Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In Unity with God

Last year’s process for all Lightworker Souls to become Co-Creators in Unity with God occurred from January 23, 2013 through February 4, 2013. The process was an individual and solitary experience and was unique for each particular member of the Legion of Light in order to solidify one’s Soul’s work for the Time to Come. This year’s process of Unity with God for Lightworker Souls will transpire from January 18, 2014 through January 29, 2014, dear Ones, and will call for you to begin the unification process with all other members of the Legion of Light. With this Energy will also begin the Gathering of the Legion of Light in order to initiate a new direction that every Soul upon Mother Earth will need to follow!

In the past, and even now, many Souls have lost the direction, motivation, and inspiration to move into a place of wholeness that brings one to his or her highest potential to accomplish what one’s Soul has come to do. This is not only True for all Lightworker Souls, but more so for Man of Destiny Souls. Whereas Lightworker Souls have the inner knowing that they are not in a cycle of evolution but on Earth to assist the evolution process, Man of Destiny Souls are in evolution and require a social structure supportive of the Soul. The reason being is that a Soul in the process of learning to Harmonize with all things of the Universe cannot and will not develop a way to express Love through a dysfunctional social structure that is suppressed and controlled! This is not how the God and the Universe function!

Man of Destiny Souls will be moving into the evolutionary step of becoming designated as Co-Creators in Unity with God from January 23 through February 7, 2014. It will not be an event that will suddenly find everyone on Earth Creating with Love for the understanding to do so takes Time through the evolution of the Soul. For you, dear Ones, this particular stretch of time will not be one of chaos and confusion but for Man of Destiny Souls it will be one of the most chaotic and confusing time periods ever witnessed upon Earth! It will not be for the “things” of the Universe that you will be introducing upon Mother Earth for the first time ever but assisting Man of Destiny Souls to learn that the Freedom to Create is never being in a place of control or limitation!

The displacement of all social control mechanisms of man will not last for very long, in fact, for three years. Some things will take shorter periods of time to undo and replace, others longer stretches of time because Man of Destiny Souls will not be able to emotionally let go of the things that he or she feels promotes wellbeing and comfort for his or her status. It is not status that the Freedom to Create is premised upon but the Light, Love, and Harmony offered by Unity with God and the Universe! And in this will the issue of Unity with God begin to cause disruption and anxiety in learning for Man of Destiny Souls. During the duration of the coming three years, dear Ones, you will not be hindered or impeded by Man of Destiny in any form, be it government, politics, or the status quo for you and the Legion of Light will be ushering in the Way of the Universe and all that it has to offer!

Most Lightworker Souls will not be involved in causing any major disruptions in the lives upon Mother Earth. Instead they will be instituting what they have come to be in the Universe – beings of Light, Love, and Harmony sharing and cooperating with all other Souls, and thereby expanding the growth of everyone and everything in the Universe through their role modeling. The few who will be directly involved will know that they will be serving as the Hand of God in all that they will be doing. So there will be no “collateral damage” except what Man of Destiny Souls will bring upon him or herself through the lack of understanding about what being in Unity with God is all about! And now begins the advancement of the Legion of Light through the Truth that we are all in Unity with God and the Universe!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Perception of a New Reality

What is Reality? Is it what we do and see in our daily routine and is defined though the people and things that appear to us as we engage in our daily routine? If this is the case, Reality is a relative series of appearances strung incidentally together according to one’s movement of place. Or is Reality the inclusion of all things in the Universe whether we can see them or not? For many people the former definition would serve just fine for a state of existence does not need room or mobility to grow and expand. But from January 13, 2014 onward there will be no room for homeostasis, or “just standing in one place” – for the Energy from January 13, 2014 through March 4, 2014 is designed to expand and Change all Perceptions of Reality!

Reality inclusive of all things in the Universe is the beginning of understanding and perceiving the New Reality approaching on January 13, 2014. By expanding into an inclusive understanding of Reality one’s sensory organs and faculties of reasoning will serve to open one’s Seven Member Chakra system and thus allow him or her begin to enter in the World of Creation! You, dear Ones, are one already innately equipped to just begin Creating at will! By Creating your own New Reality you will be role modeling and leading Man of Destiny Souls into the New Horizon through the Empowerment of Creation!

It will seem at first that you along with all other members of the Legion of Light will appear to be some kind of enigma on Earth – as if you do not already understand that you did not “fit” into this world and had to learn how to “travel” incognito and unrecognized for who you truly are – a Lightworker in Service to God. You will no longer be incognito or even transparent in the world, dear Ones, for the timing of your leadership will have already begun as of December 19, 2013! Most members of the Legion of Light do not like being in positions of leadership for the simple reason that there is only One Who leads and that is God! Instead. Look to see this time as the manifestation of being your Eternal Self of the Universe!

Once that the Energy of January 13, 2014 arrives it will be as if the individual power of Light and Love from each member of the Legion of Light were amplified and unified as One Light to shine all over Mother Earth demonstrating God’s Presence on Earth and it is so! This orchestrated movement will begin slowly but efficiently and will take two years to come into fruition with Man of Destiny Souls. It will no longer be the case that Man of Destiny Souls will disregard or ignore the Ways of Light and Love for all Souls are in the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! To put this into perspective: it is a New Reality dawning and with it will come the original reason that you came upon Mother Earth – to increase the possibilities of Light and Love upon Earth!

As the days ahead progress during the year of 2014, dear Ones, you will begin to see events long ago deemed impossible or unlikely to even be considered, materializing! It will not be because the austerity stricken budgets of the world have suddenly revived themselves through the ability to print more money, but rather, because the New Reality designed for Creating will be in full effect! The year 2014 will actually mark the activation for implementing and realizing the Fifth Dimension Light and Love of the Universal Energy by superseding the former Third Dimension Energy of our Solar System. Through the realization that the boundaries of the Perception of Reality are actually increasing and amplifying within your own Reality, so will the perception of a New Reality for every Soul!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 – A New Reality

When the New Year of 2014 arrives, dear Ones, you will already be gaining experience with the New Matrix that arrives to serve your Soul’s initiation into a New Reality on December 19, 2013. The New Matrix will still be relatively new for all Lightworker Souls but just know this – it will never wear out in its newness! This will be assured with the Energy of January 2, 2014 when every preliminary phase has been completed and ready to move all Souls into the next phase – the Energy for every Soul to fully integrate and Unify with God and the Universe! The next phase will begin on January 13, 2014 and will set into motion the new precedents and standards for the next two years.

