Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Present Moment of NOW

In today’s society, the quintessential symbol of Time is the clock. For better or for worse, the clock serves to remind us what we will be doing in our daily routine. 6 AM, we wake up and get ready for work or classes. 11 AM, we prepare for lunch. At 5 PM, we are ready to call it a day and head on home. Once at home, we do the things that remind us why we are working or taking classes, eat, and then prepare for bed after a few TV shows, reading, and maybe some evening news.  The clock is a mechanism, dear Ones, devised to emulate and coordinate a synthetic time system on Earth with the Sun. As long as we take Time for our Spiritual Self, we become aware of the fact that the synthetic time of the clock diminishes the True meaning of Time in the Universe, “the movement of the Soul.” The process of Mother Earth’s shift from the Fourth to the Fifth Dimension will reinstate the True meaning and design of Time as the “movement of the Soul” upon her body. It will not be because sunrise or sunset will suddenly and dramatically appear at a much earlier or later time than usual, but because Mother Earth’s transition into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension will be initiating the concept of Universal Awareness into the lives and consciousness of all Souls!

Universal Awareness is the conscious perception that Mother Earth and all Souls upon her are interconnected within the Universal Plane of Existence by the bond formed through Unification with God. The experience of Unification with God, dear Ones, acknowledges and recognizes the Unity with God factor within ALL Things and ALL Souls around you, thereby, leading to the experience of “movement of the Soul” through Time in the present moment of NOW! More than likely you already experience Universal Awareness and give little credibility to the artificial and synthetic categories devised to segregate people by national origin, religion, culture, creed, color, or gender preference. In Mother Earth’s evolution into the Fifth Dimension there will be no artificial or synthetic categories implemented to establish a rule of segregation among people, for Unity with God will be the permeating influence of commonality in all Souls, Man of Light and Lightworker Souls, moving into the direction of his or her Heart and Soul with God. The “upper” Dimensions of the Universe are not designed for an individualistic approach by having each Soul fend for him or herself against others, but are developed and designed for a TEAM approach in every respect! Universal Awareness will lead all Souls into progress towards the True experience of Unity with God! 

A derivative of Universal Awareness has seemingly been used on Earth as the Golden Rule, “treat others as you would like others to treat you.” But rather than being an optional suggestion for protocol, the Universal Energy of August 17, 2015 will begin implementing the standard of Universal Awareness as a formal rule upon Earth in anticipation of Mother Earth’s emerging status as a New Earth! Mother Earth’s status as a New Earth will arrive on May 16, 2016. As a New Earth, Mother Earth will become a Creator Planet specifically designed for all Souls to Create with Love in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. Mother Earth’s development as a New Earth will dovetail fittingly with the completion of generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field on May 22, 2016, at which time she will fully complement and blend into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! Your clocks will still be functioning on May 22, 2016, dear Ones, but will be rendered useless by the fact that clocks only perform the act of simulating the time of the day based upon the Sun’s location for your geographical vicinity, and not according to your perception of the Universal Energies!

Through the evolving process of Mother Earth generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field, Universal Awareness will serve to align all participating Souls into Time in the present moment of NOW through the interconnection facilitated by one’s Seven Member Chakra System. The Seven Member Chakra System will operate similar to a transceiver device (a device designed to both transmit and receive communications) with God Source. By consciously applying the concept of Universal Awareness into your Life, dear Ones, you will find that your Chakra System’s connection to God Source will not only become much stronger, clearer, and purer, but also increase your ability to hear, feel, or intuit (depending on your preferred method of internalized communication) God’s Presence as if God Himself/Herself were standing right next to you, and it is so! The internal connectivity that Universal Awareness will contribute to your growth is already unconsciously heightening within you. By the Time period from October 6 through October 25, 2015 arrives, when God’s Harmony will Activate for you, so will the strength, clearness, and purity of your communication abilities also increase! In the continual practice of Universal Awareness through constant awareness of Time in the present moment of NOW, you will also realize God’s Presence was, is, and always will be accomplished through your state of Lovingness, as it was all along!

