Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Imagination!

Using your imagination is one of the simplest things you can do. It does not matter what state of Mind you are in or even what emotional mood you may be in, it just happens whenever you choose to proceed into its domain. And like the Universe, your imagination attaches no moral judgment or reasoning whatsoever, it just happens as if on demand to bring you whatever you would like to experience. There is unconditional rationale for this, dear Ones, and it is simply that your imagination is as Unlimited as the Universe for like the Universe, your imagination is the source from which all experiences you wish to Create with Love emerge through you in the Fifth Dimension!

The way of connecting your imagination with the Universe is through your Third Eye Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is one of the Seven member Chakra system that serves to expand your conscious awareness into the higher dimensions from your Heart and Soul to the Universe. In the process of expanding your conscious awareness with the Universe, dear Ones, you will also be enhancing your Creative abilities to the highest level possible and thus maximizing your Creative Skills when the Time of the New Millennium activates on March 4, 2014. Beginning with the Energy of October 29, 2013 you will find that your Love and imagination will become the greatest assets you will have as everyone designated as a Co-Creator in Unity with God will be increasing in conscious awareness with God and the Universe!

There will be an increase of activity all over the Universe due to the growth and expansion of the Universe that began on February 2, 2013 when the Eighth Dimension was Created by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Mother Earth will not be immune from the movement of the growth and expansion. For you, dear Ones, it will be a Time of returning to your dominion of the Universe with God! For Man of Destiny Souls, who have never experienced the intensity of Love with God and the Universe unlike you, it will be an exasperating experience for him or her! Man of Destiny will begin the process of learning what being in Unity with God and the Universe is all about with the Energy of October 29, 2013 when imagination and intuition through the Third Eye Chakra will be a new and unknown experience for most Man of Destiny Souls.

Man of Destiny will initially respond with an intense fear due to the opening of his or her Third Eye Chakra but as Time progresses they will be renewed with faith and trust in God through the Legion of Light’s leadership on a worldwide scale! Man of Destiny’s renewed faith and trust in God will also serve to initiate and activate the opportunity he or she will all have to Unify with God from January 23 through February 7, 2014! Some Man of Destiny Souls already understand the Seven member Chakra system, most do not. But in order to become a Co-Creator in Unity with God one will need to bring ALL SEVEN Chakras to full function in order to Create with the Universe!

In the days to come, dear Ones, many Lightworker Souls will be in the process of reacquiring his or her own Universal Creator Skills. It will not be easy for every Soul, as it will require the development of one’s imagination, intuition, and the application of one’s Love to accomplish this task. In some cases the inspiration that will come through the opening of one’s Third Eye Chakra will lead to multilevel Creating with God and the Universe. In these cases it will not come from being dearer in proximity with God, for there is no such thing, but from the release of all that no longer serves anyone living with Truth and Love in the Fifth Dimension! In this way, dear Ones, you will lead by example with all the Light, Love, and Brotherhood you are truly capable of exhibiting for the New Millennium that Activates on March 4, 2014!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eye of the Storm

If you were to fly over a massive tropical storm like a hurricane, you would see the dominating feature called the “eye of the storm” below you. Stepping down into the “eye” from the sky above, you would begin to witness a totally different world apart from the storm – a calm wind blowing and a gentle rain falling inside of the “eye.” Perhaps you may even get a brief view of the Sun or Stars above depending upon the time of the day. This is how the Energy from October 5 through October 28, 2013 will be like for you, dear Ones. All around will be a “hurricane like storm” producing a trail of Chaos and Confusion while, for you, there will not be such chaos for you will be in the process of integrating with the Universe!

