Saturday, January 31, 2015

Growth with Light, Love and Harmony

The Qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony form ALL Things in the Universe. Without any one of the three Qualities of Light, Love, and Harmony, nothing would exist in the Universe. Light is the end-product Created by combining Love, the Creation Force of ALL Things in the Universe, with the Harmony Vibration of the Universe, the Vibrating Waves of the Force produced by the pulsations of Love derived from the Creation Source of the Universe. The Harmony Vibration of the Universe assumes responsibility for two roles in the Creation process. First, it provides the connectivity waves of “shape” and “form” in ALL Things Created. Secondly, the connectivity waves assume the dimensional properties of “shape” and “form” as the Created end-product, or what it will look like in appearance. Light is Created when Love fills the “shape” and “form” of the Harmony Vibration end-product, much like water filling an empty pitcher to make the water and the pitcher appear as one solid material form of “water in a pitcher.” Light is the combined Forces of Love and the Harmony Vibration of the Universe Vibrating as One material form in ALL Things!

Growth and Expansion with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe occurs whenever a New Dimension is Created in the Universe. There are Eight Dimensions in the Universe now and each one has served as God’s Home and as the Creation Source of the Universe. Beginning from the “Zero Point” of “The Beginning” of the Universe through the Fourth Dimension, the main emphasis is learning to become at One with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. The “Zero Point” through the Fourth Dimension predominantly serve as “learning centers” for Man of Destiny type of Souls within the Star and Galaxy Systems all over the Universe. The Fifth Dimension is the implementation stage for the application of all previous lessons of Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. Learning continues in all upper Dimensions of the Universe, but with a much higher magnitude of possibilities and with a finer connectivity “thread” of Harmony Vibration to Create with one’s Love. 

Mother Earth entered into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011. She is now at a point where she will be activating the Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration from February 27, 2015 through April 1, 2015. You, dear Ones, will be physically leading her through the Transition process from a Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration into her Fifth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration. You, consciously or even unconsciously at this Time, already understand the entire process and what is to come in Mother Earth’s Transition wholeheartedly! In your Time of sleep, meditation, or just “resting,” you are growing and expanding with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! Your sleep, mediation, and rest are serving to reacquaint you with what you already know and understand to be the Truth of ALL Things! It is all part of the Restoration of the Light Sequence you are currently involved in!

Your own Growth and Expansion with the Universe begins within you from February 3, 2015 through June 16, 2015. And as fast as you begin to restore and validate your conscious memories with what your Heart and Soul internally know to be the Truth, you will be activated to begin the implementation of your reacquired recollections of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe beginning on February 26, 2015. In this way you will be more than ready when Mother Earth assumes her Newness in the Universe as a fully functional and capable Creator Planet of the Fifth Dimension on May 16, 2016. In a year and a half, dear Ones, there will be no remnants of the Fourth Dimension existence except the memories of Man of Destiny Souls hanging on to a past that gave little, if any, preparation for the Light. Love, and Harmony of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! You are in moving into a crucial stage for Super Growth with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

Your Growth with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe will continue well beyond Mother Earth’s May 16, 2016 start date as a Creator Planet for the Fifth Dimension. You will begin to feel the Energy for your Spiritual Growth as early as February 14, 2015, if not sooner, when the signal of the Universal Energies will begin to align ALL Things for Mother Earth’s Transition into Fifth Dimension! You may not see any immediate Changes occurring around you, but you will feel the Change happening! Man of Destiny Souls will only have the opportunity to stand back and watch once February 14, 2015 arrives! For it is you, dear Ones, who are designated to lead by demonstrating and role modeling what can be achieved with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Fifth Dimension now available upon Mother Earth!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Restoration of the Light

Recent population estimates of our Earth state that there are approximately 7.125 billion humans on Earth. If you were to subtract the approximate number of 200,000 Lightworker Souls from the recent human population estimate, there would be 7,124,800,000 Man of Destiny Souls on Earth. Lightworker Souls represent a meager 0.000028 % of Mother Earth’s current population. For Lightworker Souls to represent 1% of the entire human population there would have to be about 71,250,000 Lightworkers on Earth, but there are not. The approximation of 200,000 Lightworker Souls represents the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light on Mother Earth. This will be the estimated number of Souls leading Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension beginning on February 7, 2015.

Lightworker Souls are not concentrated in any one metropolitan area or even within one nation in the world. Rather they are scattered amongst the masses, incognito in who they are and what they know and can do with the Spiritual Skillset each unique Lightworker Soul is endowed with. Most Lightworker Souls prefer to be in the background but you will find Lightworker Souls functioning in almost every public and private sector career and job category. The physical recognition of another Lightworker Soul is difficult at best, as maintaining “uniformity” in the world with Man of Destiny Souls provides no special physical demarcations such as “wings,” “halos,” or huge “space alien” eyes to distinguish a Lightworker Soul from a Man of Destiny Soul. As it is now, you can only tell an assumed Lightworker Soul by being in his or her presence and listening to the ranging depth of engaging conversation you will be drawn into. Beginning from February 3, 2015 until June 16, 2015, dear Ones, you yourself will be drawn into a Restoration of the Light process that will restore you into your magnificent glory with God in fullness!

