Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Lightworker

If you were seeking to find out what a “Lightworker” is, various terms on the Internet allude to “one” that volunteered before birth to help others assist the Earth and the population at large learn to spread and transform Consciousness with Light Energy. Further descriptions add “one” that is Consciously aware of other realms and dimensions of Life and is an empath of another’s feelings. When the Energy of May 16, 2014 through June 15, 2014 arrives there will be a new expanded and comprehensive version that will add new skills with appropriate titles of “Master of Light, Love, and Harmony” and “One in the Image of God.” If these designations seem too altruistic in any way, shape or form, it is your humble ego, dear Ones, keeping you within the restrictive categories and groupings that man’s societies use to label one another.

The Energy of May 16 through June 15, 2014 will result in the physical separation of Souls, Man of Destiny Souls from Lightworker Souls. The separation will eventually be so distinguished it will be as if Moses were parting of the Red Sea once more. The Separation of Souls will not be obvious to anyone until November 6, 2014. You will not see any physical changes such as all Lightworker Souls suddenly transforming into eight foot giants or even begin flapping wings outside of one’s clothing like a revealed angel. The recognition of who each Soul is will be through the resonating Vibration of one’s Light, Love, and Harmony. At this Time in Mother Earth’s Evolution into the Universe with God only Lightworker Souls have the Harmony of the Universe with God!

The separate physical realities of Man and Light will literally be like night and day. Much like the world currently operates in disharmony with the Universe so will the world of Man continue to endure for three years more, then cease to exist as Man of Destiny Souls begin to merge with the World of Light, Love and Harmony with the Legion of Light. Filled innately with the Harmony of the Universe, Lightworkers will begin the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth with the Universal Energies. These Enclaves of Light will be relatively small in comparison to the rest of the world but look at the model of Silicon Valley, California. Likewise the emerging Enclaves of Light will be just as Creative and innovating as Silicon Valley, but each will have a different emphasis of Light to address the many social issues that exist in Man’s world of inequality, disparity, and inconsistencies – disharmony with the Universe!

Wherever you are upon Mother Earth, dear Ones, you are near the site of your Enclave of Creation and Innovation. The only thing that may be missing at this point of Time is the commingling of your Triad of Light, but it too is seeking you out. The Call went out in Higher Self when the Energy of the Catalyst arrived on April 16, 2014 but responses to the Invitation from God to begin Re-Creating Mother Earth will just need an RSVP by May 3, 2014 when the Energy for all Lightworker Souls to step forward emerges! To RSVP is simply open your Heart and Soul to God, nothing else. This Time frame, dear Ones, will serve as preparation Time for the Energy of February 7, 2015 when the World of Light is revealed to all Souls!

So who is a Lightworker? It is one who is a Master Creator with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe with God. Right now, Man of Destiny Souls are not aligned with the Harmony of the Universe and have little realization that they too are made with the purity of Light and Love from God. Some Man of Destiny Souls will take up to seven generations to realize this Truth, others less so. For now, dear Ones, you are the Legion of Light here to demonstrate and role model the Ways of the Universe. When the Energy of March 27, 2017 manifests, Mother Earth will joyfully awaken with all Souls upon her being called “Lightworkers” and everything will be increasing in Unity with God and the Universe!