The first week of the New Year will seem uneventful compared to the days to follow but as the momentum to instill the qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony brings understanding into every Soul, so will the effect of Spiritual Experience! Spiritual Experience will not come easy for Man of Destiny Souls for in his or her process to grow in understanding with God and the Universe he or she will find out how much different the rules of the Universe are compared to the rules of our Solar System. Much like the difference between night and day there will be no more practice, try outs, or even rehearsal for this is the New Reality in effect!

For two years Man of Destiny Souls will be learning in “real time” that Love is all there is in the Universe and the Fifth Dimension! Man of Destiny’s process of learning will lead to great social dysfunction that will usher in an absolute need for reorganization. Reluctantly the entire process of reorganization will eventually be turned over to you by February 2016, dear Ones! For Man of Destiny Souls will be watching and learning about you and your own successful endeavors of Love! For you, there will be no trials or even practice for you understand the entire Universe and its beneficial process of growth and expansion through Love and the means of Creation!

The two year reorganization process will lead to an entirely new understanding and awareness about the New Reality and all it has to offer. First there will be the understanding that Light, Love, and Harmony are the foundation with which one will be Creating his or her Life. This will eventually eliminate the need for an economic system based upon man’s artificial currencies and the advantages this gives for one to control the flow of supply and demand. The secondary understanding the New Reality will expand is the role of the Soul. There will no longer be a system to control one’s destiny based upon prejudgments of national origin, race, or religion, but rather one more balanced in allowing the Soul, whether one is Man or Light, to seek prosperity through the Joy of Living!

The third and most important new understanding the New Reality will usher in by February 2016 is the place of honoring God in every thought, deed, and expression of Love within every Soul’s Life! For an egalitarian society is one that expresses gratitude from the Heart and recognizes all things through Harmony – the Oneness of ALL Things! But until then the most important date to come for all Souls upon Mother Earth will be March 4, 2014, when you and your expressions of Love will be leading the way for the appearance of a New Reality at last!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The New Matrix 2

The New Matrix will appear upon Mother Earth on December 19, 2013. More aptly described, it is the Universal Energy Grid serving to align Mother Earth through her new Pole Star of Vega with the Universe and all the higher dimensions. The New Matrix will function quite easily for you, dear Ones, for whenever and wherever your Heart and Soul are aligned with Love, so will your ability to readily Create whatever you will need and want! Creating with one’s Heart and Soul will not be occurring for every Soul yet but when the Energy for the New Millennium Activation occurs for every Soul on March 4, 2014 so will a greater possibility of entering into the New Matrix exist!

During the last week of December 2013 those who will be accessing the New Matrix will be testing out its properties and parameters. And as everyone will learn –the New Matrix will only function when one is constantly applying Love from one’s Heart and Soul with the New Matrix! The test is not one to question your own abilities of Light and Love, dear Ones, but the behaviors and habits one’s personality assumed to endure within the Third and Fourth Dimensions as “residue” limiting your Creator Skills. For in order to exist in the Third and Fourth Dimensions one has learned to be socially guarded and cautious to the point of developing the lack of trust for anyone else! This is not how the New Matrix functions and as you will find it is as if you were contained within a vortex of a “self-created Energy Adaptor”!

The “self-created Energy Adaptor” derives from the Energy Vortexes of your Chakra System.  When all seven of your Chakras are in proper alignment with the New Matrix anything you may define with Love from your Heart and Soul will reveal itself within the domain of the New Matrix! Creating with the New Matrix will become the way in which you will be demonstrating and role modeling all possibilities of Light and Love upon Mother Earth. Many will begin to take notice of you and your brothers and sisters of the Light and will look upon this process as a new “trend,” much like having the latest electronic gadget. But rather than interpreting the process of working with the New Matrix as the latest “trend,” what everyone will be witnessing will be the way of the future – Creating with Light and Love through the New Matrix!

Any interference that may come in the way of your working within the New Matrix will become like distant “static” in your Life by December 30, 2013. There will be many things to do and just as many issues to bring forth so that every Soul upon Mother Earth will have the capability to initiate into the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! This will not be a small task by any means, dear Ones, for in your own activation on December 19, 2013 you will be moving into a position to lead the way! There will be hesitation and indecision by those watching but by the Time that the Energy of July 2014 arrives you will be in full swing of Creating your own Joy in Living!

There will be one more day to keep sacred within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, and this will be the Energy of January 2, 2014. It will not be an Energy for presenting any awe inspiring and breathtaking actions on your part for you will see this to come in three more years! Instead look upon the Energy of January 2, 2014 as a Day of Remembrance for the past! No longer will you need to be incognito working against the forces of the Collective Consciousness that pushes all Souls into a place of fear and destitution for a new era begins – one that works through the internal workings of the Heart and Soul within the New Matrix beginning on December 19, 2013!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The New Matrix

On December 19, 2013 the Energy to activate every Lightworker Soul into the New Millennium will commence! All Things of the Universe previously unavailable to you, dear Ones, will now be completely accessible for you to begin transforming Mother Earth in any way of Light and Love you would like! So you will no longer need to wait for the agreement of the Collective Consciousness to approve your request to transform Mother Earth into the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! For Man of Destiny Souls will begin his or her own evolution and transformation process into the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony on December 18, 2013! These two days will produce great significance and demonstrate to ALL SOULS that a New Paradigm of Change has finally arrived upon Earth and it is so!

