Friday, December 26, 2014

The New Earth

Every New Year seems to bring in high hopes and expectations that the New Year will be more prosperous and happy for everyone involved. We even make New Year’s resolutions to motivate and inspire our happiness. Once the initial elation dissipates and reality begins to set in, our New Year’s resolutions can seem to be too extreme and far-fetched to follow through, even though they were well intended. The year of 2015 will not be like any previous New Year’s experiences, dear Ones, for Mother Earth is on course to become a New Earth! Mother Earth as a “New Earth” will give her full range and participation for the Fifth Dimension, thereby expanding and increasing her Power as the Creation Source of our Solar System with you! There will be two parts in Mother Earth’s sequence to become fully engaged into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension and in becoming a New and upgraded version of her Creator Planet status.

The first part of Mother Earth’s process of becoming a New and upgraded Creator Planet will be by God’s Sanctification of our Solar System’s Planets. The second part will be the Sanctification of the Constellations of the Zodiac that we use on Earth. The entire process of Sanctifying our local Solar System and the Stars of the Zodiac began on August 18, 2014 when the “Beginning of the Beginning with God” Energy came upon Earth. On August 25, 2014 the planet Saturn was our Solar System’s first planet initiated for the Sanctification process. The Sanctification process of our Solar System’s Planets will complete when Jupiter is Sanctified on November 20, 2015. The process of Sanctifying the Zodiac is not for the Zodiac’s Star Constellations themselves but to Sanctify the Energy they generate for our Mother Earth. In a sense it is her “Welcome to the new neighborhood (Fifth Dimension)” gift from the Universe!

For January 2015 the long anticipated Changes you have been “patiently” waiting for will begin! The primary reason for the wait was to give all Souls the opportunity to choose to progress with Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension or not. The first opportunity was offered from July 12 through August 6, 2014. The second was completed from December 27 through December 29, 2014, primarily as a last second reprieve for the Man of Destiny Souls who had long ignored his or her Spiritual Nature, the Reptilian Souls. There is high likelihood that this second opportunity for the Reptilian Souls will not even be given a second thought, but no need to worry, dear Ones, Mother Earth has a schedule to keep! Beginning on December 30, 2014 Mother Earth will begin the process of becoming a New and upgraded version of a Creator Planet! The process of Mother Earth’s upgrade will begin by doing away with the old and outdated Harmony Vibration from the Fourth Dimension!

The removal of the Fourth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration will be complete on May 21, 2016. For a about a year and a half all Souls will be adapting and acclimating with the New Energy of Mother Earth’s upgrading Creator Planet status! Man of Destiny Souls will be primarily adapting and acclimating for Spiritual Knowledge and experience with the Fifth Dimension. You already have the Spiritual Experience and Knowledge of the Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, and will only be reacquainting and readapting yourself with the Fifth Dimension once more in order to navigate through Mother Earth’s new dominion! The reacquainting and readapting period for all Lightworker Souls will be complete on December 4, 2015 when the Sanctifying of our local Solar system and planets finalizes. By then your leadership status for guiding Mother Earth’s course of action “from the ground” will lead you into a state of Self -Growth for expansion through unlimitedness!

The Energy of the Fifth Dimension is designed for Unifying with God! Keeping this in mind will not be an issue or a problem for you, dear Ones, but an enlightening experience for you! For Man of Destiny and the religions that guide and comfort his or her Spiritual Nature, it will be an issue and troubling dilemma of the Times! The world’s religions were principally introduced by Lightworker Souls to give Man of Destiny Souls ideas and concepts about God and the Universe. Over time, however, these original ideas and concepts became distorted and incongruent with the True Nature of God and the Universe. Thus in witnessing the Unification with God process, Man of Destiny Souls will not only witness his or her external world collapsing by the demise of an economic system maintained with control and manipulation by Reptilian Souls, but his or her internal world also be collapsing! So now in the year 2015 the cleansing and healing process of Truth can begin its long awaited course for Joy and Unity with God!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Onward into 2015!

On December 8, 2014 a New Harmony Vibration began upon Mother Earth, one that is designed to enhance the functionality of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. There are many incompatible ideas, concepts, and attitudes remaining from the Fourth Dimension that will no longer serve anyone, especially Man of Destiny Souls. In order to continue in the Fifth Dimension’s learning process Man of Destiny Souls will be given the choice to progress into his or her next stage of evolution: to become a part of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension or not. This choice for Man of Destiny Souls will endure from December 27 to December 29, 2014 and thereafter, will never be offered again on Mother Earth!

In choosing to progress into the functionality of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, Man of Destiny Souls will be in a process of learning and evolving to become Man of Light Souls. It is the natural course of evolution from learning about the Power of Love in the Fourth and lower Dimensions of the Universe to evolving and actually applying the Power of Love to Create your Joy in Living in the Fifth Dimension. There will be many Man of Destiny Souls making stagnant progress, one step forward two steps back for quite a while but the important thing is that they are willingly to learn to be a part of Mother Earth’s evolution. Some will even take a while just to understand what is even happening upon Mother Earth at this Time!

