Sunday, August 31, 2014

Unlimited in Unity with God

The most valuable commodity on Earth is not gold, silver, platinum, or even palladium, it is the personalized relationship you have with God. So far, you can attest to the experience of being in Unity with God through the various Spiritual experiences and skills you have gained thus far, but as Time progresses from September 1, 2014 through December 28, 2014, dear Ones, you will find that Unity with God is not “in name only,” but a brand new experience! In the past, Unity with God meant that you needed one foot in man’s world to maintain your material existential needs and one foot in God’s World in order to maintain your Spiritual connection to God. This made things feel as if there were really a separation between God’s Spiritual World and man’s material world, but nothing could be further from the Truth!

The experience of “separation” is actually caused by the separation of dimensions within the Universe. There are now eight dimensions and at one time each previous dimension served as God’s Home. Growth and expansion with Love led to the formation of each succeeding new dimension and introduced a totally new experience with Love for each Universal level. At this point in time Mother Earth is in the Fifth Dimension. Being placed in the Fifth Dimension with Mother Earth is not for your experience, dear Ones, as you were Created in the Sixth Dimension but for Man of Destiny Souls to learn the experience of Creating with Love in all ways possible. 

Mother Earth’s Ascension from the Fourth to the Fifth Dimension will be for Man of Destiny Souls to place the learning he or she has acquired into practical movement and action in his or her everyday world.  If there should be any unwillingness on the part of Man of Destiny Souls to ignore his or her lessons of Love, there will not be any form of Creation in his or her world. This will become especially True from October 8, 2014 through December 4, 2014 when Man of Destiny Souls will begin moving into the process of Creating with Love. Many will fail for they will try to apply Love in all they will do but not be capable of sustaining Love through all of their endeavors. Through your demonstrations and role modeling with Love, however, they will try emulating you instead, dear Ones. This is OK for there will still be a lingering influence of negativity upon Mother Earth until December 28, 2014, when the Man of Destiny Souls who did not choose to move into Unity with God will leave Mother Earth! This will not hinder your Project of Light and Love in any shape, way or form, but make it easier for you!

All abundance comes from the Universe! You will be finding this to be especially True for you during the next two months, dear Ones, when there will be two abundance periods activating. The first period of abundance will come to you from September 1 through September 22, 2014, while the second will begin from September 29 until October 22, 2014. During the first period, dear Ones, your Co-Creator in Unity with God status will be expanding to evolve you back into a  “Super Creator” mode with the Universe! The more you eliminate dependency from man’s diminishing and decaying world of control and illusion, and begin to place both of your feet into God’s Spiritual World, the more your Love will be able to attune to your “Super Creator” status!

The second period from September 29 through October 22, 2014 will be directly aligning you with the Harmony Vibration of the Universe in order to fulfill your Joy in Living. The Harmony Vibration during this Time Period is a direct corollary Vibration from God’s Eighth Dimension and is serving to bring growth and expansion throughout the Universe! Wherever your feelings are about the world at this time will directly mirror your inner world and your attunement to God’s Spiritual World. It may at first be difficult to release man’s world because of our former dependency upon it for our existential needs, but to release it now will ease any burden this will cause in November 2014, and that will be a good thing!

To be Truly Unlimited in Unity with God is simple – just listen to your Heart and Soul, apply your Love, and watch your Love come into manifestation! Many will have difficulty in the transition to God’s Spiritual World, especially Man of Destiny Souls who will continue to use his or her five senses rather than his or her seven Chakras to transition into the Beginning of the Beginning with God! In God’s Spiritual World you will simply need your Love to participate as opposed to man’s world that requires labor, currencies, and ideas that can economically evolve into trends that build economic uniformity rather than a Unity of Love! By being the first to release and participate in the process of being Unlimited in Unity with God, dear Ones, you will also be demonstrating and role modeling to Man of Destiny Souls the feasibility of God’s Spiritual World in the New Paradigm of the Fifth Dimension!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Personalized Experience in Unity with God

During the next weeks, from September 1, 2014 to October 8, 2014, the Universal Energies will be bringing forth the Energy to begin Re-Creating of Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension. For Lightworker Souls, this Energy will require no practice, training, or extraneous preparation for the Time to exhibit and be who you are in the Universe is here! Throughout the period of September 1 to October 8, 2014 you will find, dear Ones, two areas of your Life beginning to receive an overhaul. These are the abilities to Create your Joy of Living in Unity with God and an increased conscious awareness of the Harmony Vibration now permeating Mother Earth. These two areas, as you will see, will serve to increase your own Vibration on Earth so that you will not only be receiving but demonstrating the Power of the Universe within you at all times!

Alone, the abilities to Create your Joy of Living in Unity with God and an increased awareness of the Harmony Vibration will take you a long way into the New Millennium’s Portal and beyond. But the Period of Time from September 1 to October 8, 2014 will additionally provide you with three distinct Energy periods to assist you in deepening your power to contemplate, design, and implement your Project of Light and Love into its fullness by February 7, 2014. February 7, 2014, dear Ones, will be when you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light will be fully in charge of Mother Earth’s transition into the Fifth Dimension! The first period from September 5 –7, 2014 will serve to progress your own personal Spiritual Pathway in Unity with God in ways you have not consciously felt in what seems like eons! This will be the development of the depth you could not find in the Third and Fourth Dimensions! 