The clock is an artificial and synthetic emulation of the sunlight’s presence on Earth. The clock has simplified scheduling issues by increasing the likelihood that people can meet at a previously agreed upon time through the implementation of time zones. The clock, however, was not designed for Time as “the movement of the Soul” in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. It will be to each and every individual Soul to evolve and implement Universal Awareness through the acquisition and practice of Time in the present moment of NOW! It is not that there will be a “great purging” of Souls for those who do not instantaneously follow Universal Awareness, or the Golden Rule for that matter, but it will be a major opportunity missed by not realizing that God’s Presence is situated in the Present Moment of NOW! Not yesterday when things could have been better and certainly not tomorrow, if things get better, but in the motion of Time as the movement of the Soul in the Present Moment of NOW! There is a great process of Transformation and Change occurring outside our influence and it will not be producing the last chapter of humanity’s existence on Earth, but inviting and welcoming all Souls to experience Life with God in God’s Fifth Heaven, the Fifth Dimension of the Universe!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beginning with Truth

Who we are and what we achieve to become are built upon the perceptions we hold as the truth of our world and our place within it. Through a recurrent process of validating our perceptions, we form an internal foundation conceived to replicate, endorse, and validate our ideal of truth. Our ideal of truth functions to lead us towards the success and achievement we pursue as long as our ideal of truth remains internally and externally valid. The most difficult impediment to the maintenance of our ideal of truth is Change. Change can occur at any time and space in our lives, and providing we are resilient in our efforts to learn, adapt, and conform to Change, we grow in accordance with our newly implemented perceptions of our reality. When our concept of reality through the true and tried methods of our times fails to live up to our expectations, we undergo an internal process attempting to remedy our predicament by pursuing and obtaining new approaches, techniques, and methods to arrive at an improved conception of our reality. In one way or another, dear Ones, Change stimulates an internally driven process of adaptation through the pursuit of growth and expansion towards improving one’s perspective by integrating a new ideal of truth and reality.

The experience of internally derived Change is always much more preferable to the experience of externally derived Change. An example of externally derived Change is having experienced circumstances such as a natural disaster and possibly having to replace not only your most cherished memories and household items, but your home as well. Change in the case of a natural disaster is an externally derived occurrence that originates outside of your immediate control. Internally derived Change is a Freewill choice designed to improve the quality of your life by implementing an advantageous habit or behavior, such as losing body weight, increasing your stamina through a planned regime of frequent exercise, or even decreasing the amount of time spent at work in order to increase and improve the quality of your family time. Unlike externally derived Change, internally derived Change is completely within your control and effortlessly resonates with the immediate goals of your Heart and Soul’s internal reorganization towards achieving your new ideal standards of Joy and Happiness.

On July 15, 2015, God’s Universe released the first of seven Universal Emanations of Energy to stimulate Mother Earth’s growth and expansion with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. The series of seven Universal Emanations will all occur between June 24, 2015, when Mother Earth began generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field, and May 22, 2016, when she will finally be fully merged into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension! The peak dates of the next six Universal Emanations are August 31, 2015, October 14, 2015, November 28, 2015, January 11, 2016, February 25, 2016, and April 9, 2016. At the release of each of these Universal Emanations, every single Soul on Mother Earth will be making internal adjustments for adapting into the process of externally derived Change – Change outside of one’s control. It will not be easy for any Soul, dear Ones, but you will have an advantage – you are already innately familiar with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. As each Emanation of the series pulsates, there will also be an increase and intensification of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe upon Mother Earth that you will Love! Not as a mathematical series of addition (2 + 2 = 4) but by the power factors used in the result of a cubing a number (2^3 = 2 x 2 x 2 = 8)!