The Restoration of the Light “process” is not Truly a “process” per se, as a process involves Time sequencing with timely internal decisions leading to a favorable outcome or event. Instead, the Restoration of the Light will be the sequencing of a single Event through Time, much like a snake would shed an old skin to reveal its new skin covering. In shedding your “old skin,” dear Ones, you will be revealing the Truth of who you are in the Universe with God. All of this will happen without the need of choosing to remain with your minimized Skillset and staying incognito or to have the Restoration of your Truest capabilities! It will just happen! The end result of the Restoration Sequence will serve to transform you from using 10% of your Spiritual Skillset to 100% of what you have to offer for Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension with God!

In leadership with the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light, dear Ones, you will be redefining all boundaries, limits, and parameters of thought and perceptions that involve God and Mother Earth in the New Fifth Dimension Universe. It will not be difficult for you, for you will simply be role modeling and demonstrating the Light, Love and Harmony that permeates the entire Universe upon Mother Earth! As for Man of Destiny Souls during the Restoration of the Light period from February 3, 2015 until June 16, 2015, the most important thing for him or her will be to prepare for his or her “in Unity with God” status. Currently, Man of Destiny Souls are still evolving to progress into Unity with God as Man of Light Souls, the highest status of Man of Destiny’s evolution for becoming like Lightworker Souls! In the next two years, dear Ones, all Souls upon Mother Earth will be in Unity with God for that is all Mother Earth will allow upon her!

The most difficult period of Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension will begin after you have been fully restored in all ways with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe on June 16, 2015! Man of Destiny Souls will be given two more critical opportunities to progress with you, Mother Earth, and God into the Fifth Dimension. These opportunities to choose will occur from March 25 through March 27, 2015 and in a short series of last choices through June 15 until July 1, 2015. This will be Man of Destiny’s last opportunities to advance for what he or she has been destined from the beginning – to become a Co-Creator with God and Universe! This will not be an unmanageable issue for most Man of Destiny Souls but for the slowest of all evolving Man of Destiny Souls, the Reptilian Souls, it will be a difficulty to remove the “me, myself, and I” issue as his or her preferential priority. Until July 6, 2015 all anyone will be able to do is shrug one’s shoulders and let the choices go where they may, for the remaining Reptilian Souls will not be an interference with Mother Earth’s schedule with God and the Universe!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hope into Reality

There will still be days that will seem as if nothing has changed from the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension upon Mother Earth. This will be True until Mother Earth has completely removed all her remaining Fourth Dimension Harmony and Activates the Harmony of the Fifth Dimension. If Mother Earth’s process to transfer her Fourth Dimension Harmony into Fifth Dimension Harmony were instantaneous, dear Ones, all that would be left would be you and all Lightworker Souls on Service to God upon Mother Earth and many unrecognizable landmasses surrounded by bodies of water that no one would recognize on a map. Missing along with the recognizable landmasses we know as the seven continents and the familiar shores of the oceans would be all Man of Destiny Souls.

On first thought you may think that a Reality in the upper Dimensions of the Universe with God would be more preferable than a Reality where you seem to be a glorified “babysitter” for a Soul who does not listen, does not understand, or even heed your advice about God’s Universe. But God’s Project to have a Soul evolve into a Lightworker-like Soul through an evolutionary process of learning has its own benefits. So on second thought, your patience with Man of Destiny Souls, dear Ones, will be paying off and turning your Hope to return with God again into Reality! The process of Mother Earth’s Transition to transform into a Fifth Dimension Reality will involve a two step process. The first step will be to remove her Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration and secondly, to activate the already accruing Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration upon her. Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimensional Harmony began departing on December 29, 2014 while the Activation of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony will begin on February 27, 2015!

From January 15 though February 13, 2015, the most important Spiritual concern during Mother Earth’s Transition will be to align one’s Soul for beginning with God in Mother Earth’s process of Activating her Fifth Dimension Harmony. In doing so, you and all who will follow the guidance of the Universal Energies will move into leadership and prominence with Mother Earth’s New Harmony! For you, dear Ones, will be Activated to lead Mother Earth’s Transition on February 7, 2015, and thereby, transforming your Hope into Reality! At this point there is not one single Man of Destiny Soul ready for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, not even the most evolved Man of Destiny Soul, the Man of Light Soul. You, dear Ones, are the only Souls on Earth with the Spiritual Experience of the upper Dimensions of the Universe with God. So whenever a Man of Destiny Soul may “question” you about the Spiritual Nature of all things, do not doubt yourself, for Man of Destiny Souls have never been allowed to experience the Fifth Dimension ahead of Mother Earth!

