Friday, September 30, 2011

The Window

The month of October 2011 will bring in much needed transparency into revealing our Earth’s Path of Ascension. Many Projects of Light will become visible and begin to manifest as things that will no longer serve us in the Fifth Dimension will be discarded and disappear. Those who have readied themselves for the Fifth Dimension will be in a state of “anxious anticipation” from knowing that their Paths of Light will begin!

The Window of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will open on October 28, 2011. Many will find the experience awkward and unfamiliar as they become aware that the Energy of Love will be prominent and readily available. Most will remain as if they were still in the Fourth Dimension – distrustful, skeptical, and even resistant to Change! However once there, they will be on a fast tracked education into learning how to become a Being of Light once more for Light and Love is all there is! 

Many will continue to think that the world’s problems can still be fixed with the same old and tried remedies. Even in our own lives this will continue for some by habit. On October 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring everyone into learning and understanding that our future depends upon Creating with Love and being responsible in Creating our own Joy of Living. These principles are an Absolute and imperative for Living in the Fifth Dimension! The sooner we understand and learn these principles, the sooner we will adapt ourselves into our new environment and Create with our Heart and Soul’s intent!

On October 2, 2011 The Window into the Fifth Dimension will be available to examine, ponder, and seek before it finally opens on October 28, 2011. Allow yourself to daydream and imagine its purified Energy of Love by opening your Heart and Soul as you become aware of its immense presence! This exercise along with visualization and meditation will bring everyone closer to understanding that the Fifth Dimension will be the place where anything will be possible! Chaos and Confusion will continue to be the rule until everyone has understood and learned the way of our future!

Our Earth will be making adjustments even after she makes her Ascension with our Milky Way Galaxy. In the same way we must also persist in making adjustments within our Hearts and Souls to ready ourselves. The Universal Energies of October 3, 2011 will help us prepare for this by reminding us to Share and Cooperate in an experience of Brotherhood Consciousness. Some will prosper and understand while others will be “too busy” to realize that the entire process of learning for the Fifth Dimension depends upon an internalizing experience of the Heart and Soul. Everyone’s Purpose in the Fifth Dimension will depend upon everyone to recognize the beneficial experience that Brotherhood Consciousness will bring!

Imagine a life without the experience of Negativity. There would be no need to shield and shelter your Heart and Soul from the experience of fear and pain or even having to act defensively towards another person. Imagine this and you will understand the Choice everyone will be given on October 4, 2011. This Choice will bring into fruition the experience of life with Brotherhood Consciousness and Joy. Does it seem too hard to imagine lifetime after lifetime without the experience of Negativity? The Fifth Dimension is called the Dimension of Love and will manifest Creation to the fullest degree in all that has been hidden in the Fourth Dimension’s lessons and experiences in learning to Live with Love!

Brotherhood Consciousness to begin our journey into the Fifth Dimension will be role modeled by the Legion of Light beginning on October 5, 2011. God’s Legion of Light will ensure that His Promise of Joy in Living will be fulfilled. Some Lightworkers will provide leadership while others will serve as Teachers and Healers of the Soul to raise understanding and comprehension amongst the masses. Other Lightworkers will serve to progress the Project of Light in other needed capacities such as promoting Joy. In so doing the Legion of Light will be role modeling Brotherhood Consciousness without the knowledge of each other except by the identifying essence and quality of “knowing” the presence of another Lightworker!

Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will begin to work together in the Project of Light on October 6, 2011. This too shall be a choice amongst Man of Destiny as he functions to make sense of the Chaos and Confusion all around him! The stage of progressive learning will be over and now it will be time to enact the principles of Creating with Love and being responsible for Creating our own Joy of Living. Many have lost the capacity to Create as they have learned to become dependent upon an economy favored for the few and only serving the few, in a way that has enslaved everyone into their grasp and hold!