The New Paradigm of Change will serve to introduce a New Matrix which will feel at first as if you were moved inside of a computer game setup with a maze of doorways – trapdoors leading you directly into a new direction, ladders guiding you towards ascending or descending routes, and even dead end doorways for you to consider the possibilities of a new direction! If this sounds confusing now, it will not be for you, dear Ones, for the New Matrix will be leading you into the direction of finding your Heart and Soul’s Pathway in the New Millennium! This “maze of doorways” will actually function to remove all past interferences or hindrances in your new role for the New Millennium. This will be so that you become influential in affecting Change in not only your own Life, but also, all the future Lives of every Man of Destiny and Lightworker Soul upon Mother Earth!

This may seem like a tall order now but it is not! For you are one to have chosen to be here at this particular juncture of Time to initiate the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony! Though in the beginning of this movement you may become overjoyed and even ecstatic, you may begin to wonder how long this state of Joy and Happiness will last because previous experience taught you that sustaining such a mood forever is not possible. But in this exercise of intellectualization you will find that you left the domain of your Heart and Soul and entered into your brain’s pattern of rationalization! By simply returning to your Heart and Soul’s domain of Creating with Love you will find that these wonders will not cease! In fact on January 13, 2013 the Universal Energies will produce a secondary Star of Activation that will lead you to know that “This is Real!”

Man of Destiny Souls will not be sharing in the Joy and Happiness you will be immersed in for Man of Destiny Souls will be in process of readying him or herself for Unity with God and the Universe from January 23 through February 7, 2014. This will be a momentous step for him or her evolution to become Light and Love in every way you are as the propelling Energy of the Age of Light, Love, and Harmony guides everyone into the New Matrix! In this way Man of Destiny Souls will be ready for his or her activation into the New Millennium on March 4, 2014. Things may not appear all that they will be right now, but when the Energy of December 18 and 19, 2013 arrives so will a new way of being – The Way of Light and Love in everyone!

Sunday, November 17, 2013


From December 5, 2013 onward you will know that everything occurring is Real in every sense of the meaning you can derive in the term “New Horizon,” dear Ones! There are three reasons in this Truth. First you are a Co-Creator in Unity with God and beginning to demonstrate this detail to yourself. Second your Soul is, in effect, in the process of revealing your Eternal Self of the Universe! The third event that will demonstrate that you are in the “New Horizon” will be the Activation of the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light into the New Millennium on December 19, 2013! This will be an entirely separate event from the March 4, 2014 date of Activation for every Soul, as you will become among the first Souls to align into the Energy of the New Millennium!

This will not directly change anything for Man of Destiny Souls but it will for you! For Man of Destiny Souls collectively decided that they were not “ready” to make the evolutionary shift to align his or her Spiritual Pathway in Unity with God! Needless to say the days from December 5, 2013 through December 18, 2013 will be paramount to your own Spiritual Destiny. This will not mean that you must do something differently out of concern for Man of Destiny Souls, rather, it will be the Time to seek your own alignment into the Energy of the New Millennium Activation. This Energy will be emitting a much higher vibratory frequency than has been normally experienced upon Mother Earth, and for two days, December 8 and 9, 2013, this High Frequency Energy will be available to allow those who are prepared like you, dear Ones, to receive and begin to engage within it!

You may be asking why such a change of plan would occur. The answer is simply that you and all of your previous experience with the Universe will serve you well in assisting Mother Earth into the New Horizon through your acclimation into the places of leadership and prominence on Earth! The original plan was to have Man and Light come together as a cooperative unit within the New Millennium Activation on March 4, 2014, but this is not to be. The plan now will see you witness your brothers and sisters of the Light emerge from his or her hidden places of anonymity and seclusion. For you will no longer be in wait, dear Ones, your Time of Arrival will begin on December 19, 2013!

Previous dates during the past twenty years have suggested the possibility of beginning the New Millennium prior to March 4, 2014, but they have come and passed away. It was the Collective Consciousness and all that Man of Destiny Souls collectively believe to be the Truth that stymied these previous dates of probability. If you were to look at a brief history of the past twenty years you would see the pattern of how the Collective Consciousness comes to accept a new idea and moves to implement it. Looking at the idea of today’s “smartphones,” you will see that some twenty years ago the personal computer was introduced to bring acceptance to the idea that you can do more from your home with access to the new information provided by the internet. Ten years ago the idea of social connectivity through a phone line and email introduced everyone to websites like AOL, My Space, and Facebook. Today you have access to the entire knowledge bank of the world with a smartphone in your pocket or purse.

In much the same way that people make decisions about the latest social trends to decide if they will participate or not, so will the New Millennium Activation bring every Soul to decide whether to act or not. But it will not take twenty years to realize what will be occurring for Man of Destiny. See these decisions to take only two years for the majority of Man of Destiny Souls to decide to begin his or her participation! This will largely come through you, dear Ones, for as you begin the process of penetrating the Collective Consciousness through the osmosis effect of what you can do with the Light and Love in your Heart and Soul, so will the recognition of Light and Love. Thus, it will be your efforts and activities of inspiration with Light and Love that will lead to Man of Destiny’s acceptance into what is Real in the New Horizon!

While the New Millennium Activation on December 19, 2013 will be occurring for the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light, Man of Destiny Souls will also have his or her own day of celebration. This will come on December 16, 2013 when the evolutionary step to assume the responsibility of evolving into a being of Light and Love will begin! And in this way will Man of Destiny Souls become ones to inherit Mother Earth as Caretakers for the sacred body of Mother Earth and not destroy her through the misuse of the ancient skill of Creating with Light and Love! You are in the place of leadership now, dear Ones!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Consciousness of the Universe

We have all had the experience of being at the right place at the right time at least once in our Life – where everything seemed to go better than planned or maybe even beyond our wildest expectations. This “coincidence” is not a perchance meeting of time and place, but an experience of Harmony! Harmony – where all things around you are in a state of Oneness – is the experience of the Universe and beginning on December 5, 2013, dear Ones, you will begin to find the “coincidence” of an internal and external experience – being at the right place at right time – occurring more frequently and consistently than ever before! The reason is that your Lightworker Soul has already met all preliminary and prerequisite conditions for Harmonizing with the Universe beforehand and is once again ready to do so!

