Monday, February 18, 2019

One Person, One Community, One Love

In aligning our Fifth Dimensional Creation, Self Love will advance us further than any other human attribute.  Self Love aligns us into recognizing others in equality.  Self Love leads us to realize the Unity and Oneness within All Things! 

Unity and Oneness within All Things is no small realization towards the manifestation of our Fifth Dimensional Creation, Dear Ones.  Realization of Unity and Oneness within All Things is a humungous advancement towards achieving our true place within the Universal Paradigm of All That IS  – Unity and Oneness within the Universal Community!  

Such an achievement would only have had a small probability within the Third or Fourth Dimensional experience. Not because Unity and Oneness is too difficult conceptually, but because humanity had not yet fully achieved Spiritual Maturity to accomplish such an experience.

Humanity is at a crossroad.  Do we continue following the leadership of Third and Fourth Dimensional material thinkers – or, do we move to ascertain the fulfillment of our Heart and Soul’s Fifth Dimensional Plan through the understanding that all of us are One Person, One Community, One Love?

Through humanity’s Self Love, we leave behind our “childish” understandings around pure love – and gratitude and generosity and joy and Life.  We grow and mature.  We put away our old toys. The days of humanity’s Spiritual Maturity are here, Dear Ones!  

Humanity’s Spiritual Maturity is not and will not be an overnight achievement. It takes time to grow up.  Spiritual Maturity will emerge within our process of learning and experiencing the Reality of Mother Earth’s emerging Fifth Dimensional world. The Long Year (August 25, 2018 through October 9, 2021) will be a time to develop humanity’s integrity, trust, and responsibility with Mother Earth and the Universal Community. 

Some days we’ll experience a replay of our Third and Fourth Dimensional experience, while others days will be filled entirely with the experiences of the Fifth Dimension.   The difference will be dependent upon where we focus our attention.  

Will we continue to focus our attention on our Third and Fourth Dimensional material needs and compete fiercely for resources?  Will we grow up and learn to focus our attention towards the content of our Heart and Soul’s Plan – safe in the Knowing that we are loved and supported to do so?

Yes, chaos will prevail in the Third and Fourth Dimensional worlds.  It will all be coming to an end when the perception of One Person, One Community, One Love enters into humanity’s Conscious Awareness! 

The Exodus (meaning “the road out” in Greek) – from September 7, 2019 through December 10, 2019 – will serve to interrupt humanity’s long antiquated Third and Fourth Dimensional concepts, ideals and thinking.  

Humanity’s Spiritual Maturity will evolve without interruption during The Exodus.  When we realize life around us has changed and we discover that we are in bondage to our circumstances, we will awaken to our own journey – our road out – our Exodus.  The journey will require us to unite in faith and break free from the ideas of separation.

The past no longer serves our growth and expansion into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension.  The next step in humanity’s evolution towards Fifth Dimensional Creation is through Spiritual Maturity - embracing and advancing the perception of One Person, One Community, One Love.

Peace and blessings in Oneness.  Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.