There will be those Man of Destiny Souls who for a long time chose to ignore his or her Spiritual Nature. These Man of Destiny Souls are better known as the Reptilian Souls for the primary usage of his or her survival and instinctual portion of his or her brain’s core stem. In Truth, ignoring one’s Spiritual Nature is allowed in the learning stages of the lower dimensions of the Universe but not in the Fifth Dimension of the Universe or above. The Man of Destiny Souls who ignore his or her Spiritual Nature, the Reptilian Souls, will face a real dilemma during the decision dates of December 27 through December 29, 2014. If he or she decides to remain in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension it will mean an about face in the physical reality he or she has ever known. The same can also be said about most other Man of Destiny Souls but there is a difference. The difference is that the Man of Destiny Souls who internally want to progress and become Man of Light Souls will also want to know God, not be god!

The Reptilian Souls will also face a second dilemma: the Harmony Vibration of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension will begin returning to its Source beginning on December 29, 2014. Already lacking the Spiritual Knowledge to thrive in the Fifth Dimension the Reptilian Souls will try to hang on to the world he or she knows to control and manipulate for his or her advantage! All accumulated “assets” gained for self-aggrandizement and ego through greed, manipulation, and control will begin to collapse and disintegrate like sand castles on a dry and windy day at the beach. The Reptilian Souls will not have a clue what is happening and will cause a Great Panic throughout the economic world by springtime 2015. 

With little, if any, understanding in Mother Earth’s direction, the Reptilian Souls’ economic debacle will actually be doing Mother Earth a favor. It will bring conclusion to the manipulated purchasing power that has forced many Souls away from his or her Spiritual Purpose and into a quagmire of “lost souls.” Very few will see the economic situation as a ‘favor” but Mother Earth is on a schedule with the Universe and will not stop her agenda waiting as if she were a lifeboat looking for stray passengers amidst the oceans. There will be many more Changes to come but once the stage of economic enslavement concludes, a new beginning for all Souls upon Mother Earth will begin! See the closure of manipulated purchasing power to be around June 2015 when Man of Destiny Souls will begin seeking his or her direction towards Truly becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God!

The forthcoming economic debacle will only indirectly affect you, dear Ones, for you will be Creating with the Universe! Additionally, this will not end the usage of the world’s currencies for making purchases, as Man of Destiny Souls will not be ready! Rather it will be the end of a manipulated economic system serving to benefit a few Reptilian Souls. To ensure that justice and fairness become the standard rule rather than an anomaly upon Mother Earth, dear Ones, you along with the Legion of Light will be maneuvering into the place of Mother Earth’s stewardship very shortly. Your Power of Love in Unity with God will be assisting to introduce a New Reality and experience for all future Souls to come upon Earth! On June 15, 2015 God’s Sanctification for what you have come to do will be upon you, as you become a standing member of the most powerful nation upon Mother Earth, the Legion of Light!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Expansion through Unlimitedness

There will be two prominent Themes developing in the next several months, Expansion and Unlimitedness. Both will be influencing all future events and will be coalescing with the Harmony of the Universe to Re-Create Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension. In unison with Love these two Energy Themes will begin to gain momentum like a snowball rolling downhill beginning on December 17, 2014 and influence all activities well beyond the year of 2015! The factor of Love, dear Ones will be a united contribution of God’s Love, the Universal Love Force that permeates throughout the Universe to bind it as One, and your own contribution of Love. Combined together all three Love Forces will unify to achieve much of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional transition for our immediate world.

Both Themes of Expansion and Unlimitedness are already influencing Mother Earth and are advancing in a staggered process. The initial Expansion of the Universe began on February 2, 2013 when God’s Eighth Dimension was Created. Executing an effect as if “a pebble had been thrown into a pond,” the Eighth Dimension’s Presence began emitting wave after continuous wave of Love to saturate the entire Universe with Newness! The Expansion of Mother Earth with the Universe began in late March 2014 and was followed by a second wave in July 2014. These initial waves of Energy were to prepare your role with Mother Earth through “The Beginning of the Beginning with God” Energy on August 18, 2014. This Energy essentially Created the New Horizon on Earth by commingling the Fifth Dimension’s Energy with God’s Presence upon Mother Earth. Thus increasing the likelihood of new possibilities becoming a reality on Earth! So think big!

The Unlimited Energy activated on November 17, 2014 and will make its strongest influence felt through April 19, 2015. During this Time Period the Unlimited Energy will make available all concepts and ideas of Love existing throughout the upper Dimensions of the Universe. This way all things that are possible throughout the upper Dimensions of the Universe will be available to use in Mother Earth’s Re-Creating process! The availability of all concepts and ideas of the Universe will not only speed up the process of Re-Creating Mother Earth but will also move all Souls into an accelerated program of learning and activating! The accelerated activation program will truly benefit you greatly, dear Ones, but not so much for Man of Destiny Souls.