The first stage in the process of integrating with the Universe has already occurred for you, Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things on February 4, 2013. The Unity with God factor also designated you as a Co-Creator with God! This factor was activated on May 15, 2013 and allowed you to temporarily Create your Emanations of Love with the vibration of Mother Earth’s material resources. The next stage in your return to integrating with the Universe as a Co-Creator in Unity with God will begin on October 6, 2013 when you will begin to Create with the entire Universe’s vibration at your disposal! The final stage to achieve full integration with God and the Universe will begin on October 14, 2013 when all who will be in the key of Harmony with the Universe will begin to initiate Creation with the Universe’s vast material sources!

You, dear Ones, will be within the protection of the “eye of the storm” as the Energy of October 18, 2013 begins to prepare you and your brothers and sisters of the Light for the Activation of the New Millennium Energy on March 4, 2014! In the Movement of your Soul during this Time you will find that Creating in Unity with God will be fun and easy, for you will be applying your innate Love and Joy to express the Freedom to Create you have longed for upon Mother Earth with the Universe! In doing so you will also begin to role model your role as a Co-Creator in Unity with God to all Man of Destiny Souls who will be open to listening, learning, and seeking your Wisdom of the Soul!

Man of Destiny Souls will be come to know God very quickly in these next five months as the “storm” passes to inundate and remove all that stands upon Mother Earth without a Foundation of Love to protect it! These will be trying days for Man of Destiny Souls that will result in many moving towards becoming ready to enjoin with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Unity from January 23 through February 7, 2014 through your teaching and role modeling! Those who will seek you in the days to come will be led to you through the Energy Vibration of the Universe. For the most important things in the days to come in the next five months will be one’s Spiritual Nature and attuning it for entry into the Activation of the New Millennium on March 4, 2014!

These next five months will not be a burden to you, dear Ones, in fact, it will be as if you were standing inside the “eye of a storm,” and it is so! For now the Time to demonstrate and realize all that you have been hoping and praying for – that all Souls come to know and understand the Ways of God in this lifetime – will be occurring! The entire movement of Energy will be leading every Soul for the Activation of the New Millennium’s Energy by integrating with God and the Universe! This will result in One Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity for every Soul in the Universe through the Realm of Spirit! On Mother Earth God and the Legion of Light will be in charge for One Thousand Years to introduce and demonstrate the Ways of God for Man of Destiny Souls! Many Man of Destiny Souls will seek cover from the “storm” within the “eye of the storm,” but it will take Time. When the storm begins to subside and the New Millennium is Activated on March 4, 2014, then, it will be Time to begin everything new with every Soul in the Universe!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wherever You May Be

Wherever you may be on October 14, 2013, dear Ones, you will begin to notice the newness of an unspoiled and pristine Energy that is now readily available. The Energy will be concentrated while also being multileveled. Concentrated in order to do and accomplish all things of the Soul and multilayered to extend your reach into the Universe’s vast material resources for all of your Creative Endeavors! This will be an unprecedented stage in Mother Earth’s Evolution for every Soul upon Mother Earth, in fact, the entire Universe, will either be in Unity with God or in the process of becoming unified in Unity with God! This will not leave much room for wanton thinking or wishing. Rather it will be as if every Soul in the Universe were participating as an instrument of Harmony and resonating with the tune of his or her Soul in Harmony with the unified vibration of the entire Universe!

There will be many Man of Destiny Souls whose Heart and Soul will “sing” off key and out of synchronicity with the Harmony of the Universe. Some will withdraw into silence due to the collateral interference he or she may cause in the future endeavors of the Soul. For you, dear Ones, your innate attunement with the Universe and being in Unity with God will greatly assist you during this Time of Fear for the masses! Man of Destiny Souls will look upon the occurring events as the Apocalypse, and it is so! However, it is not the end but the beginning of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things moving ALL Things forward to fulfill His/Her Promise to make all things new!

