will have all Man of Destiny Souls willing to become a part of the upcoming future of Man and Light, be brought to you, dear Lightworker, to learn and understand what it Truly means to be a Co-Creator with God! And in this will begin the expansion of your Service of Light and Love!

Those who will set aside their ego and allow themselves to be led in the direction of Light and Love will prosper in these days and bring themselves one step closer to Enlightenment Status. But those who remain torn between the leap of faith and what they knew and experienced in the past, will be between a rock and a hard place by choice. We are now at the Point of No Return, dear Lightworker, and as you have always known in your Heart and Soul – Joy and Happiness are forever!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Spiritual Destiny Begins!

The physical material world is much like the tip of an iceberg, a visible mass of ice floating upon the surface of a large body of water. Deep below the water’s surface, the weight of the massive peak keeps the largest accumulation of the iceberg underneath, submerged and invisible to our eyes. In the same way our physical material world is like the tip of an iceberg, frozen as visible to our conscious mind and surrounded by the subconscious thoughts and ideas of our Soul beneath the physical world. The connection between the physical material world and our Soul is like the water that keeps the iceberg floating upon the water, the Spirit of Life permeating within and through us as a conduit to transport our thoughts into our physical material counterpart. This is the process of Creation from our Soul!

Most of Humanity today focuses upon the tip of the iceberg, the frozen consciousness that provides one an identity for survival and the physical means to maintain survival. The Energy from October 17, 2012 to November 3, 2012, dear Lightworker, will have everyone begin to examine what is below the surface of his or her own conscious world. The reason being is that the opportunity to become a Co-Creator with God will become available for all Man of Destiny Souls. And in order to gain Co-Creator status with God, one will need to examine his or her Spiritual motives to bring his or her state of existence from the physical material world into the Spiritual Realm, where everything is Created from the Heart and Soul!

There will only be two pathways available after October 17, 2012. The first one will be to have attained Co-Creator status with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things like you, dear Lightworker, and the second will be one of learning and understanding to progress one’s Heart Expression towards becoming a Co-Creator with God! Much of the future depends upon moving forward with this critical choice for Man of Destiny Souls and it all begins on November 3, 2012 when ALL SOULS will have the capacity to Create their own Joy of Living!

The reason should now be obvious, dear Lightworker, as to why the world economy has been taking such a great beating for past few years and the consequential great Fall of Babylon! When everyone upon Mother Earth is a Co-Creator with God to experience whatever he or she would need to Live in Joy with his or her Life, what need would there be for an economic system designed and manipulated to benefit a few? The opportunity for Man of Destiny to decide to Activate the Path to Create on Earth will be offered for two days, October 20th and 21st, 2012. This will bring about a New Life of Creativity in the New Horizon to come on December 3, 2012!

By reaching beyond the capacity of the “tip of the iceberg” and seeking to dig deeper into him or herself than they would have ever gone before, Man of Destiny will begin his or her quest to bring him or herself above the levels of misery, despair, and unhappiness! Those who will choose to take this journey with God and the Legion of Light will begin a period of 40 days and 40 nights to purify their Souls from October 20, 2012 to November 28, 2012 in order to be ready to begin his or her Spiritual Destiny when the access point of the New Horizon appears on December 3, 2012! You, dear Lightworker, will be ready for these days as on October 24, 2012 all Lightworkers of Leadership status will be rising and taking command to bring order out of the Chaos and Confusion upon Mother Earth!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ordaining Part 2

During the second week of October 2012 the Universal Energies will be directing the Process of Ordaining toward you and your Project of Light, dear Lightworker! What may have seemed impossible or even as likely as “snapping your fingers” for its appearance will be happening! For when the Process of Ordaining completes on October 21st, 2012, you will be directed by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things to your place of Joy and Service to Him/Her!

The place of your Joy and Service to God will bring you into a role of leading, teaching, and healing others as a Co-Creator with God, which, will directly influence the Transforming Energy upon Mother Earth into one of Lovingness. What in the past has only been Pods of Lightworkers advancing their influence in stages through civilizations ready to understand the work of the Soul, will now be more than 144,000 Lightworkers working in unison with God’s coordination to introduce a New Horizon on December 3, 2012 where there will be no opposition left upon the Earth Plane against the Promise of God for Joy of Living for everyone!

In order for God’s Promise to begin on schedule with the Universal Energies, Man of Destiny Souls will have the opportunity to listen and pay attention to God’s Words of Truth being spoken through members of the Legion of Light! The Energy of October 11th through 15th, 2012 will provide the platform through which world events will require action to remove the corrupt and failing financial systems of control. And in this will come the great Fall of Babylon with all of its false values and incentives to keep control over the masses!

