Friday, October 28, 2011

Doorway for 1000 Years

This forecast period begins with God’s Promise of One Thousand Years of Peace – The New Millennium! Though everything will “seem” as if nothing has physically Changed, it will be the quality and essence of Life that will Change! Everyone present upon Mother Earth will be in the Fifth Dimension, The Dimension of Love, and will become invigorated with the Energy of Love so that they may flourish within it!

The Ascension into the Fifth Dimension will introduce Humanity into an environment filled with Lovingness that will be unfamiliar and present problems related to this unfamiliarity. The keys to working within the Fifth Dimension will be to gain self-knowledge and understanding with your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self. Without these two key life enhancers there will be struggle to comprehend the New Dimension and failure to understand that the standards for living upon Earth have Changed!

Our need to utilize self-knowledge derived from our Inner Self will begin on November 1, 2011 when we will all enter through the Doorway of the New Millennium! There will be many who will still not be ready but as long as they learn that their Inner Self will lead them into the New Millennium, they will be fine. The Legion of Light will be moving forward to provide leadership and assistance to those who will come to ask while world leaders and their followers, who have not begun processing with their Inner Self, will become like puppets waiting for a puppeteer to make them perform, unbalanced and in confusion! Seek guidance from your Inner Self to begin Life anew and Create your Joy in Living!

On November 2, 2011 the Universal Energies will produce a third consecutive Doorway in as many days. The first on October 31st brought in the awareness of learning for a New Life while the second on November 1st ushered in the Abode of Peace as the place of New Life. The third Doorway will direct us to understand and process with the Way of Brotherhood to live our lives in our new Way of Life. Though many understand the concepts of Sharing and Cooperating, conditioning in the previous dimension has made too many to think in the sense of financial assets. This will not be so as the New Economy of Sharing and Cooperating will be inclusive and not exclusive of anyone for there will be No Rich and No Poor in the New Millennium!

Keep the above Doorways in mind whenever you will feel “left behind” with your Joy in Living. God’s Promise of Joy in Living is Truth and has begun! On November 3, 2011 the Energies will remind you what your Joy in Living will be about. By beginning within your Inner Self and exercising your Powers to Create there will be no limit as to what you can Create! And as long as you internalize and not seek from external sources you will begin to live Time as the Movement of the Soul! Dream and let your Inner Self transform your life into Love, Joy and Spiritual Prosperity!

The drama you will be witnessing in these days will be from those who have not reached into their Inner Self. Suffice it to say there will be many who still have not awakened from within and realized that the world is different! On November 4, 2011 there will be many misguided plans and attempts to “stabilize” the monetary systems by world leaders and politicians. All that they will attempt to do will be to remain in financial control and keep what they think to be theirs among themselves. Until they come to understand that the World belongs to God they will fail again and again as Brotherhood Consciousness and Joy in Living are the Way of Life upon Earth in the New Millennium!

The New Security of the New Millennium will not be based upon how many financial assets and valuables you can stash away in safe keeping but upon the strength of your Inner Self in Creating all that you will need for your Heart and Soul’s Pathway! The New Security Consciousness will begin on November 5, 2011 as the Universal Energies have ordained our Earth’s Pathway as the Abode of Peace and Harmony! Many precedents will be appearing in this initial stage of the New Millennium and though our Earth’s appearance will not “seem” as if anything has Changed, ALL HAS CHANGED!

On November 6, 2011 there will come great debates among the people of all nations as to whether or not there should be governments to control and constrict access to life’s necessities. The masses have endured with their governments and their policies and will realize that they have been duped! There will be much unrest in the month of November 2011 as many who took for granted that they were “cared for” by their governments will now enlist with the Individual Rights Movement already happening now! Joy in Living is the call to every Soul upon Earth and this will be one more sign to everyone that ALL HAS CHANGED!

There will be many who will remain anxious, restless, and even in fear over events appearing on their media screens on November 7, 2011. If there should be anything to fear in these initial days of the New Millennium it will be the loss of our connection to our Inner Self and its connection to God Presence! Surround yourself with thoughts of Love and Joy and be assured that your Inner Self will remain on task to Create your Joy in Living as the Universal Energies remain constant to usher in the New Millennium for our manifestations!

