Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Quiet Revolution

There has been a Quiet Revolution in motion for almost twenty two years. It never received press coverage, recognition, or even given a name but it began on May 9, 1992. The Energy of that day emitted the signal to every single Lightworker Soul to “get ready” for the Activation of the New Millennium. The signal to “get set” occurred on December 2, 2011. This particular Energy brought every Lightworker Soul to begin investigating into the long sought after possibilities in his or her Soul. As the last week of February 2014 begins so will the final signal be emitted and felt in all endeavors of your Heart and Soul, dear Ones!

The final signal to Activate into the New Millennium will occur on March 4, 2014. But when the Energy from February 23 through March 3, 2014 arrives so will the heartfelt sensation that what you have come to do is finally here! Your Heart and Soul will become invigorated with all the possibilities to experience that you may have left behind but there will still be even more possibilities coming to consider and they will be without end! During this Time period you will also find the need to meditate particularly strong even when you find it not convenient! The call to meditation will be for all Lightworker Souls to begin the process to regain the strength of his or her Soul’s purpose – the Eternal Self of the Universe, as one who traverses across galaxies and dimensions to Create and extend his or her message of Love in Unity with God once more!

Some Lightworker Souls will need a longer adjustment period to once again emerge as his or her Eternal Self but this will be a rarity. As for Man of Destiny Souls, look for these Souls to be clueless in what the Quiet Revolution is even about! They will keep pushing their efforts in the maintenance of their status quo in order to keep what they deem to be “the real and certain.” But it is not the Reality of the Universe that you, dear Ones, are Creating into manifestation upon Mother Earth! It will still take until February 7, 2015 when Man of Destiny Souls will become aware that no matter what they will try to do, it is not aligned with the Reality of the Universe! See this year long period to be a gift from God for your contribution into the Quiet Revolution!

In the next few months, dear Ones, you will be coming into awareness that the next three years will be an alignment period for every Soul to align with the Harmony of the Universe. Every Lightworker Soul will easily align with this very high and fine frequency vibration, dear Ones. Most Man of Destiny Souls will still not be fully able to align to it, however, even after the initial three year period. Simply put, the Activation of the New Millennium on March 4, 2014 will be largely ignored in significance and misunderstood by the vast majority of Souls. But for you, dear Ones, you already know and understand that the entire phenomena of the New Millennium is an internal event not an external demonstration of catastrophes brought upon by God and His/Her angels of heaven!

There will be catastrophes to come but not in the way that popular   “end of the world” imagery has conceived of them to happen before the New Millennium arrives. All catastrophes to come will be by the hands and decisions of humanity to maintain the standards of the Third and Fourth Dimensions as if Mother Earth were still there! Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are in the Fifth Dimension! The New Millennium’s Activation will bring an end to all things not aligned with the Harmony and Love of the Universe! This three year Time period is only a stage of expansion that the Universe is going through! And with the Universe’s process of expansion so comes a process of growth and expansion with Love for Man of Destiny to recognize and witness and with it, comes God’s Promises through you and your contributions to the Quiet Revolution, dear Ones!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Expansion Begins

On February 14, 2014 the Energy will begin to build momentum towards ushering in the Energy surge of the New Millennium’s Activation on March 4, 2014. The vast majority of Souls will not be prepared for this surge but for you, dear Ones, it will be the Timing of your readiness! Many Lightworker Souls were born ready in the last 60 years for the Energy of the New Millennium to arrive. Some Lightworker Souls took more time than others to reach this conclusion as no matter how hard he or she tried to fit into a convenient “description box” they realized in one way or another that this was not the familiar world of Light, Love, and Harmony he or she was used to.

The past twenty years brought even more anxiety and impatience to the state of readiness for all Lightworker Souls as we all watched the world’s leaders with little understanding of this Timing make empty promises of reform and ignoring popular calls for Change. In the time period from February 14 through March 14, 2014 there will no longer be the need to look to outside forces to instill the Change that the Energy will give every Soul who is in Unity with God at this time! For you, dear Ones, are the Change and all that will manifest through you with the Empowerment of being a Co-Creator in Unity with God will bring! This month’s long time period will also serve as your point of Expansion with the Universe for you were born ready for your task of Light and Love!

As the week from February 14 through February 21, 2014 begins to subside so will any fear, hesitation, or apprehension you may have for you will begin to notice more participation to instill others with ideals of Light, Love, and Harmony. Not as a passive message of hope for the future but as an ideal of becoming! Here too is the “not so secret” secret to all your future endeavors in the New Millennium – inspire all of your goals and aspirations from your Heart and Soul with the ideals of Light, Love, and Harmony and you will never fail for we are all at One with God and the Universe! In this thought, dear Ones, you will find that like-mindedness will always draw you to other Lightworkers through those you already know and those you will come to know very shortly!