When the Energy of October 17, 2012 arrives there will be many egocentric Man of Destiny Souls without power and influence! For they have all failed to acknowledge that God the Father and Mother is the Source of ALL Things and not one’s ego! Though they will attempt to manipulate and regain control, they will no longer be heard or even paid attention to, for now Man of Destiny Souls will be ready to begin his or her own Pathway of becoming a Co-Creator with God on November 3, 2012!

There is a New Horizon forming within your Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker! You may not see it at this time but you can feel it! Its presence will be fully manifested on December 3, 2012 and is in its final stage of Ordaining by God from October 1st to 21st, 2012. Man of Destiny, as you will witness, will be removed from places of interference as you and the Legion of Light, dear Lightworker, make your God-Centered presence throughout the Earth Plane! So when Man of Destiny is given the opportunity to become a Co-Creator with God on November 3, 2012, he or she will be ready to Create with the purpose of imputing value into God’s Creations on Mother Earth. Some will take longer than others as they take time to reorient his or her Soul into this finalization stage with God.

In the times ahead the real issue after the Ordaining period completes will be credibility and belief by Man of Destiny. Some like you, dear Lightworker, already know and understand that we are all Co-Creators with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. In the past, however, the dominance of ego by Man of Destiny stood in the way of accomplishing anything by the Legion of Light in unison. Unity with God will make a noticeable difference after December 3, 2012 – as All Projects of Light and Love will form in unison with God’s Presence upon Mother Earth!

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Ordaining

When the month of October 2012 begins there will be a noticeable difference in the Energy, dear Lightworker, for Love will finally begin to overcome the negative Energy of the Earth Plane! This will make a big difference, dear Lightworker, in your ability to Co-Create with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! October 8, 2012 will mark the midway point to the day when ALL NEGATIVE ENERGY upon Mother Earth will collapse upon itself on December 3, 2012 so that all things may begin again!

As improbable as this may sound today, the Energy of the first week of October 2012 will begin the Process of Ordaining all Souls who will stand ready to fulfill their requirements of becoming Co-Creators with God through Unity with Him/Her. The Ordaining Process will begin on October 1, 2012 and will complete on October 21, 2012. Upon the advent of the October 21st Energy, dear Lightworker, you will be moving forward to assist Man of Destiny Souls enter into the domain of Co-Creator status on November 3, 2012. The likelihood that all Man of Destiny Souls will be ready by November 3rd is not highly likely at this time but God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be giving them all the opportunity to do so!

Man of Destiny Souls will not be allowed to interfere, hinder, or impede upon God’s Promise to bring everyone Joy in Living! In the short run Man of Destiny will see this time period as a “trial upon him or her” instead of seeing this as an opportunity to develop his or her entrepreneur skills to Create his or her Soul’s task! Rather Man of Destiny Souls will long for a process similar to looking for a job to take care of his or her needs without responsibility or ownership for what he or she is Creating. So while Man of Destiny decides his or her destiny, dear Lightworker, you among others will be leading, teaching, and uplifting them with encouragement to become responsible caretakers of his or her own destiny through the proper use and application of God’s Currency of Love in his or her Soul’s task!

There will be several decisions for all to consider during the first week in the Process of Ordaining. The first and foremost will be whether or not one will be a part of the future as a Co-Creator with God while the second will be to Activate with Love to acknowledge the Spiritual Nature of All Things in the Universe as well as one’s self. Once these two critical choices are made, the audience that will bring you into the prime of your Project of Light and Love, dear Lightworker, will be wide open for learning, absorbing, and taking to Heart, the lessons of using and applying God’s Currency of Love! During this Time of Decision there will not be much for you to do on your part, dear Lightworker, for God will be available to everyone during this time of choice!

At this point of time there are still many decisions to be made by Man of Destiny and even some members of the Legion of Light who have taken the ways of man as their own values of survival. While you, dear Lightworker, will have the capability to be a Co-Creator with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things on September 23, 2012, Man of Destiny and the “unaware ones” will have the opportunity to become Co-Creators with God on November 3, 2012. This gap of Time is crucial in establishing the foundation by those like you, dear Lightworker, an Ordained Co-Creator with God moving forward with your Project of Light and Love! The end of your wait for the fullest extent of what you have come to do, dear Lightworker, is right around the corner! So enjoy the quiet moments while you can!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Co-Creators with God Part 2

The Co-Creator with God Status that will be bestowed upon you on September 23, 2012, dear Lightworker, will only require two things: one, you remain in a state of Lovinginess to Create with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and two, play to recharge your internal batteries! That will be all you will need, so do not worry or fall into despair about the current state of world affairs, for this will be the way in which Man of Destiny will begin to turn to God for all of his or her needs upon the Earth Plane!

