Thursday, March 29, 2012

Open to Change

If there will be one thing to concentrate upon in the month of April 2012 it will be this, dear Lightworker, – bring into your Heart the Joy you need and release it into the Universe by April 17, 2012! For this is the way the Universal Energies will acknowledge your Heart’s request! But if you hold it too long, dear Lightworker, you will find that you will have to wait until the following year to resubmit your request for Joy. The main reason, dear Lightworker, is that the month of April 2012 will give you the momentum of the Universal Energies’ thrust for what will come later in this year!

April 2012 will begin with the Opportunity for everyone, Man of Destiny and Light, to learn and gain deeper understanding than their conscious mind has previously been allowed to probe. This will function to give everyone extra insight into the perplexing issues that hinder their Joy of Living. Do not let this become a burden, dear Lightworker, for you are already on your way to gaining Joy by simply staying in tune with your Heart, but it will be up to you to teach those to come, how the incredible Power of Creation functions within the Love Chamber of the Heart!

When many only function “to do as they are told,” they simply look outward in Creating their needs and wants. But when they shall begin to gain insight from within their Hearts for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium, rapid Changes will begin to occur! This will be the Change that will serve to distinguish the Evolving Lightworker of the Fifth Dimension from the Man of Destiny who will be waiting for his turn to serve in the Light and Love of God! Never be fearful for your expansion and development for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium have long been in waiting and now is the time!

Seldom does an opportunity for so much growth appear on the horizon, so take advantage of the inspiration from your Heart and Soul by April 3, 2012! The gateway that will open on April 3, 2012 will allow you to propel with the Energy of Immunity, as if you, dear Lightworker, could not be deterred or misdirected with any hindrance, obstruction, or barrier, and it is so! All Projects of Light will be readied by April 18, 2012, therefore, so will you be, dear Lightworker! May 15, 2012 will show you to be entirely ready and in place for the inevitable Change on the Horizon!

The Horizon that will begin at the end of April 2012 and into the latter days of June 2012 will reinforce your work and diligence! Many have worked to undo and limit your effectiveness in bringing your Project of Light to manifestation in the past, but do not subside in your efforts to illuminate the World with your Light and Love to lead the world from darkness! Allow those who do not understand to learn and know for themselves that the World is different now! April 2012 will be the key manifestation point for initiating all Lightworker activity!

When May 15, 2012 arrives upon our doorstep, many will realize that their efforts to continue their lives as if everything were still the same, will be for naught, while you, dear Lightworker will be very much prepared and ready! Being Open to Change for the better and allowing those who will come to you later learn to apply the new standards of living upon Mother Earth – the Spiritual Standards of Living to Create a world with Love, Peace, and Harmony, will be a goodness! Expect it for we are now in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Evolving Light Part 2

There will be a great opportunity in the New Horizon for you, dear Lightworker, like that one that has seemed out of your grasp for a very long time – for it is now time to display your skills and gifts of Light! Many will still be internally processing to understand where the momentum of the Universal Energies will be taking them but you, dear Lightworker, are designed to be ahead of the curve in preparation and understanding. For how would your uniqueness of Light make you stand out when no one can see or feel the Presence of God upon Earth like you?

As the month of March 2012 comes to a close there will come a turning point in the way of events to openly display the great glory of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Look for the masses to become bedazzled and confused by the internal preparation and prompting they are currently receiving from the Universal Energies so that they will realize that the Standards of Living have Changed! For everything is now being ruled by Spiritual Standards of Living! They will not understand the difference but that is good enough for now as they begin to question and seek answers to the misunderstood differences between the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions! You, dear Lightworker, are on the threshold of opportunity to assist in the process of filling in the voids of misunderstanding and understanding in the workings of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

There will be many seeking you, dear Lightworker, for the Truth that is innate within you in the remaining days of March 2012 and beyond! Many will still be attempting to continue their lives as if the only way to exist upon Mother Earth is to live with little Love and occasional Joy in their life’s circumstances! This will not be the case as the Spiritual Standards of Living in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium require that you live with Love and experience Joy in everything that you do! This will be a difficult concept for the masses to understand and process! You, dear Lightworker, will be critical in bringing this essential understanding into the Heart and Soul of everyone upon Earth!

Do not feel overwhelmed for there are many like you, dear Lightworker, participating within the Legion of Light, the entire assembly of Lightworkers upon Earth to ensure that God’s Will will be done! Look forward with your Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker, for the Days of the New Horizon are here! For the days of March 28 through 30, 2012 will bring a signal to everyone that the Rule of the Brotherhood of Man is upon the Earth and no one will be allowed to deter from the responsibility and obligation to participate in their task of learning to Share and Cooperate in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Time to Work Together is Here! Many will still need to learn to Trust and parlay their Trust with their fellow Brothers and Sisters within the Brotherhood of Man to know and understand that God is the Security within the Brotherhood of Man and will make everything possible! Choices to make this all possible will begin on March 25, 2012 and complete on March 30, 2012. Hence, there will be daily Opportunities to consider and place into motion. This will set your Project of Light into motion, dear Lightworker! For when the internal stirrings of all Humanity begin their external component, many will be willing to Share and Cooperate but will need guidance from you, dear Lightworker, to know and understand how! This will be the lesson of responding and trusting your own Heart’s Expression so that you may teach others how to likewise accomplish!