The Universal Energies of December 2013 will begin slowly until December 5, 2013 arrives. Then the internal signal to begin in earnestness will be easily ascertained, verified, and enacted upon by the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light! For Man of Destiny Souls it will be much like he or she were attempting to run a marathon race without the practice or proper training for the strength, endurance, or stamina required for such a race. Some will begin to prosper with the Consciousness of the Universe while others will develop the determination and fortitude to begin to understand the New Consciousness! There will also be a third group of Man of Destiny Souls that will falter and stumble never to get up again! These Souls will choose to nullify the value of Spiritual Knowledge and thereby remain as basic Souls, deciding that there is no need to advance his or her Spiritual Self into the Higher Vibration of the New Millennium! In fact, no one will even notice they are gone!

By Harmonizing with the Consciousness of the Universe, dear Ones, you will find that there will be many wonderful Changes occurring. For you it will be an especially easy transition becoming your Eternal Self once more, the Soul you are with the Universe! Your Eternal Self will serve as a great asset for you as you begin to lead, role model, and demonstrate how the Consciousness of the Universe functions, just by being yourself! Letting completely go of all the current collective consciousness standards will be a task for some Souls for the economy of man’s currencies will still persist for three more years! But for those who come to understand the meaning of the dictum “The Freedom to Create!” there will be much Spiritual Prosperity through Joy and Happiness!

Many Lightworker Souls have been in a state of readiness or preparation for the past twenty years. But because social beliefs and conditions were not yet ready for your ultimate work of Light and Love, dear Ones, you managed to do well in learning to cope in your Time of Preparation. External conditions upon Earth will finally arrive to reveal the superstructure of the New Millennium on December 19, 2013. This will not be the fully developed version that will activate on March 4, 2014 when every single Soul will be participating in the Consciousness of the Universe, but will mark your final activation point with the New Millennium Energy! December 19, 2013 will also serve to introduce the Power and Emergence of the Legion of Light to the world!

Look forward, dear Ones, for your Time within the Consciousness of the Universe with God is right around the corner! No longer will you need to be idling in a Time of Preparation as what you have come to do will be here at last! But first there will be the need to reacquaint yourself with the experience of Harmony – where all things around you are in a state of Oneness – so that your movement with the New Millennium Energy of December 19, 2013 for you will be a place without need or want! For in your Oneness with God and the Universe ALL Things that ever was, is, and will be, are in YOU!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vibration of the Universe

Energy Vibrations permeate throughout the Universe. Some forms of Energy Vibrations we can see, like the Light of the Sun during daytime and Starlight at night. Some forms of Energy we can feel, such as the warmth of the Sun and the strength of the wind. Beginning on November 23, 2013 there will be a New Energy form that we will internally feel at first but not initially see – this will be the Energy of God’s Presence coming into full manifestation upon Mother Earth! Some Souls like you, dear Ones, will be developing advanced and very powerful sensory perceptions with the advent of this New Energy form on Mother Earth, as this rare occasion will serve to enhance your innate gifts and skills from the Universe! You will understand what will be occurring but many Souls will not even grasp or comprehend where this New Energy form will be coming from!

From November 23, 2013 through May 9, 2014 the Energy of God’s Presence will intensify in continual increments of increasing magnitude to establish His/Her Presence upon Earth! In like manner Lightworker Souls will also be incrementally intensifying in magnitude during this Time period! For you, dear Ones, will be developing along with the increasing Energy Vibration of the Universe, and with this Energy will come the reason you were originally chosen to be here upon the Earth Plane at this Time! For during this Time you will begin to exhibit the innate gifts and talents that made you unique within the Higher Dimensions where you were Created!

Some Lightworkers, for example, will begin exhibiting their amazing powers to heal the Soul as well as the physical body, where they will simply touch another Soul’s aura and bring upon instantaneous results. Other Lightworkers will begin revitalizing and reorganizing antiquated professions and practices on Earth to usher in the New Standards of the Universe, while a select few members of the Legion of Light will begin to reorganize and overhaul the dysfunctional practices of government! No job or task will be too big or too small for you, dear Ones, for the arrival of God and the Universe will commence upon the Earth Plane on November 23, 2013!

Man of Destiny Souls upon Mother Earth will be in awe and wonder at what he or she will be witnessing. They will not be eager or even preliminary participants with the many Changes that will be occurring after the Energy of December 5, 2013 arrives, but once they realize what will be happening is REAL they will become inspired through the activities and actions that the Legion of Light will be activating!! The procedure of bringing Mother Earth into the domain of the Universe will not be an overnight process and will not be completed until March 27, 2017. This may seem like a long way away but when you consider this, you have been in wait for over 10,000 years for the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension to arrive, what are a few more years, give or take?

There will be no diminishing or withdrawing of God’s Presence upon Earth as every Soul and Being in the Universe becomes aware that the Owner of ALL Things is Present within our Reality once more! This will bring great cause to rejoice and celebrate the Oneness of God and the Universe for the expansion and growth of the Universe never ceases! And as we merge into the increasing Love upon Mother Earth so will the cause for Peace, Love, and Harmony become the new mantra of all Souls and beings on Earth! Never lose sight of this Truth, dear Ones, for the Time you have been waiting for is about to begin on November 23, 2013 through you and the Vibration of the Universe!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Conscious Creation

Currently, the greatest portion of our daily life is spent upon making a series of unconscious decisions based upon our habits. For instance, when you decide to get out of bed, it is generally dictated upon the need for you to get out of bed to begin your day. Work days indicate one time while your off days indicate a different time. What you decide to eat for breakfast, if you do, is usually dependent upon the amount of leisure time you have before you start your day outside of your home and predicated on your primary daily routine. Habits like making time for physical fitness, relaxation, and playing, generally fit into our routine as a secondary priority. But what if you were to reprioritize your secondary events over your primary priorities, what would be the worse case scenario that could happen? Would you loose your job, your relationships, your lifestyle, or even your health by becoming stressed and worried?