Because of the advanced Spiritual Nature of Lightworker Souls, you will easily transition into the place of Expansion and Unlimitedness with the Universe. This will assist you in moving into leadership on February 7, 2015 as Man of Destiny Souls begin to navigate the inundating waves of Newness. So do not fret or worry that you may miss out or are behind with your Spiritual Progress, you were born ready for this Time with God and the Universe! All the possibilities of the Universe will be all yours, dear Ones! You will only have to declare your intention, apply your Love, and release it to the Universe! For Man of Destiny Souls Creating with Love will be a task and a chore. Not because Man of Destiny Souls are not capable but because at this time they cannot maintain a sustained Force of Love! That will come later when they learn through the evolution process of evolving as Man of Light Souls and rightfully assume the responsibilities of Light, Love, and Harmony with the Universe!

The combined Energy of Expansion and Unlimiteness will prevail from January 6, 2015 through August 7, 2015. The combined force of Expansion and Unlimitedness will provide two distinct Energy waves in which you will efficiently Create your intentionality with the Universe. The first wave will be from January 6 to March 14, 2015 and the second will begin on May 2, 2015 and complete on July 19, 2015. The Newness stage of Mother Earth’s Transformation has been in its commencement stage since August 18, 2014. As the process of Mother Earth’s Re-Creation progresses, dear Ones, you will find that things will become much easier and come faster to you! It isn’t that you didn’t have the Power of Creating with Love before, it was simply like having a new computer without any software. In the same way as a computer “fully loaded” with software programs makes it more functional, Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension in Expansion through Unlimitedness mode will work more to your liking!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Creator World

Mother Earth’s evolutionary advancement into the Fifth Dimension started on October 28, 2011. It wasn’t even a noteworthy event in which everything was turned upside down for anyone to see. In fact it was a non-event for everyone on Earth. Instead Mother Earth’s evolutionary progress into the Fifth Dimension was a quiet and subtle process that began by replacing the Harmony Vibration of the Fourth Dimension with the New Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension. The process of replacing the old Harmony Vibration will be complete on December 8, 2014 when the Creator World opens for all Souls!

The Truest Essence of experiencing the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will begin upon Mother Earth on December 8, 2014 when the Creator World reveals itself from December 8, 2014 through March 5, 2015. An ancient skill and experience will begin to open up to you once more, dear Ones – Creation from your Heart and Soul! You will not experience any major difficulties through the process of regaining your ancient skills except maybe in shaking off the residue of man’s systems that has tainted even the best of us. For Man of Destiny Souls it will be a Time of watching, learning, and listening!

Man of Destiny Souls for the most part will not listen or even pay attention during the process of the Creator World’s evolution. Rather they will become increasingly panicky in seeing how things will not function in any predictable manner anymore! The Creator World, dear Ones, will usher in a New Era upon Mother Earth, one that will signal for all Souls to begin the process of becoming Co-Creators in Unity with God and the Universe! What Man of Destiny Souls, and even some Lightworker Souls at first, will not understand is how the New Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension is distinguished from the Fourth Dimension’s Harmony. The chief difference and quality between the two is like night and day – the durability of the Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension is designed to be Eternal like all the Harmony Vibrations of the upper Dimensions of the Universe, unlike the malleability of the Harmony designed for the learning stages of the lower Dimensions.

Mother Earth’s Creator World will mark the end of Man of Destiny Soul’s learning stage and signal for all Souls to begin the practical implementation of Love in all ways. In every deliberation of thought, being, and acting, the Fifth Dimension requires Love as one’s initial motivation. Without Love in every thought, way of being, or action, everything that worked before in the Fourth Dimension will be seemingly impossible. This will be an emphatic lesson for Man of Destiny as he or she learns in the next few years by trial and error about the workings of the Fifth Dimension, as he or she accomplishes one wonderful deed of Love then stumbles and falls with another thought or action without Love. The teaching role and demonstrating will become your role, dear Ones, not by direct involvement with Man Of Destiny Souls but by simply exemplifying and demonstrating the requirements of the Fifth Dimension.

In the long run, there will be many upon many Social Changes that will be needed to introduce the functionality of the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration to everyone. Man of Destiny will not be an able participant and for the most part take two more years to really “get with it.” The biggest boost from the initial Energy will come in two distinct periods. The first will come at the end of December 2014 while the second will occur in April 2015. The end of December 2014 period will remove all unwilling Man of Destiny Souls from any position of influence and prominence. Thus limiting whatever power and authority they may have to undermine Mother Earth’s Harmony Vibration at work. The second period will nullify all uncooperative institutions that may remain by the Man of Destiny Souls in confusion about which direction Mother Earth is dictating to all Souls upon her. It will still take about two more years to generate such a task of Light, Love, and Harmony that the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light can bring into being!  

You with the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light, dear Ones, will become the initiators and demonstrators of the Fifth Dimension and what is needed to amplify the primary understandings of Man of Destiny about Mother Earth’s Creator World! Between December 8, 2014 and February 7, 2015 your leadership in this role will begin to fully manifest as you begin to grow and expand in Unity with God and the Universe! There will be nothing to fear and no one to stand and block you, except for you yourself! In Unity with God and the Universe, your assistance in Mother Earth’s Transformation will result in the full experience of the Fifth Dimension for all Souls. If you have any doubt or disbelief right now, it will easily dissipate and vanish once you begin Creating with Love, for you are already thoroughly in tune with the Harmony of the Fifth Dimension!