The Energy of November 8, 2011 will signify a transition day. God and his Legion of Light have initiated all actions to bring about the New Millennium and now it will be up to each and every single Soul to take Responsibility for manifesting what each has come to do. Some will still be resistant and try to seek a path of “security” in material things but that will not serve anyone in the Brotherhood of Man’s plan to Share and Cooperate with everyone! Look to your Inner Self and seek the way of your Joy in Living and make your contribution as a Co – Creator with God!

The month of November 2011 will be a brief period of acclimation into the New Millennium. There will be much unrest. Some unrest will be from residual Chaos and Confusion from before the Ascension and some will be from the New Standards of the New Millennium. The time of December 2011 through January 2012, however, will bring decisive actions to not only implement but to instill the New Standards of the New Millennium into place all over the world! Look forward for the time of the New Millennium has been introduced to everyone open to receiving!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Dawning

During this last week of October 2011 we will be witnessing our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy Ascend into the Fifth Dimension. It will all begin on the evening of October 28, 2011 PDT and will take three days for us to pass through the Light Portal. Be prepared with Love in your Heart so that you may quickly assimilate with Mother Earth’s New Vibration! There will be many who will not be aware of this Evolutionary Universal Event and even as the month of November 2011 completes they will still not be aware of the Change except by their Heart and Soul’s recognition of Love!

Time will either become your best friend or your worst adversary in the days to come, as Time will be fusing with a new spectrum of measurement – Time as Movement of the Soul! When you will allow your Heart and Soul to lead you, Time will dissolve into an experience of Joy! On the other hand if you let yourself become absorbed into tedious activities so will your heightened sensitivity bring you extreme monotony as your senses become your guides toward your inward journey of finding your Joy in Living!

On October 25, 2011 the Universal Energies will be pointing everyone into a One Direction – the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. How we acclimate there will be our choosing as our inner processes have been enhanced to seek our Joy in Living. Many will be aware that they have become more sensitive but cannot attribute their lack of understanding to the inner channels of their Heart and Soul! The experience is New and so will the way we experience! Learn to Create your world from within to find your Heart and Soul’s Joy of Living for the external world will lead you back into the great illusion!

When we recognize that our Inner Self, through our Heart’s Expression, Creates every possible experience we will seek, we will become selective and base our Creations upon what our Inner Self needs to enhance our Spiritual Prosperity. No longer will we seek to compare and contrast but instead, we will contribute to the Brotherhood of Man and increase our Responsibility to become a Co – Creator with God! The Energy of October 26, 2011 will bring such a revelation to ourselves if we open up and seek the Kingdom of God within us!

On the day before Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy Ascend there will still be ample time to prepare for this once in a Great Age experience. Simply surround yourself with all your thoughts of Love and Joy and do not allow fear to come near you! If you will do this exercise of the Heart the Universal Energies of October 27, 2011 will do the rest for you. What shall follow in the next three days will be an instantaneous movement of the 10 million stars of the Milky Way Galaxy that will take three Earth days to complete! Become Love and Live in Joy!

The Light Portal and Gateway into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will align with our Milky Way Galaxy on October 28, 2011. There will be no need to panic or cling to fear as the surge of Love will begin to inundate our Lives! Become inspired and live as if you lack nothing in your Pathway’s entry for it is so! We will begin our journey with Unlimited Truth, Love, and Knowledge to gain our Joy in Living from God’s Universal Energies! Love and let your share of Spiritual Prosperity come to you always!

There will be strong waves of Energy bombarding our Mother Earth beginning on October 29, 2011. She will be making adjustments internally and upon her external surface as likewise we will also be making. God’s Universal Energies will be guiding the entire process of Ascension so there will be nothing to fear. Remain in a State of Lovingness and Joy and all will go well beyond your expectations! Many will not understand what they will be experiencing and will attempt to go forward with their daily routines. If there should be a word of caution it shall come in the way many will process this Change, it will come with extended periods of sleep to internalize and connect with the New Energy of the Fifth Dimension!