In the days to come many will be considering such a dramatic shift in lifestyle, both Lightworker Souls and Man of Destiny Souls, though in different ways that will move each Soul into the process of Conscious Creation. Conscious Creation is what the collective term means, you are Consciously Creating what you will want and need with Love to manifest your Soul’s sojourning reason for your coming upon Mother Earth! For you, dear Ones, you will no longer be bound by the unconscious or unaware force of habit to dictate what you will Create! Instead, you will be Consciously Creating with the Power of Love and the Universe to produce all the things that you will need to manifest your Soul’s Pathway!

When the Energy of November 17, 2013 arrives, you are one to begin expanding in the process of Unlimited Change with the Universe through Conscious Creation! Lightworker Souls will naturally attune to the Song of Harmony with the Universe, but Man of Destiny Souls will be in a place of continuous learning in order to understand that Love is the Way of the Fifth Dimension and the Universe. For in Man of Destiny’s attempts to mobilize his or her Life as if he or she were still in the Third or Fourth Dimension, failure will come until he or she learns to develop faith and confidence that Love is required in all thoughts, deeds, and actions. It will be as if Man of Destiny Souls were learning how to swim underwater for the first time. Any attempt to breathe underwater will induce drowning while holding his or her breath too long will induce asphyxiation by attempting to control his or her breathing.

There will be three critical days in which every Soul will become aware that Conscious Creation will become the standard for all Souls. These days are November 22, 23, and 24, 2013. In the same way one learns to swim underwater, attempts to act as if one were still in the Third or Fourth Dimension will lead many Man of Destiny Souls to “drown” without Love or become asphyxiated in any attempt to control any other Soul – for Love is the Way of the Fifth Dimension and the Universe! Man of Destiny Souls will be learning this through increased awareness in his or her association between the intention and the results of manifestation for the experience of gaining Spiritual Wisdom, and with it, will come the advent of his or her designated status of Co-Creator in Unity with God from January 23, 2014 through February 7, 2014!

These three critical days in November 2013 will mark the place in Time that everyone will realize that the New Horizon is in full effect. Conscious Creation will be the standard as God the Father and Mother of ALL Things makes His/Her Presence KNOWN upon Mother Earth and throughout the Universe! You will never be led astray, dear Ones, for God Source will lead you with the Truth of your Heart and Soul to bring you growth and expansion with the Universe as Conscious Creation begins to reveal the Universe’s presence upon Mother Earth for the first time ever, through you!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Hollow

The Miracle of Creation is that your Love, dear Ones, does all the “work” for you. It is not a belaboring process that leaves you physically tired, emotionally exhausted, or even mentally fatigued. Instead you become rejuvenated, invigorated, and reenergized from the inspiration that you draw directly from your Heart and Soul and exchange it with the Love of the Universe. On November 6, 2013 your Heart and Soul will fully align to begin to function like a “Creation Chamber” with the Universe. Your Heart Chakra is that “Creation Chamber,” and will serve to manifest your Third Eye Chakra’s Imaginal States that you access to redesign and reorganize your Life in accordance with the Love and Spiritual Experience you already have with the Universe.

The Spiritual Experience you have previously acquired with the Universe, dear Ones, will make all the difference in Creating with the Universe beyond November 13, 2013 when a “hollow” effect will begin upon Mother Earth for those Creating in the way of the Fourth Dimension, as if Love were still a lesson to be learned. Any attempt to Create with the intent to hurt, injure, or to take advantage of another Soul will result in the Creation of nothing except an immediate karmic effect! The immediate karmic affect will be even more prevalent after the Energy of November 18, 2013 when the turning of the Energy will produce physical signs that the New Millennium is about to activate, and it is so!

At the same time that the “hollow” Creation effect begins on Mother Earth so will signs that the Apocalypse is in full motion. The Apocalyptic Period began on October 14, 2013 and will last until March 4, 2014 when the New Millennium Activates upon Earth. You will have nothing to fear, dear Ones, for you are already a Co-Creator in Unity with God! The Apocalyptic Period is for Man of Destiny Souls to decide once and for all that they too are intent upon becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God and the Universe. The possibility exists at this turning point that all Man of Destiny Souls will begin as a Co-Creator in Unity with God by February 7, 2014! The probability, however, is another story for Man of Destiny Souls will first have to release and relinquish all ego related issues, which includes “self proclaimed” control, power, and dominion, in the Ways of God and the Universe!

When the week of the “hollow” Creation effect arrives Man of Destiny Souls will be held in a testing pattern from November 11, 2013 through July 22, 2014 to see how much and how fast he or she has learned in the Ways of God and the Universe! Chaos and Confusion will become the standard and will increase sevenfold in his or her mind until each individual Soul has become designated as a Co-Creator in Unity with God! For you, dear Ones, there is no trial for you, for you are already one designated to lead through demonstration and role modeling in the Ways of God by being a Co-Creator in Unity with God. It is in this way that the Redistribution of Wealth will occur through you, dear Ones, through you and your Empowerment of Creating with Love!

Through Spirit, your Love moves from your Heart Chakra to merge with the Energy of the Universe to become manifested as a byproduct of your Love. Through your Love, dear Ones, the New Millennium will Activate within you and through you, for the greatest part of the Spiritual experience you bring is with Spirit! Your Love is the key and the way of Transformation, for inside every Soul, Love is designed to share and receive in order to expand one’s immediate world much like the Universe itself shares, receives, and expands! You already understand this Truth and that is why you know that the days of working without Love are in the past!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Prodigal Suns

If you wanted an answer to the question “What does my Soul look like?” The answer would be to simply look up at our Sun. Your Soul, like the Sun, is round with ever glowing white light that serves to sustain Life in every possible way upon Mother Earth through Spiritual development to encourage Life to grow and prosper. The Sun does not judge or have expectations where its light will travel or even what the purpose of its Light is to be used for, it only gives and shares whatever Love it has freely. Our Soul, in similar manner as the Sun, is also designed to cultivate Spiritual growth all around us through the radiating warmth that our Love and Joy have to offer to everyone.

