Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Identity Crisis

Last year on July 7, 2013, a quiet and unassuming Vibration began with the Universal Energies – the call for every Soul in the Universe to begin his or her Spiritual Purpose with God. This was not a call for every Soul to begin attending services and getting involved with their local church, synagogue, mosque, or temple. Instead it was a preparation call for the process of Unifying with God and the upper Dimensions of the Universe. All choices since that date have been in one way or another related towards moving into one’s Spiritual Purpose with God. For Lightworker Souls the call to Unify with God and the Universe once more would never be an issue or even an interruption in a Lightworker’s Life upon Mother Earth or any other place in the Universe. But for Man of Destiny Souls, it is an entirely different matter.

For the past millennia and more the Spiritual Evolution of Man of Destiny Souls has largely been a process of defining his or her Soul’s Purpose as a linear development with economics. The Evolution of Man of Destiny through economics became even more entrenched in the past few centuries with the Western world’s colonization process. Former “independent” nations, even after being granted “independence” later, became further embedded into the web of the economic power introduced by the Western world’s laws implemented over the laws of nature and regional provisions of wealth that nature provided for local residents. The Western colonization process left behind a world now largely controlled by the Western colonialist nations through economic laws to bring each colonial nation along as indebted servants. Nowadays this extracting influence can be used to the point that military wars are no longer needed, especially when a financial war can bring about the exact same result – a broken people and its economy.

Man of Destiny’s evolvement through the linear development of economics has also influenced the way the vast population identifies him or herself through the many classifications that results in an economic identification whether it be by one’s current job title, status, position, or even with his or her marital status. This trend has also influenced Lightworker Souls as a means to “fit into” Man of Destiny’s economic world. But on June 15, 2014, dear Ones, there will be a New Vibration beginning upon Mother Earth, and throughout the Universe for that matter, that will call everything and every Soul to order! For it will be Time for all Souls to declare one’s Spiritual Purpose with God or to declare that one is not ready to contribute as a participant with God and the Universe!

This will not be any sort of issue for you, dear Ones, but for Man of Destiny Souls the Identity Crisis that will ensue will not easily contribute to his or her pleasure or gratification! For Man of Destiny Souls will be in a process of moving away from being a physical body living solely for an economic purpose to becoming what he or she was originally meant to be – a Soul of Light and Love evolving to become a Co-Creator with the Love in his or her Heart and fully integrated with God and the Universe! The Energy of June 15, 2014 will begin an intensity as never felt by Man of Destiny Souls but for you, dear Ones, you will know it is the Ever Present Love of God entering into your Heart and Soul to lead you toward your own destined place with God and the Universe!

From June 16, 2014 onward your Spiritual Purpose with God, dear Ones, will be doing all the work of your Heart and Soul for you to have an economic purpose that will bring you Joy with the Unlimited Love of your Heart and Soul! For no longer will any Soul be required to do whatever he or she does not feel Love to do! Man of Destiny’s Identity Crisis will stem from the issue of having to redefine him or herself into the Way of the Universe where doing something for one’s economic purpose without Love will not bring movement into any direction for one’s Spiritual Purpose with God! It will not be an easy or overnight transition, even for some Lightworker Souls who became immersed into his or her economic purpose over one’s Spiritual Purpose with God.

When the Energy of July 10, 2014 arrives, the original Vibration that initiated the call to move into one’s Spiritual Purpose with God will be complete. From July 12 through August 6, 2014 the Universal Energies will move to reemphasize one’s Spiritual Purpose with God by presenting the final choices that will lead every Soul into the direction of the New Millennium! By November 15, 2014 when all that has been processed and decided upon by Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls everyone will be led into his or her appropriate placement with God and the Universe. In this way the Identity Crisis will be a good thing for everyone who processes and understands that one’s Spiritual Purpose with God is the key factor for Unity and Oneness with God and the Universe!