The Universal Energies will be accelerating to complete our unified Ascension into the Fifth Dimension on October 30, 2011. There will be extra assistance provided by God and the Legion of Light to bring forth Truth and Understanding for this period of the Great Transformation. Many will have only begun to Awaken themselves internally but will still not see the source of the Light which casts the shadows upon their walls. Externally they will still meander with their daily routines as if in a state of sleep while realizing that “something is different!”

There will appear a Great Doorway in the Heavens on October 31, 2011 that will foreshadow all the future events to come! The first day will signal that Mother Earth will be ready for her task of Creating the foundation of Peace, Love, and Harmony. The second day will signal that Humanity will be ready for their own Pathways of living with Peace, Love, and Harmony with God’s Promise of a Thousand Years of Peace! Let these days bring you to celebrate the reason that everyone has come to witness the New Reality! God’s Promise of Joy in Living will finally be here upon Earth!

It has been a long and enduring process to bring everyone back into a state of Lovingness. Though many will still not understand what has happened they will work slowly to remove the dust from their Hearts and Souls and remember that they are Co – Creators with God once more! The month of November 2011 will become a period of acclimation for everyone to learn and become acquainted with their new surroundings. November 2011 will also bring in much disbelief that anything even happened. However, December 2011 will manifest major external Change for the better and will open the way for everyone to live in Peace, Brotherhood, and Harmony! Look forward for the days of God’s Promise of Joy in Living are here!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


We are now upon the eve of advancing Humanity’s Evolution into the Fifth Dimension – the Dimension of Love, and there will be nothing else to do except Begin! Much has been speculated and prophesized but on October 28, 2011 the Portal to the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will finally open! The experience will be unlike anything we are currently conditioned to think and do as every experience will come from a State of Lovingness or it will not manifest! Open your Heart and Soul and become a Co – Creator with God once more!

There will be many Projects of Light beginning on October 18, 2011. Most will start out small and unnoticed by anyone except for God. They will gain momentum as everyone’s Energy and Balance acclimate into the New Horizon. The most essential traits of the Fifth Dimension, Brotherhood Consciousness, Lovingness, and Truth, will already be available. These traits will assist everyone in beginning his/her Destiny in the Fifth Dimension where we will all be Creating for our Heart and Soul’s Destiny rather than to make a living! Look forward and apply all the knowledge you have learned thus far to process within your Heart and Soul!

Many will feel displaced by their circumstances of life on October 19, 2011 as the Universal Energies will now compel us towards Progress. Are we living for our Heart and Soul’s Purpose or are we merely being dictated by societal conditioning to “do what is expected?” There will be little doubt that our Heart and Soul will be responding to the Energies for the days between now and the Portal’s entry date will have us question ourselves about our future. There will still be those who will not understand the decree of the Energies, but allow them to gain understanding in the standards we will all need to live by – Brotherhood, Love, Truth, and the common goal of Joy in Living!

Mother Earth will be expanding her own Horizons beyond what she has ever experienced. And likewise she has expectations for us to also expand and grow beyond our own concepts in the Fifth Dimension with her. On October 20, 2011 if we learn, process and, apply what we will receive in our Heart and Soul, concerning our Joy of Living and immerse it with Love, we will make rapid strides before the onset of the Fifth Dimension. There will be as much hope as anxiety in the world as events will reveal their course of action for Change! Let those who will not and cannot comprehend that the World belongs to GOD be given the way of learning!

Our Pathways in the Fifth Dimension will not be standardized for an economic need but rather, for our Heart and Soul’s Purpose. For this reason it will be critical to know and understand yourself and your motives so that you may learn what brings you Joy, as without self knowledge we become rudderless and moving with no intent or purpose. On October 21, 2011 the Universal Energies will surround us with the most appropriate Energy for seeking Joy so that if we align our Destiny into the Fifth Dimension with our Joyful passion, we will align ourselves with our Heart and Soul’s intent! Our New Pathways await us and will inspire us to Live in Joy everyday!

