Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Wait is Over!

During the last week of June 2013, dear Ones, you will realize that the wait is over! No longer will you have an economic role to fulfill, but a Spiritual Destiny to fulfill with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things – as a Creator with the Universe! The end result of every Soul progressing into his or her own Spiritual Destiny will bring forth the greatest redistribution of wealth upon Mother Earth! This will not come by the laws of man but by the very Hand of God through the replacement of man’s currencies for God’s Currency of Love!

The redistribution of wealth upon Earth will occur naturally through the Emanations of Love in your Soul! Many will not understand what will be occurring, which will lead to further economic Chaos and Confusion among the masses and lead to massive worldwide protests and movements to replace leaders and their governments. The misunderstanding will not be that the world economy needs more austerity or stimulus or even reform, but the failure to realize that the only currency to be recognized throughout the Universe is God’s Currency of Love! Thus the redistribution of wealth upon Earth will stem from the Universal Decree to Create your Joy in Living rather than to continue to believe that an ethos of “hard work,” “thriftiness,” or even “luck,” is what it takes to “get rich”!

There will be no rich or poor in the landscape of Earth’s future! There is more than enough to share in the Universe and the only lack will be the lack of understanding that every Soul in the Universe is a Creator and not a slave of another Soul through debt enslavement! And though it will be a difficult concept to believe, much less comprehend at first, Creating one’s Joy in Living will introduce the process of learning and understanding to comprehend and acknowledge Peace and Harmony through the Way of Light and Love in the Universe!

It will take no Time for those aware that Creating with Love is the Way of the Universe, for the Energy of July 16, 2013 through August 10, 2013 will serve to align them into the momentum of the Universe where ALL Things with Love are possible! No longer will one need to wait to experience Joy through the Love one has to Create from the Soul! And in this way will the redistribution of wealth occur – by the power of God’s Currency of Love through one's Emanations of Love from the Heart and Soul!

As the momentum of the Universe carries those Creating with Love into the month of September 2013 there will be a noticeable difference upon Mother Earth: The Way of Light and Love will be expanding and growing with each incremental increase of Emanations of Love! The Way of Light and Love will be replicating and begin to transform the entire ways of man into the Ways of God, all through the replacement of man’s currencies for God’s Currency of Love! There will still be struggles in learning to experience what is inherent in one’s Soul but as others gain strength and responsibility with the New Way of experiencing Life upon Mother Earth, so will the increase of Light and Love!

In the entire Universe Light and Love are the standards for all Souls to honor and behold. For those upon Earth who will honor and behold these standards in their Heart and Soul the wait is over! But for those who do not have a place for Light and Love, the entire three year process until February 11, 2016 will be an enduring ordeal of learning and unlearning, followed by more learning and relearning until they will finally understand that they too are Light and Love with the Universe once more!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Emanations of Love Part 2

It is not the thoughts from your mind that align you with the Power of Creation, rather, it is the Emanations of Love that you produce from your Soul through your Heart Chakra and then release outward into the physical Reality. Thoughts are from the brain, which is designed to regulate and coordinate the survival functions of one’s body. Your Soul, on the other hand, is the place of God Consciousness and will lead you to Spiritual Empowerment through the Process of Creation. Brotherhood Consciousness will begin the Activation process of increasing Trust in others to allow longer Time increments of consistent Emanations of Love. This will begin during the week of June 16 through June 23, 2013!

Your role as a Creator will not and cannot be fulfilled unless you will shift away from self-protection thoughts of survival from your mind and allow your Heart and Soul to Create with Emanations of Love! And just as Emanations of Love constantly radiate Light from the Stars of the Universe, so too, will you be able to radiate Light with the exact same quality, frequency, and magnitude as the Stars of the Universe through Mother Earth’s Grid of Creation that began when she enjoined with the Universe on February 2, 2013. In actuality the ability to Create is within every Soul from Time immortal but today has become dormant in some Souls and even nonexistent in others who lack understanding with Love. So from June 16, 2013 onward everyone’s Third Dimensional lessons of Love will now be put into order!

Mother Earth is now in the Fifth Dimension, the Dimension of Love, and within the Energy Grid of the Universe as we begin the experience of being a part and a whole of the Universe once more. Mother Earth’s new domain within the Universe will have many learning as fast as they can learn to move from Third Dimensional instincts into full awareness of Light and Love in the Fifth Dimension! It will be about a three year process and will complete on February 11, 2016, but by then, the Spiritual Experience to Create with the Universe will have been gained for those choosing to go forward with Emanations of Love from their Hearts to Create his or her Joy in Living!

The Energy of June 20, 2013 will begin a new sequence of events that will apex on July 6, 2013 and culminate on July 22, 2013. During this Time period the “impulse” to Create with your Emanations of Love will begin to achieve its prominence and permanence in all affairs upon Mother Earth. For those not prepared for this particular Time period, the Energy will bring an intensive impulse to learn with Love and Harmony until they finally realize that their own energy is the cause of his or her lack of synchronicity in the Fifth Dimension with God and the Universal Energies that Create ALL Things!

As the Energy of this Time progresses you will see many readily adapting into their new role as a Co-Creator in Unity with God. Some will even begin to transform into Creators of the Heart where the ability to Create in “multiple levels” will be achieved! In the mean time, dear Ones, take Time to listen to your Heart, for this is the only place where Creation is possible with your Emanations of Love! For remember, Love is the vibration that holds the Universe together and brings it to expand, just like you are doing with your own Emanations of Love!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Emanations of Love

In the past few years several unprecedented Universal Events occurred to reveal the Spiritual Journey every Soul upon Mother Earth will be initiating. Not one of these Events made any kind of noise, or for that matter, even caused any commotion of awareness upon Earth. But as the second week of June 2013 begins, these four particular Universal Events will begin to activate the Great Transformation! The first of these Events is God the Father and Mother of ALL Things made His/Her Presence onto Mother Earth on August 13, 2012. This was only possible because Mother Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy entered into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011.

