Wednesday, July 9, 2014

August 2014

The month of August 2014 will be the Beginning of the Beginning – The New Beginning upon Mother Earth with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in the Fifth Dimension! There will be several Multidimensional and Multilayered Energy Vibrations beginning and completing to ensure that ALL Things will be on track to make it True! The Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon will arrive on August 18, 2014 when all previous Energy Events will blend together to Create the New Beginning with God. During the first week of August 2014 there will be two Energy Events completing but they will not be directly related to your endeavors, dear Ones. These two Events are intended for every Man of Destiny Soul to choose and consider.

The first Event is from July 12 through August 6, 2014 when Man of Destiny Souls will choose if he or she will be participating in Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon where God’s Presence will lead ALL Events upon Mother Earth on August 18, 2014 into the New Millennium. The second event has been in the background since November 14, 2013. This was an Energy designed to assist Man of Destiny Souls acclimate his or her Vibration from our Solar System to the Universal Vibration. It will complete on August 3, 2014. For those Man of Destiny Souls who will choose to proceed into the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon and increase his or her Vibration with the Universe, they will be ones to be ready for the rapid Changes that will come in the days after August 18, 2014!

Beginning on July 28, 2014 there will be a New Vibration making its presence seen and felt on Mother Earth. Its initial waves will arrive on July 28, 2014 and continue through August 30, 2014 and thereafter become permanent. You are already very familiar with its magnitude and frequency, dear Ones, for it is the Multidimensional Vibration of the upper Dimensions of the Universe. Right now you are accessing it unconsciously when you are alone in a relaxed state of mind or in your dream state. The feeling in these states of consciousness is familiar and yet unfamiliar and it is, for you are accessing God’s newest Dimension, the Eighth Dimension! By accessing the Eighth Dimension during this initializing time period you will be internally preparing yourself for the days ahead when the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon begins on August 18, 2014.

The New Vibration that arrives on July 28, 2014 will be introducing all Souls to the permanence of Fifth Dimension and its Way of working with Love – for nothing in the Fifth Dimension is possible without Love in all thoughts, deeds, or actions! This final stage into the Fifth Dimension will require all Souls to work with Love in all ways beginning on August 18, 2014. This will be especially True for Man of Destiny Souls as the first week of August 2014 will be very critical for his or her development and advancement into the Fifth Dimension. Freewill and Choice will serve as the way of entry into the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon as of August 18, 2014. For the Beginning of the Beginning Energy of August 18, 2014 will also introduce you, dear Ones, to a Space and Vibration where you will begin to place all things in your Heart and Soul into motion!

Your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, will be Creating with the New Vibration of the Universe from August 2 through August 22, 2014. With this initializing Energy you will begin seeing and feeling the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon open you up with an abundant and fruitful Energy designed to activate your role in the New Millennium! This will not be a difficult or exhausting process, rather it is your reintroduction to the potentiality you have to role model to the world how the Universal Energies work upon Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension! The time period from August 18, 2014 through December 28, 2014 will serve as your reintroduction to the Fifth Dimension’s New Horizon as Man of Destiny Souls learn to become responsible and compliant with the New Vibration upon Mother Earth. After December 28, 2014 there will be a time of reorganizing ALL Things to prepare for the New Era of Peace and Tranquility upon Mother Earth beginning on February 7, 2014 when ALL Things will begin in a stage of Newness with your leadership and guidance of Light, Love, and Harmony with God!