The newness of All Things in the Universe will be surprising for everyone in one way or another. For all things not secured with a Foundation of Love during this Time of Fear will simply begin to fade away and diminish in importance for they will be useless for attaining Growth and Expansion of the Soul! The surprise for all Souls already knowing and understanding with a Foundation of Love will find rapid growth and expansion with the Universe through the Empowerment of Creation! Thus contributing to the growth and expansion with the Universe upon Mother Earth! For the many who will be out of synchronicity with the Harmony of the Universe, this Time period will be for learning and understanding how to establish a Foundation of Love in order to become Co-Creators in Unity with God from October 14, 2013 until the last available day during this phase, February 7, 2014.

The Energy of October 14, 2013 will also coincide with the initiating Energy for the Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression. The Heart’s Expression is a bestowed status upon one who has become a Creator of the Heart, one who’s Heart Chakra has attained Multileveled Empowerment of Creating with the Universe through his or her Pure Heart of Love! The Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression will complete on November 6, 2013 and will introduce the world to a new level of Creators upon Mother Earth. There will not be many ready for this status yet but there will be many who will follow to become Creators of the Heart as they work to process the Changes that the Newness of ALL Things in the Universe brings forward!

In initiating what will be termed as the Apocalypse, many will be looking at the infrastructure of all that they have come to know falling apart and thus, bringing fear. But as you will come to see, dear Ones, it is not the end but the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s Seven Promises in the Book of Revelation (Chapter 21, verses 1 – 5). Hold these Promises near to you and know that Joy in Living for everyone will become a Reality in the New Horizon that began on August 23, 2013! Wherever you are on October 14, 2013 you will realize that Love is all you need!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creating with the Universe

You have come a long way, dear Ones! For if you were to look back at the things that used to bother you in the past, it would seem that either the issues diminished in value or they have simply lost their place of importance in your Life. There is good reason for this, and it is that the next stage of the Creator World is about to open up to you on October 6, 2013! Beginning with the Energy from October 6 through November 6, 2013, the entire Universe will be opening to provide the material of your Creative Endeavors! This Time period will not need a major readjustment from you, just the awareness that you are back within your innate environment of the Universe!

The biggest difference between what we are Creating today and what will be possible beginning on October 6, 2013 is the difference between Mother Earth‘s current vibration and the vibration of the Universe. The Earth vibration at this time is much like a bass chord on a string instrument producing a deep, heavy, and reverberating low sound. By comparison the Universe’s vibration is a much faster, higher, and refined sound. Since June 29, 2013, when Mother Earth realigned herself towards her new pole star of Vega in the constellation of Lyrae, Mother Earth began a process to complement and commingle with the vibrating pulse and rhythm of the Universe. Mother Earth’s process will complete on October 6, 2013, when we too will be ones ready to begin Creating with the Universe once that we have made our own internal adjustments and alignments!

It will not take you long, dear Ones, to become aware of this vast difference in Energy Sources! Each Lightworker Soul is unique and exceptional in his or her own characteristics of Light and Love therefore, the entire internal processing will take from October 6 through November 6, 2013. Some will be ready to initiate right away while others will need more Time to align. By November 6, 2013, every Soul who has prepared for this event, along with Mother Earth, will begin Creating a whole new chapter of experience with the Universe on Earth! Man of Destiny Souls, however, will not be participating at this time. Instead Man of Destiny Souls will be in preparation for the Time frame that they will have the opportunity to begin in Unity with God from January 23, 2014 through February 7, 2014.

In waiting for this evolutionary transition, Man of Destiny Souls will be making humungous strides in not only aligning with the New Energy of the Universe, but to also begin learning how to Create with his or her own Emanations of Love. During this Time, that began on September 17, 2013 and will complete on February 7, 2014, you will also be witnessing the Evolution of the Spirit taking place! What will appear at the beginning as two separate worlds coexisting side by side at the same time will actually be the Transformation of bringing Mother Earth’s entire body and Soul into Unity with the Universe! Your work as a Lightworker Soul, dear Ones, will be leading the way through your introduction of your own unique contributions of Light, Love, and Harmony upon her!