There will still be many internally trying to understand what the Fifth Dimension is all about without even the awareness that we have all Ascended with our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy into it. Externally many will continue to exhibit their beliefs and habits of the Fourth Dimension but you, dear Lightworker, are aware and cognizant where we are! Continue to follow your Heart for many great adventures and longings will come into place as the time and place to begin is here! By April 18, 2012 all of your Brothers and Sisters of Light will be in place to begin the Societal Changes that will allow everyone to seek and find their Joy in Living! May the Light and Love of God prosper within you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Evolving Light

Beginning on March 15, 2012, dear Lightworker, your opportunity to begin your Project of Light will emerge. This will not be a major breakthrough but will allow you to continue with more confidence in your Project of Light. Many will become aware of your diligence and perseverance to your Task of Light! This will be a sign of your understanding and comprehension about what is to come by the end of March 2012 – the need for everyone to seek Truth and Understanding! You, dear Lightworker, are at the forefront and stand ready to emerge from the trenches to advance and lead all nations of the world into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Energy, now in the second half of March 2012, will be intense and will be pushing everyone to rethink his or her priorities. So much so that what has been the status quo of the Fourth Dimension, up until now, will be demonstrated as fallacies and erroneous beliefs for the Fifth Dimension! If there will be a time to remain calm and inward seeking it will be now, dear Lightworker, for you are meant to lead everyone into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium with Courage, Truth and Love!

Our Mother Earth and Milky Way Galaxy's upward Ascension into The Fifth Dimension will not be complete for three more years, but the time is now to initiate the required qualities of endurance – Truth and Love! Both of these qualities will not function in isolation and must be ascertained within the Truth of your Heart and Soul! You already understand this Truth, dear Lightworker, but it will be those who will come to you in the very near future that will need understanding and clarity.

The Energy to come in the remaining days of March 2012 will be intensive and pervasive and thereby leaving no one to be able to ignore the Great Transformation already underway! Man of Destiny will be allowed to choose the way of his or her learning. Will he or she choose the Way of Truth and Love, or will he or she choose the Way of Learning about Love? The Opportunity to choose will avail itself on March 16 and 17, 2012 and will provide the impetus to build the internal foundation to implement the basis of the Brotherhood of Man and the Joy in Living for everyone!

Quickly and rapidly the Energy’s momentum will dictate the Way of Truth and Love to be the way of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! March 18, 2012 will open a gateway for Man and Light to begin working together to prepare for the many Changes to come. Many will begin internally seeking to learn and grow for the sake of their Inner Self – their Heart and Soul. This will be the signal of things to come, dear Lightworker, for many will be internally preparing to seek Truth and Love for the Fifth Dimension’s necessary Spiritual Standards of Living!

If those who seek you readily move to debate, do not engage them. They will only be trying to comprehend the Way of Truth and Love in terms and concepts that they have not yet come to grasp. Simplifying will do no good either for the experience of Living with Truth and Love is an understood by all of the Legion of Light, the Way of Peace and Tranquility! Those who will know will listen and engage you for insight and further understanding. The road in which the masses will favor, however, will be to keep externally ignoring the Spiritual Standards of Living for the Fifth Dimension and live Life as if we were still in the Fourth Dimension. Do not let this worry you, dear Lightworker, for there are many other Lightworkers in God’s Legion of Light who stand ready to teach the Way of Truth and Love from the “other side!”

If you will feel tired or fatigued in the coming weeks, honor it and follow the way into your Heart and Soul and listen to the quiet that allows you to hear God’s Whispers of Truth and Love to you, dear Lightworker! Now is the time to prepare and ready yourself for the revealing of the Way of Truth and Love to everyone! You, dear Lightworker, are the Gatekeeper of Truth, Love, and Knowledge that will bring everyone to know and understand that the world is different and to allow everyone to acknowledge the Truth of who we all are, beings of Light and Love!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The March of Change Part 2

Everything in the Universe is bonded together with the adhering Energy of Love. Without the Energy of Love nothing would remain or exist within the Movement of the Universe. What will come to be in the remaining days of March 2012 will be a test of this Universal Law: If the Energy of Love is not applied into what is being Created by Humanity upon Mother Earth, that which is being Created without Love shall cease to exist within the Fifth Dimension’s binding Energy of Love! This will be the Test of Lovingness!

