Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Energy of Harmony

Since December 1, 2013 there has been a very subtle and understated Energy entering into Mother Earth’s Energy Matrix just for you, dear Ones. This kind of Energy is, up until now, rare within our Solar System but very shortly, will become as constant as the sunshine, the air we breathe, and the symmetric cycle of the moon’s dance in the sky from New Moon to Full Moon, and back again as a New Moon. This Energy is the Harmony of the Universe. The Energy of Harmony is what forms, maintains, and brings growth and expansion to ALL Things in the Universe. Without the Energy of Harmony there would not be any sense of stability, reliability, or even the quality of Eternalness in the Universe, but would produce an anomaly of irregularity and inconsistency in daily Life. For the Harmony of the Universe is the connective Dynamic Force used to Create Light from Love

When May 27, 2014 arrives so will the physical arrival of your Empowered status of Co-Creator in Unity and in Harmony with God! No longer will you be in any kind of waiting period, dear Ones, for the impossible will be possible with just your Love! The Harmony of the Universe will become your greatest ally, for with it, you will be Co-Creating with God to begin the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth with the Universal Energies. The only impediment on your way will be your own beliefs and attitudes that you may still carry from the past, but as Time progresses through February 7, 2015, you will realize that you are a True Beacon of Light with God! And in doing so, you will discover the Unlimitedness you possess with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universal Energies!

The process of growing and expanding with the Harmony of the Universe may seem like you are “watching” your hair grow if you become impatient. But this will only be a gentle reminder that you are not being given a “magic wand” to proceed to fix the problems and issues of others, but given the Responsibility to teach and demonstrate to others about the possibilities of Creating with the Universe in his or her own way! Man of Destiny Souls will eventually be in utter shock and astonishment at the way Mother Earth will be Creating her own identity during the Time Period from May 27, 2014 through February 7, 2015 while the Legion of Light will be preparing to lead Mother Earth as God’s physical representatives! This will be especially True after August 6, 2014 when all Souls upon Earth will have completed his or her decision process to progress as a True Lightworker, or in the case of Man of Destiny Souls, in the process of learning to become a Lightworker with the capacity to Create with the Harmony of the Universe, or not.

To understand the Time Period starting from May 27, 2014 is to understand that Light, Love, and Harmony are the Dynamic building blocks of the entire Universe. Light is the end result of Love and Harmony. Love is the Creation Dynamic of the Universe while the Energy of Harmony is the Dynamic Force that produces form to matter and serves as the connectivity for the Universal Energy Matrix to Create the end result of ALL Creation, Light – the Expression of God! Dear Ones, you will begin to Create Light upon Mother Earth with the Harmony of the Universe! The Harmony of the Universe is innate within you so you will have no problems or issues in this acclimation period! Man of Destiny Souls however, are not in concordance with the resonating vibration of the Harmony of the Universe for their Souls were Created upon Mother Earth, and this is what they will be learning.

In the Truth of where Man of Destiny Souls were Created, dear Ones, you will see the source of where the disharmony with the Universe upon Earth will come from in the future days to come. This may seem like an awkward statement in accordance with what you know – “God is Love and Loves ALL things.” But simply recall that God gives and allows Freewill Choice to choose to go in the direction of God’s Universe or not. To go in the Direction of God’s Universe is to seek the growth and expansion that is being offered in the Ascension of Dimensions from Fourth to the Fifth Dimension. If it were not a choice to enter God’s Domain of the Universe in the Fifth Dimension that would mean that Man of Destiny Souls, and for that matter, Lightworker Souls could go ahead and Create his or her own Universe without God! But this is not the case for there is only one Universe with God!