The process of Creating is dependent upon two qualities inherently available to us. These are the capacity to receive and give Love and to Live in Joy. We make daily choices to apply one or both of these qualities in our lives and at times we will just take what will come to us. On October 7, 2011 the Universal Energies will be give us the Opportunity to Choose to Create our foundation of understanding for Creating our Fifth Dimension Destiny of Joy. It will be a personal choice as the founding principle of the Universe is to Create with Love and Joy in as many ways possible. This way we will learn to experience Love and Joy in all its many dimensional facets!

On October 8, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to slowdown the preparation of our world for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium for it is done. Now the massive concentration of Energy will shift towards preparing everyone for the Portal’s Entry date on October 28, 2011. Massive Turmoil will blend with the Chaos and Confusion already present in the world. Many will not understand with their Hearts and Souls and will delude themselves and others with extreme measures to resist their own Transformation! This too will be an Opportunity to advance with Expressions of Love, Brotherhood, and Joy but will be widely misinterpreted except by those who will call themselves Lightworkers within the Legion the Light!

Before the Change of Dimensions occurs there will be a need to process, learn, and apply Love and Joy in all we think and do for these will be necessities of Life in the Fifth Dimension. There will still be many unresolved issues that will continue into the Fifth Dimension as those who will not have gained a rudimentary understanding of Love and Joy will bring Chaos and Confusion with them. For this reason the Legion of Light will be readily available to lead, teach, and bring understanding to a world in the midst of rapid Transformation!

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Transition Part 3

In the remaining days of September 2011 all issues concerning Humanity’s Spiritual progress or lack thereof will come to the forefront and be addressed as we will have less than a month until the Portal of the Fifth Dimension appears on October 28, 2011. These lingering days will mark the beginning point for all progressive movements and actions to realize Humanity’s Spiritual Evolvement. This will be the reason that it will be critical to increase our awareness in learning and understanding that empowerment and achievement in the Fifth Dimension will only come through the New Spiritual Knowledge that we gain for our future now!

There will be many battle lines drawn between the forces of Light and Darkness that will define an Individual Rights Movement where everyone will be forced to enact their choices to either live in a world of Lovingness and Peace or not! There will also be many confrontations with violence and destruction worldwide until the year’s end. The Individual Rights Movement will also bring witness to the rise of the Legion of Light who will plan, engage, and lead the Final Battle between Light and Darkness which will decide if Freedom will become a longing of the Heart or if it shall become the Way of Life for everyone!

On September 23, 2011 the Universal Energies will continue forming, merging, and intensifying the call for a New Foundation of Peace – A New Jerusalem – as the world’s turmoil will increase and expand to raise our awareness in Brotherhood Consciousness. This call will begin to awaken everyone into realizing that there are no boundaries or barriers in living the Human experience except by the illusionary walls of separation that we place between others and ourselves. There will also come with this realization an understanding that there is only one minority and one majority in the world – the few who would control the world’s financial assets and those who are indebted as their financial slaves! Awaken your Heart and Soul’s progress by recognizing your need to express with Truth, Love, and Joy!

The way to find the New Foundation of Peace will be to learn and progress with your Heart and Soul’s calling to express yourself with your highest intent for the Fifth Dimension. There will be much need on September 24, 2011 to find your expression of Joy in Living as you will find that emotional stress and turmoil are bodily signs that the experience of Joy in Living is lacking and asking you to reevaluate your priorities. Seek Truth and Love within the Reality of your Heart and Soul to ensure that you will be ready for the new standards of Creating in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

There may be questions forming in your mind about how The Transition can be Creating two different Realities at the same time. The Truth is that the Fourth Dimension will be in a process of declining so that everyone and everything in its Dimensional Grid will learn to experience in the Dimension of Love! Many will not notice the effect of The Transition, even after October 28, 2011 but place more attention upon what they will perceive to be a lack of “normality.” The Universal Energies of September 25, 2011 will provide an impetus for seeking the Reality of the Fifth Dimension as our Earth will be completing her own Transition into it. There will be some who will be able to easily step into the Fifth Dimension’s Reality with only the assistance of their thoughts. Most however will still be incapable of transitioning yet as their minds will still only comprehend the current world and realize that EVERYTHING IS CHANGING!

