Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nonexistent Duality

What is Real and what is “real” depends upon one’s Life experience. The “real,” on one hand, can be measured, quantified, and experienced through the physical senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. This is the everyday physical world we experience in life and count upon to provide our bodily needs and expectations. The Real, on the other hand, is Life experienced through the seven Chakras, where our capacity to Create through the Heart Chakra exists. The result of these two contrasting experiences produces what is commonly termed as “dualism.” That is, we draw experiences from both worlds from time to time but rarely together. For the vast majority of human beings on Earth the tendency is to attract the common experience of the “real” from the Third Dimension. We are now in the Fifth Dimension, however, and the only experience available is that of the Real.

Experiencing the Real is not a process of eliminating the physical senses or even “dropping out” of society to sit upon a mountaintop. Rather the Real produces growth and expansion with the Universe to Create with Love. Love is the main conduit in and of the Universe. And with our own capacity to give and receive Love, we begin to initiate our Co-Creator status with the Universe and God! Beginning on August 18, 2013 we will be called upon to Create growth and expansion in the Real, for this is the only way our experiences of Spiritual growth and expansion will work with the Fifth Dimension. Many do not understand like you, dear Ones, for they follow the old adage, “out of sight is out of mind,” not realizing that the Creator World is an evolutionary steppingstone for using the vortex centers of our bodies, the Chakras, to “upgrade” our primary physical senses in our Spiritual Pathways with the Universe!

The evolutionary steppingstone we are about to enter began on May 9, 2013. It finally completes on August 20, 2013 where every detail large and small will be realized and will send the internal signal to all who have prepared that it will be Time to enter into a New Reality! From August 20, 2013 until February 11, 2016 the world of Man and Light will appear much like runners preparing for a race on a staggered starting line. The distance to the “finish line” is the same, but the difference in appearance stems from the amount of Spiritual Experience one has in using one’s “upgraded” senses of the Chakras to Create rather than depending upon the physical senses to produce one’s Joy in Living. And as many have well experienced, dear Ones, the physical senses can easily deceive and distort everyone’s perceptions and insights to the Truth!

There will not be any movement or progress into the fullness of the Fifth Dimension until one decides to begin to understand the difference between the learning stage of the Third Dimension and the application stage of the Fifth Dimension. Many will remain at the “starting blocks” not knowing what to do or even knowing what to expect. But this is where you will step in, dear Ones, demonstrating and role modeling what Creating with Love is all about! And as you evolve and progress into the fullness of the Fifth Dimension, so will you also bring in Light and Love into the awareness of the Collective Consciousness!

To understand the Real is beginning to understand the Universe! For much like you, the Universe is a body in motion towards achieving growth and expansion. By redirecting our attention and focusing into the Real we will not only be transitioning with the Universe but also beginning to Create by reciprocating Love with the Universe and bringing an end to the misperception of duality! For there is no duality, only the Harmony of the Universe and the Oneness that exists in ALL Things!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days of Activity

When the Energy of August 18, 2013 arrives on Mother Earth there will only be two directions that every single Soul will be traveling: 1) the pathway of learning to activate his or her role as a Co-Creator in Unity with God or 2) the Activated Pathway of Co-Creator in Unity with God! For the first group of Souls, it will be a time of learning, unlearning and relearning for the next three year period in order to become a Co-Creator in Unity with God. This opportunity completes on February 11, 2016. The most difficult phase will be “unlearning” all that the Third Dimension has demonstrated as “truths” – “survival of the fittest,” doing things that one does not Love in order to “survive,” and reinforcing differences between human beings that segregate everyone by race, creed, color, nationality, and gender. Far from the Truth, the Energy that we are about to encounter will introduce the qualities of Sharing and Cooperating through Brotherhood Consciousness.