When Mother Earth begins to Activate her Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration on February 27, 2015, dear Ones, the longevity that has been missing from all of your New Creations of Love will begin. Mother Earth’s process of Activating her New Harmony Vibration will commence from February 27, 2015 through April 1, 2015. At the same time that Mother Earth is Activating her New Harmony Vibration, the Energy to Activate your “in Unity with God” status will begin for you! The Activation of your “in Unity with God” status will move you one step closer to realizing the New Reality in its fullness! The last and final step of transforming your Hope into Reality will be God’s Sanctification for all the internal work you have accomplished in readying yourself for these days! God’s Sanctification of your internal preparation will begin on April 14, 2015 and complete on June 15, 2015.

Your potential with the New Harmony Vibration of the Fifth Dimension will be Unlimited and so will the deeds and accomplishments that you and the Legion of Light will achieve together! It may still seem unhopeful at this Point of Time, dear Ones, but just remember – all things in the Universe progress through a process of maturity. For now, all you will have to do is give some of your Time to define your Joy in Living and watch it mature and become your Soul’s task upon Mother Earth in the Fifth Dimension! By July 6, 2015 you will realize that your own process of moving away from man’s world and 100 percent into God’s Universe was achieved much easier than you could have ever imagined! Simply by recommitting yourself to all the things that bring you Love and Joy, your hopes, wishes, and dreams will become your Foundation for Creating the New Reality!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aligning to Begin with God

Sometimes it’s fun to take an unplanned, spontaneous road trip someplace you’ve never been before or to a place you haven’t been to in a long time. It’s like reawakening your pioneering spirit! In a sense, dear Ones, this is what will be in store for the next few months as you and the Legion of Light assume leadership for Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension. At this point of Time you may have an idea about what you will be doing in the very near future and where you will be going. Then again, you may not even have a clue yet. That’s OK because in the next two months, beginning with the Energy guiding Mother Earth from January 15, 2015 through March 22, 2015, you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light will be internally reintroduced to the concept of the Joy of Living “as the highest expression of one’s Soul!” 

In aligning to begin with God, there will be nothing new for you to truly learn about the Joy of Living, it’ll just be a case of remembering and reapplying what your Soul already knows – for it is Time to demonstrate to all Souls on Earth that God and the Fifth Dimension are present upon Mother Earth! By simply Living your Life and exemplifying the Joy of Living, you will be introducing the Universal Concept of the Joy of Living to all Souls. In doing so you will also be launching the beginning of the integration of Body and Spirit into every human experience upon Earth. You may already be integrating the Body and the Spirit in your Soul’s work and do not realize it, or you do realize it and naturally move with the Flow of the Universe! Learning to Flow with the Universe is an experience that all Souls, especially Man of Destiny Souls, will need to eventually understand, comprehend, and implement into everyday use for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

In Flowing with the Universe, rather than opposing its forces, Life becomes less stressful, more spontaneous, and less dramatic! It is much like the spontaneous road trip, you know where you want to go and how you are going to get there but not much about the details. The details become like stressors. How do we get gas money? How do we pay for dinner? What are we going to do once we get there? These kinds of questions become more of a distraction and more the reason to stay away from spontaneity, and more into a rigid lifestyle of planning every detail. Laughter and a moment of Joy cannot be preplanned. They are spontaneous and impulsive. Living more for the experience of spontaneity can be encouraging especially when you find how spontaneous Joy and laughter begin to manifest on impulse! Thus the journey to seek out the Joy of Living with the Univrse will begin.

When you let the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe take care of you, you are planning to become spontaneous and impulsive, for that is how Creativity blossoms with the Universe! The inspiration of Creative moments comes to you when you are in an open and contemplative state of mind, in the moment of an imaginal state with your Third Eye Chakra. You may already be a Master of Creating your Creative Time, dear Ones, or maybe not. If not, you soon will be, for the growth and expansion of the Universe Flows through you and will lead the way you desire with your Heart and Soul, which are naturally attuned to the Flow of the Universe! In today’s world, artificial stimulants disguised as wonderful gadgets you really, really need are mere decoys to steal your time and money from your own Creative abilities.

In aligning to begin with God, the Creator World will be aligning with you to begin Creating your Joy of Living with the Power of Love. In a sense it will be as if you were beginning with a blank white sheet of paper, clean and empty of any writing marks. But as you begin to consider the possibilities you also begin to write down your ideas. Pretty soon you have filled up both sides of your blank sheet of paper! Welcome to the world of Unlimitedness! The Universe, dear Ones, is open to you and all of the Love you have to offer! Nothing will stand in your way for only you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light have the Spiritual Experience to work in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! 

