Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Balance


On March 29, 2022 Mother Earth and all residing upon Her will enter a new expansion phase of Fifth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency – The Balance phase! The UnSettled Period – from August 13, 2020 to March 28, 2022 has allowed humanity to integrate full 5D Energy while simultaneously reducing their 3D Vibrational processes. This has not been an easy task for anyone, as much of humanity still continues to rely upon the familiar 3rd Dimensional ways and remain unaware of the necessity to align themselves to Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional transition – thereby providing a necessary intention for Balance!

The Balance phase will challenge our world to change as never before. Those resisting the balanced Path of Love as the solution to all of their endeavors will find Life to be a continual path of disappointment. The “normal” of the past is no more! For the past two years the 3rd Dimensional world has participated in and bore witness to Mother Earth’s change of Life upon this planet as we have known it. CHANGE is the only certainty of movement in time and will continue to occur – whether by direct choices or not.

Mother Earth, her Sun and Solar System are long committed to transition into the 5th Dimensional Universe.  When the world realizes that 5th Dimensional Vibratory Change is not controlled by humanity, but rather by Mother Earth, the 3rd Dimension as it has been known will come to completion, and an entire New Reality will be realized!  As humanity approaches the transition point of Balance, the Soul Self requires our revealing within Mother Earth’s expanding 5D World of Unity and Oneness. 

The World sits in opportunity – beyond ideas of old ways of Being, of expectations, of visioning. The Balance phase will heavily emphasize humanity’s need to expand beyond ego and personality in order to reveal an entirely new way of operating – individually, socially, and Spiritually – as indivisible, whole and complete units of Unified 5D Co-Creators of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony!      

Peace and blessings in the Oneness of All That Is. Namaste.❤

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos and Brenda Garcia.❤

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Full Awareness

The role of our human sensory organs is largely demonstrated through our physical 5 senses. Hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling. These physical sensory organs serve as the origin of Awareness into our immediate environment.

How Awareness perceives and interprets this input depends entirely upon the emotions produced: happy and content, sad, or fearful. The body’s sensory organs provide the source of input.
Awareness’ interpretation is based upon previous experiences of life's similar occurrences.

Humanity currently remains restrained within and primarily focused upon a 3rd Dimensional environment with all its previous perceptions, parameters and interpretations - thus limiting expansion beyond the human sensory organs’ abilities to hear, see, touch, taste, smell.

Consciousness IS expanding like drops in the Ocean - the Quiet Way. Individual pathways of personal Mindfulness – of personal Stillness and Quietude – one heart at a time – serves to still The Universe and remove the chaos and confusion of our outer world – one heart at a time. The momentum builds. Our Path of experience becomes one of choice. By choice.


Mother Earth completed Her ascension into the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional World on March 27, 2017. Mother Earth’s Final Event was Her decision to enact the final physical events and purging required within Her body to cleanse and transcend and enjoin Her into Her rightful place of the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional World. All of Mother Earth’s Life Forms would also need to decide the same. Time is short.

The human sensory Awareness Knows that the chaos and confusion active in our world Now is a direct indication to our human sensory organs that ALL CHANGE IS HERE and requires internalization to comprehend and transform. 

While Mother Earth’s 3rd Dimensional experience is completely over, human physical bodies hold and respond to 3rd Dimensional sensory and memory processes.

Held within the hearts and Souls of humanity is the Record – the Memory - of our connection to God Source.

The Memory contains our Soul’s Name, Purpose, Origin, and previous experience. Few, to date, have achieved the discovery of Soul’s Memory with Full Awareness.


-----# whoa!

The discovery of the Soul’s Memory with Full Awareness to what? Full Awareness to a New Reality of Light, Love, and Harmony of Mother Earth’s 5th Dimensional World!

Peace and blessings in the Oneness of All That Is. Namaste.❤

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos and Brenda Garcia.❤

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Galactic Beings, Galactic Citizens …๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŒ


Humanity is evolving into a brand new experience – a New Reality that demands us to become Galactic Beings and Galactic Citizens of the entire Cosmos.  

Whatever worked and/or served us individually in the 3rd Dimensional world will no longer work, or serve. Our focus is being tuned and turned toward merging and integrating individual consciousness within All Consciousness beyond our planet Earth!

On March 27, 2017 – and continuing to Now – Mother Earth and the planetary Beings of Her Solar System have moved well beyond the 3rd Dimensional plane of experience.  

The waiting for humanity to decide if they will choose to do the work of raising up to experience the Galaxy’s Fifth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency is over.  Currently, the Zone of Mother Earth and Her Solar System are fully operating in alignment with the Fifth Dimensional Vibration!

Individually, the human consciousness has an internal awareness of its Life’s Plan to Align, Apply and Activate with our free will choices. 

If we choose to ignore all the signs, signals and guidance of ALL That IS and we choose the faรงade of the material world, it is by our own free will.  Likewise, when we choose to Align, Apply, and Activate the Soul’s Life Plan into what we Know and realize to be the Reality of ALL That IS – we are choosing to BE with every form of Consciousness within the Universe!

Humanity’s “Galacticization" – its transformation, its becoming – Galactic Beings, Galactic Citizens has already been initiated.  Our Heart and Soul’s consciousness requires only acknowledgement of The Still Small Voice within – the realization of the self as Spirit having a physical experience while embracing those conversations as Real.

Everything within the entire Universe is a Creation of the Original Spark of Light, Love and Harmony of All That Is. The purpose of Mother Earth’s existence within the 3rd Dimensional plane of experience was to gain an understanding of polarity. Through our contrasting polarized experiences, we would hold and maintain our vibrational frequencies in alignment with the Light, Love and Harmony of All That Is to Create Joy!  If, at any time, we have failed to Create Joy within our environment, it was simply an experience of discernment. 

Failure never led to the loss of our innate gifts of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony!  Mother Earth’s existence in the Universe’s 3rd Dimensional plane of experience was entirely for our LEARNING!  The human capacity to learn and discern strengthened and enabled our ability to Create Joy in the Reality of ALL that IS. Never has there been a failure!

The more successful we are in Creating Joy, the more organically we radiate and emit our natural essence of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony as we naturally move through the world.  Creators of Joy are souls who – in Service to Others – have always served the Divine Plan of humanity’s ascension with Mother Earth and Her Solar System into the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional plane of experience.

From July 15 through October 21, 2021, Mother Earth and Her Solar System will be totally immersed and inundated with immense Illuminating Waves of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony directly from our Galactic Center!  The illumination of our Life's Path will be revealed in the coming months. 

The flow of the Illuminating Waves of Universal Light, Love, and Harmony will not be the long anticipated Event, but rather a forerunning series of events formulating and establishing the TRUTH of the Reality of ALL That Is.

The Light Has Won! thus,  establishing the new parameters of Life upon Mother Earth as Galactic Beings, Galactic Citizens!

From November 2022 through March 2023, surges of Illuminating Waves from our Galactic Center will propel humanity into Unity with the entirety of the Universe’s Fifth Dimensional plane of experience.  Science will be examining the white oscillations occurring through Mother Earth‘s Schumann Resonance technology. 

Look forward now, Dear Ones, as we are streaming towards the Unification with ALL CONSCIOUSNESS throughout the Cosmos. 

Peace and blessings in the Oneness of All That Is. Namaste.❤

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos and Brenda Garcia.❤

Image: Cosmic Tree of Life ~ Sue Wookey