In the days to come, dear Ones, you will find yourself full of Life and vigor as if a rejuvenation effect has come to you and it is so! The rejuvenation effect is the direct result of your aligning in Unity with God and the Universe and all the Love contained within you and all there is! The reciprocation produced between your Love with God and the Universe will also serve to begin your process of Expansion with the Universe! It will not be immediately understood by everyone around but in due Time they will come to recognize that you are in Unity with God and the Universe! With so little understanding even now about our own Solar System how would they even know the difference except by the deeds and wonders you will Create in Unity with God and the Universe!

In your process of Expansion with the Universe you will also find, dear Ones, that your draw to other Lightworkers will begin a resonating magnetic effect that will produce the wonderment of the Universe upon Mother Earth through you and other Lightworkers – the effect of Collective Creation! For you will understand by now that the entire Universe was not Created individually by God but through the Collective Creation of you assisting God with your unique principles and ideals of Love with God! And in this way will the Great Expansion of the Universe begin – through you and with you in Unity with God and the Universe!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Turn the Page

There is only one holiday that we celebrate without tribute to something or someone and that is New Year’s Day on January 1st of every year. We only bring hope and anticipation that the New Year will be as prosperous or even more prosperous than the previous one. In some cases this is so while in others there is nothing but the same as usual. As for the other remaining months, we unceremoniously turn the page of our calendar to see where our days off may occur, how the next month’s weekend schedule may work out, or even look for what other holidays may appear with some anticipation. As we move into the second week of February 2014, dear Ones, you will see that the rhythm of the Joy in Living with the Universe will be so much closer to you than you may think, for all you will have to simply do is draw upon its Energy within your Heart and Soul to Create at will!

As the days approach the Activation of the New Millennium for all Souls on March 4, 2014 you will find that the habit of habitually counting days with some or little anticipation will no longer serve you for the Energy now is designed to keep you aligned in the rhythm of Joy in Living with the Universe. This will become more apparent as we get closer to February 13, 2014 when the Energy will begin its momentum to surge like a tsunami sucking back the sea before it finally appears on land. It will not produce a dangerous situation for anyone already aligned to the New Matrix that began its influence upon Earth on December 19, 2013. Essentially the Time Period from February 10 through February 22, 2014 will be for organizing your Projects of Light before the “tsunami like” Energy begins to pound the surface of all lands upon Mother Earth!

The process of organizing will not be a tedious or boring task for you and anyone aligned within the Legion of Light. In some cases it will be as if you were meeting long lost friends or relatives that you have not seen in such a long time and it is so! Depending upon the scale of your Project of Light some groups will harmonize immediately while others will need more time to organize but still be influencing the new pattern of thought into the Collective Consciousness. In these cases it will be much like building a house from different parts of the world. The immediate frame will be built in one place, the roof and exterior in another while the plumbing and electrical components in yet another place. As you will see, dear Ones, the imminent and long known Change is here!

Keeping in mind that the entire process of Change will still take three more years to be entirely integrated and assimilated by Man of Destiny Souls, do not feel you will have to do it all at once or even alone. For the Universe takes Time to cultivate a garden with nurturing, watering, and proper pruning to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables you will look forward to. In a sense it will be as if Man of Destiny Souls were to become like immigrants entering into a New Horizon in three more years. Everything will be foreign to him or her for there will be a new social structure with social status based upon Love and Harmony to dictate how one is treated and treats another person with respect.

So the only direction to be moving towards, dear Ones, is to move with the Love in your Heart and Soul for this is the place that will set the tone, measure, and value of all things you hold near and dear to you! In this way you will not be in a place of “unceremoniously” turning the page of your calendar with little hope and anticipation that maybe somehow, someway, something will Change for the better! The Change is in your own Heart and the Change and Transformation to Re-Create Mother Earth into the realm of the Universe begins with you and through you!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

February 2014

The month of February 2014 can effectively be divided into three distinct periods of Time. Each period of Time will have a different purpose and at the same provide momentum to usher in the Energy of the New Millennium for all Souls on March 4, 2014. The first period will begin on January 30, 2014 and will complete on February 9, 2014. This period will be called the call and gathering of the Legion of Light. The second period in February 2014 will be from February 10 through February 22, 2014 while the final period will last from February 23 through March 6, 2014. It will be during the final period of February 2014 that you will truly be looking forward to dear Ones, for the Activation of the New Millennium for all Souls will finally be here!

The initializing period of Energy from January 30 through February 9, 2014 will be the most important one for you, dear Ones, for you will feel and hear the internal call of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things beckoning you forward! Your personalized message from God will come through the only True Source of Security from the Universe – God Source! In whatever methodology you use to connect the inner alignment of your Soul with God Source, be it meditation, dreaming, your “gut” feeling, inner hearing, reading symbols, etc., count on your method to be strengthened and reinforced. For your own method is your personalized connection to God Source so allow it to lead you into the greatest adventure of your Life!

