Friday, April 29, 2011

Love as the Foundation of All

These days of Change for the Great Transformation into the Fifth Dimension will require that we Create with Love as the Foundation in All we will think and do for without Love we will remain in the current dimension’s Chaos and Confusion. Let these days allow you to seek and surround yourself with Light and Love so that you may prosper and live the life you were intended to live. If you seek insight for these days, let yourself listen!

Time will be growing short until the Fifth Dimension will be upon us by the ending of October 2011 and will avail itself to Change what you will think and do with Love and make it your habit. Do not think about what compels you into emotional stress and worry! These issues will not be as critical as bringing your Heart and Soul in line with the coming Fifth Dimension as God’s whole Universe was Created with Love and requires Love to sustain and maintain itself. For this reason we will all need to Create our lives with Love as the Foundation in All we will think and do!

The Universal Energies of May 2011 will press the issue of Love as the Foundation in All we will think and do and will send a Star of Action to mandate that this dictum be followed! On May 1, 2011 there will be the need to set your life’s priorities straight. Make your necessary adjustments and do not allow Chaos and Confusion to conquer you with fear and lack of action! Stand up and seek insight within your Heart and Soul and Listen! Your connection to God is within your Heart and Soul and in these conversations with God you will hear how to prepare yourself for the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium! Do not let these Sacred Words leave you, instead become them for they will reinforce your connection with God!

The appearance of the New Moon on May 2, 2011 will generate a time of beginning for your God connection to function and lead you into the Fifth Dimension unharmed. Allow your new found awareness to seek the Joy of Living for the Universal Energies will be strong and constant in their gift of Joy for one and all. This will become the key for your entry into the Brotherhood of Man, as Sharing your Spiritual gifts and Cooperating with others will become an asset! Imagine if you will a world without strife and competition to channel your Soul’s task where it will be needed rather than concentrated through economic channels without incentive for your Soul’s Prosperity! These days are near so do not let them catch you off guard!

The day to implement and begin your experience with your God Purpose will be on May 3, 2011 and will allow you to seek and find your Soul’s task for the days to come! The Fear of God will become the Fear of losing your connection with God and will remain so until you will become thoroughly immersed with Love to spare and share! The days to come will only require that you seek the Joy of Living with Light and Love and though this may sound impossible to some, it will be these ones who will struggle to understand how and why the rules of living on Earth have Changed!

On May 4, 2011 the Universal Energies will awaken everyone to the Infinite Possibilities available since April 2011. The economic issues and problems that have enveloped the world over will finally come to solutions, especially since these issues and problems were not real but entrenched with greed and the need to control by Man of Negativity, whose only concern is for power and authority as if he is god! His days of assumed power and control shall soon be over for Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will display the Power of God and the Universal Energies to overcome them with the Power of Truth to expose their lies and deceit over what is God’s!

Love as the Foundation of All we will think and do will lead us all into the Fifth Dimension with God, as God will never be where there will be fear or negativity! Therefore stay positive and upbeat about your future on May 5, 2011, as the Universal Energies will open access to the Four Corners of the New Millennium – Truth, Love, Joy and Brotherhood! For it is a Promise from God that if you will seek the Truth of your Heart and Soul and apply Love you will be led into the Joy of Living and become a member of the Brotherhood of Man! Though Man of Negativity is still a Man of Destiny and destined to become a Lightworker one day, he will not see this Truth and will limit his own pathway in the New Millennium by doing so!

The Star of Action will almost be complete on May 6, 2011 when the Universal Energies will provide the Legion of Light the opportunity to teach and demonstrate to Man of Destiny the Ways of God. Some will listen but many will be diverted by their distorted circumstances that will keep them clinging to their old habits and follow the false economy of greed and imbalance! Let him who has ears listen and he who needs wisdom find it! For know now that the Ways of God are imminent and will not allow any who shall enter into the Fifth Dimension enter with the fear and negativity of the current world!