Change, dear Ones, derived from an external source originates from outside of one’s immediate control, and as will be the case in the next 10 months, the Time of internal preparation will be diminishing faster and faster for those unprepared Souls upon Mother Earth! As each Universal Emanation pulsates, Truth will become the most valuable commodity on Earth, not the “garden variety” of truth dispensed by Man of Destiny Souls to maintain his or her status, but the Eternal Truth of God provided by you and the Legion of Light! The need for Truth will become more and more apparent when the third Universal Emanation arrives on October 14, 2015, and as if on cue, comes the arrival of the Legion of Light’s Activation with God’s Harmony, God’s Auric Field of His/Her Individuality within the spectrum of Energy encompassing the entire Universe! The Activation with God’s Harmony for all Lightworker Souls will transpire from October 6 through October 25, 2015, and will lead to the organization of the Legion of Light around the date of November 17, 2015. There will be no more Time to play for Man of Destiny Souls, for it will be Time to merge and align within the Eternal Truth of God’s Universe!

On August 1, 2015 the first of the seven Universal Emanations of Energy will complete its duty of initiating the stimulation of Mother Earth with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe. The first two Universal Emanations will be assisting your internal foundation transform your concepts of truth and reality from an idealized truth for Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension to God’s Eternal Truth for the Fifth Dimension. You will not directly experience an inundation of “ah – ha” moments right away, but they will be formulating within you, as if you were watching your hair grow, slowly, steadily, and unconsciously until you realize “ah – ha, that’s it!” Your current internally derived process of Change, dear Ones, will be preparing you for the uniting of your Soul and God Source once more, as if you had never left the upper sanctuaries of God’s Universe to assist Man of Destiny Souls become Man of Light Souls. Mother Earth’s externally derived Change to enter into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is not a unique event but a phase derived from the Universe’s process of growth and expansion! Beginning with Truth means to begin with God’s Eternal Truth, and this will be the only possibility available in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension within God’s Universe!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Learning in Activation

On February 7, 2015 the Universal Energies arrived to proclaim every single Lightworker Soul present on Mother Earth, and those to come in the future, as a leader representing every facet of Spiritual Wisdom available with the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe! The leadership composed of every Lightworker on Earth will have three Activation phases coordinated by God Source and the Universal Energies. Two of the three phases for Activating in Earth’s leadership with God have already completed. The first phase occurred from March 15 through April 14, 2015, and served to Activate each individual Lightworker Soul from a solitary individual in Unity with God into Activation as a cooperative member within the aggregate whole of all Lightworker Souls on Mother Earth – the Legion of Light! The second phase began on April 15, 2015 and concluded on June 14, 2015. This phase produced God’s Sanctification for enacting the task of each Lightworker entering into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension. The third and final phase of the Lightworker Activation with God will begin on October 6, 2015 and will complete on October 25, 2015. This last and final phase will Activate each and every individual Lightworker Soul with God’s Harmony!

God’s Harmony Vibration began on Mother Earth on May 4, 2015 and will briefly depart from Earth on October 20, 2015. God’s Harmony Vibration will subsequently return permanently upon Mother Earth on February 25, 2016. The Harmony Vibration of God is permanently attached to God’s Presence and is best analogized to your own individual auric field, dear Ones, but in this case, it is God’s Auric Field of His/Her Individuality within the spectrum of Energy encompassing the entire Universe! Your Activation with God’s Harmony will occur before the brief departure of God’s Harmony Vibration from October 21, 2015 to February 24, 2016, but it will Truly not be departing, for God’s Harmony Vibration will remain Activated within you and with you throughout your days on Mother Earth! From July 22, 2015 through October 25, 2015, all Lightworker Souls will be Learning in Activation with God’s Harmony Vibration. God’s Harmony Vibration will bring you closer to God than you have experienced since you willfully “volunteered” to assist Man of Destiny Souls on Earth evolve as Man of Light Souls in order to become more like you and everything else in the Universe – EMPOWERED AS the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

