Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Wait is Over!

During the last week of June 2013, dear Ones, you will realize that the wait is over! No longer will you have an economic role to fulfill, but a Spiritual Destiny to fulfill with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things – as a Creator with the Universe! The end result of every Soul progressing into his or her own Spiritual Destiny will bring forth the greatest redistribution of wealth upon Mother Earth! This will not come by the laws of man but by the very Hand of God through the replacement of man’s currencies for God’s Currency of Love!

The redistribution of wealth upon Earth will occur naturally through the Emanations of Love in your Soul! Many will not understand what will be occurring, which will lead to further economic Chaos and Confusion among the masses and lead to massive worldwide protests and movements to replace leaders and their governments. The misunderstanding will not be that the world economy needs more austerity or stimulus or even reform, but the failure to realize that the only currency to be recognized throughout the Universe is God’s Currency of Love! Thus the redistribution of wealth upon Earth will stem from the Universal Decree to Create your Joy in Living rather than to continue to believe that an ethos of “hard work,” “thriftiness,” or even “luck,” is what it takes to “get rich”!

There will be no rich or poor in the landscape of Earth’s future! There is more than enough to share in the Universe and the only lack will be the lack of understanding that every Soul in the Universe is a Creator and not a slave of another Soul through debt enslavement! And though it will be a difficult concept to believe, much less comprehend at first, Creating one’s Joy in Living will introduce the process of learning and understanding to comprehend and acknowledge Peace and Harmony through the Way of Light and Love in the Universe!

It will take no Time for those aware that Creating with Love is the Way of the Universe, for the Energy of July 16, 2013 through August 10, 2013 will serve to align them into the momentum of the Universe where ALL Things with Love are possible! No longer will one need to wait to experience Joy through the Love one has to Create from the Soul! And in this way will the redistribution of wealth occur – by the power of God’s Currency of Love through one's Emanations of Love from the Heart and Soul!

As the momentum of the Universe carries those Creating with Love into the month of September 2013 there will be a noticeable difference upon Mother Earth: The Way of Light and Love will be expanding and growing with each incremental increase of Emanations of Love! The Way of Light and Love will be replicating and begin to transform the entire ways of man into the Ways of God, all through the replacement of man’s currencies for God’s Currency of Love! There will still be struggles in learning to experience what is inherent in one’s Soul but as others gain strength and responsibility with the New Way of experiencing Life upon Mother Earth, so will the increase of Light and Love!

In the entire Universe Light and Love are the standards for all Souls to honor and behold. For those upon Earth who will honor and behold these standards in their Heart and Soul the wait is over! But for those who do not have a place for Light and Love, the entire three year process until February 11, 2016 will be an enduring ordeal of learning and unlearning, followed by more learning and relearning until they will finally understand that they too are Light and Love with the Universe once more!