The second period will include September 11 – 15, 2014. During this period, the Energy will concentrate upon enhancing your Creative abilities while in Unity with God. This will have more personal meaning to you as the days progress, dear Ones, for once the Energy of September 2014 arrives, you will be receiving a more personalized experience with God to assist you with your Pathway in the Fifth Dimension! This particular Energy will also be a springboard into your future as you once more begin to assume the qualities and traits of your Soul’s persona in the Universe! As Time progresses you will also find how much easier your task at hand will be and how much concentration you will have with little or no effort!

During the same September 1 to October 8, 2014 Time Period, Man of Destiny Souls will have his or her own assignment. From September 4 until October 6, 2014 Man of Destiny Souls will need to concentrate upon two issues to progress his or her Life into the Fifth Dimension with you, dear Ones. These two issues involve gaining Spiritual Purpose Experience to move forward into Unity with God and seeking Truth to activate him or herself into Unity with God. If Man of Destiny were to come seeking with an open Heart and Soul there will be no dilemma for him or her, but if he or she were to assume that another Man of Destiny Soul has the answers for him or her, then she or he will be led astray and move further away from the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon with God! This particular dilemma will bring into motion the third noteworthy period beginning in September 2014.

The third noteworthy period will last from September 18 to October 8, 2014 when a new rhythm begins upon Mother Earth. Man of Destiny Souls will find the rhythm to be “too fast” for his or her particular liking but this is the experience of the True Rhythm of the Universe! This will be especially felt from September 21 through October 22, 2014 when disharmonious pockets of man’s systems begin to fall like sandcastles in a brisk seaside storm! This scenario will soon become so common that Man of Destiny will have no choice but to turn to God and the Legion of Light – for here will be the answers and the way of entry into the Fifth Dimension. But it will take a “great panic” in November 2014 when Man of Destiny will finally realize that what he or she thought to be his or her own things will lead to the recognition of the True Owner of ALL Things – God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! In this way Man of Destiny Souls will begin to prosper by the miracles of an open “Heart and Soul” for the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Man and Light

There are only two types of Souls in the Universe that have the capability to Create with Love, assimilate with the Harmony Vibration of the Universe, and produce Light Forms as particles of matter. These two Soul types are Man of Destiny Souls and Lightworker Souls. In the long run there is no difference between each Soul type’s outcome in becoming a Caretaker of All Life Forms in the Universe and to assist God with the growth and expansion of the Universe. The only difference between the two is in the way both Soul types began into motion with the Universe. Lightworker Souls began in the Universe as a Light Form with full understanding of the Power of Love and are designed to assume the responsibility of being a Caretaker with the Universe in order to assist God with the growth and expansion of the Universe. Man of Destiny Souls on the other hand, begin in an evolutionary process by first learning about the Power of Love within his or her immediate world in order to grow into his or her future role.

The process of learning about the Power of Love for Man of Destiny involves an evolutionary process of growing through four stages of Spiritual Knowledge to gain understanding for his or her future role as a Caretaker of the Universe. Man of Destiny Souls first begin the evolutionary process as an egocentric being, full of fear, lacking in trust, and socially deficient. As learning progresses into the second stage, awareness of others in his or her world begins, and with it, God Consciousness. This stage leads to the third stage of learning and utilizes God Consciousness to influence the Soul to accept social learning and social encounters as positive experiences rather than as fearful experiences. The final Spiritual stage of Man of Destiny’s learning process serves to introduce a broadminded social approach for learning and understanding with philosophical concepts. This evolutionary process is not an “overnight” sequence of study but a process that can take several lifetimes spanning a century to a millennia or more.

Whenever Man of Destiny Souls reach a new stage of learning, his or her natural tendency is to always fall back on what is known and well understood – the egocentric stage of fear, lack of trust, and social deficiency. In the days to come many Man of Destiny Souls will be called upon to drop all fear and move to progress with the growth and expansion of the Universe. For when the Energy Vibration for the final week of August 2014 arrives, there will be two significant events being introduced to demonstrate the growth and expansion of the Universe upon Mother Earth. The first event will be the first unifying Project of Man and Light in the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon on August 25, 2014. The Project of Man and Light will endure from August 25, 2014 through March 27, 2017, when the transitional stage of the New Horizon finally completes. During this Time, Man of Destiny Souls will have only one choice – to be a part of the growth and expansion of the Universe or to phase out. This will become more apparent when the Energy from December 4, 2014 through July 31, 2016 serves to produce the Harmony Vibration for Man of Destiny to make the possibility of Unity with God possible! However, many of these Souls will spend the year “hiding in fear” rather than moving forward with the New Energy!