On May 7, 2011 a major decision will be at hand for everyone to consider a pathway based upon the principle of Love as the Foundation of All we will think and do. Consider the Promise of God and all that you will stand for in the New Millennium and trust that you will be safe! The Legion of Light will be ready to step forward to lead us into the Way of Light and Love and open the way to explore and experience the Fifth Dimension as it is meant to be – Truth applied with Love to Create Joy and a stress free world in the Brotherhood of Man!

The conditions for progress into the Fifth Dimension will require that we take to heart the Truth of who we are and what we will become. On May 8, 2011 The Universal Energies will send us into what may feel like self absorbed worlds of isolation but this will be a good thing, as we will begin to work out the details of our tasks and missions in the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium. Contemplate and ponder about what brings Joy to your Heart and Soul and follow that cry from your Heart and Soul so that you will Truly express yourself with Lovingness for this will be the day to befriend your most important supporter, yourself!

The Star of Action will complete on May 9, 2011. This will signal to one and all that we who will be ready to choose to step forward into the Fifth Dimension will do so with the day’s Opportunity to choose that direction. Step forward Man of Destiny and Legion of Light for the call to Action against the walls of Illusion with our unified Hearts and Souls will bring them crumbling down and replace them with Love as the Foundation in All we will think and do! The major steps in bringing the world into Action will be completed and the next phase of the God Plan will begin soon!

A series of new steps will appear from the Universal Energies on May 10, 2011. In what may appear as tranquility between the current dimension and the implementing Fifth Dimension, the next phase will begin with our need to find our Truth in order to apply Love from our Heart and Soul into a Manifested Expression. We will each be given a task to implement and add into the Sharing and Cooperating state of the Brotherhood of Man. No man will be greater than or lesser than another, just an equal part of the whole as the next person. Sharing and Cooperating was the way that the great nations began because they needed to in order to survive. Now there will be a return to this stage to rebuild and return our world into a place without greed and fear to diminish the status quo of Man of Negativity and his plan to undo the God Plan. Woe will be he who would even consider such a plan against God for God and the Universal Energies will show him his True place and value to GOD!

The month of May 2011 will bring us closer to the Day of No Return – June 15, 2011, when our values will be transformed and bring us closer into the required values of the Fifth Dimension. This will be a day that will revolutionize our thought processes and accelerate our concepts of Truth and Love from the current state. Look forward and know that all your Heart and Soul’s values of Truth and Love will bring you closer into the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium, but only if you will seek it! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Infinite Possibilities Part 3

The time of action for attaining your Spiritual Prosperity is now as the Universal Energies will be releasing Infinite Possibilities for our future. From this time forward Spiritual Prosperity will be available for all to gain with their entry into the Fifth Dimension! Do your part to usher in this Time of Light and Love and work to benefit your Heart and Soul’s expression to prepare for this great Cosmic Event!

On April 19, 2011 the Universal Energies will be asking us to seek out Truth for ourselves so that we will know what will be our own direction in the Fifth Dimension. Will we be bystanders and allow all these wonderful Infinite Possibilities to pass us by or will we become active participants and seek the Way of Light and Love? It will be up to us individually to decide what we shall believe. Do not let these days of wonder be diluted with emotional attachments to the wrong people or things!

The Joy of Living will be the goal for April 20, 2011 as the Sun will enter the Tropical Point of the sign of Taurus. Relax with good company and let Love and Light smile with you. The days of our True Purpose upon Earth will be here and there is nothing better than enjoying the camaraderie of likeminded companions to laugh and be ourselves. More of this type of days will manifest when we experience what it will be like in the Fifth Dimension and the Brotherhood of Man will be the place to begin!

What does the term “security” mean to you? On the April 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will be asking us to define this term. Is “security” based upon your needs of the material realm or do you realize that ALL AROUND US IS GOD and is where our True Security is located? Look around you and realize that this is the Truth and when we center ourselves with God Based Security we will manifest with Love all that we will ever need. Seek within to know all Truth and apply it into your everyday life!

Stand up and be counted on April 22, 2011 for the time of Peace and Prosperity upon Earth! The Universal Energies will be displaying the signal to begin manifesting your Joy of Living until May 9, 2011. Although there will still be “growing pains” by many due to Chaos and Confusion, the day’s Energy will have us Create forward and not in the past where much of the current Chaos and Confusion derives from. Use these days to clear your mind for the times ahead as our capabilities to Create for our chosen experiences will be here and will begin NOW!

