Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Ascension

On June 29, 2014 it will be one year since Mother Earth realigned her Chakras with her new Pole Star of Vega in the Constellation of Lyra. By all appearances in the year since nothing physically appears to have changed. Our Sun still rises in the East and sets to the West. The stars at night are still oriented in the same directions as before. However, through Mother Earth’s 38 degree adjustment of her Chakras’ orientation from the star Polaris in the constellation of Ursa Minor to the new Pole Star of Vega, there will be a noticeable difference in her one year synchronizing process – Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe will propel the Power of your Love beyond your wildest expectations! With Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe, dear Ones, you will find enhanced potentiality in your Power to Create with the Universe! Mother Earth’s entire synchronization process with the Star Vega will still continue for a little bit more but will finally complete her last major adjustment on December 6, 2014.

Mother Earth is the transportation “vehicle” for the Ascension of all Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, into the Fifth Dimension. There is no individual Ascension per se except the Freewill choice to proceed forward into the Fifth Dimension with Mother Earth into the Universe or not. Mother Earth serves as our Plane of Reality. As our Plane of Reality she is the Creator Planet that produces ALL Things we will Create with Love for the Fifth Dimension. The next stage in Mother Earth’s Ascension process will be her realignment within the Galactic reaches of the Universe from July 28, 2014 through August 31, 2014. During this Time period, dear Ones, your Power to Create will be upgraded from solely Creating with Mother Earth to Creating with the Host of Heaven in the Universe – Co-Creating in Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!

The shift from Mother Earth to the Host of Heaven, God’s home in the Universe, as your source of Creation in August 2014 will not be a major adjustment on your part for the Host of Heaven is the True source of all YOUR Universal Creations, dear Ones! For Man of Destiny Souls it will be an internal two step process to proceed forward. The first will be to learn that Love is ALL Things in order to Create with Love and then learning to Create with Mother Earth’s upgrading Power of Creation. In this way Man of Destiny Souls will learn to understand the process of Creating with his or her Love and Harmony combined with Mother Earth’s Energy before he or she may begin to contribute into the Eternity of the Universe with the Host of Heaven! As you will see, dear Ones, you will be setting the Universal Standards for Man of Destiny Souls to follow, and in doing so, you will be role modeling and assisting Mother Earth effortlessly progress more deeply into the Fifth Dimension and the Eternalness of the Universe!

When the Energy of November 2014 moves to influence our world, there will be a massive number of Changes occurring all around you but you will still not see any apparent growth on the part of Man of Destiny Souls. Do not be concerned about this, dear Ones, for Man of Destiny’s choices are not part of your responsibility or concern. Each individual Man of Destiny Soul will, in one way or another, be moving into the direction he or she has chosen to begin into the New Reality on August 6, 2014! The only responsibility and concern you will have, dear Ones, will be to contribute all that your Soul has come to do in assisting Mother Earth’s journey into the Fifth Dimension! As the month of November 2014 progresses to November 15, 2014, you will begin witnessing the last and final major stage of Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe!

The last and final major stage of Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe will begin on November 15, 2014 and complete on December 6, 2014. In this brief three week period ALL Things not secured with Love as its anchor will begin exiting from our Plane of Reality, Mother Earth, and the Fifth Dimension. It will not be sad, depressing, or even disheartening for you will not even be aware it is even happening! Look to anything that is not anchored with Love as its reason to exist in the Fifth Dimension and you will know who and what will exit. The Exit will continue until December 28, 2014 when a final choice for Man of Destiny Souls will be offered to stay or Exit, but to stay on the immediate condition of returning to his or her Souls original state of Light and Love. It will be a difficult process to embark upon so most Man of Destiny Souls will choose to go the way of the Exit!

Your patience in these days will be your greatest asset, dear Ones! Things may not be Changing as fast as you would like but have patience to know and understand that God and the Universal Energies will be taking care of ALL Things upon Mother Earth! In the mean time use your own Energy wisely and concentrate upon the Light, Love, and Harmony within your own world to prepare you for the Energy to begin on June 29, 2014 when the Universe continues growing and expanding in Hyperactive Mode!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Final Stretch

When you understand the Universal Energies and how they work, you become aware of patterns that demonstrate the Points of Life that our solar system, and the multidimensional Universe that supports our solar system, are affecting. Most of these patterns are subtle in immediate impact but once they have fully matured and evolved they release their potentiality in fullness and comprehensiveness. In the past 52 years there have been two significant astronomical/astrological events to signify the Points of Life that the New Millennium period was on its way. The first event occurred in a three day period from February 3 through 5, 1962. The second event was designed to bring all Souls into a decision making process for moving into the New Millennium or not. This occurred with the Energy of May 9, 1992.

The significance of the first event from early February 1962 was that all seven planets known to the ancients, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Moon, were all in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This event was the introduction of the “Age of Aquarius” and was the birth of a generation with a “Free to be me” mindset. The “Free to be me” mindset created a sense of freedom to oppose the status quo and all it stood for. Since the zodiac sign of Aquarius is not a sign of destruction but one to Harmonize and bring all people and all things together, the “establishment” was never dismantled or annihilated, nor was it intended to be.