The first week of February 2014 will actually be Time for initializing contact between you and all other members of the Legion of Light, dear Ones. Not every Lightworker Soul will be directly and physically involved as it will be in “Higher Self” that you will be attending these internal “meetings with God” through your own method of receiving God Source. So follow through and adapt for it will be God the Father and Mother of ALL Things leading you into your Joy in Living through the Harmony that Oneness with God and the Universe brings. In this way you will be in your proper “station” and place of beginning when the second phase of February 2014’s Energy begins!

It is not a far stretch of the mind that you do fully understand internally what you will be doing in the days to come but it is the details that all Souls will have a problem with. Do not let this occupy you, dear Ones, for what lack of details you are presently missing will come to you from around January 21 through February 22, 2014 when God’s Presence Energy will begin to manifest all around your world! For this reason the second phase of February 2014 will seem to be “slow” in comparison to the inspiring initializing period!

The purpose of February 2014’s Energy second period will be to bring organization to the many Projects of Light that the Legion of Light will be initiating. Some will not need to be so formalized in organization but most Projects of Light will for they will involve many Lightworker Souls in places with little cooperation from Man of Destiny Souls. But when you will reflect about this Time Period in the future, dear Ones, you will see that you are a part of a Quiet Revolution. One that will move silently and efficiently all over the world for one year without hindrance, obstruction, or even impediments for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be leading every aspect and detail through you!

When the final period of February 2014’s Energy arrives you find yourself in a True state of Joy and Happiness! It will not be for the immediate circumstances that you will find yourself in but more from the fact that you will realize you will not ever be alone again, dear Ones, fighting upstream against a multitude of obstacles but you are on a team composed of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and all Lightworkers! You were never really alone in this Time of Transition but it sure as hell may have felt like it! The Time to Activate into New Millennium will surely begin to manifest the Spiritual Prosperity you Truly have in your Heart and Soul, and then some!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Foundation

When the Energy of January 29, 2014 arrives upon Earth the New Millennium’s Foundation will be eternally sealed to serve every Soul’s quest to understand, become, and succeed in every endeavor of the New Reality. The New Millennium’s Foundation is not a physical edifice or a geographic point. It does not even have one physical location that one can point at and say, “Here it is” or “There it is!” It is within you for you are the one permanently sealed with the New Millennium’s Foundation within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, awaiting your directions and requirements!

As Time progresses after January 29, 2014 you will begin to notice two separate worlds forming – one of the Legion of Light and one of Man of Destiny Souls. The world of the Legion of Light will be one that will be rapidly adapting and expanding with the Energy of the Universe through each Lightworker Soul becoming his or her Eternal Self of the Universe! The end result of this progression, dear Ones, is that you will see and bear witness in recognizing and gaining greater awareness of each other as Lightworkers within the New Reality. In this way the Unity with God instilled within each Lightworker will be more than just an individual reality but will serve to gather and cohere all Lightworkers in unison to bring the Changes that will be implemented for the New Millennium’s Activation for all Souls on March 4, 2014!

Man of Destiny’s world, on the other hand, will be like watching children play on a playground. They will divide up and segregate each other into whatever category is convenient for the way of their own games and their own rules. Most will play along with the games amicably while a few will turn to become “playground” bullies in order to control and force others to play their games of “make-believe I’m the leader.” That is until February 7, 2015 when Man of Destiny Souls begin to realize that the New Reality with God is already developing through the Legion of Light’s expansion and growth with the Universe. Man of Destiny’s play on the playground will come to a halt! The bullying games of domination and control will be over, for the “playground” bullies will no longer be heard, heeded, or even given a second thought!

There will come a great surge of Energy on April 20, 2014. This will be the Energy of Harmony for Joy in Living that all Souls will use to align with the Oneness that the Universe provides in Unity with God. This Energy will be the reason Man of Destiny Souls will finally stop playing the “playground games” by February 7, 2015 as the games will no longer make sense. For you, dear Ones, will be ones quietly leading and role modeling what the Energy of the Universe is all about! When the Energy Of Harmony for Joy of Living completes on April 12, 2017, the three year window of opportunity for Man of Destiny to align in Unity with God and the Universe will be over! From this point forward it will be cause for celebration!

The New Millennium Foundation will not be found in any one location upon Mother Earth but is within you and will travel wherever you may go, dear Ones! For now it will only be Lightworker Souls that will have it permanently sealed within his or her Heart and Soul. For Man of Destiny Souls it will take at least two more years to learn and understand that the New Millennium’s Foundation is internal and not derived of anything external. Some will understand by February 7, 2014 while other Man of Destiny Souls will take until April 12, 2017. It is not a footrace to be first but a process of understanding, becoming, and succeeding with the experience that Love and Harmony serve to lead one into the place of a Spiritual Purpose with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!