There will be three significant Universal Energy influenced Events initiating on August 15, 2013. All three have been in motion for various lengths of Time and signify that the Time to begin with Light, Love, and Brotherhood are here! The first results from the Energy of August 12, 2013. This Energy will initiate the Time of God Living and Dwelling upon Earth and will place God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Charge of Mother Earth’s Transformation. The second Event is indicative of Mother Earth’s choice to reorganize herself through the Oneness that Harmony offers to her surface on August 15, 2013. Both of these Events will require that every Soul upon Mother Earth reprogram his or her priorities according to the New Decree of Heaven – ALL you need is Love! The third Universal Event coincides with the these two in that it will lead each individual Soul to take responsibility for his or her own Spiritual Growth in order to acclimate into the New Vibration of the New Reality!

This will not be an issue for you, dear Ones, as most of you have already been one to have dutifully acclimated! For you, it will be a Time to begin to draw upon the New Vibration with God Source to lead you! Look for the Energy of September 23, 2013 to take you to your place of Joy in Living as Mother Earth continues to reorganize herself through September 16, 2013. Your own Joy in Living will serve you well to radiate as a role model to others in what the New Reality will bring to those who understand how to become Love in the Fifth Dimension! There will still be one more element to purge and that will be the Souls who will reinforce the false truths from the Third Dimension in order to keep “rule and dominion” over all Souls upon Earth!

They will be known as “false prophets” and will bring their underlings to tell untruths to deceive anyone who will listen. One false rumor will lead to another and another and bring media sources to inundate everyone with fear, for the “false prophets” have learned that if they want to keep “rule and dominion” over everyone, the best approach is to keep them unbalanced and in fear! Their days are numbered, dear Ones, for when September 26, 2013 arrives they will know internally that the “game” that they have been playing for years IS OVER! For with the Energy of August 15, 2013 the New Vibration of the New Reality will let them know that they will be the ones “unbalanced and in fear!”

As their domination diminishes and fades, so will the New Vibration of the New Reality gain momentum through you! For you have will Light and Love to Create a New World! You will have Mother Earth Harmonizing with the Universe and inspiring you through the Oneness that prevails throughout the Universe! But it will be God Living and Dwelling upon the Earth Plane that will produce the greatest distinction, for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be leading everyone into the New Horizon! And once everyone realizes and understands that distinction, there will be many accepting the Truth that the Days of Activity are here beginning on August 15, 2013 as you do, dear Ones!

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Eternal Self

You will begin to see yourself from a new perspective beginning with the Energy of August 1, 2013. It will not be from what the past has dealt you in becoming a survivor of negative experiences, but as one who will be revealing your Eternal Self! The Eternal Self, dear Ones, is one’s Soul in return to its original state of being in the Universe. In the return to your original state, you will be one in the process of Transforming Mother Earth with your Project of Light and Love! Some Lightworker Souls will start slowly and meticulously, not out of fear but out of the lack of participation for those whom the projects will directly involve in the future. Others meanwhile will begin quite rapidly for they are the ones designated as the Leadership within the Legion of Light.

There will be no Projects of Light and Love too small or too big to handle by anyone, for with your Soul’s return to the Eternal Soul state of being upon Earth, it will be like Cinderella fitting into her “glass slipper” or Arthur being the one to lift the “sword from the stone.” Only this will not be make believe or a fairy tale! It will be your recognition and response to who you Truly are in the Universe! For you, dear Ones, have the Spiritual Experience that it takes to assume the leadership in unison it will take to bring forward the Great Transformation upon Mother Earth beginning with the Energy of August 23, 2013!

Though you may feel an urgency to hurry the process along, remember, it is not a race or even a competition, for you will be back into your True Element of the Universe, where there is no competition, no comparison to what others have or are doing, nor even suspicion of someone replacing or taking your place in the Universe! It is all a Sharing and Cooperative state of being, just as you have been communicating and demonstrating all along! And just by remembering who you are, will the “glass slipper” or “sword in the stone” begin to feel natural to you once more!

