Friday, November 23, 2012

Eye of the Universe

On December 16, 2012 the Sun will be crossing into the sidereal constellation of Sagittarius and align Mother Earth into position to begin her Transition into the Eye of the Universe! It will not be a long process and, in fact, everyone upon her will be ready in one way or another to make this Transition with her. This, dear Lightworker, is what everyone has been referring to as the Mayan “end of the world.” But it will not be the end! Rather it is Mother Earth’s Re-Creation and Re-Birth as a Nurturer of the Universe!

As a Nurturer of the Universe, Mother Earth’s role as the Abode of Peace and Harmony is ensured as will the Caretaker roles for those who are upon her body. Mother Earth’s role will bring you, dear Lightworker, to become the “designated” Caretaker of her Transition through the multifaceted gifts and talents you will be expressing for her nurturing and care as the only Creator Planet in our Solar System. While you assume leadership through the advanced tools you and other Lightworkers will collectively bring upon Mother Earth, there will be nothing for those not fully prepared to do but watch and wait!

December 16, 2012 will only mark the beginning as the Energy to propel Mother Earth into her long awaited Transition will eventually bring everyone into understanding the Way of Light and Love! Those who will “watch and wait” will be stunned and bewildered by events that will not make sense or even bring logical consequences. Vicariously, however, they will be learning from you, dear Lightworker, that the world is different! The choice to become Joyful in the Way of Living upon Mother Earth will be available to everyone but will only come when one is willing to learn and experience it!

Mother Earth will still be in the peak of her Transition through January 3, 2012. Her growth and expansion through her increased capacity to hold and give Love will be felt by everyone and will serve as everyone’s Beacon to guide him or her with Love through the New Millennium! Your work, dear Lightworker, will be much easier as you let your own Heart and Soul lead you to naturally align yourself into doing the task that you have chosen to do with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! By the time we all arrive into the Energy of February 14, 2012 everyone will know on some level that everything is moving along with Mother Earth’s Transition to become a Nurturer of the Universe.

Not everyone will be actively participating and this will largely be due to his or her own fear of the unknown. All you, dear Lightworker, will be able to do for them is to send them Light, Love, and prayers, to bring them understanding and knowledge for their Soul’s greatest capacity. It will not be a fast Transition for everyone involved but remember, this is a long term Project of Enlightenment that will go on until every Soul is Living in Joy with God!

In the years to come the average lifespan will increase to 120 years. Some will Live even longer but it will not be for years of learning through negative experiences. Instead Life will come through Positive Promotion with Love and encouragement to Live in Joy! The next step with Mother Earth’s Transition will come on January 14, 2013 when the Process of Unifying with God in the Fifth Dimension will begin! Though many will be in fear they will eventually find the experience Loving, non-judgmental, and comforting to their Souls. The time to begin is December 16, 2012 when Mother Earth enters into the Eye of the Universe!