The second event will lead to elevation of some Lightworker Souls into prominent leadership roles beginning on August 29, 2014. Worldwide in scale, the new crop of leadership will rise and bring forth an auxiliary force of Light to assist the placement of Mother Earth’s foundation for the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon. Man of Destiny Souls will welcome the new leadership at first, but as Time moves forward, they will revert to “listening without understanding” only to give commentary and feedback as if this were a debate rather than the growth and expansion of the Universe as well as on Mother Earth! The leadership of the Light will be “tunnel-visioned” in scope and duty to God and the Universe. So do not let Man of Destiny’s fear, worries, and petty concerns burden you while assisting God and the Universe to Create the possibility of Unity with God for all Man of Destiny Souls!

In understanding the evolutionary cycle of Man of Destiny Souls, dear Ones, you will better understand the actions and motivations of the many Man of Destiny Souls upon Mother Earth in the days to come. The months of September and October 2014 will bring further evidence of Man’s world being replaced with the New Foundation of the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon. By November 2014 the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon will be fully in effect and bring “great panic” to Man’s world and all things in disharmony with Mother Earth’s fully merged Body and Soul operating within the Energy of the Universe! When December 28, 2014 arrives a New Era begins as Man of Destiny Souls who will only have base level Spiritual Knowledge and no recognition of God Consciousness will begin to “phase out” and bring an end to any counter influences in Mother Earth’s quest to fully integrate into the Fifth Dimension! Have cheer, dear Ones, for your Projects of Light and Love will begin to blossom like never before!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Beginning of the Beginning

When the Energy of August 18, 2014 arrives so will the opening of the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon! All experiences upon Mother Earth will never be the same and thus, past experiences will no longer be valid. The most important thing to revere in these days will be your personal relationship with God. Some will think this to be a religious experience but it is not, rather it is the cornerstone of your Spiritual Relationship in Unity with God! From August 18, 2014 through February 7, 2015, when all Lightworkers within the Legion of Light take charge of Mother Earth’s progress within the Universe, you will be gaining Spiritual Experience to validate your relationship in Unity with God further than at any point of Time you have ever witnessed upon Mother Earth! This will come to serve you well, dear Ones, for within your Heart and Soul is the Universe’s Foundation and the Unlimited Love required to Re-Create the Universe upon the New Earth!

Man of Destiny Souls’ choice to participate in the New Horizon or not will be completed by August 6, 2014. The difference this will produce for those who will choose to participate in the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon will be the learning, assimilating, and Spiritual Experience to eventually serve with Lovingness in the Status of Unity with God. For those who will choose not to participate, the pathways they will choose will lead them to be removed from any place of influence upon Earth along with the loss of his or her ability to Create in the New Horizon, for no one will be allowed to Create without Love in the Fifth Dimension! In this way, dear Ones, you will not be obstructed, hindered, or blocked in any way by Man of Destiny Souls who do not understand that the Beginning of the Beginning with God is a New Era beginning upon Mother Earth!

For those who will continue to believe that nothing has changed or who continue to follow the rules of the Third and Fourth Dimensions, a multitude of further examples for learning will occur to demonstrate that there is a New Era and rules in effect beginning upon Mother Earth! Watch the aftermath of the recent warlike activities begun during Man of Destiny’s Choice process from July 12 through August 6, 2014 to see where the “Instant Karma” effect will bring the lessons of Lovingness upon Mother Earth. These negative actions will be allowed to gain momentum, not because this will increase or empower Man of Destiny’s efforts to continue in Third and Fourth Dimensional fashion but in order that Man of Destiny Souls may learn with the Karmic Hand of the Universe!

The Karmic Hand of the Universe will begin in fullness on August 25, 2014 when the first Project of Man and Light will be set into motion for the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon. For Lightworker Souls this will mean, dear Ones, you will be in the activation mode of whatever is in your Heart and Soul to do in Unity with God! Your greatest assistance will come from the Harmony Vibration of the Universe that will be increasing and expanding fourfold upon Mother Earth from August 19, 2014 through November 13, 2014. In particular, this wave of the Harmony Vibration will be serving to boost your output of Love in order to Create with the Eternal degree and magnitude of the Universe! So be wise in your efforts!

Man of Destiny’s contribution will be limited in the Project of Man and Light by the extent of his or her knowledge and understanding about the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe for now. So do not have high expectations but an understanding that Man of Destiny Souls will finally be initiating his or her contributions in earnestness towards his or her task in order to fulfill his or her learning status for being in Unity with God. As Man Of Destiny Souls will find out, once he or she strays from learning about his or her new responsibilities, all things of “importance” will fall apart and force him or her to start over once more for the effect of “Instant Karma” will serve immediate justice in all ways for those involved!

The Freedom you will begin to internally feel in the days to come, dear Ones, will be the direct result of your Spiritual Relationship in Unity with God and the Unlimited Love you have within your Heart and Soul to express it! And as your relationship with God rekindles itself once more you will also find that you will no longer have any imaginary restrictions, boundaries, or limits placed upon you by man’s control systems! For as you know and understand, you are an Unlimited Co-Creator in Unity with God and in the Beginning of the Beginning with God ALL Things are possible and REAL in every sense for the growth and expansion of Love in the Universe!