Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Pause

From December 1 through December 7, 2014 the Energy will feel as if a “pause” button were being pushed somewhere in the Universe to pause all unnecessary physical activity before the Creator World begins on December 8, 2014. Most Souls will not even notice for their bodies seem to stay in perpetual motion as if the Universal Energies’ guidance for their activities does not even exist. This will not be so after December 8, 2014 when Mother Earth opens the Creator World for all Souls who chose to participate with her from July 12 through August 6, 2014. For you, dear Ones, the Pause will only be a Time of simply attuning your Heart and Soul to prepare yourself for the new experience the Creator World will be offering you and your fellow members of the Legion of Light.

Man of Destiny Souls will begin a nineteen month process to begin recognizing his or her Spiritual Nature on December 4, 2014. When the process completes on July 31, 2016 most Man of Destiny Souls will have advanced through three Spiritual stages of evolution. The First stage will be to evolve as a Man of Light Soul, one who understands with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe, secondly as a Soul in Unity with God, and finally as a Co-Creator in Unity with God through an evolutionary process of learning about the Spiritual Power of Love. There will be no deviation from Man of Destiny’s evolution as Mother Earth’s Sanctification with the upper Dimensions of the Universe completes on December 6, 2014 and will nullify any attempts by Man of Destiny Souls to avoid the evolution process entirely, as there are no more choices to return with Mother Earth into the Fourth Dimension, for it does not exist!

The Energy of the Pause by the Universe will be for all Souls to take time out to give thanks and reflect upon the progress of Mother Earth with the Universe, for Mother Earth will never return to the Fourth Dimension or as a place of learning to evolve with the concept of Love! This brief week will be as if the anticipation of Christmas were here earlier than usual! And it is for all Lightworker Souls ready to return with the Creation Power that Love bestows with the upper Dimensions of the Universe! From December 8, 2014 Mother Earth will only be a place of being in the Harmony of the Universe. This will give further cause to celebrate and rejoicing for all Lightworker Souls, for it is your return to the familiar environment you were born in!

As the month of December 2014 proceeds and brings closure to the year of 2014, the Energy and Vibration of the Universe will be in full effect upon Mother Earth from December 8, 2014 onward. Mother Earth’s “homecoming” with the upper Dimensions of the Universe will raise her Vibrations to the point that only Lightworker Souls effectively in Unity with God and the Man of Destiny Souls progressing towards the process of moving into Unity with God will be fully functioning. Although Man of Destiny Souls will be in the process of moving into Unity with God, keep in mind, dear Ones, they will be moving towards Unity with God in staggered starts. Some will evolve quickly and join you as Man of Light Souls in the spring of 2015 to assist Mother Earth’s Reorganization for the Fifth Dimension. Most will withdraw from public view to resolve an Identity Crisis caused by Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension and work solely on removing futile beliefs and lies lingering from the Fourth Dimension. Others will find it too large of a task and choose to start all over!

Mother Earth’s conditions after December 8, 2014 will be much like the time of Noah’s flood for the Man of Destiny Souls who chose not to be part of Mother Earth’s “homecoming” into the Fifth Dimension. But rather than Mother Earth being inundated with 40 days and night with rain, it will be the Universal Energies “flooding” all Souls with Light, Love, and Harmony! This will bring a 24 month Time period for Man of Destiny to evolve with the Changes Mother Earth will be producing in her Transition into the Fifth Dimension. Though it will not be as extraordinary as a 40 day rainy period, this “flood“ of Energy will produce the Conscious Awareness that will be needed for one to unite with the Energy and Vibration being formed. The Time has come, dear Ones, for all things to Change as the wave of Energy being produced from God’s newest Dimension, the Eighth Dimension, will have finally reached the Milky Way Galaxy and our Mother Earth!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Reorganization

If you were to randomly survey a group of people about the biggest problems facing the world today, they would probably come up with as many answers as the people you surveyed. This would not be surprising to anyone. But if you were to ask them what could be done to change the world, most would merely shrug his or her shoulders and offer a sardonic response and offer little more. But you, dear Ones, have a model in your Heart and Soul that provides a comparative base from which you know the Truth and the difference between the organization of the upper Dimensions of the Universe, “heaven,” and man’s current organization of Earth. Your response may initially sound too convoluted with Love for most people today but internally, dear Ones, you already have an idea how Mother Earth will be reorganized for the Fifth Dimension.

In the next few years Mother Earth will be initiating the Changes needed to transform her Life supporting superstructure to replicate the other Life Supporting Centers, the Creator Planets, of the upper Dimensions of the Universe. Much of Mother Earth’ s replicating process of the upper Dimensions of the Universe will be conducted in tandem with Mother Earth and Lightworker Souls assisting God with the Growth and Expansion process of the Universe. Internally all Lightworker Souls will know his or her part but may feel out of sync in doing so, for such a large and expansive plan has never been attempted before! All you will have to do, dear Ones, is allow God Source to lead you into what you will do and trust that the others who may be involved with your Project of Light will be around the next corner to assist you. You will find that there will be no “coincidences” in the next few months with other Lightworker Souls as the Reorganization of Mother Earth begins in earnestness!