There will be great reason to remember that you, dear Ones, are like the Sun, a being of Light and Love as well as a great cultivator of Spiritual Life. When the Energy of November 6, 2013 arrives, all Lightworker Souls will become Empowered as Co-Creators in Unity with God and the Universe. Some will know and comprehend who he or she is and what will be occurring. The vast majority of Lightworker Souls, however, will not understand what will be happening and will actually default into his or her status as a Co-Creator to learn about him or herself. There are 120,000 such Souls among the 144,000 Lightworker Souls upon Mother Earth. Much like all other Souls upon Earth, the focus of his or her life has been upon maneuvering through the dark density of negative energy that has diminished the strength, intensity, and desire of his or her Light and Love.

Much like the parable about the return of the prodigal son in the New Testament (Luke 15:11), it will be Time to return to the Ways of God throughout the Universe on November 6, 2013. The Empowerment of Creation will be a great asset for all who are ready to Create with Love and the Universe to begin the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension. For when the Energy of November 11, 2013 begins its influence, God’s Presence Energy will begin to produce Absolute Change throughout the Universe and upon Mother Earth! This date will also mark the Time for you, dear Ones, to become like the Sun you truly are to radiate the Light and Love you have to offer and begin resonating in the process of Light and Love from Earth into the Universe!

This process will be fun and easy for you and all there will be to do is just provide your Love to Create all the Joy and Freedom you will want! It will be as if you were a “Prodigal Sun,” a bright glowing star diminished in brightness due to overcast skies and finally returning with God to radiate into the open skies along with Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension! This will only be the beginning as the Energy continues to intensify, strengthen, and increase your ability to contribute into Mother Earth’s Activation into the New Millennium on March 4, 2014!

For Man of Destiny Souls, it will be a bewildering journey in all ways from his or her lack of understanding about God’s Love and Joy! You will see these Souls, dear Ones, puzzled and in fear about what will be happening. At first their fear will anticipate judgment to come down. Then realizing there is no judgment upon him or her, they will deduce that “there must be a catch somewhere!” – and that everything that he or she “owns” will somehow be taken or stolen! They will hide with their things, little realizing that they are only hiding from God’s Love and Joy! How strange this will be to everyone who does not understand that the Sun’s radiating Light and Love serve to Create and sustain all Life, without any hidden agendas!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Imagination!

Using your imagination is one of the simplest things you can do. It does not matter what state of Mind you are in or even what emotional mood you may be in, it just happens whenever you choose to proceed into its domain. And like the Universe, your imagination attaches no moral judgment or reasoning whatsoever, it just happens as if on demand to bring you whatever you would like to experience. There is unconditional rationale for this, dear Ones, and it is simply that your imagination is as Unlimited as the Universe for like the Universe, your imagination is the source from which all experiences you wish to Create with Love emerge through you in the Fifth Dimension!

The way of connecting your imagination with the Universe is through your Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is one of the Seven member Chakra system that serves to expand your conscious awareness into the higher dimensions from your Heart and Soul to the Universe. In the process of expanding your conscious awareness with the Universe, dear Ones, you will also be enhancing your Creative abilities to the highest level possible and thus maximizing your Creative Skills when the Time of the New Millennium activates on March 4, 2014. Beginning with the Energy of October 29, 2013 you will find that your Love and imagination will become the greatest assets you will have as everyone designated as a Co-Creator in Unity with God will be increasing in conscious awareness with God and the Universe!

There will be an increase of activity all over the Universe due to the growth and expansion of the Universe that began on February 2, 2013 when the Eighth Dimension was Created by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Mother Earth will not be immune from the movement of the growth and expansion. For you, dear Ones, it will be a Time of returning to your dominion of the Universe with God! For Man of Destiny Souls, who have never experienced the intensity of Love with God and the Universe unlike you, it will be an exasperating experience for him or her! Man of Destiny will begin the process of learning what being in Unity with God and the Universe is all about with the Energy of October 29, 2013 when imagination and intuition through the Third Eye Chakra will be a new and unknown experience for most Man of Destiny Souls.

Man of Destiny will initially respond with an intense fear due to the opening of his or her Third Eye Chakra but as Time progresses they will be renewed with faith and trust in God through the Legion of Light’s leadership on a worldwide scale! Man of Destiny’s renewed faith and trust in God will also serve to initiate and activate the opportunity he or she will all have to Unify with God from January 23 through February 7, 2014! Some Man of Destiny Souls already understand the Seven member Chakra system, most do not. But in order to become a Co-Creator in Unity with God one will need to bring ALL SEVEN Chakras to full function in order to Create with the Universe!

In the days to come, dear Ones, many Lightworker Souls will be in the process of reacquiring his or her own Universal Creator Skills. It will not be easy for every Soul, as it will require the development of one’s imagination, intuition, and the application of one’s Love to accomplish this task. In some cases the inspiration that will come through the opening of one’s Third Eye Chakra will lead to multilevel Creating with God and the Universe. In these cases it will not come from being dearer in proximity with God, for there is no such thing, but from the release of all that no longer serves anyone living with Truth and Love in the Fifth Dimension! In this way, dear Ones, you will lead by example with all the Light, Love, and Brotherhood you are truly capable of exhibiting for the New Millennium that Activates on March 4, 2014!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eye of the Storm

If you were to fly over a massive tropical storm like a hurricane, you would see the dominating feature called the “eye of the storm” below you. Stepping down into the “eye” from the sky above, you would begin to witness a totally different world apart from the storm – a calm wind blowing and a gentle rain falling inside of the “eye.” Perhaps you may even get a brief view of the Sun or Stars above depending upon the time of the day. This is how the Energy from October 5 through October 28, 2013 will be like for you, dear Ones. All around will be a “hurricane like storm” producing a trail of Chaos and Confusion while, for you, there will not be such chaos for you will be in the process of integrating with the Universe!