To better understand the momentum that this Energy Movement will take upon the Earth, dear Lightworker, think about what you would do when it is time to move or reorganize your home. Do you keep what no longer serves you as it did in 1985? Would you keep up the maintenance of an appliance or vehicle that costs you more to repair than to purchase a new one that would serve you longer? The Universe, dear Lightworker, is in such a phase – The Time of Reorganization – for the Fifth Dimension!

The Reorganization process will be functioning in the micro as well as the macro level. This will mean, dear Lightworker, that you and everyone else deemed to remain in the Fifth Dimension, will also be reorganizing. This will come as a process for removing and displacing experiences that no longer serve you in remaining in a constant State of Joy and Contentment. Call this a healing process that will clear your memory banks so that you, and everyone else, will grow and prosper in the Fifth Dimension. This healing process will be administered with the Energy of Love and will work if only you would apply it! In much the same way our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy will be adjusted and renewed!

This phase will lead you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light into place by April 18, 2012 so that you may provide your service for God, the Universe, and Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension. In the mean time there will be much to get ready as sequences of events will be signs to you, dear Lightworker, that it will be time to begin! There will not be much understanding or comprehension by Man of Destiny, who will remain in fear as if he or she will be hiding under a rock not understanding that even when chasing shadows there is Light!

By the end of April 2012 the next phase of Renewal and Reorganization will begin! There will be an increase of awareness to the Light and Love available by everyone! This will signal the completion of the current phase and will allow those who remain open to the experience of the Fifth Dimension by fully absorbing and immersing themselves without hindrance of fear or pain! Everyone will not realize this but they will be learning how to recognize a feeling they have never allowed themselves to experience! This open period of Renewal and Reorganization will last for seven weeks, from April 29, 2012 through June 24, 2012! This period of time will also coincide with the beginning date of the manifested Energy of the Fifth Dimension – May 15, 2012!

You, dear Lightworker, will be at the forefront of this Change upon Mother Earth! It will not be overnight like some would like but nevertheless it will seem that way within three more years when there will be vast Societal Change to nurture the new culture developing in the Fifth Dimension. The strong leadership you will offer in service to God and the Reorganization will impact how Humanity currently measures and values their lives! Keep Heart, dear Lightworker, we are almost there! If there will need to be anything more to say, look forward to the days when everyone will want to be like you, dear Lightworker, a LIGHTWORKER!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The March of Change

The month of March 2012 will begin with a bang as if you, dear Lightworker, would need even more incentive to get started on your Project of Light! The first three days of March 2012 will be trendsetting days to Energize you and your task beyond the point of anticipation! The first two days will focus upon invigorating you where everything in the Process of Creation begins – your Heart and Soul! By focusing within your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self – you will be Creating the Pathway that will bring you all of your future needs!

On the third day of this sequence, March 3, 2012, your concentration of Loving Thoughts will allow you to begin processing with all of the knowledge you will need to guide and manifest your Pathway of Destiny for the New Millennium! There will be much to ponder about during these three days but you, dear Lightworker, have the knowing and the desire to fulfill your Project of Light! Do not let those who still question their own state of being in the Fifth Dimension hinder your Pathway for most have chosen to make the adjustment into the Fifth Dimension at a much slower pace!

By the end of the first week of March 2012 a Readying Phase of Energy will begin for Man of Destiny. You, dear Lightworker, will be ready when you have set the Energy available on the first three days of the month into motion! The Readying Phase of Energy will be for Man of Destiny, who still queries within his Heart to know and understand what the difference between the Fifth and Fourth Dimensions is. He or she will come to terms in their own time but know that by seeking Joy with Love in these trendsetting days, everyone will make a huge impact upon the quality of his or her life, dear Lightworker!

The Readying Phase of Energy will begin on March 7, 2012 and will complete by month’s end on March 30, 2012. There will be so much confusion by that time that what has appeared to be “just rumors” and largely ignored will begin to move into motion! Trust with your Heart and Soul that the benefits will outweigh the saddened state of affairs! If there is to be more to know just remember the dates of April 18, 2012 and May 15, 2012 for these dates will be critical for your personal Project of Light!

April 18, 2012 is the date when all Projects of Light will emerge from within all of you, dear Lightworkers! You are carrying the Task of your Heart within you and on April 18, 2012, you will witness that God preordained it on December 2, 2011! You, dear Lightworker, will be ready before the Manifested Energy of the Fifth Dimension arrives on May 15, 2012! When the Manifested Energy of the Fifth Dimension arrives, stay in the Mode of Love as this will be a personal sign that God’s Presence is always with YOU!

When the Readying Phase of Energy completes by the end of March 2012 the Societal Change we have all been anticipating will be arriving. There will be no way to avoid it for the Universal Energies have already been preparing everyone internally to know and understand that the New Millennium is an Act of Universal Law! Even if conditions appear that the Great Transformation is not in movement, keep listening and watching your media reports that will remain focused upon believing that the world will return to the expectations and beliefs of the Fourth Dimension! We are on the threshold of immanent Change for the better!