Progress will begin once our minds accept the concept of Creating in the Fifth Dimension where we will be able to translate our thoughts into a manifested counterpart with ease – as long as it will come from our Heart and Soul’s Expression with Love! It will also be a necessity that our manifested counterpart be within the need of our Expression of Joy. The Energy of September 26, 2011 will have our Earth in a “no interference” zone in her Path of Ascension with our Milky Way Galaxy. Now it will be up to each and every one of us to adapt ourselves into her New Pathway and learn to Create within these New Parameters!

These New Parameters for Creating will ensure that whatever we Create will only be activated when we have our highest intent focused upon our Joy of Living. The Energy of September 27, 2011 will assist us in also achieving a “no interference” zone for whenever we will wander away from our focus of Joy and think about our past, so will our Heart deepen in intensity with our sorrow or fear! We will be making great progress in learning to Create in Fifth Dimension so let go of the past and focus upon your future of God’s Promise of Joy in Living!

Unifying in Brotherhood Consciousness will help us make sense of all the Chaos and Confusion occurring in these days. Do not let yourself become immersed with the high drama happening now, as the Energy of September 28, 2011 will not let the Earth’s plan to ascend with our Milky Way Galaxy deter her. This will begin a cleansing by Mother Earth to rid herself of negativity and all that she will not need for her Ascension. We will all benefit and must also replicate her actions by ridding ourselves with whatever will not align within Mother Earth’s Energy Grid.

The Fifth Dimension’s New Economy will be based upon local communities whose foundation is in Brotherhood Consciousness. Unity will bring Oneness to all who will bring their skills to Share and Cooperate with one another as this will become the foundation of self-reliance and subsistence. Preparation in Brotherhood Consciousness has already been introduced with the Earth’s many natural disasters. On September 29, 2011 the Universal Energies will further facilitate our need to learn to Share and Cooperate. Joy will become a commodity to share and express for it will assist many in remaining hopeful for the future to come!

On September 30, 2011 there will come an Opportunity to choose to express with the highest intent of your Heart and Soul. Truth, Love, and Joy will assist in expressing your Heart’s Expression to the highest degree and in this Opportunity will be the Pathway of expressing it with others. Many will still remain focused upon their own personal issues and concerns. This will be a benefit as this will assist them in processing the Universal Energies of The Transition into the Fifth Dimension. Others will remain in ego and not seek self-growth but rather they will gain knowledge and understanding that they will no longer control the Destiny of God’s Promise!

The Fifth Dimension will begin its destined course on October 28, 2011. There will still much to learn and process as the new rules and standards will have many in disbelief of what they will be able to do for Freedom is the longing in the Heart and Soul of every human upon Earth! In the Fifth Dimension this will be the only way to live but first must come the will of every man, woman, and child to become Responsible for its gain! This will be the parameter in which the Individual Rights Movement will be based and fought for by this year’s end!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Transition Part 2

As we advance towards the Fifth Dimension’s Portal entry date of October 28, 2011 there will be a strong need to make sense of the Change all around us. Some will begin to take action and find that Change will come with ease and comfort. Others will find that they have become inspired through dreams, visions, and shared ideas to understand the Changing conditions of our World.  Others will simply ignore the Change and do nothing but struggle for they will remain in fear without the knowledge to proceed responsibly.

The external Change we are witnessing is being driven by the Fifth Dimension’s New Standards for Living and internally we are all making adjustments to them. The main adjustment we are making is to replace our emotionally driven responses with a rationally driven response. This will be the maturation point in the evolution of Humanity’s history and will allow everyone to derive his or her responses with Eternal Truth! This evolutionary ability will become the main influence in obtaining the Joy of Living required for the Fifth Dimension!

Our Pathways in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will greatly benefit from our newly enhanced abilities and capacity to understand Eternal Truth and Love. On September 15, 2011 the Universal Energies will be offering acknowledgement to our newfound abilities by providing the Truth and Knowledge required to make the leap from Fourth Dimension emotional responses to Fifth Dimension logical responses. For what will be abundant and waiting for us to peruse will be Brotherhood Consciousness that we will need for understanding how to Create with Truth and Love! Open yourself up and become a Co-Creator with God!