The first stage in the process of integrating with the Universe has already occurred for you, Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things on February 4, 2013. The Unity with God factor also designated you as a Co-Creator with God! This factor was activated on May 15, 2013 and allowed you to temporarily Create your Emanations of Love with the vibration of Mother Earth’s material resources. The next stage in your return to integrating with the Universe as a Co-Creator in Unity with God will begin on October 6, 2013 when you will begin to Create with the entire Universe’s vibration at your disposal! The final stage to achieve full integration with God and the Universe will begin on October 14, 2013 when all who will be in the key of Harmony with the Universe will begin to initiate Creation with the Universe’s vast material sources!

You, dear Ones, will be within the protection of the “eye of the storm” as the Energy of October 18, 2013 begins to prepare you and your brothers and sisters of the Light for the Activation of the New Millennium Energy on March 4, 2014! In the Movement of your Soul during this Time you will find that Creating in Unity with God will be fun and easy, for you will be applying your innate Love and Joy to express the Freedom to Create you have longed for upon Mother Earth with the Universe! In doing so you will also begin to role model your role as a Co-Creator in Unity with God to all Man of Destiny Souls who will be open to listening, learning, and seeking your Wisdom of the Soul!

Man of Destiny Souls will be come to know God very quickly in these next five months as the “storm” passes to inundate and remove all that stands upon Mother Earth without a Foundation of Love to protect it! These will be trying days for Man of Destiny Souls that will result in many moving towards becoming ready to enjoin with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Unity from January 23 through February 7, 2014 through your teaching and role modeling! Those who will seek you in the days to come will be led to you through the Energy Vibration of the Universe. For the most important things in the days to come in the next five months will be one’s Spiritual Nature and attuning it for entry into the Activation of the New Millennium on March 4, 2014!

These next five months will not be a burden to you, dear Ones, in fact, it will be as if you were standing inside the “eye of a storm,” and it is so! For now the Time to demonstrate and realize all that you have been hoping and praying for – that all Souls come to know and understand the Ways of God in this lifetime – will be occurring! The entire movement of Energy will be leading every Soul for the Activation of the New Millennium’s Energy by integrating with God and the Universe! This will result in One Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity for every Soul in the Universe through the Realm of Spirit! On Mother Earth God and the Legion of Light will be in charge for One Thousand Years to introduce and demonstrate the Ways of God for Man of Destiny Souls! Many Man of Destiny Souls will seek cover from the “storm” within the “eye of the storm,” but it will take Time. When the storm begins to subside and the New Millennium is Activated on March 4, 2014, then, it will be Time to begin everything new with every Soul in the Universe!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wherever You May Be

Wherever you may be on October 14, 2013, dear Ones, you will begin to notice the newness of an unspoiled and pristine Energy that is now readily available. The Energy will be concentrated while also being multileveled. Concentrated in order to do and accomplish all things of the Soul and multilayered to extend your reach into the Universe’s vast material resources for all of your Creative Endeavors! This will be an unprecedented stage in Mother Earth’s Evolution for every Soul upon Mother Earth, in fact, the entire Universe, will either be in Unity with God or in the process of becoming unified in Unity with God! This will not leave much room for wanton thinking or wishing. Rather it will be as if every Soul in the Universe were participating as an instrument of Harmony and resonating with the tune of his or her Soul in Harmony with the unified vibration of the entire Universe!

There will be many Man of Destiny Souls whose Heart and Soul will “sing” off key and out of synchronicity with the Harmony of the Universe. Some will withdraw into silence due to the collateral interference he or she may cause in the future endeavors of the Soul. For you, dear Ones, your innate attunement with the Universe and being in Unity with God will greatly assist you during this Time of Fear for the masses! Man of Destiny Souls will look upon the occurring events as the Apocalypse, and it is so! However, it is not the end but the beginning of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things moving ALL Things forward to fulfill His/Her Promise to make all things new!

The newness of All Things in the Universe will be surprising for everyone in one way or another. For all things not secured with a Foundation of Love during this Time of Fear will simply begin to fade away and diminish in importance for they will be useless for attaining Growth and Expansion of the Soul! The surprise for all Souls already knowing and understanding with a Foundation of Love will find rapid growth and expansion with the Universe through the Empowerment of Creation! Thus contributing to the growth and expansion with the Universe upon Mother Earth! For the many who will be out of synchronicity with the Harmony of the Universe, this Time period will be for learning and understanding how to establish a Foundation of Love in order to become Co-Creators in Unity with God from October 14, 2013 until the last available day during this phase, February 7, 2014.

The Energy of October 14, 2013 will also coincide with the initiating Energy for the Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression. The Heart’s Expression is a bestowed status upon one who has become a Creator of the Heart, one who’s Heart Chakra has attained Multileveled Empowerment of Creating with the Universe through his or her Pure Heart of Love! The Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression will complete on November 6, 2013 and will introduce the world to a new level of Creators upon Mother Earth. There will not be many ready for this status yet but there will be many who will follow to become Creators of the Heart as they work to process the Changes that the Newness of ALL Things in the Universe brings forward!

In initiating what will be termed as the Apocalypse, many will be looking at the infrastructure of all that they have come to know falling apart and thus, bringing fear. But as you will come to see, dear Ones, it is not the end but the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s Seven Promises in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 21, verses 1 – 5). Hold these Promises near to you and know that Joy in Living for everyone will become a Reality in the New Horizon that began on August 23, 2013! Wherever you are on October 14, 2013 you will realize that Love is all you need!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creating with the Universe

You have come a long way, dear Ones! For if you were to look back at the things that used to bother you in the past, it would seem that either the issues diminished in value or they have simply lost their place of importance in your Life. There is good reason for this, and it is that the next stage of the Creator World is about to open up to you on October 6, 2013! Beginning with the Energy from October 6 through November 6, 2013, the entire Universe will be opening to provide the material of your Creative Endeavors! This Time period will not need a major readjustment from you, just the awareness that you are back within your innate environment of the Universe!

