Thursday, August 30, 2012

Co-Creators with God

There will be 144,000 Activated Souls of Light upon Mother Earth on September 15, 2012 to assist God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in bringing Mother Earth and Man of Destiny Souls into the Unity Process with Him/Her. For this reason, dear Lightworker, you will be designated as Co-Creator with God status on September 23, 2012! Think of all the things that you would have thought impossible upon the Earth Plane but here we are – the timing of your return to what you have known in your Heart and Soul that you can truly do!

It will be as if you were “home” once more as you return to working as a direct extension of God’s Hand in Enlightening and demonstrating your gifts and talents of Light and Love. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not understand what will be occurring at this time. But this will work out for his or her benefit through vicarious and hands on learning that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is upon the Earth Plane and not in heaven above!

This separation of place and dimension has been overcome since October 28, 2011 when the Milky Way Galaxy and our solar system ascended into the Fifth Dimension, the Dimension of Love. This is what has allowed God the Father and Mother of ALL Things to directly enter on August 13, 2012 and become a part of all affairs upon Mother Earth, who at this time is on her way to becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony on September 12, 2012.

The transition we will be witnessing in mid-September will be exciting and spectacular for everyone involved! Your process, dear Lightworker, of remembering, accepting, and activating yourself through a demanding Internalization Process to realize Self Awareness will be placing you in a place of Trust and Responsibility within the Legion of Light! Some Lightworkers who have ignored their call to duty will become amazed at how rapidly they have grown in the past month as they realize that their Service to God is his or her fastest route to becoming Joyful once more!

There will also be some advanced Man of Destiny Souls realizing Self Awareness in recognizing that they too, are capable of being Servants of God through the Way of Love, Light, and Joy! The vast majority of Man of Destiny Souls, however, will have difficulty perceiving much less conceiving that the separation of place and dimension has been remedied and will continue to see themselves outside of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. This also will be remedied with Time as your work and service to God, dear Lightworker, will influence and mediate the Collective Conscious with understanding, belief, and conviction that all things come by connecting one’s Internal Self within the Eternal Source of ALL Things, God the Father and Mother!

Your Co-Creator with God Status, dear Lightworker, will not feel any different than breathing the air upon Mother Earth. Rather it will serve to enhance and improve your capacity to Create with Love as well as increase Man of Destiny’s awareness that everything is different! Look to September 23, 2012 to also be a date in which the Universal Energies will bring those who will be ready to not only become Co-Creators with God but to also begin his or her Joy in Living! For everything, from September 23rd forward, will be compiled as accomplished possibilities in the Collective Conscious instead of improbable whims! Look forward with Light and Love!

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Purpose of Joy Part 2

The second week of September will introduce a time for adapting and acclimating with the Flow of the Universal Energies. This may not sound like much, dear Lightworker, but when you consider that everyone will be introduced into a New Paradigm of Change there will be many “mistakes and accidents”! This will not be a coincidence for as you know, dear Lightworker, there are no “accidents” in the Universe, only Synchronicity! Look upon these “accidents” as a method for Synchronicity to function as it should – to bring everyone into learning and realizing that whatever they will not do with Love, will cause them to have it detached from his or her Life once and for all!

The realization that what one does not Love and no longer serves him or her in any way, shape, or form will be difficult for some to believe but in the long run, the realization will begin the Process of Self Awareness! Self Awareness is another way of saying that one will recognize him or herself as a Soul with the Purpose of Joy to guide him or her! Mother Earth will also be doing likewise with the Energy of September 12, 2012 when she will be acting upon her Heart’s Joy and contentment! The Energy of Mother Earth’s Heart will Activate her role as the Abode of Peace and Harmony and bring with it, repercussions to those that will abuse her body through means of Unloving Acts!

On September 15, 2012 dear Lightworker, many more of your fellow brothers and sisters of the Light will become reacquainted with their Soul and its Purpose under the direction of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! This will increase the number of Activated Lightworkers almost tenfold! It will also bring more Light and Love upon Mother Earth for the purpose of bringing Enlightenment to Man of Destiny for his or her Purpose of Joy! Your Project of Light will become increasingly more important so whenever the Energy of September 2012 will have you feeling the need to internalize and meditate, go with it, for this will be the method that you will be connecting with God Source and bringing your increased Self Awareness into action!

Many “experts” with knowledge for maintaining the functions of the Third Dimensional world will be called out to the forefront and demonstrate that they do not understand that the New Paradigm of Change is in effect! Their efforts to improvise and ad-lib their understandings will only make matters worse! The only “expert” anyone will have in these days, dear Lightworker, will be the one inside of him or herself, the Heart aligned with God Source! This is the way of the Fifth Dimension, where everything is possible with Love as the generating Energy to guide everyone into his or her Purpose of Joy!