If you are willing to set aside whatever ails your Heart and Soul on April 23, 2011 and seek God as your Companion to guide and lead you into the New Millennium, you will find Love and Comfort to also be your companions. Leave fear behind you, as you will not find God in a state of fear! For in fear you will only find negativity that will siphon your own Energy and deplete you of Love to Create your Spirit of Wholeness with God!

Everything will only Progress with Love for the Spirit will only survive in Love! Many have been dying prematurely due to lack of Love for their task and circumstances and on April 24, 2011 we will be injected with Love and Joy in order to use the Infinite Possibilities for our tasks of Light and Love in the New Millennium. The Fifth Dimension is opening the Doorway leading into the New Millennium and for this reason the Opportunity of Choice will be in your Heart and Soul, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light. Consider carefully once more for fear and worry will leave your heavy Hearts when you will enter into the New Dimension of Love!

When all will be said and done on April 25, 2011 there will be many left concerned with their futures. God and the Universal Energies will offer you consonance for these days will be full of promise if only you will consider them in your Heart and Soul! The Brotherhood of Man will be available for all to initiate their projects of Light and the future of Mankind though there will still be the naysayer who will try to protect his control over his illegitimate gains over his Brothers and Sisters of Light. However his gains were never his but GOD’S for his trusteeship and Sharing! Man of Destiny the fear in your Heart will be the unleashing of your material possessions from your grasp of what was never yours to begin with, and it shall be so!

Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will begin to work in unison on April 26, 2011 as the Universal Energies will open the opportunity to begin applying the Infinite Possibilities of these days to the issues that hinder Mankind’s Progress. Let these days serve to remind you once more that the Promise of God will be honored and will manifest upon the Earth Realm again as Love and Light will rule once more to usher in the New Millennium!

What will propel us to take advantage of what is here to begin our entry into the Fifth Dimension and all that it will encompass? On April 27, 2011 the Universal Energies will set into motion the last required element for ensuring that the Fifth Dimension will be without fear and avarice. This will come by our need to seek Balance in everything we will do and think as the Grand Design of the New Millennium will not falter from its rapid advance but will require us to BE READY!

Will everyone be ready for the Fifth Dimension by the end of October 2011 and beyond? There are currently few that are ready but all will be willing to enter the Fifth Dimension and begin experiencing the New Millennium first hand. On April 28, 2011 a Star of Action will enforce the responsibility and direction for Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light into the Fifth Dimension.  Even though some of the Legion of Light will not be ready for they have adapted themselves into the Earth Realm like fallen angels and it is so! Look for your Light, Man of Destiny and Legion of Light for now will be the time to remember!

The Destiny of Joy will become more readily the goal beginning on April 29, 2011 as many will begin to realize the faulty logic of chasing the unreal. If you begin to find that issues and their remedies no longer work, you will now Know the Truth that we will be entering a place and time where only Love will function as our foundation to attain Joy and Brotherhood! Be open and begin your quest for seeking and finding the Truth of who you are and why you are here!

The month of April 2011 will end with a more open attitude for attaining Joy as our goal for the New Millennium. Infinite Possibilities will still make themselves available for one and all to seek and find their answers of the Heart. Let not these days pass you by but prepare yourself for the experience of your lifetime upon Earth where all will be in the Brotherhood of Man and will place Love and Truth above themselves for the sake of the Joy of Living. Live long and express with all your Heart and Soul the Truth of who you are!

The month of May 2011 will continue with a Star of Action requiring everyone to stand up and be counted. Slowly but surely the message will be understood and complied with but for now the cycle of understanding that all has Changed will be repeated and repeated for those who will keep trying to make sense of the Changes that God and the Universal Energies will bring forth to Create and Manifest our New Horizon! Do your part of Light and Love and all will come to prepare you for the New Millennium! 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Infinite Possibilities Part 2

Man of Destiny, have you been considering the Infinite Possibilities that will be set before your Heart and Soul? Look about you and what will you see? More of the same past issues or will you finally stop your struggle against the Flow of the Universal Energies and move forward into the New Millennium? Now will be the time to consider carefully what you will be doing in the very near future for the Fifth Dimension awaits us all! And in April 2011 the middle of the month will be the time for everyone to standup and be counted!