God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be leading the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny together on September 24 and 25, 2012 to begin His/Her Promise of Joy in Living for everyone upon the Earth Plane. Many dramatic events will occur worldwide and will not leave anyone or anyplace untouched with this Energy’s Presence! Now you will witness firsthand the Power of God’s Presence upon the Earth as the shackles that keep Humanity bound to another Human Being with unjust laws loosen and release to improve the impoverished conditions of the Soul!

Many Man of Destiny Souls will be in shock and disbelief rather than exuberant and cheerful about the extraordinary turn of events at the end of September 2012. But this is only the beginning of the Great Transformation to bring Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things for Man of Destiny. There will only be three opportunities for Man of Destiny to become Unified with God. The first will occur from January 15, 2013 through February 14, 2013 while the second access period will happen from January 16, 2014 until February 13, 2014. The last and final opportunity will be offered from January 16, 2015 until February 13, 2015. By the point of this final chance many will become convinced and understand that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things walks upon the Earth!

There will still be a long way to go in terms of time and understanding, dear Lightworker! But you and all members of the Legion of Light will be beginning your Service of Light and Love as a team with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! So remain focused upon God’s burgeoning World of Light and Love appearing at the end of September 2012 that will fully manifest by December 3, 2012!

You will also begin to recognize other members of the Legion of Light, dear Lightworker, by the manner in which they will speak the Words of God directly and speak about God in His/Her True Essence of Love without Judgment and not through religious terminology of separation from this world, but as He/She is, walking upon the Lands of the Earth! This time period will also begin the Brotherhood of Man and Light upon Mother Earth!

The Brotherhood of Man and Light will become the core foundation through which everything upon Mother Earth will be accomplished – by Sharing and Cooperating with one another! Instead of nations and industries negotiating upon ego based values, the Spirit of Brotherhood will bring what is best for each individual person involved! When the Energy of October 2012 will arrive, there will be a new Spirit of Love roaming the entire Earth. Those who resist it will see it as a plague in their lives of keeping Humanity bound to another Human Being! Know now, dear Lightworker, the Separation of Souls has begun!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Co-Creators with God

There will be 144,000 Activated Souls of Light upon Mother Earth on September 15, 2012 to assist God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in bringing Mother Earth and Man of Destiny Souls into the Unity Process with Him/Her. For this reason, dear Lightworker, you will be designated as Co-Creator with God status on September 23, 2012! Think of all the things that you would have thought impossible upon the Earth Plane but here we are – the timing of your return to what you have known in your Heart and Soul that you can truly do!

It will be as if you were “home” once more as you return to working as a direct extension of God’s Hand in Enlightening and demonstrating your gifts and talents of Light and Love. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not understand what will be occurring at this time. But this will work out for his or her benefit through vicarious and hands on learning that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is upon the Earth Plane and not in heaven above!

This separation of place and dimension has been overcome since October 28, 2011 when the Milky Way Galaxy and our solar system ascended into the Fifth Dimension, the Dimension of Love. This is what has allowed God the Father and Mother of ALL Things to directly enter on August 13, 2012 and become a part of all affairs upon Mother Earth, who at this time is on her way to becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony on September 12, 2012.

The transition we will be witnessing in mid-September will be exciting and spectacular for everyone involved! Your process, dear Lightworker, of remembering, accepting, and activating yourself through a demanding Internalization Process to realize Self Awareness will be placing you in a place of Trust and Responsibility within the Legion of Light! Some Lightworkers who have ignored their call to duty will become amazed at how rapidly they have grown in the past month as they realize that their Service to God is his or her fastest route to becoming Joyful once more!

There will also be some advanced Man of Destiny Souls realizing Self Awareness in recognizing that they too, are capable of being Servants of God through the Way of Love, Light, and Joy! The vast majority of Man of Destiny Souls, however, will have difficulty perceiving much less conceiving that the separation of place and dimension has been remedied and will continue to see themselves outside of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. This also will be remedied with Time as your work and service to God, dear Lightworker, will influence and mediate the Collective Conscious with understanding, belief, and conviction that all things come by connecting one’s Internal Self within the Eternal Source of ALL Things, God the Father and Mother!

Your Co-Creator with God Status, dear Lightworker, will not feel any different than breathing the air upon Mother Earth. Rather it will serve to enhance and improve your capacity to Create with Love as well as increase Man of Destiny’s awareness that everything is different! Look to September 23, 2012 to also be a date in which the Universal Energies will bring those who will be ready to not only become Co-Creators with God but to also begin his or her Joy in Living! For everything, from September 23rd forward, will be compiled as accomplished possibilities in the Collective Conscious instead of improbable whims! Look forward with Light and Love!