The Process of Self Awareness will be the first step in gaining Enlightenment to find one’s Purpose of Joy so do not worry about a thing, dear Lightworker. It will take three more years for the full effect of getting everyone to understand that they are not just a body moving like a ship in a storm, but a Spiritual Soul with the power to Create all they will need. It will not be easy by any means as Chaos and Confusion will continue among the masses as they all look outside and point fingers of blame at everyone except the one responsible for their own Life, his or her own Heart’s Purpose of Joy! Now the process of becoming Co-Creators with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things truly begins!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Purpose of Joy

The Energy of September 2012 will be both magnificent and awe inspiring dear Lightworker, as it is designed for only one purpose – the Purpose of Joy! Though many among Man of Destiny Souls will only “see” the Energy as a hindrance to their daily routine, they will slowly come to recognize that “something” is different.  That different “something” in these days is the actual Presence of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things upon Mother Earth! Even if this may still be difficult to fathom, God’s Presence will become apparent with each passing day through the end of 2012. For some it will take even longer comprehend!

As the month of September 2012 begins there will still be “something” else to get used to. Instead of thinking that “I need security and the assets of Man to survive because it gives me more choices in my life,” begin to ask, “What do I need to do to bring Joy and Security with God into my Life?” By shifting from an external perspective to an internally driven one everyone will begin his or her own Joy in Living! There will still be many not ready to begin their own sense of Joy in their life yet!

For this reason, dear Lightworker, some of you will already be role modeling this New Perspective as rapidly as you have already embraced your Heart and advanced Soul into your Life! By September 9, 2012 everyone, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will be involved in Creating his or her Joy of Living by either internally learning or externally experiencing it! This will begin with a process of enjoining with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Unity! The Unity Process will be made with several sequential choices that will bring entry for everyone into a New World of Experience!

Internalizing with your Heart will not be anything new to you, dear Lightworker, but words at times seem meaningless in describing the Unity Process with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. But as you know, dear Lightworker, it only takes a Triad of elements to bring everything into line with the concept of Unity, and these are Love, Spirit, and Truth. These three elements provide the impetus to cause motion, movement that progresses into the Spiritual Experience of Creating! And the only place that Creating will occur is through the internalizing process of your Heart and Soul meeting with God Source! The sequential choice to enter this New World of Experience will be available for four days, September 5, 6, 7, and 8, 2012!

Desire of the Heart is seen as a whimsical and futile activity in a world where physical essentials require attention to evade hunger and pain to survive. But in the Spiritual Experience of the New Millennium Creating with the Triad of Love, Spirit, and Truth will be the way to progress and become a Co-Creator with God! There will be no other way to experience this Truth except by applying and expanding your knowledge base to Create as everyone was designed to do in the New Millennium! Internalizing with your Heart will be the only way to progress and experience it!

Whatever serves you now, dear Lightworker, will be like training wheels on a child’s bicycle, honor it, and let it go! So let the reason that the Time of Reset, that will begin on August 18, 2012, introduce a New Paradigm for the New Millennium become you – to Create for the Purpose of Joy! Once you yourself, dear Lightworker, have reacquired your capacity to Create with the Triad of Love, Spirit and Truth, you will easily and more readily progress with your Project of Light introducing everyone around you to the concept that we are all Spiritual Beings in physical bodies motivated by more than the fear of experiencing hunger and pain. Instead look now to your Purpose of Joy as the motivator for your Joy in Living!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Reset Part 2

What will externally feel like a very slow moving merry-go-round during the final week of August 2012 will actually be the Energy providing the impetus for everyone to reexamine his or her Life for the days to come. The most common questions will be “How can I improve my assets?” “What can I do to improve stability in my life?” “How can I get a better paying job?” Few however, will actually address his or her internal drive to be Joyful and Happy in all that they will do. As much of a dilemma as this will sound to you, dear Lightworker, it will be the most common issue within Man of Destiny and even some Lightworker Souls, until they finally realize and understand that his or her internal world Creates the external world!

The Time of Reset that began on August 18, 2012 will be the driving force to bring everyone, Man of Destiny and Lightworker, to begin a reexamination process in order to become Joyful and Happy within his or her Life. And in doing so, everyone will be shifting even further away from the current economy’s driving force – the psychological need to purchase and replace commodities that sustain the profit driven economy – and shift to a more utilitarian and practical lifestyle that will eventually extenuate his or her Joy and Happiness!

