Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Closing of the Season of Opportunities

For perspective there has been a grand total of 19 Opportunities in which all man and light would decide to enter into the foundation of the pending New Millennium from July to October 2009. November 2009 would add five more Opportunities along with three planetary alignments that would further define the process of creating the way. The significance of all these recent Opportunities is that they do not occur in such prodigious numbers but rather tend to align themselves at a rate of less than one per month.

The first Opportunity alignment occurred at the beginning of November 2009 and was directed as a choice for the way of negativity. Its message was to “build upon Love and Joy to gather knowledge into your consciousness for your divine purpose on earth.” The pathway of negativity will form a foundation from which to begin with God’s Love to Flow towards a path of learning about their decision. Dreams and nightmares of their own inner turmoil will manifest to process and face their own fears and guilt.

The remaining four Opportunities were for those who have chosen to rediscover their divine pathways within the New Millennium. The first of these produced the energy to guide the path by beginning a gradual removal of unneeded residue from our past. This includes moving away from past alliances and friendships that no longer serve their purpose to teach us how to become divine within our own right. The second directed its energy into the core of our emotional state, which is our built in guidance system for measuring our level of happiness (or lack there of) and caused us to individually inventory our state of emotional wellness.

The third Opportunity in this rapid sequence of planetary events brought forth a bridge to link the message to mean, “the foundation of the Joy you seek is within your power to create, your divine pathway in the New Millennium.” This event was followed by a planetary alignment of the first of two Great Stars that came to seal the way to progress our creations into our overall pathways in unison with the earth’s pathway. Despite the continued opposition by the negative forces God’s energy forces will prevail to no end, as the illusionary reality battles the foundation of the New Millennium until May 2010. In the last Opportunity of November 2009 the bridge was strengthened and also produced a directive relating to seek out God when in need as what may feel as isolation is in reality the time needed for inspiration towards the New Millennium.

The season of Opportunities ends in November 2009 and for the time being the choices involved for our pathways in the New Millennium will be individualized rather than on a mass scale. There shall only be two Opportunities for the masses in December 2009 and the pattern will return to their normal frequency of less than one per month. November 2009 closes out with the second appearance of a Great Star. This one showed there to be the promise that the movement and Creation of the New Millennium is an Absolute.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Balancing Act

Last week it was reported that October 2009 had seven Opportunities to strengthen the creative energy between the pathways for the Creation of the New Millennium or to reenergize the old pathway of man enslaving his fellow man. However, there were actually eight Opportunities provided. Four for the Creation of the New Millennium and four for continuing the earth plane as it has been for generations in its negativity. Though this may sound fair there was actually a planetary alignment provided to limit the expansion of the old pathway.

The first planetary alignment to provide an Opportunity in October 2009 was for the negative way of thought. It was a planetary energy to implement a new illusionary idea to use God’s creative forces to expand the enslavement of man. In this case it was through the world of economic forces, the least common denominator for man’s participation on earth. At the same time there was a planetary energy displaying an alignment that activated our internal learning towards guiding our Higher Mind into the New Millennium’s inevitableness and Creation. This balancing energy remained until just before the Sun moved into the sign of the Scorpion.

In the first full week of October 2009 a humungous energy pattern came to counterbalance the negative forces and gave Earth and Man an opportunity to continue towards the New Millennium intact. It gave emotional understanding for the way of change that was occurring and also acknowledged God as Partner with the earth for placing a foundation for the undercurrent of change. Without this energy there would have been many to seek the way of security and remain with the known negativity.

The remainder of the month of October 2009 provided three more Opportunities for both sides of the spectrum on the same dates, October 11, October 17, and October 25, 2009. The message for the first two Opportunities were to choose to whom to remain a partner with, God or man, as they would either expand their creative forces towards a goal of the New Millennium or towards an illusionary security. The message changed on October 25 with the Sun’s entry into Scorpio as now the blocks to each side would surface to be pondered upon and would offer convincing arguments for those still undecided.

