Friday, November 30, 2018

111, 222, 333

Repetition is the Mother of Perfection and inspires cadence and creativity and synchronicity. 

Our thoughts are things.  Whatever we think, believe – or can imagine – manifests into the physical/material world that encompass our reality.  Creation remains constantly synchronized with our thoughts, beliefs and imagination.  We truly are the Creators of our reality. 

With that in mind, what if every single human being on Earth had one single simultaneous thought – the thought of God’s Love all at once?  Would we instantaneously transform into God’s Love – or, would we remain the same? Could we find the time to unify in this Way?  Could we actually think, believe and imagine a day when we have eliminated all of our differences in one day?

What if the One Thought of God’s Love was the key to synchronizing our world into lockstep with the Universe? 

What if this One Thought of God’s Love served to synchronize our entire world into unifying every human being on Earth? 

What would happen? 

What would happen, Dear Ones, is that the One Thought of God’s Love would manifest humanity’s Unity.  Everything would begin in unison!  Each and every one of humanity’s challenging differences would be eliminated.

111, 222, 333 

Our thoughts are things that manifest – materialize – in our world.  

We are all unified through the one instantaneous thought of God’s Love – even if we have forgotten that Truth and gotten lost within our own thoughts.  We are all unified through the one instantaneous thought of God’s Love – even if we believe that we did not Know this Truth.  We are ALL ONE ENTITY.

The date, Time and place have arrived upon humanity’s doorstep.  Humanity’s transition is now in motion!  What will we do?  What will we say we will do?  And most importantly, what will we now think, believe, or imagine we could do to manifest the physical things encompassing our reality? 

111, 222, 333 

Humanity’s Transition begins on December 6, 2018.  Two steps are necessary to initiate our Transition.  The first will originate with humanity’s response to The Calling for our participation in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension on December 14, 2018.  The second is contributing our part to assist in the Re-Organization of Mother Earth for the Fifth Dimension on December 27, 2018.

111, 222, 333 

The answers are all contained in the rhythm and cadence of our Unity – and located within our Hearts and Souls!   Allow the clarity of the synchronicities to serve you in leadership.  You will Know that you are not being led astray – but directly into our Unified New World!

111, 222, 333  

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

You Will Know

Recognize who you are within the vast Universe
And you will know 

Give from your Heart and Soul
And you will know

See the wonder in the World
And you will know ALL

With Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Acceptance
Expectation leaves and expires

Fulfilling who you are and your Purpose
Within a World of Knowledge

A new chapter has begun on Earth
Know and recognize, Know and recognize

Your Purpose and Heart and Soul
Are you and the Universe, the Universe is You

You are ALL and ALL is You
And You Will Know

Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Acceptance

In advancing towards The Calling, humanity is now segregating into three main categories: 

Those who are “living,” 
Those who will seek Life, and 
Those who stand in readiness to completely honor the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe in Life! 

You may say everyone who is alive is “living” and seeking Life, but what is “honoring” the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe in Life? 

Our individual emotional states provide us with a clue in our advancement towards The Calling – The Calling to fulfill our Soul’s Spiritual Purpose – defined as the experience of connecting our Soul into the entirety of the Universe!  The Calling completes on December 14, 2018.

How do we react to world events? Are we engaged in the media’s coverage of events on our cable news programs? Does our local news media influence the way we react in the unfolding of events?

There is a balancing point in what we call Life – a state of peace and harmony with all that was, is, and will be NOW!  

Whenever a feeling of discomfort, confusion – or anger – displaces our state of peace and harmony, our equilibrium is usurped by an emotional intrusion into our Life.  We remove our selves from our state of peace and harmony and Acceptance with all that was, is and will be NOW! 

Of the three main categories humanity is now segregating into, those “who are living” are most susceptible to the intrusions of Life.  Those “who will seek Life” are Awakening to the new possibilities of Life by limiting the intrusions into their emotional states.  Those who stand in readiness to “honor the Light, Love and Harmony of the Universe in Life” are already aligned within The Calling of our Souls!

Every single Soul within Mother Earth and her Solar System’s Transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is now being Called to become a participant of Life in the Universe. If no one were to respond to The Calling, Mother Earth and her entire Solar System would simply collapse and become recyclable matter within our sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.  

The Truth is that there are many humans now Awakening to the possibilities of Life in the Universe and just as many will be reborn within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World at a later date. 

Your leadership, Dear Ones – as a teacher, a guide, a demonstrator and role model – has served humanity well in the transition of humanity into a New Era and New Reality. 

May peace and harmony be upon you, Dear Ones, for there is much to transpire in the days to come if only you remain in Acceptance of all that is NOW transitioning!