The Energy of May 9, 1992 was subtle yet very influential for all Souls to initiate Freewill decisions necessary to begin the process of prioritizing one’s Life for his or her Spiritual Purpose instead of functioning solely as a physical body with bodily needs to fulfill for surviving. These two significant events served to bring the awareness that freeing one’s mind from the pattern of local “social norms” would lead one into the globalization process of Unity with Mother Earth and all the people who inhabit her. The process of globalization truly became apparent with the maturing of the Internet and the advent of social media. As for the prioritizing one’s Life to seek one’s Spiritual Purpose, the choices are about to come to an end on August 6, 2014.

The New Millennium activated into placement with Universal Energy of March 4, 2014 and is just waiting for those who will decide to integrate, to do so. It is as if you were building a brand new home on an existing parcel of land while waiting for its completion in a trailer on the land. We are now just waiting to “move” into our new home. And with the Energy from June 16, 2014 through July 16, 2014, dear Ones, the Final Stretch in the 52 year period to prepare for the New Millennium’s advent arrives! In appearance you would think that everything is still the same but it is not! All Lightworker Souls are already “sitting” upon the land and just anxiously waiting to “move into” their new home. As for Man of Destiny Souls, they too are expectant but not in the same way.

All changes during the 52 year time period from February 3, 1962 through March 4, 2014 have largely been internal. The physical changes will begin from June 16, 2014 until July 16, 2014. During this Time, dear Ones, your Spiritual Maturity will begin to manifest in ways you would not have ever thought possible! While you will be in the place of activating in Unity with God, Man of Destiny Souls will be seeking growth in Unity with God. It is still a Freewill decision process to seek the experience and growth in Unity with God and from July 12, 2014 to August 6, 2014, the final choices will be presented for all Souls to ponder. For you, dear Ones, all you will have to do is nothing more than recalibrate the level of Love you care to display, nothing more!

The Final Stretch for beginning “to move” into the Energy of the New Millennium is upon our doorstep, dear Ones. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not be able to understand or even fathom the external Changes about to begin from June 16, 2014 through July 17, 2014. But there will be 144,000 Souls, who will know that Love in the Universe is ALL THINGS! And with this primary core of Lightworker Souls you will have Brotherhood in Unity with God and God Source leading you into your “new home” in the New Millennium! By February 7, 2015 you will recognize your comfort and trust in your “new home” where you will bring Spiritual Knowledge for the mass of Man of Destiny Souls to learn, grow, and understand that it is Time to process and move forward with God and the Legion of Light!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Identity Crisis

Last year on July 7, 2013, a quiet and unassuming Vibration began with the Universal Energies – the call for every Soul in the Universe to begin his or her Spiritual Purpose with God. This was not a call for every Soul to begin attending services and getting involved with their local church, synagogue, mosque, or temple. Instead it was a preparation call for the process of Unifying with God and the upper Dimensions of the Universe. All choices since that date have been in one way or another related towards moving into one’s Spiritual Purpose with God. For Lightworker Souls the call to Unify with God and the Universe once more would never be an issue or even an interruption in a Lightworker’s Life upon Mother Earth or any other place in the Universe. But for Man of Destiny Souls, it is an entirely different matter.

For the past millennia and more the Spiritual Evolution of Man of Destiny Souls has largely been a process of defining his or her Soul’s Purpose as a linear development with economics. The Evolution of Man of Destiny through economics became even more entrenched in the past few centuries with the Western world’s colonization process. Former “independent” nations, even after being granted “independence” later, became further embedded into the web of the economic power introduced by the Western world’s laws implemented over the laws of nature and regional provisions of wealth that nature provided for local residents. The Western colonization process left behind a world now largely controlled by the Western colonialist nations through economic laws to bring each colonial nation along as indebted servants. Nowadays this extracting influence can be used to the point that military wars are no longer needed, especially when a financial war can bring about the exact same result – a broken people and its economy.

Man of Destiny’s evolvement through the linear development of economics has also influenced the way the vast population identifies him or herself through the many classifications that results in an economic identification whether it be by one’s current job title, status, position, or even with his or her marital status. This trend has also influenced Lightworker Souls as a means to “fit into” Man of Destiny’s economic world. But on June 15, 2014, dear Ones, there will be a New Vibration beginning upon Mother Earth, and throughout the Universe for that matter, that will call everything and every Soul to order! For it will be Time for all Souls to declare one’s Spiritual Purpose with God or to declare that one is not ready to contribute as a participant with God and the Universe!

This will not be any sort of issue for you, dear Ones, but for Man of Destiny Souls the Identity Crisis that will ensue will not easily contribute to his or her pleasure or gratification! For Man of Destiny Souls will be in a process of moving away from being a physical body living solely for an economic purpose to becoming what he or she was originally meant to be – a Soul of Light and Love evolving to become a Co-Creator with the Love in his or her Heart and fully integrated with God and the Universe! The Energy of June 15, 2014 will begin an intensity as never felt by Man of Destiny Souls but for you, dear Ones, you will know it is the Ever Present Love of God entering into your Heart and Soul to lead you toward your own destined place with God and the Universe!