Living in Joy and Happiness will only come with internal self examination and will eventually bring everyone to touch with God Source! At this point of time, dear Lightworker, it will just be a goodness to allow everyone to begin his or her Journey of Discovery in a way that is the path of least resistance. While this may sound uneventful, consider that the Time of Reset will be a time for rediscovering and gaining Spiritual Experience with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! In the meantime, dear Lightworker, you will be witnessing a strengthening of your Project of Light in the New Horizon!

In due time there will be many to be initiated through Spiritual Experience in the New Horizon. Some will be more eager than others but when the Energy of August 28, 2012 arrives, dear Lightworker, you will begin to notice the ease with which you will bring and Create whatever you will need to bring your own Joy and Happiness! On August 31, 2012 you will become endowed with the Power of God to become His/Her Co-Creator once more! It will be with the Energy of October 2012 that you, dear Lightworker, and all who will accompany God the Father and Mother of ALL Things that Co-Creator status will be Ordained upon everyone! You, dear Lightworker, will just happen to be the first of many because you already know and understand the World of Spiritual Experience!

These last days of August 2012 will also coincide with the long awaited “Time of Disclosure”! Love and Truth work hand in hand and one without the other will only bring disillusion, mistrust and compromise of standards as you have witnessed in previous years. Now with the Energy of August 29, 2012 the “Time of Disclosure” will begin. Many of your fellow members of the Legion of Light, dear Lightworker, will be in positions of “trust” amongst those who will not be participating in the World to Come and will reveal the Truth of what they know! Others with the power to bring justice will do so with the revealing of Truth! Do not let fear to enter your Heart, dear Lightworker, rather know and understand that the Time of the Separation of Souls has begun! For now Mother Earth begins turning toward becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony for New Millennium!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Reset

Everyone has run into a moment when a software program on his or her computer would not function as it was designed to work. The easiest answer would be to shut it down and restart the faulty program. In the same way, dear Lightworker, the Earth Plane will witness a restart, or Reset if you will, with the Energy of August 18, 2012. The Time of Reset will not be in any shape or form a calamitous or catastrophic event. Rather it will be an internal Reset of the conditioning and programming in all sentient beings upon the Earth Plane.

What the Time of Reset will do is simply this: it will bring to the forefront the need to internalize with God Source in order to return Spiritual Experience as the form of communication between God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and all Souls – Lightworker and Man of Destiny! This will not be a testing at all for you, dear Lightworker, but the Spiritual Experience with God the Father and Mother will be startling, unsettling, and disturbing to many who have never experienced at the Heart and Soul level like you, dear Lightworker! This Time of Reset will also serve as the Activation Point of your Project of Light!

There will be three days to choose to progress in the Time of Reset, August 19, 20, and 21, 2012. Those Souls who choose to progress with Spiritual Experience will align with the Energy of August 30, 2012 when the Separation of Souls will begin upon the Earth Plane as God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be walking upon Mother Earth since August 13, 2012! Let this Truth not be unsettling to you, dear Lightworker, but understand that the entire reason you have come upon the Earth Plane will begin!

“Why now?” you may ask. Dear Lightworker, the Universe is a synchronized achievement of God that generates Light and Love to Create Extensions of Light and Love from the very pattern of Creation begun by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. You, dear Lightworker, and Man of Destiny are His/Her Extensions of Light and Love! In the Enlightenment Pattern of Evolution for ALL Things, it is now time to acknowledge the Source of ALL Things so that all Souls may extend the Enlightenment Pattern of Evolution once more through his or her own achievements of Light and Love as Co-Creators with God! As it currently stands, the “passing of the baton” will not work with the majority of Souls still in Third and Fourth Dimensional mindsets!

This is why you, dear Lightworker, and your Task of Light will Activate with the Time of Reset as the Energy of the Universe brings you into the timing of your Project of Light! This will result in enhancing your Spiritual Experience and allow you to “listen” more closely and with more detail directly from God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! All you will have to do is listen to the inspiration that comes from your Heart! This will be True for every Soul despite past conditioning and programming as Spiritual Experience will become the Pathway of every Soul to develop, promote, and execute into their own Lives!

The result of developing the skill of Spiritual Experience will allow everyone choosing to move forward through the Separation of Souls Energy of August 30, 2012 beyond his or her physical experiences and on into the experience of Joy in Living! Joy in Living is a byproduct of Spiritual Experience and is not dependent upon time or money, it is merely an expression of God’s Love and you, dear Lightworker, are also an expression of God’s Love as is Man of Destiny! Most Man of Destiny Souls will be slow to recall this Truth and that is why you, dear Lightworker, will be here to remind him or her about Spiritual Experience in this Time of Reset!