Beginning from November 26 through December 19, 2014, and especially from December 2 to December 19, 2014, Mother Earth’s Transformation will begin the process of replicating herself as a model of “heaven” in the upper Dimensions of the Universe. The process will move rapidly for the next two and a half years then begin a more gradual pace once Mother Earth’s superstructure is completed in March 2017. In the end no one and nothing will be left untouched by the Universal Energies in Mother Earth’s quest to Transform into a model of the upper Dimensions of the Universe! Man of Destiny Souls will be moved out of the way as there is already a subtle Energy in the works from November 1, 2014 through February 7, 2015 that will only allow Man of Destiny Souls to watch and learn in the process, nothing else! In watching and learning some Man of Destiny Souls will evolve into Man of Light Souls in order to prepare him or herself to progress into Unity with God status and assist your Projects until February 7, 2015, when you and the others of the Legion of Light assume leadership in assisting in Mother Earth’s direction.

Mother Earth’s Transformation process in itself will create as many problems as are currently facing the world today, but they will be of a totally different nature for Man of Destiny Souls – learning an unfamiliar territory and who to trust. Mother Earth’s process will make your Projects of Light flow easily for you, dear Ones, but for Man of Destiny Souls it will begin a new learning process to effectively become Spiritually accustomed and acclimated with the New Reality on Mother Earth. It will be a trying and difficult transition for some Man of Destiny Souls but the biggest problem Man of Destiny Souls will face will be to learn how to use God’s Currency of Love with the Power of Creation. 

For the next two and a half years Mother Earth’s Transformation will open up the Creator World for all Souls by producing an enhancement of her Creator Planet status, thus compelling all Souls to learn to use God’s Currency of Love along with the Power of Creation. Effectively, this will bring an end to the economic system as we know it. Without the understanding or foreknowledge of the value of God’s Currency of Love to Create his or her Joy in Living, Man of Destiny Souls will at first panic and move into fear, little realizing that he or she has just been freed from the debt bondage of man’s economic system! The Creator World will activate for all Souls in Unity with God and those who realize the True potency of God’s Currency of Love on December 8, 2014!

Beginning on December 8, 2014 nothing upon Earth will ever be the same! God’s Presence Energy will follow the Activation of the Creator World on December 10, 2014. From December 10, 2014 onward you will never have to feel isolated or alone, if such feelings ever overcome you from time to time, for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in the Universe will be by your side! Your Pathway and Projects of Light and Love will begin to adhere with the Harmony of the Universe in order to begin Mother Earth’s replication of the upper Dimensions of the Universe through you and your Creations! In this way will you assist God in the process of producing growth and expansion upon Mother Earth in words that only the feeling of Love could describe!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Unlimited Reality

As all Souls have come to learn, the everyday experience upon Mother Earth in the Fourth Dimension of the Universe and below has been a daily reminder of limitations and artificial boundaries. Money is not an unlimited commodity, supply of goods is not unlimited, and happiness and joy do not last forever. Beginning with the Energy from November 17 through December 16, 2014 however, the experience of an Unlimited Reality will begin to reveal the new possibilities available through Mother Earth’s transition into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011. Many Souls will not be able to fathom the concept of Unlimitedness in any way, shape, or form, but for you, dear Ones, you will not only understand and thrive within the New Unlimited Reality, but it will also mark the beginning of demonstrating and role modeling Who you are and what you are Truly capable of within the Universe in Unity with God!

The only Power in the Universe that can transverse all limitations and artificial boundaries in any dimension of the Universe is Love. Love is the Unlimited Power within you and throughout your experience in any dimension of the Universe. Your Love, in fact, is equal in quality and magnitude with God’s Love and is readily capable of assisting God in the process of Creating the Growth and Expansion of the Universe. There is no ego in this for internally you will realize, dear Ones, the Unity with God process that began from August 18 through November 16, 2014 has endowed you with a New Spirit and a Renewed Sense of Purpose! Your Renewed Sense of Purpose and Inspiration towards your new goals, dear Ones, will lead you along with the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light into prominence beginning February 7, 2015. By April 19, 2015 you will be in the full movement of not only understanding the Unlimited Reality but in the Joyful practice of it!

The Unlimited Reality will involve you in a short process of remembering, relearning, and reapplying your Spiritual Knowledge from November 17, 2014 through April 19, 2015. It will not be difficult for any Lightworker Soul to move through this short process. With the Energy of November 22, 2014 you will be joined by advanced Man of Destiny Souls, Man of Light Souls, who will come to seek your Spiritual Knowledge and learn from you. Welcome these Souls for they have come to learn about the Ways of Light, Love, and Harmony and will serve to assist other Man of Destiny Souls in the Great Awakening beginning on December 30, 2014! This entire Energy Movement is inline with the Energy of December 8, 2014 when the Universal Energies assume authority over all activities upon Mother Earth.

The stage of readiness for the Energy of December 8, 2014 will begin with a reorganization of Mother Earth involving Man of Light and Lightworker Souls beginning on November 26, 2014 through springtime 2015.  The Internal Vibration of this call will be heard and felt around the world and will begin a cooperative union between Man and Light in preparation for the Great Awakening on December 30, 2014. There will be much to reorganize and restructure as Chaos and Confusion amongst the masses will be the general rule after springtime 2015. The prevailing Chaos and Confusion will not be sent by God as judgment or punishment over Man of Destiny Souls but is the residual effect of man’s world removing what will not be allowed to persist into Mother Earth’s Unlimited Reality!

Mother Earth’s Unlimited Reality will take several months to build and complete for your use. While she readies, dear Ones, you will be in a process of your own, one to learn, comprehend, and understand the concept of Unlimtedness in your Life. By beginning to understand that your Love is the key to your Unlimtedness, you will be making great strides and movement in the next several months. And remembering that in Unity with God, you are also Unlimited and ready for the Unlimited Reality that awaits you!