Friday, December 26, 2014

The New Earth

Every New Year seems to bring in high hopes and expectations that the New Year will be more prosperous and happy for everyone involved. We even make New Year’s resolutions to motivate and inspire our happiness. Once the initial elation dissipates and reality begins to set in, our New Year’s resolutions can seem to be too extreme and far-fetched to follow through, even though they were well intended. The year of 2015 will not be like any previous New Year’s experiences, dear Ones, for Mother Earth is on course to become a New Earth! Mother Earth as a “New Earth” will give her full range and participation for the Fifth Dimension, thereby expanding and increasing her Power as the Creation Source of our Solar System with you! There will be two parts in Mother Earth’s sequence to become fully engaged into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension and in becoming a New and upgraded version of her Creator Planet status.

The first part of Mother Earth’s process of becoming a New and upgraded Creator Planet will be by God’s Sanctification of our Solar System’s Planets. The second part will be the Sanctification of the Constellations of the Zodiac that we use on Earth. The entire process of Sanctifying our local Solar System and the Stars of the Zodiac began on August 18, 2014 when the “Beginning of the Beginning with God” Energy came upon Earth. On August 25, 2014 the planet Saturn was our Solar System’s first planet initiated for the Sanctification process. The Sanctification process of our Solar System’s Planets will complete when Jupiter is Sanctified on November 20, 2015. The process of Sanctifying the Zodiac is not for the Zodiac’s Star Constellations themselves but to Sanctify the Energy they generate for our Mother Earth. In a sense it is her “Welcome to the new neighborhood (Fifth Dimension)” gift from the Universe!

For January 2015 the long anticipated Changes you have been “patiently” waiting for will begin! The primary reason for the wait was to give all Souls the opportunity to choose to progress with Mother Earth into the Fifth Dimension or not. The first opportunity was offered from July 12 through August 6, 2014. The second was completed from December 27 through December 29, 2014, primarily as a last second reprieve for the Man of Destiny Souls who had long ignored his or her Spiritual Nature, the Reptilian Souls. There is high likelihood that this second opportunity for the Reptilian Souls will not even be given a second thought, but no need to worry, dear Ones, Mother Earth has a schedule to keep! Beginning on December 30, 2014 Mother Earth will begin the process of becoming a New and upgraded version of a Creator Planet! The process of Mother Earth’s upgrade will begin by doing away with the old and outdated Harmony Vibration from the Fourth Dimension!

The removal of the Fourth Dimension’s Harmony Vibration will be complete on May 21, 2016. For a about a year and a half all Souls will be adapting and acclimating with the New Energy of Mother Earth’s upgrading Creator Planet status! Man of Destiny Souls will be primarily adapting and acclimating for Spiritual Knowledge and experience with the Fifth Dimension. You already have the Spiritual Experience and Knowledge of the Fifth Dimension, dear Ones, and will only be reacquainting and readapting yourself with the Fifth Dimension once more in order to navigate through Mother Earth’s new dominion! The reacquainting and readapting period for all Lightworker Souls will be complete on December 4, 2015 when the Sanctifying of our local Solar system and planets finalizes. By then your leadership status for guiding Mother Earth’s course of action “from the ground” will lead you into a state of Self -Growth for expansion through unlimitedness!

The Energy of the Fifth Dimension is designed for Unifying with God! Keeping this in mind will not be an issue or a problem for you, dear Ones, but an enlightening experience for you! For Man of Destiny and the religions that guide and comfort his or her Spiritual Nature, it will be an issue and troubling dilemma of the Times! The world’s religions were principally introduced by Lightworker Souls to give Man of Destiny Souls ideas and concepts about God and the Universe. Over time, however, these original ideas and concepts became distorted and incongruent with the True Nature of God and the Universe. Thus in witnessing the Unification with God process, Man of Destiny Souls will not only witness his or her external world collapsing by the demise of an economic system maintained with control and manipulation by Reptilian Souls, but his or her internal world also be collapsing! So now in the year 2015 the cleansing and healing process of Truth can begin its long awaited course for Joy and Unity with God!