Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eye of the Storm

If you were to fly over a massive tropical storm like a hurricane, you would see the dominating feature called the “eye of the storm” below you. Stepping down into the “eye” from the sky above, you would begin to witness a totally different world apart from the storm – a calm wind blowing and a gentle rain falling inside of the “eye.” Perhaps you may even get a brief view of the Sun or Stars above depending upon the time of the day. This is how the Energy from October 5 through October 28, 2013 will be like for you, dear Ones. All around will be a “hurricane like storm” producing a trail of Chaos and Confusion while, for you, there will not be such chaos for you will be in the process of integrating with the Universe!

The first stage in the process of integrating with the Universe has already occurred for you, Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things on February 4, 2013. The Unity with God factor also designated you as a Co-Creator with God! This factor was activated on May 15, 2013 and allowed you to temporarily Create your Emanations of Love with the vibration of Mother Earth’s material resources. The next stage in your return to integrating with the Universe as a Co-Creator in Unity with God will begin on October 6, 2013 when you will begin to Create with the entire Universe’s vibration at your disposal! The final stage to achieve full integration with God and the Universe will begin on October 14, 2013 when all who will be in the key of Harmony with the Universe will begin to initiate Creation with the Universe’s vast material sources!

You, dear Ones, will be within the protection of the “eye of the storm” as the Energy of October 18, 2013 begins to prepare you and your brothers and sisters of the Light for the Activation of the New Millennium Energy on March 4, 2014! In the Movement of your Soul during this Time you will find that Creating in Unity with God will be fun and easy, for you will be applying your innate Love and Joy to express the Freedom to Create you have longed for upon Mother Earth with the Universe! In doing so you will also begin to role model your role as a Co-Creator in Unity with God to all Man of Destiny Souls who will be open to listening, learning, and seeking your Wisdom of the Soul!

Man of Destiny Souls will be come to know God very quickly in these next five months as the “storm” passes to inundate and remove all that stands upon Mother Earth without a Foundation of Love to protect it! These will be trying days for Man of Destiny Souls that will result in many moving towards becoming ready to enjoin with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Unity from January 23 through February 7, 2014 through your teaching and role modeling! Those who will seek you in the days to come will be led to you through the Energy Vibration of the Universe. For the most important things in the days to come in the next five months will be one’s Spiritual Nature and attuning it for entry into the Activation of the New Millennium on March 4, 2014!

These next five months will not be a burden to you, dear Ones, in fact, it will be as if you were standing inside the “eye of a storm,” and it is so! For now the Time to demonstrate and realize all that you have been hoping and praying for – that all Souls come to know and understand the Ways of God in this lifetime – will be occurring! The entire movement of Energy will be leading every Soul for the Activation of the New Millennium’s Energy by integrating with God and the Universe! This will result in One Thousand Years of Peace and Prosperity for every Soul in the Universe through the Realm of Spirit! On Mother Earth God and the Legion of Light will be in charge for One Thousand Years to introduce and demonstrate the Ways of God for Man of Destiny Souls! Many Man of Destiny Souls will seek cover from the “storm” within the “eye of the storm,” but it will take Time. When the storm begins to subside and the New Millennium is Activated on March 4, 2014, then, it will be Time to begin everything new with every Soul in the Universe!