Friday, May 26, 2023

Passion and Joy

 Our individual Soul’s noblest Pathway is served through the discovery of our Soul’s Passion and Joy! By discovering our Soul’s Passion and Joy we not only realize our Soul’s Pathway but also our Soul’s peace of mind, peace in our heart, and peace in our Soul! Thus discovering what we were “meant to do” upon Mother Earth in the first place! Some individuals discover their Soul’s Passion and Joy at an early age while others through the trial and tribulation of accruing Life’s experiences to make their discovery upon a later stage in Life!

Humanity’s former world within Mother Earth’s 3D “training ground” is completely over and moving us to transition NOW towards Mother Earth’s 5D experience. Humanity’s 3D experience is largely fading and deteriorating from any relevance except to assist us towards making our decisions of our Self-Discovery – does anything in my current Life elicit my noblest Pathway in revealing my Soul’s Passions and Joys? Humanity’s days of “following the crowd” towards what is socially favorable in Life are no longer “THE WAY!”

This in itself will be a new discovery for many already caught unaware within Humanity’s transition of Mother Earth’s former 3D world to her 5D Realm. There will soon begin a series of choices to transition further with Mother Earth in the next few months beginning on May 26, 2023! This will involve several choices initiated by the May 26th decision. From July 21 through November 2, 2023 Humanity’s Mass Awakening will start uniting within the 5D Earth! Each movement serves as a steppingstone into Humanity’s Unity and Oneness!

The Energy of May 26, 2023 will be subtle to many focused on their weekend agendas but those aware will feel and intuit a cause to celebrate from a higher level! The prevailing feeling and intuition will be the decision of Man of Destiny Souls, Souls Created on Mother Earth to evolve to a Lightworker’s level of knowledge and understanding, choosing to become Man of Light Souls, true Lightworker Souls evolved entirely through the evolutionary process of Mother Earth! Thus beginning the internal discovery of the Soul’s Passion and Joy among the Masses!

The ruling 3D paradigm accomplished through the mode of socially emphasizing competition, comparison, judgment, and fear will have served to usher in its own demise! Humanity is a creature of Light, Love, and Harmony as there will begin a new paradigm towards establishing a 5D Realm upon Mother Earth when Man of Light Souls choose to socially EXPAND with Light and Love awareness from July 21 to August 13, 2023! No simple deed here as our nascent 5D Realm upon Mother Earth will begin to form and crystallize! The Truth is being realized!

Discernment is the key! Realizing the Truth that Humanity’s mere existence upon Mother Earth is more than just living a Life seeking material wealth and the security it brings is a realization of Truth! How to enact upon this realization of our Life’s unrealized fulfillment will be part of the Mass Awakening as the Enlightened Souls resonate towards the understanding of Mother Earth’s 5D Realm and all it entails! This will not be an instantaneous awareness but rather, a realization of the last 3 years overall experience (COVID, lockdowns, and the financial wars, etc.)!

As Humanity cycles through the experience of the last remaining 3D infrastructure upon Mother Earth, a New Hope is gearing towards understanding Life within the Galactic Earth! On November 2, 2023 Mother Earth and her Solar System will be aligning with our Galactic Center through our Solar System’s Sun into a New Age, requiring the 5D experience to not only be a distant thought or idea of the future, but the Reality of all existence upon Mother Earth and our Solar System! All accomplished by the realization and discovery of our Soul’s Passion and Joy!

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Galactic Earth

 Mother Earth and humanity are both currently experiencing an internal as well as an external transformation. Mother Earth’s transformation is occurring through the upgrade of her internal and external bodies from a 3D planet to a 5D Creator Planet within our Milky Way Galaxy. Most of humanity may be noticing the effect of Mother Earth’s transformation upon our world but as humanity continues to do things as in the past, they are realizing they are being compelled to change and transform with her – as “normal” isn’t what it used be in our current lives!

Most people are now perceiving our current transformation with Mother Earth but cannot see or do not know what to attribute the source of our transformation. Some like you, Dear Ones, not only see and know of Mother Earth’s 5D transformation but can also sense and feel the changes needed to adapt our lives with her – with the Light, Love, and Harmony of our own Souls! Mother Earth’s 5D transformation (as well as humanity’s) will be gaining a major boost within our transformational process on May 4, 2023!

On May 4, 2023 Mother Earth will be aligning with our Galactic Sun through our Solar System’s Light Source, our Sun – Sol. Our Sun, Sol, functions as a Source/messenger/translator of our Galactic Sun’s intentions, purposes, and goals – yes dear Ones, it is time to begin in earnestness our Soul’s Pathway of Light, Love, and Harmony which has seemingly been held “in check” in our 3D realm. The “in check” status was never meant as a sign that you were not ready but that the Galactic Sun had not yet released the fullness of its potency, until NOW!

The full potency of our Galactic Sun’s power will be increasing and expanding in force and momentum so that by July 2025 our recognition as Galactic Beings – Soul Beings equal and in all ways synonymous with all our Galactic family members! We were always destined to fully manifest and re-attain our Soul’s Pathway but as Lightworkers we needed to assume 3D norms and expectations to fully understand and teach our Soul’s pathway to Man of Destiny, Souls Created on Mother Earth to evolve to a Lightworker’s level of knowledge and understanding!

Clearly teaching a childlike Soul with the knowledge and understanding of a previously attained Life in 6D and 7D (where most volunteer Lightworkers came from) doesn’t automatically or even instantly become “experience” for 3D Life, instead our messages become mere “words” of optimism and hope for the future! But we are in “the Future” dear Ones – the Future of Mother Earth and Man of Destiny! Mother Earth with Lightworker Souls and Man of Destiny Souls will have achieved AT ONENESS with the Galactic Sun as Galactic Beings within our Universe!

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

About 2023

Humanity and Mother Earth’s 3D experience and involvement are drawing to a close! The state of chaos and confusion is not in our imaginations but is a direct result of our limited selection of choices available – the choices available for continuing 3D Life! For these are the predominating choices to conclude our experience and involvement of 3D Life – as the 3D world was set as a temporary state of existence designed for achieving the evolution of Life into higher dimensions and densities by the choice of each entity!

What was and is currently happening is the removal of the 3D facade to disclose the entirety of Life in 5D upon Mother Earth for humanity! We’re still making choices within our 3D spectrum of Life but the most imperative and vital choices concern our 5D destiny – choices concerning the activation of our Soul’s Purpose, enhancing our relationships in 5D Unity, and the future of our individual Soul’s alignment within the 5D Collective Consciousness! The 3D spectrum of influence is drawing to a close as are our human experiences within it!

The year 2023 is going to be more than a “normal” year, as the misalignments we have all endured for lifetimes as Souls experiencing the physical realm, humanity will be transitioning. We will recognize each other within our New Reality much easier and more expressly for 5D Life, as we will be revealing our 5D gifts and talents. We have been evolving to demonstrate our body’s true capabilities developed within our prior lives experiences! On May 4, 2023 Mother Earth will directly open the aperture of her Heart Chakra toward our Galactic Center’s Sun, allowing the Universe to stream its Light, Love, and Harmony upon and within Mother Earth with ease!

All 3D attempts to “hijack” humanity’s 5D destiny will be thwarted and nullified beginning from December 31, 2022 through July 8, 2025, when our Solar System’s combined contribution of its planetary forces comingle as a unified influence of their strengthened internal Light, Love, and Harmony upon Mother Earth! The worst of the chaos and confusion is over, dear Ones, as the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universal Energies will be strengthening and magnifying all around us but needs our assistance – becoming Souls of Light, Love, and Harmony as WE TRULY ARE!