The many social Changes that everyone will need to make for the Fifth Dimension will not be so difficult to implement after all. For by July 6, 2015 Mother Earth’s present proposal to begin Flowing with the Universe will be affecting every Soul! Every Soul will either be restructuring his or her Life by design or by the force of circumstances. Mother Earth will be moving to become a New Earth in May 2016 and her choice is now beginning to manifest! In the present days, it is a choice for all Souls to begin with her now or wait and let circumstances dictate what one will do for his or her future. Man of Destiny Souls will be the ones most affected by the postponing of the choice. Your valuable Spiritual skills and leadership, dear Ones, will take you a long way into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition as you align to begin with God!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The New Joy of Living

The Energy of January 7, 2015 will mark exactly one month, dear Ones, before you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light begin to serve in leadership of Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension. It will not come with any kind of certificate, diploma, or an “official document” showing your credentials with God. It will not even bring any type of accolades for you except from your Brothers and Sisters of Light, who will be cheering you on! Rather, you will be demonstrating the Light and Love in your Heart and Soul in Unity with God! In doing so, you will become an activator and initiator for a new phase of Life with Light and Love in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! 

Eventually Man of Destiny Souls will join you in the Future of Man and Light, once they have each individually activated as Man of Light Souls in Unity with God!  The long term goal for all Souls in Mother Earth’s future is to attain the “in Unity with God” status. There will be no diversion or deviation from it! Having already achieved the “in Unity with God” status, dear Ones, you will be well on your way into Creating the Future of Man and Light! Your leadership for the Fifth Dimension will be introducing a new definition for Joy of Living – Joy of Living as the highest expression of one’s Heart and Soul! You may already be accomplishing this, but rather than using purchasing power to achieve it, you will be Creating your Joy of Living! This will be an easy transition for you, as your Soul’s Chakras will be doing all the work for you!

The transition from purchasing power to Creation Power is an unavoidable process of the Fifth Dimension. Creation Power involves the work of your body’s Chakra System aligning as Energy Vortexes in unison with the Universal Energies. Your Love is the “Prime Mover” and initializing Universal Force in all your Fifth Dimension Creations. By not using Love in what you are doing, the Fifth Dimension’s properties of Creation would be no different than the Fourth Dimension. It would be as if you were in circumstances that you did not Love, such as a job or a situation you no longer Love. Simply tolerating circumstances until something or someone better comes along will not work any more for no Soul is here to learn to tolerate anything or anyone, every Soul is in the Fifth Dimension learning to Create with Love in all thoughts, ways, and actions! By doing only what you Love, dear Ones, your Chakra System will naturally align your Soul with the purity of the Fifth Dimension and move itself away from the collapsing Fourth Dimension!

The difficulty will not be for you, but for Man of Destiny Souls, who will be living as if nothing has changed and even oblivious that a New Horizon is prompting all Souls to “change with the times.” Your pathway in the New Horizon will allow you to move into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension easily and readily, dear Ones, for the Fifth Dimension’s environment of Love is your natural state of being! By May 18, 2015 your acclimation and adaptation into the New Horizon will be complete. It will not be so for Man of Destiny Souls, as the world around him or her will be collapsing and disintegrating as if his or her home were on the bull’s eye of a hurricane or tornado. Once Man of Destiny Souls can move beyond a state of anguish, disbelief, and anger, the healing process will lead him or her into acceptance and finally, the decision to rebuild him or herself for the Fifth Dimension. This will only be accomplished by returning back to the natural core of Love within his or her Heart and Soul!

There will be many needless events triggered by Man of Destiny’s confusion. Most of these events will occur because of Man of Destiny Souls’ lack of Truth for understanding what is happening. There will be finger pointing to blame what they will reason is the cause. They will blame Lightworkers as much as each other and create unnecessary chaos, only to further deepen the intensifying quagmire of falsehoods and lies. These chaotic events will begin on February 7, 2014, dear Ones, and now you can see why your leadership will be so essential for a world moving as if it were without a rudder. These events will not hinder your path in any way, shape, or form, dear Ones, so stay in your Truth and understand that circumstances may fall in your way. So do not worry for you are being led by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things, and no harm will come to you!

The New Joy of Living, as the highest expression of one’s Heart and Soul, will be significantly assisted by a future social structure that will facilitate and expand the simplicity of Life by which all Souls will benefit. First however, you and your state of being are the priority, dear Ones. You are endowed with Spiritual Wisdom beyond this Time and Space. Your Love knows more than you can now consciously declare. So just remember that in Unity with God you will have access to the long sought after Spiritual Knowledge you may have felt denied, for it is now Time to return with God and demonstrate to Man of Destiny Souls the True meaning of Joy of Living in Unity with God once and for all!