Man of Destiny is a Soul destined to continue with God in the Fifth Dimension by his or her own choosing. The past is the past but the Time to learn with the Energy of Harmony with the Universe is in the present moment NOW. If you were to look at the state of the world as it currently exists, you will see that Man of Destiny’s dominance in world affairs leads to inequality, disparity, and inconsistencies – disharmony with the Universe! No longer will this be True, for you, dear Ones, will be in charge with the Energy of February 7, 2015. It won’t be long for the entire human population to meet God the Father and Mother of ALL Things but for you, you are the ones chosen to Lead in His/Her name with the Energy of Harmony to move Mother Earth into the Energy of Harmony with the Universe!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Lightworker

If you were seeking to find out what a “Lightworker” is, various terms on the Internet allude to “one” that volunteered before birth to help others assist the Earth and the population at large learn to spread and transform Consciousness with Light Energy. Further descriptions add “one” that is Consciously aware of other realms and dimensions of Life and is an empath of another’s feelings. When the Energy of May 16, 2014 through June 15, 2014 arrives there will be a new expanded and comprehensive version that will add new skills with appropriate titles of “Master of Light, Love, and Harmony” and “One in the Image of God.” If these designations seem too altruistic in any way, shape or form, it is your humble ego, dear Ones, keeping you within the restrictive categories and groupings that man’s societies use to label one another.

The Energy of May 16 through June 15, 2014 will result in the physical separation of Souls, Man of Destiny Souls from Lightworker Souls. The separation will eventually be so distinguished it will be as if Moses were parting of the Red Sea once more. The Separation of Souls will not be obvious to anyone until November 6, 2014. You will not see any physical changes such as all Lightworker Souls suddenly transforming into eight foot giants or even begin flapping wings outside of one’s clothing like a revealed angel. The recognition of who each Soul is will be through the resonating Vibration of one’s Light, Love, and Harmony. At this Time in Mother Earth’s Evolution into the Universe with God only Lightworker Souls have the Harmony of the Universe with God!

The separate physical realities of Man and Light will literally be like night and day. Much like the world currently operates in disharmony with the Universe so will the world of Man continue to endure for three years more, then cease to exist as Man of Destiny Souls begin to merge with the World of Light, Love and Harmony with the Legion of Light. Filled innately with the Harmony of the Universe, Lightworkers will begin the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth with the Universal Energies. These Enclaves of Light will be relatively small in comparison to the rest of the world but look at the model of Silicon Valley, California. Likewise the emerging Enclaves of Light will be just as Creative and innovating as Silicon Valley, but each will have a different emphasis of Light to address the many social issues that exist in Man’s world of inequality, disparity, and inconsistencies – disharmony with the Universe!

Wherever you are upon Mother Earth, dear Ones, you are near the site of your Enclave of Creation and Innovation. The only thing that may be missing at this point of Time is the commingling of your Triad of Light, but it too is seeking you out. The Call went out in Higher Self when the Energy of the Catalyst arrived on April 16, 2014 but responses to the Invitation from God to begin Re-Creating Mother Earth will just need an RSVP by May 3, 2014 when the Energy for all Lightworker Souls to step forward emerges! To RSVP is simply open your Heart and Soul to God, nothing else. This Time frame, dear Ones, will serve as preparation Time for the Energy of February 7, 2015 when the World of Light is revealed to all Souls!

So who is a Lightworker? It is one who is a Master Creator with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe with God. Right now, Man of Destiny Souls are not aligned with the Harmony of the Universe and have little realization that they too are made with the purity of Light and Love from God. Some Man of Destiny Souls will take up to seven generations to realize this Truth, others less so. For now, dear Ones, you are the Legion of Light here to demonstrate and role model the Ways of the Universe. When the Energy of March 27, 2017 manifests, Mother Earth will joyfully awaken with all Souls upon her being called “Lightworkers” and everything will be increasing in Unity with God and the Universe!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

One Day

In our current days, the days from March 12, 2014 through May 2, 2014 will be as if we were in a process of transitioning through One Day. This One Day period will be serving to “download” and develop multileveled information and Spiritual Knowledge that will provide you with the intuitive insight and awareness for the experience of the days to follow. If you, dear Ones, have been feeling full of expectation and anticipation for something as if it were Christmas Eve, then you are aware of the feeling that prevails in these days! It will be as if the magic of Christmas were to occur on May 3, 2014 rather than December 25th. The multileveled information and Spiritual Knowledge will come to you anytime or anyplace in which you are totally alone with your intuitive state of mind.