The Evolution of the Spirit will only be initiating at this Time to set the new precedents of future Life upon Mother Earth. It will not be a “one time, one opportunity” procedure. Instead it will be a process of introducing each new generation of Human Souls to a new Life as Souls free to Create his or her expression of Love with the Universe. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not be able to immediately express what is in his or her Soul, much less what is within the confines of his or her Heart for lack of experience. This process will take many Man of Destiny Souls several lifetimes to acquire and integrate. For you, dear Ones, the fun will be just beginning for you will be back in your innate environment of the Universe! So once you leave behind what no longer serves you from the present world, so will the Universe give you all it has to offer you, for you are Unlimited like the Universe!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rededication to God

During the final week of September 2013, there will be a comprehensive choice for every Soul to consider. This will be the choice to Rededicate one’s Soul to God on September 26 and 27, 2013 or not. It will be so easy for you, dear Ones, that you may even think this is God’s sense of humor playing a joke on you. But it is not, for the world of the Third Dimension still exists in the minds, deeds, and habits of the multitude of people upon Mother Earth. The Truth is that we are all Spiritually in the Fifth Dimension but in practice, everything appears as if it were all still in the Third Dimension – rumors of war, a distraught world economy, and so many injustices that we have all become immune to them except when they strike a personal chord.

The reason you will still be seeing as much discord as in the past is that it is one’s inner Reality that Creates his or her external Reality. Disharmony is a byproduct wherever there is a lack of Love in all areas of one’s Life. In the Third Dimension, as well as the Fourth, the fact that there is an application of Love in some areas of one’s Life but not in others is part of the Dimensional process of learning. For instance, one may Love the compensation one receives as a result of one’s career but the career may have many less than desirable features such as working with one who is curt, abrasive, and unappreciative. In the Fifth Dimension, everything is accomplished with Love at the core center of every thought and deed, from emanation to manifestation in the process of Creation!

The decision to Rededicate one’s Soul to God on September 26 and 27, 3013 is one’s individual promise to God that he or she will willingly apply Love in all instances of one’s Life, as required for all Life in the Fifth Dimension. This decision will directly influence your movement in Life, dear Ones. Man of Destiny Souls will be like children learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. Some will have level pavement from which to learn while others will need to experience a slow and tiring uphill or a fast downhill ride to apply the “lessons of Love” they have chosen. Indirectly, the application of Man of Destiny’s “lessons of Love” will influence your external Reality, where Man of Destinys attempts to apply his or her “lessons of Love” will either bring success from experiencing the Fifth Dimension or failure resulting from the lack of applying Love into his or her intended experience.

For Man of Destiny Souls to fully experience the Fifth Dimension, he or she will need to Rededicate his or her Soul with God and apply Love into all areas of his or her Life. Unity with God will become his or her Soul’s standard of approval on February 7, 2014 when Man of Destiny Souls will have the opportunity to become Co-Creators in Unity with God! The period of Time that will begin on September 17, 2013 to February 7, 2014 will be the Time that you, dear Ones, will begin Re-Creating Mother Earth with the Creation Power that God and the Universe have bestowed upon you! This Time period will also mark the Redistribution of Wealth in terms of using God’s Currency of Love and the Power of Creation over man’s currencies of control and manipulation!

From October 5 through October 29, 2013 there will be a new emphasis in terms of Living in the Fifth Dimension. This will take into account the decision one has made to Rededicate his or her Life to God. For those who choose to be in the Energy of the Rededication with God, there will be inner stirrings of Joy in Living within his or her Heart. Yes, you have had these stirrings for a long time but the Energy to bring a 24/7 sense of Joy in all ways will be ready to commence. In fact, from October 14 through November 6, 2013 the Ordaining of the Heart’s Expression will begin! This will mean that God’s Energy and Love will be with you at every turn of revealing the True workings of the Fifth Dimension and all that it has to offer! In this way the inner Peace, Joy, and Harmony within your Heart and Soul will absolutely align your external Reality through your decision of Rededication to God!