To Activate and Become will be the response our Heart and Soul desires! The biggest difference between our current dimension and the Fifth Dimension will be our need to be internalized rather than externalized, in other words, let the Soul feed the physical body rather than the other way around! For on October 22, 2011 our need to begin our Destiny by invigorating ourselves with Truth, Love and Self Knowledge will serve to strengthen and reinforce our progress into the Fifth Dimension. Many will not understand what will be happening as the shift into internal processing instead of responding to external stimuli will have them even more confused. Let this not be a worry for this will be the way that everyone will find his or her Joy in Living!

On October 23, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring Man of Destiny to the forefront. Will he be ready to step forward into a New Dimension? Or will he wager his bet upon a future that will “normalize” with hopes of a good job, food on the table, and a little extra for his habits? The Legion of Light will stand ready to lead and role model Joy of Living in the Fifth Dimension! This day will also signal a semblance of stability in Mother Earth’s Pathway of Ascension as all matters pertaining to her Path will be a mute point! Everyone will Ascend with her as long as they will have Love in their Heart and are willing to seek their Joy of Living!

October 24, 2011 will begin the last phase before the Ascension of our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy on October 28, 2011. There will be three categories of Humanity at this point, those who will know how to express with Love and Live the Path of Joy, those who will seek to learn how to express with Love to find their Joy of Living, and lastly, those who will seek growth in their own Soul’s Progress. The vast majority will be in the last category as the experience of Creating will be new to them and will leave them in need of nurturing so that they may trust Humanity once more and also, the need of learning the key tenets of Brotherhood Consciousness – Sharing and Cooperating!

The final week into the Ascension process will be the most Chaotic and Confusing for many as these days will transpire as if time stopped moving! Time as we currently know it will be fusing into a new spectrum of measurement – Time as Movement of the Soul! Now will be the time to begin as the present moment will be the most important in the Fifth Dimension, for there is no better time reference than NOW! Look forward and realize that God’s Promise of Joy in Living is upon us!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Window Part 2

In this forecast of October 9 through 17, 2011, The Window of the Fifth Dimension will become visible to all who will gaze inside themselves with their Heart and Soul’s Eye.  For with the Eye of our Hearts and Souls we will Create everything that we will ever need and do to attain our Joy in Living and thereby enhance and increase our life’s Spiritual Prosperity! Many will still not understand how to Create and will proceed into the Fifth Dimension with the expectation that they will need to purchase their life’s Joy in Living! This will not be so!

Our current economic system hinders and limits our Power to Create. This comes through our system’s demand that we purchase our life’s necessities with government approved currencies within a system that can easily be manipulated and controlled. In the Fifth Dimension we will all become Co – Creators with God and eliminate the need for currencies or a controlled economic system! We will Create all that we will ever need and do by offering our innate and inherent skills and talents to develop our Heart and Soul’s task! This will be the main reason that many will still be in disbelief and confusion about what they will do in the Fifth Dimension!

Our Earth will begin making her Ascension into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011 with our solar system and Milky Way Galaxy. It will be a three-day process. On October 9, 2011 our Earth will proceed into a stage of expansion and contraction and will bring everyone upon her to know and understand of her intention to Ascend. The Legion of Light will be assisting her by spreading their messages of Truth and Love about what will need to be done in these remaining days until the Ascension occurs. However, the lack of comprehension of the masses will leave them not ready to understand that they will soon need to let go of what they are protecting and hoarding! This is so that they will learn to become Co-Creators with God!

The Season of God began on August 17, 2011 and will endure through November 16, 2011 when we will already be living in the Fifth Dimension! It will not be an overnight process in becoming a Co – Creator with God but on October 10, 2011 the Universal Energies will provide an impetus for everyone to learn and understand through the process of Flow. The internal process of Flow is ordained as our means for gaining wisdom and understanding in our lives. By internalizing in quietness and processing what Truth and Love give us as our way of becoming a Co – Creator with God, we will be ready to begin Creating with our Hearts and Souls before we enter the Fifth Dimension! Thereby keeping ourselves in a state of calmness and peace while the masses persist through the Chaos and Confusion!