The Learning in Activation phase from July 22, 2015 through October 25, 2015 will serve to assist you in reengaging and reclaiming your Spiritual memories, knowledge, and wisdom, dear Ones! Thereby leading you to prosper once more within your specialization of Light, Love, and Harmony in God’s Universe! There will be an element of prevailing interference, but it will not come from doubt, uncertainty, or indecision in your immediate world but from the fact that there will be an enduring Reality Split occurring – Mother Earth’s Fourth and Fifth Dimensions will continue in an unnatural co-existence until May 21, 2016! Issues of the Fourth Dimension will be interfering with the progress of every single Soul on Earth, Man and Light. The interference will lead many Man of Destiny Souls to attempt deeds and actions built on an erroneous trust in the past! The past, dear Ones, will not be an indicator of future Life on Earth but will instead become more like the historical symbols of an ancient civilization, ancient statues and buildings built to honor the people and places of a long ago deceased power, devoid in meaning and insignificant to the progress of any Soul entering into the Fifth Dimension. All the answers to your questions about reengaging and reclaiming your Spiritual memories, knowledge, and wisdom are in the Fifth Dimension!

The old adage states that “seeing is believing” and will have many Souls convinced to continue seeking their answers in the past and not in the NOW of Mother Earth’s newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! No one will be able to see, hear, smell, taste or even touch Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration, just as no will ever see, hear, smell, taste or touch God’s Harmony Vibration Field. For that matter, no one could even claim that he or she has ever seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or even touched Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration. But much like describing the physical properties of gravity or electricity, people have to accept that the properties and power exhibited by gravity and electricity have an effect on their world through the powers they demonstrate! And this is exactly what you will be doing, dear Ones, demonstrating and role modeling the Spiritual Wisdom you will garner by being immersed once again within the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe emerging through Mother Earth’s newly generating Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field! 

On May 22, 2016 Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional World will be exclusively populated by God’s Presence through God Source, all Lightworker Souls exhibiting the fullest sense of Unity with God through God’s Harmony Vibration, and Man of Light Souls willfully endeavoring to attain in Unity with God status! Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension will have completed its purpose on May 21, 2016 – to teach Man of Destiny Souls that Love is the Power of ALL Things in the Universe! Having reached the maximum extremes of logic, coherence, and rationale for learning to Love by Man of Destiny Souls, Mother Earth will fully merge directly into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016. The algorithm of probability will have reached its maximum capability for instructing Man of Destiny with anything else new for learning to Love. The Time, Place, and Destination of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transformation completes on May 22, 2016. Your leadership, dear Ones, through the Learning in Activation with God phase will serve to fully integrate and revive your own Spiritual Wisdom as well as prepare you for the Universe’s Fifth Dimension with God!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Balance in Motion

Mother Earth is a model of Balance in Motion. Mother Earth’s movement around the Sun is the result of her constant spinning motion that produces the wonders of night and day, the seasons, and in tandem with the Moon, the waxing and waning of the Moon. Mother Earth demonstrates her balance through the cycle produced in the contrast of light and darkness upon her body. Each day is followed by nighttime and each night serves to usher in the next day’s sunshine in a cycle of increasing and decreasing grades of light and darkness. The cycle of increasing and decreasing light and darkness is better known as Earth’s seasons. The season of winter initiates the season of increasing sunlight while summer begins the decrease of the Sun’s rays upon Mother Earth. The seasons of spring and autumn mark the decorum of balance through the equalization of light and darkness for a day, the equinox, in Earth’s annual journey around the Sun. Mother Earth’s weather systems also exemplify her Balance in Motion and are likewise caused by her unceasing spin motion. If Mother Earth were not rotating, the winds upon her would either be non-existent or in a state of perpetual gusting. The same can be said about precipitation, as there would either be persistent downpours of rain occurring or land regions would be as dry and arid as a desert. Mother Earth is a microcosm of the original model of Balance in Motion – God’s Universe!