Your task upon Mother Earth will be much easier as Time moves along and aligns you into the Energy of Creation that will assist you with the process of aligning into your Eternal Self. For Man of Destiny Souls it will begin the process of the Separation of Souls. On August 5, 2013 the Energy will begin to produce an effect that will begin to wobble and stagger all that is not attached or secured to the Fifth Dimension’s requirement of Love in all ways. Here you will begin to see the world of man’s systems fail and not respond to their attempts to repair them. Every attempt to repair their systems will only lead to more calamities and more exposure to the ways that they have held all of mankind in slavery through rules and laws to favor their ways of business. By October 4, 2013 they will be done and so will their control!

There will still be avarice groups remaining after October 4, 2013 but they will not be organized as those of the past two hundred years. They learn slowly but with their leadership gone so will any obstacle in your way, dear Ones, for the Time of the Great Transformation is here! God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is in charge and the only requirements to be met by you will be to align into your Eternal Self with Love, Harmony, and Brotherhood to produce your Joy in Living. By role modeling the highest level of your being though your Eternal Self, you will be one to replicate the Ways of God upon Mother Earth, communicating and demonstrating God’s Presence upon Earth! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Great Activation!

On August 18, 2012 there was an Energy that came to “Reset” the “internal conditioning and programming in all sentient beings upon the Earth Plane,” By doing so, one would be preparing his or her Soul for a state of readiness when the Great Activation begins from July 25, 2013 through August 10, 2013. The Great Activation Energy will manifest quickly for those who decided to progress in Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. It will be as if you were “sleepwalking” for the past year and have finally awakened into a New Day, and it is so, dear Ones! So do not feel any sense of loss or discouragement for the past year’s “lack of progress” in the way you have been conditioned to measure yourself! Instead consider that your New Vibration is higher than at this Time last year from the Energy of the Reset that the Great Activation brings!

No longer will the past serve you in any way, shape, or form for your future will be open to all of the infinite possibilities of the Universe! Your Plan is engraved upon your Soul through the imprint of your birth date from the Universal Energies. You will find that the better you know your New Vibration through what is in your Heart, the closer you will be aligned to your Soul’s Plan. For it will be during the Time Period of July 25, 2013 through August 10, 2013 that your Soul’s Plan will begin to reveal itself in its fullness! Many will be pleasantly surprised for as you will see the past did not make you into a Co-Creator in Unity with God, your dedication to Light and Love did so!

Not everyone is as dedicated as you are, dear Ones, for in your quest to progress in Unity with God and the Universe you have also chosen not to be separated from God ever again! And in this Truth, you will begin to see the separation of Souls by those who dedicate their Soul’s Work to God and the Universe from those who disavow God’s Laws by continuing in the ways of man’s laws and standards! So by choice every Soul upon Mother Earth will stand on one side or the other to witness the redistribution of wealth in every land upon Earth through the Empowerment of being a Co-Creator in Unity with God or not!

God’s Presence upon Mother Earth coincided with the Energy of the Reset on August 18, 2012 by a few days. Two days after the first anniversary date of the Reset Energy will be August 20, 2013 when the second phase to align every Soul who has chosen to go forward in becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God will be complete. The first phase from May 9, 2013 through July 24, 2013 brought to everyone the potential to Create as a Co-Creator in Unity with God while the second phase from July 25, 2013 through August 20, 2013 will bring forward full utilization of one’s ability to Create with the Universal Energies upon Mother Earth!

You have come into these days for more than you would have ever considered being possible in your Life, for the Energy of the Great Activation has arrived! From July 25 through August 10, 2013, the Energy will be strong and provide the momentum to lead you into the Pathway of your Soul! You will not let up or even subside in momentum for the Path of your Soul will become Activated with simply the Energy of Love from your Heart and Soul! By October 4, 2013 the separation of Souls will have completed and on this day so will the hindrance that may have previously slowed you down from becoming a being of Light and Love in full sight of the world, for you are Love, dear Ones!