Your intuitive state of mind, dear Ones, will make everything irrelevant except whatever is in your Heart and Soul! For May 3, 2014 will be the Day of Revelation for all Lightworker Souls! This will mean that it will be Time to work together in Harmony and in Unity with God and the Universe which Creates ALL Things with Love! This will not be a time to declare war against all that obstructs and hinders the growth and expansion of the Soul, but the Time for the Legion of Light to physically organize and begin to function as a solitary unit much as the Universe does in Oneness with ALL Things! The Time to be known as a Unit of Light, Love, and Harmony will be February 7, 2015. As for all the things that obstruct and hinder the Soul, they will be taken care of on their own. For they are all in a state of disharmony with the Universe and will disappear from existence!

When your Beginning arrives on February 7, 2015, dear Ones, you will not have any obstruction or hindrance from Man of Destiny Souls whatsoever, for your Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony within the Legion of Light will be Ordained by God to bring your Heart and Soul into the momentum of your True Purpose – to Re-Create Mother Earth with the Energies of the Universe! This meaning that Creating with your Love and only our Solar System’s sources is over! No longer will you be Creating with “airy” particles that are made for Man of Destiny Souls to practice Creating with Love, for you will be Creating with the Eternal particles of the Universe! The difference being is the Creation particles of the Fourth Dimension and lower do not coalesce as well as the Creation particles in the Fifth and upper Dimension or even have Eternal longevity and sustainability. For the Universe to remain Eternally in Growth and Expansion, dear Ones, “airy” Creation particles would allow anomalies that would not serve the purpose of Eternal Growth and Expansion with God!

The Energy after May 3, 2014 through May 15, 2014 will have you feeling and knowing that there is “something different” in the air. The feeling will be the product of the One Day that is “downloading” in our current days to provide assistance in your internal integration process for Eternal Growth and Expansion with Mother Earth. From May 16, 2014 onward the effortlessness and ease you will be having with your Heart’s Expression towards Unlimitedness will begin to amaze you! Some of the Light are already in an Unlimited status with the Universe and will be the ones Chosen by God to lead the three year process of reentering into the Universe! Every Soul in Higher Self knows of their coming for they are Ordained by God for the task at hand!

In the days to come the most important thing will be each and every individual Soul’s Spiritual growth in order to Grow and Expand with the Universe. How this is ascertained is to just simply follow whatever is in your Heart and Soul, nothing else. Many Man of Destiny Souls will ignore the Spiritual Knowledge not realizing that he or she is at the most critical point of Mother Earth’s Evolution Process. If One Day could a make a difference, it will all depend upon each Soul’s development with the multileveled information and Spiritual Knowledge available from March 12, 2014 through May 2, 2014. For Man of Destiny, he or she must at least be willingly able to recognize his or her own need to learn. By November 6, 2014 every Soul, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will realize that One Day does make a difference and that Day is NOW!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Unlimited

In everyday language the concept of Unlimitedness is both difficult and abstract in meaning to even suggest common usage and thus, is rendered into a superficial and meaningless term. Most people therefore do not even attempt to pursue or make an effort to define it for daily usage in his or her own Lifetime. Unlimitedness is the Way of the Universe – Eternal, Expansive, and Everlasting! Your Soul, dear Ones, is as Eternal, Expansive, and as the Universe and to conclude that you are not Unlimited in any way, shape, or form is an untruth! What keeps most Souls upon Mother Earth in a place of lack and limitation are Man’s value systems that place currencies of the printing press to be more of value than the Universal dynamics of Light, Love and Harmony, nothing else!

The Universe is not a place of purchasing power but a place of Creating Light with your Love. Your Love, dear Ones, is equal in quality, magnitude, and preeminence with the Universe and is as powerful as God’s Love! In this way there are no rich and no poor in the Universe unlike the current Earth Plane where the uneven distribution of “wealth” produces multileveled social issues derived from disillusionment and malcontent. The Energy of May 2014 will begin to reveal the Truth of the Power of your Love and the Creation capacity that you hold within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones! This will become more evident from May 13, 2014 through July 19, 2014 when the veil of who you are within the echelon of the Universe becomes revealed to you!