God’s Universe is in a perpetual state of motion. We do not see, hear, or feel every single effort of movement in the Universe’s motion, dear Ones, we only know that the stars continue to shine in spite of cloudy conditions at night and even when the Sun’s brightness conceals the stars’ light during daytime. Most cycles in God’s Universe occur in epochal cycles of Time. Astronomical events such as the phenomena of supernovas, the passing of Halley’s Comet every 76 years, and on a smaller scale, the incidence of planetary alignments such as the now occurring Jupiter and Venus alignment, heighten our awareness to the existence of astronomical events on a Universal scale of Time. History is our only teacher for previously recorded evidence of Universal events. Mother Earth’s Ascension into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is a Universal Event caused by the cycle of the Universe’s precise motion stimulating growth and expansion through the Light, Love, and Harmony of God’s Universe. God’s Universe is a model of Balance in Motion and Mother Earth is a replication of the universal model! The passing of Time on a Universal scale stimulates Universal Emanations of growth and expansion. 

On July 15, 2015 a Universal Emanation of Energy will be discharged upon Mother Earth as has never occurred before. The release of this particular Universal Emanation of Energy will be similar to initiating the beginning of Mother Earth’s season of winter through the increase of sunlight upon Earth, but on a Universal scale of Time. The Universal Emanation of Energy will be stimulating the growth and expansion of the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe to an unprecedented level on Earth! The intended purpose, dear Ones, will be to prepare all Souls on Mother Earth and Mother Earth herself for the fullness of God’s Presence Energy! From July 15, 2015 through August 1, 2015 the Universal Emanation of Energy will begin raising the standard for all Souls to align within Mother Earth’s developing Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration and God’s Harmony Vibration. Not everyone will be choosing to prepare to align with the Energy of God’s Presence, and for this reason Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension and Fifth Dimension will co-exist side by side until May 21, 2016, when Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field will finally cease to exist upon her body!

The Universe’s Model of Balance dictates, much like Isaac Newton’s law of motion dictates, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” As God’s Universe assists Mother Earth in increasing the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe within and upon her, so will there also be a decreasing effect placed upon all things that may stagnate Mother Earth’s growth and expansion with God’s Universe – for nothing and no one will delay, hinder, or obstruct Mother Earth’s process to integrate within God’s Universe! Mother Earth’s increase with the Universe’s Light, Love, and Harmony will be advantageous in all your works, dear Ones, especially during the days of July 22 through July 24, 2015, when the Universal Emanation of Energy will apex! As the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe increases on Earth, the easier you will find it to access and regain your Spiritual concepts, perceptions, and awareness of your Soul! You are on a course designed to lead and teach all Man of Light Souls the ways of God’s Universe beginning with access to God Source! Everything will not happen all at once, but as Mother Earth increases in the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe and continues to build her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field, so will the diminishing of all forms darkened by the lack of Light begin in earnestness!

Mother Earth as a Universal Model of Balance in Motion will be increasing the presence of the Light, Love, and Harmony of God’s Universe upon her. In the same series of motion from July 15, 2015 through August 1, 2015, she will also begin diminishing the presence of all “darkness” from her Fifth Dimension body. The diminishing process will not produce natural massive destruction or devastation in any way. Instead, it will be a process of allowing “darkness” to go the way of Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension Harmony Vibration, like the shedding of an old skin, away from her new Fifth Dimension body! This, dear Ones, is the beginning of the end of the Fourth Dimension and the start of the fulfillment of God’s Promise to make “all things new” in the Book of Apocalypse (21: 5). Many Souls will still be concerned about the shaking and quaking in the world of man’s economic systems, especially Man of Destiny Souls, who will be going the way of the Fourth Dimension with their economic systems of greed and control. Man of Light Souls and even Lightworker Souls will still be in bewilderment and exasperation during these next 10 months. But knowing, feeling, and understanding that aligning in Unity with God and God’s Universe with other TEAM oriented Souls into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will lessen the effect of “darkness” through Mother Earth’s modeling of Balance in Motion!