From June 16, 2014 onward your Spiritual Purpose with God, dear Ones, will be doing all the work of your Heart and Soul for you to have an economic purpose that will bring you Joy with the Unlimited Love of your Heart and Soul! For no longer will any Soul be required to do whatever he or she does not feel Love to do! Man of Destiny’s Identity Crisis will stem from the issue of having to redefine him or herself into the Way of the Universe where doing something for one’s economic purpose without Love will not bring movement into any direction for one’s Spiritual Purpose with God! It will not be an easy or overnight transition, even for some Lightworker Souls who became immersed into his or her economic purpose over one’s Spiritual Purpose with God.

When the Energy of July 10, 2014 arrives, the original Vibration that initiated the call to move into one’s Spiritual Purpose with God will be complete. From July 12 through August 6, 2014 the Universal Energies will move to reemphasize one’s Spiritual Purpose with God by presenting the final choices that will lead every Soul into the direction of the New Millennium! By November 15, 2014 when all that has been processed and decided upon by Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls everyone will be led into his or her appropriate placement with God and the Universe. In this way the Identity Crisis will be a good thing for everyone who processes and understands that one’s Spiritual Purpose with God is the key factor for Unity and Oneness with God and the Universe!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spiritual Empowerment

When the Energy of June 2014 begins there will be a very noticeable difference – the effect your Love will be having in your immediate world. This effect began on May 3, 2014 when the Day of Revelation arrived to begin the process of Revealing the Truth of who you are, dear Ones – one aligned in becoming increasingly more and more powerful with your Love to the point that you will be Creating instantaneously! This will not happen immediately for you will find that from May 16, 2014 through June 6, 2014 you will be given an optional “doorway” to choose the internal skills of Enlightenment you will need for your future. Each day will offer you Unlimited Spiritual Empowerment skills for the New Reality with the option of choosing on the Higher Self level each and every “option” available or just choosing to bypass one or even all of them!

Some of these “doorways” are intertwined and will serve to expand your current status by February 7, 2015 when the entire Legion of Light will be ready to move forward into leadership! With some “doorways” offered during this period, you will find you will not personally need them because you already have the Spiritual Empowerment skills developed demonstrating you are all ready to begin! The most powerful days in terms of these Unlimited Spiritual Empowerment skills being offered will be from June 4, 2014 through June 6, 2014 when the entire Spiritual Empowerment series completes. 

The Unlimited Spiritual Empowerment enhancement being offered from June 4 though June 6, 2014 is the Light, Love, and Harmony of God to Create your Project of Light and Love along with God Source to ease whatever complexities and issues may be involved for you. After the Spiritual Empowerment series completes on June 6, 2014 all Lightworkers in Service with God will be moved into Hyperactive Mode! The Hyperactive Mode for all Lightworker Souls will continue through February 7, 2015 when it will be Time for all Lightworkers to step forward into the New Reality with God! Whatever complexity or issue between you and your future role with God will be alleviated and eliminated! So do not worry and puzzle over your attempts to put into motion whatever is in your Heart and Soul to Create, dear Ones!

Your Love is Unlimited in all ways for Love is the currency of God! There is nothing you will not be able to accomplish in the coming years, but for now, it is Time to activate and bring forth all that is in your Heart and Soul. As Time progresses though November 6, 2014 you will find that the Hyperactive Mode of the Universe will be calling the Legion of Light to form into physical groups, pods, and teams for working together. From July 12, 2014 through August 6, 2014 you will see these groups, pods, and teams merging into bigger divisions of Light because, dear Ones, you are all an innate and integral part of the Unity movement with God! By October 14, 2014 every Lightworker Soul will be in position to lead Man of Destiny Souls into motion towards becoming an active participant in Unity with God!

In the mean time, Man of Destiny Souls will be given the days from July 12, 2014 until August 6, 2014 to decide once and for all, if he or she will become an active participant in the movement of Unity with God. His or her decision will come into the forefront from November 6, 2014 through February 6, 2015 when all Man of Destiny Souls will be granted his or her choice in the Physical Reality. To stay and remain is to follow through as a participant in the movement of Unity with God. To leave will be to request further instruction with Love and the Ways of God and the Universe. On February 7, 2015 the momentum of the Universal Energies will be for Man of Destiny Souls to follow the banner of the Legion of Light into the New Horizon with God and the Universe! There will still be further “testing” for Man of Destiny Souls until March 27, 2017 but there will be no need to worry about the Lightworker Plan for the “Instant Karma” of the Universe will be in full effect!

The Spiritual Empowerment period from May 16, 2014 through June 6, 2014 will serve to make you, dear Ones, a stronger representative of the God and the Universe. Whatever disappointment or failure you may have experienced in the past was not of your own doing! It was a process required to unlearn everything you thought to be your Truth and Spiritual Purpose Experience with God and the Universe for learning in Man of Destiny’s limited world. As you will see, dear Ones, your Truth and Spiritual Purpose Experience with God and the Universe will be your greatest asset for it is Time for the Light to come together in Unity with God and the Universe in the Oneness you knew all along!