While we will all be making our own adjustments to the New Manifesting Energy for the Fifth Dimension our Mother Earth will be making her own and Creating her Pathway. On September 16, 2011 Mother Earth will be Creating and improving her capacity to enter into the Fifth Dimension’s Portal by adjusting her electromagnetic body to allow her northernmost point to align with our New Pole Star of Vega in the constellation of Lyra. This will greatly improve our own capacity to Create with the intent of Creating Joy in our lives without emotional values but by the values of Eternal Truth and Love!

Mother Earth’s adjustments will continue into the middle of October and will Create the Path of Understanding for everyone to gain wisdom and understanding for entering into the Portal of the Fifth Dimension. On September 17, 2011 the Season of God will have progressed into its first month as many will become more and more aware that Change is eminent and absolute! At this point of time the Universal Energies will allow us to Create with Joy as we become aware that the current state of all things in our world will be different in the World to Come! Do not let fear consume your capacity to learn, grow, and progress for this is what this time has been designed for!

Everything that we are currently in the process of Creating will be Manifesting for our lives in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. The more we come to understand about Brotherhood Consciousness, working with Eternal Truth and Love, and comprehending that we are meant to Live in Joy, the more we will quickly and efficiently adapt ourselves into the Dimension of Love! On September 18, 2011 there will be some who still will not have the capacity to fully grasp and understand the Shift of Consciousness due to their conditioning and/or refusal to acknowledge that the World belongs to God and not Man! The way is open now and Man of Destiny, you may now begin to drop your guard and become a Creature of Lovingness with your chief concern upon your Heart and Soul’s growth!

The Opportunity for Choosing to adapt yourself into the Life of Brotherhood and Peace will be available on September 19, 2011. Most will be willing to seek the World to Come and its basis of Sharing and Cooperating with one another. However, there will still be those who feel that the basis of living upon Earth shall be to gain, accumulate, and hoard! These ones will be required to become the most humble of all for they shall be forced to learn to Share and Cooperate as this will become their biggest lesson of all! Compel yourself to move forward by learning to apply all you will learn in these days!

There will still be much more to learn, process, and understand for the World to Come as it will not be until early February 2012 that most will have learned the new rules and standards for living in the New Dimension of Love. The Energies of September 20, 2011 will emphasize to everyone that wealth has been redefined as Spiritual Prosperity and will not regress – no matter how much those who control and manipulate the world’s economy will try! Spiritual Prosperity will become the new mark of achievement over material hoarding and will become the new standard. Those who fail to gain their fair share of understanding will be assisted by the Legion of Light and will learn to comprehend about the wealth contained within their own Heart and Soul!

On September 21, 2011 there will be rumors of war and violence by nations who will not be willing to concede Mother Earth’s call for a Life of Brotherhood and Peace. The issues will be many including land boundaries, failing economies, and outright abhorrence for another nation! Do not let fear overcome you for where there is fear God will not be present. Remain in a state of Loving and calmness for this will be the way to Create your future in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium!

The Transition will almost be over but have faith, as on September 22, 2011 there will be a call for a New Jerusalem – the New Foundation of Peace – as Peace will be difficult to find! Many will call to God for assistance and become angry when He will not abolish or intercede in the turmoil all over the world! They will curse His name and those of the Prophets and will concede that they must take action on their own – and it is so! For the responsibility to Change the world has always been Man of Destiny’s and not God’s! Man of Destiny could have corrected any wrong as easily as God could have but it is not God’s lesson to learn it is Man of Destiny’s issue to learn!