The closure of October 2009 brought in a date in which to seal the choice of the plan chosen. Both guarantee a plan that comes to a conclusion but each is built upon a separate set of standards. One to build the Real and one to build an illusionary process that would further enslave all man. Recall the events of August 2009 and remember that our individual energies have increased to enter into the New Millennium and have also increased to become further enslaved into the imaginary world of economic forces.

November 2009 would bring in five Opportunities to make a choice. One was for the negativity filled ways of old and four are to further expand the pathway of the New Millennium. This unbalanced act will lead the negative pathway to directly oppose the New Millennium with deliberate actions that will continue until May 2010.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Light Battle Begins

August 2009 ended with an Opportunity for those who have chosen to enter the New Millennium and one for those who chose to remain within the negative ways of the old thought pattern in which man enslaves his fellow man. This is only the beginning of the Light Battle, the negative forces that try to extinguish the Good from God to man, as from late August 2009 until May 2010 the energy patterns have the old pattern trying to bring the New Millennium to a standstill.

There were five Opportunities in September 2009, four were offered to the negative ways of the old thought pattern and one to progress the energy of the New Millennium. The first Opportunity for the negative ways of thought provided a Free Will decision to continue in a pathway without God’s Energy of Love. This same Opportunity appeared again as the third and fourth Opportunity in the month of September 2009 and also called into place the karmic Judgment of Man from further damaging the emerging Pathway of the New Millennium.

The second Opportunity offered in September 2009 was to progress the New Millennium with a boost of planetary energy for the Light to remain steadfast in this time of chaos. The message was to “activate progress towards Joy and Knowledge to overcome doubt and obstacles cast before your foundation.” This choice was anchored into place with a day of meditation in the following week for the purpose of guiding the Higher Mind towards the New Millennium.

When the Sun’s path crossed into the sign of Libra a strengthening of the New Millennium’s foundation proceeded by activating our internal learning towards guiding our Higher Mind into the New Millennium’s inevitableness and Creation. This would be so until almost the crossing of the Sun’s path into the Scorpion in October 2009.

The last Opportunity in September sought to bring in a pathway in which the old thought pattern would return to its prominence of the past. This shall be an artificial reality, an illusion, demonstrating that man using his gift of Free Will shall continue to create his tools of enslavement through his own disbelief that the New Millennium is here.

October 2009 brought in four Opportunities for building the foundation of the New Millennium as well as three more planetary alignments to sustain the artificial reality being constructed through the negative way of sustaining this thought process. This will be covered in next week’s posting.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Opportunities of August 2009

The energies that came in August 2009 displayed an energy surge unmatched within our lifetime. This energy provided not just one Opportunity for moving forward into the New Millennium but five Opportunities! The first Opportunity did not include all of the planets but by the end of the month ALL of the planetary energies were direct participants.

The first Opportunity was a choice for allowing the New Millennium’s energy to merge with our own individual energy in order to match with the surge’s energy. The clear message is that “this new energy is available to bring God’s Foundation for the creation of the Earth’s expansion into her own pathway towards the Flow of her own purpose while assisting Man’s endeavors in the time of Prosperity.”

The second and third Opportunities conjoined the energies of the planets into a message linking the first Opportunity’s message with a message to “activate the progress of Love and Knowledge towards the acceptance of the Earth’s pathway as well as your own pathway within this new path towards the New Millennium.” Suffice it to say, the new direction of the Earth’s pathway brings in a new thought pattern that emerges anew for our Creation of Reality. However, the old pattern did not extinguish itself but shall remain with those who seek security in the old. This is the New Millennium within our footsteps!

The final two Opportunities for August 2009 were from two opposite directions, one for those who have chosen the New Pathway and one for those whose Free Will chose to remain within the security of the old thought pattern. The New Pathway offered a fusing of a partnership that would merge the three previous Opportunities of like energy to like while the choice for security within the old was offered God’s Love for acceptance or rejection. September 2009’s energy patterns would emerge as a continuance of Opportunities from the planetary energies but not as intense as August 2009 for the choices have been made to merge into our own new pathways. These will be revealed next week and soon the future will be before us!