The Full Moon of October 11, 2011 will be providing the Energy to channel and harness our emotional states into a conduit for measuring our preparation for our Joy in Living. Joy in Living is the state of calmness and peacefulness experienced when one is content with their life’s status, as in a state of Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Many will begin to find the inspiration for progressing themselves! This day will also mark the Realm of Negativity’s realization that there will be little time left for their ultimate goal of control and power over what belongs to God! There will be an unceasing increase in the already heightened Chaos and Confusion all around the world! Stand tall and place your Energy where you may best find calmness!

The more we begin to value and acclimate into our new surroundings in the Fifth Dimension, the more responsive our thoughts of Love and Joy will align with our Creative Abilities. On October 12, 2011 the Universal Energies will increase our awareness towards our Expanding Purpose in the Fifth Dimension. All along this has been God’s Plan and now it will be revealed to everyone! The Legion of Light will delight in the knowing that Man of Destiny has progressed his learning enough to prepare himself for the Fifth Dimension! Though most will not be ready for their new surroundings after October 28, 2011 there will still come a realization that those who will enter into the Fifth Dimension will find that they will have only one goal – to Create a brand new world!

Sides will have been chosen and on October 13, 2011 the Evolution of bringing all Humanity into the Movement of Light for the Fifth Dimension will begin. The battle shall linger until October 31, 2011 while our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy Ascend into our new resting place. There will be much loss to both sides but the Power of the Legion of Light and God will prevail over the forces of darkness. For when the new Energy of November 1, 2011 commingles with our Earth’s, it will open the Doorway of the Thousand Years of Peace for all who have sought out the Dimension of Love! Begin now to express your Love and Joy by opening your Heart and Soul!

Our entry into the Fifth Dimension will not produce instantaneous manifestations of “magic” to disillusion us. Rather Creation will simply become easier as the Particles of Light that make up all material things will contain more Light instead of mixed particles of Light and “shadows of Light” that we have in our current Dimension. On October 14, 2011 the Universal Energies will assist us in Creating with the basis of Love by beginning our Foundation of Love within us as our futures will depend upon Creating with Love and being responsible for Creating our own Joy of Living. These principles are an Absolute and imperative for Living in the Fifth Dimension!

October 15, 2011 will leave just thirteen days left until we will Ascend into the Fifth Dimension, despite all the continuing Chaos and Confusion. On this day the Universal Energies will have us acknowledge the Progress we have made thus far as there will be many things that will appear as though they are not Progressing. Therefore do not be deceived by what you shall hear and see from media reports that will report news items that will maintain that everything about our world is the same as in the past! Instead, know inside of yourself that everything will be moving into a better place – the Fifth Dimension!

Our Ascension into the Fifth Dimension is an Absolute! There will not be anything or anyone to prevent God’s Promise of Joy in Living from going into motion, so even as the events of October 16, 2011 reveal themselves, keep yourself focused upon the Absolutes that come with God’s Promise of Joy in Living – 1) There will be a New Beginning! 2) There will be a New Purpose for our lives! And 3) Brotherhood Consciousness will be the New Standard by which we will be measured! Bring all of your hopes and dreams to the forefront and allow your Heart and Soul to Create them for it is time!

The Legion of Light will be stepping forward on October 17, 2011 as Man of Destiny will begin to retreat and reluctantly relinquish what he long felt was his “God given right” to control. Some will remain stationary until October 31, 2011 knowing and regretting that their assumed role to act as “god” was not theirs! Others who have known no other world but the Earth Dimension will not know what to think or do and cause more Chaos and Confusion! There will be many hard lessons to realize in these days as the Legion of Light will begin to organize and demonstrate their own inherent gifts from God and lead the world into the Fifth Dimension!

After the Three Day Ascension Process into the Fifth Dimension, November 1, 2011 will usher in the Doorway of the Thousand Years of Peace! Though there will still remain residual Chaos and Confusion, it will take until January 4, 2012 for all Energies to blend, merge, and coagulate together. So do not loose faith and fall back into the past way of thinking and acting for we are on the verge of a New Horizon! Let your Heart and Soul be your guide in Creating your Joy of Living in the Fifth Dimension!