The Transition period began on September 5th and will end on September 25, 2011. It will be the most enduring period of Humanity’s history upon Mother Earth! Mother Earth will already be making great strides to ensure that she will be ascending with our Milky Way Galaxy into the Fifth Dimension as we soon turn the page on Man of Destiny’s evolution! Man of Destiny will move towards becoming a Loving and Peaceful being with his fellow Man and live in a world where Brotherhood Consciousness will be the way to live by Sharing and Cooperating with one another!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Transition

The second week of September 2011 will begin The Transition of Mind, Body, and Soul into the New Thought Process required for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. There will be many who have not applied themselves to learn what will be required but in trying to make sense of everything involved in The Transition they will remain hopeful that things will return to “normal.” However there will be no such thing! Instead expect our world to enter a cleansing period before the Earth becomes a more peaceful, loving, and Spiritual home!

On September 8th and 9th the molding of our future will be cast. On September 8, 2011 there will be an Opportunity to look beyond the here and now and into your future. Will your expression of Love be taking you into the Unlimited World of the Fifth Dimension or will you seek to live as if accumulated assets are the true measurement of security in your future? The world economy will be in a freefall as it is not based upon the Principles of Brotherhood – Sharing and Cooperating with one another. This Opportunity will rapidly appear into you life by October 8, 2011!

The Universal Energy of September 9, 2011 will bring into motion the second mold for our future. This date will bring into manifestation our unique plans for applying our Love and will be the most critical element in our Life’s direction and future. Love will become the Foundation of all we will need and do as from this date forward there will no longer be Choices available for the Seal of God will be upon everyone who will claim they are the People of God!

During The Transition period the world will be very Chaotic and Confusing for everyone, even some within the Legion of Light! Many will not understand but keep wishing for a “normal” life once more, as the Energy of September 10, 2011 will begin demonstrating that the World belongs to God! Those who persist will begin to find Spiritual insight and gain wisdom while others will display their ego driven plans of retribution and destruction against those they shall feel are against their plans! Much Light and Love will be needed in these days!

The entryway into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will almost be here but before access may be gained there will be an elimination of all that will not be necessary for Life within it. On September 11, 2011 there will begin much loss in terms of material assets for those who seek to control the world’s commodities for how will it be possible to retain what is now God’s! Lives will become shattered and lost over what many will believe they “own”! This will no longer be possible for the World belongs to God!

The Path of Brotherhood and Joy will merge together with the Energies of September 12, 2011. No longer will the Spiritual Realm be sacrificed and neglected for a life based on economically derived decisions for the Spiritual Realm rules over the body! Love will be the key element of all that will come into existence in the Fifth Dimension and will open the way to a New Beginning for Life upon Earth! The way within will be easy if you will focus upon your future and concentrate upon what you Love!

The period of time from September 5th to 25th, 2011 will be the most difficult of all during The Transition period. There will no longer be the Choice to bypass decisions concerning the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium as everyone, ready or not, will be ushered towards the Portal of October 28, 2011. On September 13, 2011 the Universal Energies will open the doorway of learning for the Fifth Dimension. Some will start to reexamine their lives and find that they no longer need the things they thought they might need for the future. Others will cling to what they cherish and watch what they believe to be theirs vanish! The Legion of Light will be leading those who seek the places of Light and Love with further learning!

The Path into the Fifth Dimension has been Created and will need for us to remain focused upon our new future as Chaos and Confusion will endure. The Universal Energies of September 14, 2011 will take many to places they have only imagined and build confidence that they will be heading in the direction of their Heart and Soul. Those who will see with their Hearts and not their eyes will prosper and endure while those who persist in scheming to revive their own interests will lose their grip and fall! Carry the Light and Love you have within you and apply them into everything and everyone you come across for this will be the Sign of Oneness during this time period!

How will the Fifth Dimension be different from our current world you may ask? The first sign that everyone will notice on November 1, 2011 will be the Earth’s new alignment within our Universe, as our Milky Way Galaxy will have ascended into the New Dimension of Love. This new orientation will produce an environment for living and sustaining life with Love and Joy and will help to increase human longevity as we become loving and trusting with each other. Brotherhood Consciousness will be the reason for this for we will have all learned to live in Oneness with our Creator!