It will not be until February 7, 2015 that everyone will become aware what is Truly going forth upon Mother Earth with the Universe. There are still many choices that all Souls will need to make, Man of Destiny and the Lightworker Souls. Much like the Biblical patriarch, Noah, it is a time of knowing the Truth for the Times we live in. In this way every Soul will have choice in the way they will find his or her own way. Let the choice be to each Soul and do not become worried or in despair for the choice of others. For by the Energy of July 12, 2014 through August 6, 2014 the choice of every Soul shall be locked in for the direction of his or her Soul with the New Age of Light, Love, and Harmony with the Universe! In this is the Truth, dear Ones, for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things Eternally allows Freewill for every Soul!

The Energy that will follow until February 7, 2015 will begin your process of returning to the Eternal state of Unlimitedness with the Universe, dear Ones. In your return to Creating Light with your Love, you will begin to feel the Lightness of your state of being through your Freedom to Create without inhibition, reserve, or even self consciousness of who you are for you are a Co-Creator in Harmony with God and the Universe! But for now the Energy of May 2014 will be serving to reintroduce you to the capabilities of your Soul and outwardly begin revealing and demonstrating to a world limited by the printing presses of Man’s currency the power of God’s Currency of Love!

To understand the Time we are currently in, dear Ones, do not look outwardly for your direction. Instead look within your Heart and Soul, for there you will always find the Kingdom of God and the Unlimitedness of your Love within the Universe! It will not be much longer to finally see the full manifestation of the Universe upon Mother Earth but before it prevails, there will be ample choices for all Souls to ponder. For the Soul is the place where accountability and responsibility will always be – upon the individual Soul to decide, whether he or she be Man of Destiny or Lightworker Soul, to be a part of it or not. The Universe is ALL LIGHT, ALL LOVE, AND ALWAYS IN HARMONY and cannot be anything less!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Instant Karma

The last week of April 2014 will be a Time for absorbing the last of the Energy being presented, dear Ones, to produce the stamina and endurance for the leadership you will be providing upon Mother Earth by February 7, 2015. It will not only be because you are “tiring” from the Third and Fourth Dimensional residue but to reinvigorate and realign you for the Light, Love and Harmony of the Universe! The next stage of the New Millennium Post Activation Period will begin on May 3, 2014. This stage will be the Introduction to the World of Instant Karma.

 Instant Karma, as the term implies, produces an instantaneous and spontaneous result following the Biblical maxim “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” immediately! The World of Instant Karma will be the most obvious feature exhibited in the Post Activation Period for all Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls! The Instant Karma Period will begin on May 3, 2014 and continue until August 25, 2014 when the Introduction will be over! Man of Destiny Souls will learn what the immediate consequences of his or her thoughts and actions will bring while Lightworker Souls will be in the process of simply remembering and recalling the Way of the Universe!

The effect of Instant Karma will depend upon the frequency which one applies and originates his or her thoughts and deeds with Love. The less so, the more failure and disappointment one will experience in succeeding with the Fifth Dimension’s requirement of applying Love to Create ALL Things! In the other case, applying and originating all thoughts and deeds with Love will be rewarding and satisfying immediately! The Instant Karma effect will come in an extended period of Time for learning and adapting in the case of Man of Destiny Souls, and remembering and readapting for the Souls of the Legion of Light!

If an extended period for learning and adapting were not provided for Man of Destiny Souls the consequential effect would render the experience of the Fifth Dimension for Man of Destiny Souls useless and ineffective. Some Lightworker Souls may be thinking maybe “we” would be better off without Man of Destiny Souls, no negativity, no high maintenance “babysitting,” or even a disruption period from “our” own Creations of Love and Joy! This, however, is not in the mode of God’s Plan to bring Eternal Growth and Expansion with Light, Love and Harmony in the Universe! Rather, consider the “babysitting” period to be over and Man of Destiny Souls are now responsible and accountable for his or her own fate – to Grow and Expand with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe for him or herself, and the Time of Instant Karma will bring cause for every Soul to be responsible and accountable!

Now if you were to listen to John Lennon’s words of his song “Instant Karma,” you will have a better understanding of what is to come!
 "Instant Karma"

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead
What in the world you thinking of
Laughing in the face of love
What on earth you tryin' to do
It's up to you, yeah you

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughin' at fools like me
Who in the hell d'you think you are
A super star
Well, right you are

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on
Ev'ryone come on