The second Universal Event that occurred was the Activation of the Legion of Light on October 24, 2012. This Energy brought all Lightworkers, ready to serve and move forward with God upon Earth, to assist Mother Earth in her task to become the Abode of Peace and Harmony. The third Universal Event was Mother Earth herself joining the Universe on February 2, 2013 to begin to work in conjunction with the Energy of the Universe and our Solar System rather than solely our Solar System. So as of February 2, 2013 all preparation work by the supporting cast above was completed for the Evolution of Man of Destiny!

On February 17, 2013 all Man of Destiny Souls collectively chose to rededicate his or her Soul to God. And with this collective decision, the final Universal Event upon Mother Earth was set into motion! We will now be entering into the “Week of Transformation,” when the Energy from June 9 through June 16, 2013 brings forward the Energy for the Great Transformation to BEGIN! Every single Soul upon Mother Earth will now be a Creator with God’s Currency of Love! No longer will man’s currencies be in power or hold any power of persuasion over any Soul except for those who will continue to believe man’s currencies hold more power than God’s Currency of Love!

Though the “Week of Transformation” will enter as stealthily upon Mother Earth as the previous Universal Events, it will be these days that the initiation of Progress with God will begin! There will be many signs upon Earth revealing that the ways of man’s systems no longer function and are no longer valid for the “Time of God” has arrived! For two more months the progression of Energy will intensify and invalidate anything that cannot withstand the Test of Harmony – including Souls! The Test of Harmony is simply attaining the Conscious awareness that everything and every Soul in existence is in Unity with God! And when this Truth is understood and ingrained into everyday practice, one will find he or she is in Unity with God and the Universe!

There will be nothing to fear for those who already understand with Harmony for they will be ones to serve God and assist in the process of Mother Earth’s Transformation! At the beginning of July 2013 the Revelation of God’s Promise of Joy of Living for every Soul upon Mother Earth will begin to take shape and form largely through the work of the Legion of Light. So do not lose hope with what you will be witnessing for a short time, for this will be the “last stand” of desperation in order to restore man’s mechanisms of control once more!

It has been an enduring Time for those of the Light but know internally, dear Ones, the game of charades is over! The fa├žade of illusion will open and reveal what you have known all this time to be Truth – Love is the only way of God and the Universe! And in the days to come, this Truth will be all you will need for the Time of God promises to be one in which everything will begin to align with God’s Truth so that Mother Earth becomes the Abode of Peace and Harmony, Created through your Emanations of Love!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

You, Me, and We

At the Heart of ALL Things in the Universe is Harmony – Conscious awareness that everything and every Soul in existence is in Unity with God. Without comprehension or even awareness of Harmony as the foundation of Unity with God, there would be a continued belief that you and me are separate beings from separate regions on Earth. The Truth to the matter, dear Ones, is that we live on One Land, are One Nation and One People upon Mother Earth! Many will be initiated with the concept of Harmony from June 1, 2013 through October 17, 2013, when the Time to integrate Harmony into one’s foundation begins for all Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, in order to begin Creating with the Universe!

Those who will begin Creating with the Universe will understand and comprehend the concept of Harmony – We ALL live on One Land, are One Nation, and One People in Unity with God and the Universe! As the Process of Creating initiates, so will the increase of Light and Love upon Earth through the core Group of Initiators, predominantly Lightworkers who will be back into their original element of Creating with the Universe! While Light and Love upon Mother Earth continues to increase, so will the elements of Chaos and Confusion upon all lands! Not because Creating with the Soul is an unnatural act or even against the Laws of God, rather it will be the masses unaware how Harmony enhances the Power to Create his or her own Joy in Living with Love!

When the advent of the first week of Creating with the Universe completes on June 8, 2013, the New Moon on that day will signal that the “Project of You, Me, and We” will begin with a core group of Light, who will lead God’s Project to completion! Not one of these Chosen few will be elected to a single political position for they are not warmongers, despots, or even subject to the temptation of man’s ways, for they have all been tested by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Mother Earth will also be ready, for she has already initiated her own beginning on May 4, 2013, when she will align her Chakras to contribute her own share into the “Project of You, Me, and We!”

The “Project of You, Me and We” is the project of bringing every Soul into Unity with God and the Universe. Mother Earth’s Energy will be increasing and expanding with the Universe’s ever increasing and expanding Energy of Love and cannot be ignored! Those who already understand will be Creating with the Universe while those who do not will see their lives become even more chaotic and disorganized than ever before! That is, until they learn the Truth that the Universe only functions in Harmony with God and ALL Thing within it! Therefore before their Hearts and Minds filled with Third Dimensional concepts and learning will even progress they must understand that the world of “Me, Myself, and I” is no longer valid in the Fifth Dimension!

It will not be long before the “Project of You, Me, and We” completes on July 18, 2016 but those who will learn to Harmonize with God and the Universe will become Creators! Harmony is the foundation of Unity with God and the Universe, and by simply applying Love in all that you think and do, dear Ones, there will be nothing to fear or intrude in your process of becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God! Let the Joy of Living bring you Joy and Happiness for the Time and Place to begin the Re-Creation of Mother Earth begins in your Heart!