The Star of Action will be calling you, Man of Destiny, throughout the period of April 11 until April 17th, to stop considering the world around you with your head and eyes. Instead use your Heart and Soul, as the Universal Energies of April 11, 2011 will lay before you the need to adapt yourself into the New Horizon of the rapidly approaching New Millennium. If you will begin to process with your Heart and Soul you will quickly recognize where Joy and Contentment reside within you and is the way to lead yourself into the Brotherhood of Man!

Joy will be all around on April 12, 2011, as the Universal Energies will lead us into the path of the Joy in Living! What, you do not see it? FEEL IT with your Heart and Soul and there you will begin the way to express it and release it from within you! These days of Earth Changes and the undoing of leadership changes will lead us into the New Horizon and though it may appear as Chaos and Confusion consider that YOU WILL BE WITNESSING A COSMIC EVENT that will function to ensure that Love and Joy will be all around you!

Shift your perspective for a day and feel what it may be like to be carefree and without worries. On April 13, 2011 the Energies will support such conditions to let you experience the time that will soon be here upon Earth! The Four Corners of the New Millennium — Love, Truth, Joy, and Brotherhood, will be in place for everyone to experience and ready themselves with trial runs to master their use for experiencing life in the New Millennium!

Though prior experience and expectations have equipped our ancestors with survival skills, it will now be time to advance our civilization in step with our universe for on April 14, 2011 the Universal Energies will be increasing and expanding Love all around us! In order to take advantage of this surge of Love in our universe you will need to seek Truth about yourself and your circumstances for the best way to discover your best friend, your Heart and Soul! Discover yourself and apply your Love into the momentum of the New Horizon and find the Light and Love within you!

Where will you be on April 15, 2011 when the Universal Energies will create the New Horizon for all life upon Earth? Here it shall be stated that despite appearances by those reluctant to seek the Path of the Leading Heart, there will many inexplicable Changes all around as the FORM for the New Reality will begin on April 15, 2011! Let your thoughts of Truth lead you to process your future and allow your Heart and Soul to seek Joy, for what you Create will set the precedent for your Pathway in the New Millennium!

The key in these days will be to remain as calm and peaceful as possible, as these qualities will be of value in seeking Balance. On April 16, 2011 the Universal Energies will be establishing the foundation for the Joy in Living and will require inward time to be spent in seeking the Truth of your place in the New Millennium. Though this may require diligent seeking by some to ponder making life changing decisions, many will come to find that this will be the PATH OF LEAST RESISTÃ…NCE in their lives! Seek the way to Light and Love now so that you will not become an observer in the New Millennium rather than an active participant!

On April 17, 2011 the pattern of the New Horizon will be set and bring everyone involved in the Dimension of Love for the New Millennium to look to the future of their Soul’s progress. Many will feel disengaged from their current lives and the people around them but fear not for the Way of Truth will have obsessed them into seeking the way of their Joy in Living! Others will place themselves into positions of vicarious learning and be able to process their own Changes while others still, will remain in the current dimension with passions for greed and control, only to fail their Soul once more!

Infinite Possibilities will become available for one and all on April 18, 2011 as the Universal Energies will perform their task of granting the substance of life, Love, for our Creations! Tap into this sacred source and move into the world that God reserved for us via the Universal Energies that Create all things! Our Hearts and Souls have long suffered for the body under the guise of economic needs over our Spiritual lives. Now the tide will be turning and will be open for access if only you will remain open-minded to the ideals being introduced to ensure our Paths in the New Millennium!

Look around you now and be open for any possible Change and adjustments you may make in your life for soon there will be a Day of No Return! On the Day of No Return we will relinquish the control that Time and the rigors of the clock have placed upon us as well as the false values they have made us seek! Turn inward Man of Destiny and Legion of Light for the day comes soon when the FORM of the New Millennium will be here upon Earth!