Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vibration of the Universe

Energy Vibrations permeate throughout the Universe. Some forms of Energy Vibrations we can see, like the Light of the Sun during daytime and Starlight at night. Some forms of Energy we can feel, such as the warmth of the Sun and the strength of the wind. Beginning on November 23, 2013 there will be a New Energy form that we will internally feel at first but not initially see – this will be the Energy of God’s Presence coming into full manifestation upon Mother Earth! Some Souls like you, dear Ones, will be developing advanced and very powerful sensory perceptions with the advent of this New Energy form on Mother Earth, as this rare occasion will serve to enhance your innate gifts and skills from the Universe! You will understand what will be occurring but many Souls will not even grasp or comprehend where this New Energy form will be coming from!

From November 23, 2013 through May 9, 2014 the Energy of God’s Presence will intensify in continual increments of increasing magnitude to establish His/Her Presence upon Earth! In like manner Lightworker Souls will also be incrementally intensifying in magnitude during this Time period! For you, dear Ones, will be developing along with the increasing Energy Vibration of the Universe, and with this Energy will come the reason you were originally chosen to be here upon the Earth Plane at this Time! For during this Time you will begin to exhibit the innate gifts and talents that made you unique within the Higher Dimensions where you were Created!

Some Lightworkers, for example, will begin exhibiting their amazing powers to heal the Soul as well as the physical body, where they will simply touch another Soul’s aura and bring upon instantaneous results. Other Lightworkers will begin revitalizing and reorganizing antiquated professions and practices on Earth to usher in the New Standards of the Universe, while a select few members of the Legion of Light will begin to reorganize and overhaul the dysfunctional practices of government! No job or task will be too big or too small for you, dear Ones, for the arrival of God and the Universe will commence upon the Earth Plane on November 23, 2013!

Man of Destiny Souls upon Mother Earth will be in awe and wonder at what he or she will be witnessing. They will not be eager or even preliminary participants with the many Changes that will be occurring after the Energy of December 5, 2013 arrives, but once they realize what will be happening is REAL they will become inspired through the activities and actions that the Legion of Light will be activating!! The procedure of bringing Mother Earth into the domain of the Universe will not be an overnight process and will not be completed until March 27, 2017. This may seem like a long way away but when you consider this, you have been in wait for over 10,000 years for the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension to arrive, what are a few more years, give or take?

There will be no diminishing or withdrawing of God’s Presence upon Earth as every Soul and Being in the Universe becomes aware that the Owner of ALL Things is Present within our Reality once more! This will bring great cause to rejoice and celebrate the Oneness of God and the Universe for the expansion and growth of the Universe never ceases! And as we merge into the increasing Love upon Mother Earth so will the cause for Peace, Love, and Harmony become the new mantra of all Souls and beings on Earth! Never lose sight of this Truth, dear Ones, for the Time you have been waiting for is about to begin on November 23, 2013 through you and the Vibration of the Universe!