The biggest difference between what we are Creating today and what will be possible beginning on October 6, 2013 is the difference between Mother Earth‘s current vibration and the vibration of the Universe. The Earth vibration at this time is much like a bass chord on a string instrument producing a deep, heavy, and reverberating low sound. By comparison the Universe’s vibration is a much faster, higher, and refined sound. Since June 29, 2013, when Mother Earth realigned herself towards her new pole star of Vega in the constellation of Lyrae, Mother Earth began a process to complement and commingle with the vibrating pulse and rhythm of the Universe. Mother Earth’s process will complete on October 6, 2013, when we too will be ones ready to begin Creating with the Universe once that we have made our own internal adjustments and alignments!

It will not take you long, dear Ones, to become aware of this vast difference in Energy Sources! Each Lightworker Soul is unique and exceptional in his or her own characteristics of Light and Love therefore, the entire internal processing will take from October 6 through November 6, 2013. Some will be ready to initiate right away while others will need more Time to align. By November 6, 2013, every Soul who has prepared for this event, along with Mother Earth, will begin Creating a whole new chapter of experience with the Universe on Earth! Man of Destiny Souls, however, will not be participating at this time. Instead Man of Destiny Souls will be in preparation for the Time frame that they will have the opportunity to begin in Unity with God from January 23, 2014 through February 7, 2014.

In waiting for this evolutionary transition, Man of Destiny Souls will be making humungous strides in not only aligning with the New Energy of the Universe, but to also begin learning how to Create with his or her own Emanations of Love. During this Time, that began on September 17, 2013 and will complete on February 7, 2014, you will also be witnessing the Evolution of the Spirit taking place! What will appear at the beginning as two separate worlds coexisting side by side at the same time will actually be the Transformation of bringing Mother Earth’s entire body and Soul into Unity with the Universe! Your work as a Lightworker Soul, dear Ones, will be leading the way through your introduction of your own unique contributions of Light, Love, and Harmony upon her!

The Evolution of the Spirit will only be initiating at this Time to set the new precedents of future Life upon Mother Earth. It will not be a “one time, one opportunity” procedure. Instead it will be a process of introducing each new generation of Human Souls to a new Life as Souls free to Create his or her expression of Love with the Universe. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not be able to immediately express what is in his or her Soul, much less what is within the confines of his or her Heart for lack of experience. This process will take many Man of Destiny Souls several lifetimes to acquire and integrate. For you, dear Ones, the fun will be just beginning for you will be back in your innate environment of the Universe! So once you leave behind what no longer serves you from the present world, so will the Universe give you all it has to offer you, for you are Unlimited like the Universe!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rededication to God

During the final week of September 2013, there will be a comprehensive choice for every Soul to consider. This will be the choice to Rededicate one’s Soul to God on September 26 and 27, 2013 or not. It will be so easy for you, dear Ones, that you may even think this is God’s sense of humor playing a joke on you. But it is not, for the world of the Third Dimension still exists in the minds, deeds, and habits of the multitude of people upon Mother Earth. The Truth is that we are all Spiritually in the Fifth Dimension but in practice, everything appears as if it were all still in the Third Dimension – rumors of war, a distraught world economy, and so many injustices that we have all become immune to them except when they strike a personal chord.

The reason you will still be seeing as much discord as in the past is that it is one’s inner Reality that Creates his or her external Reality. Disharmony is a byproduct wherever there is a lack of Love in all areas of one’s Life. In the Third Dimension, as well as the Fourth, the fact that there is an application of Love in some areas of one’s Life but not in others is part of the Dimensional process of learning. For instance, one may Love the compensation one receives as a result of one’s career but the career may have many less than desirable features such as working with one who is curt, abrasive, and unappreciative. In the Fifth Dimension, everything is accomplished with Love at the core center of every thought and deed, from emanation to manifestation in the process of Creation!

The decision to Rededicate one’s Soul to God on September 26 and 27, 3013 is one’s individual promise to God that he or she will willingly apply Love in all instances of one’s Life, as required for all Life in the Fifth Dimension. This decision will directly influence your movement in Life, dear Ones. Man of Destiny Souls will be like children learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. Some will have level pavement from which to learn while others will need to experience a slow and tiring uphill or a fast downhill ride to apply the “lessons of Love” they have chosen. Indirectly, the application of Man of Destiny’s “lessons of Love” will influence your external Reality, where Man of Destinys attempts to apply his or her “lessons of Love” will either bring success from experiencing the Fifth Dimension or failure resulting from the lack of applying Love into his or her intended experience.

For Man of Destiny Souls to fully experience the Fifth Dimension, he or she will need to Rededicate his or her Soul with God and apply Love into all areas of his or her Life. Unity with God will become his or her Soul’s standard of approval on February 7, 2014 when Man of Destiny Souls will have the opportunity to become Co-Creators in Unity with God! The period of Time that will begin on September 17, 2013 to February 7, 2014 will be the Time that you, dear Ones, will begin Re-Creating Mother Earth with the Creation Power that God and the Universe have bestowed upon you! This Time period will also mark the Redistribution of Wealth in terms of using God’s Currency of Love and the Power of Creation over man’s currencies of control and manipulation!

From October 5 through October 29, 2013 there will be a new emphasis in terms of Living in the Fifth Dimension. This will take into account the decision one has made to Rededicate his or her Life to God. For those who choose to be in the Energy of the Rededication with God, there will be inner stirrings of Joy in Living within his or her Heart. Yes, you have had these stirrings for a long time but the Energy to bring a 24/7 sense of Joy in all ways will be ready to commence. In fact, from October 14 through November 6, 2013 the Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression will begin! This will mean that God’s Energy and Love will be with you at every turn of revealing the True workings of the Fifth Dimension and all that it has to offer! In this way the inner Peace, Joy, and Harmony within your Heart and Soul will absolutely align your external Reality through your decision of Rededication to God!