Sunday, April 13, 2014

One Day

In our current days, the days from March 12, 2014 through May 2, 2014 will be as if we were in a process of transitioning through One Day. This One Day period will be serving to “download” and develop multileveled information and Spiritual Knowledge that will provide you with the intuitive insight and awareness for the experience of the days to follow. If you, dear Ones, have been feeling full of expectation and anticipation for something as if it were Christmas Eve, then you are aware of the feeling that prevails in these days! It will be as if the magic of Christmas were to occur on May 3, 2014 rather than December 25th. The multileveled information and Spiritual Knowledge will come to you anytime or anyplace in which you are totally alone with your intuitive state of mind.

Your intuitive state of mind, dear Ones, will make everything irrelevant except whatever is in your Heart and Soul! For May 3, 2014 will be the Day of Revelation for all Lightworker Souls! This will mean that it will be Time to work together in Harmony and in Unity with God and the Universe which Creates ALL Things with Love! This will not be a time to declare war against all that obstructs and hinders the growth and expansion of the Soul, but the Time for the Legion of Light to physically organize and begin to function as a solitary unit much as the Universe does in Oneness with ALL Things! The Time to be known as a Unit of Light, Love, and Harmony will be February 7, 2015. As for all the things that obstruct and hinder the Soul, they will be taken care of on their own. For they are all in a state of disharmony with the Universe and will disappear from existence!

When your Beginning arrives on February 7, 2015, dear Ones, you will not have any obstruction or hindrance from Man of Destiny Souls whatsoever, for your Pathway of Light, Love and Harmony within the Legion of Light will be Ordained by God to bring your Heart and Soul into the momentum of your True Purpose – to Re-Create Mother Earth with the Energies of the Universe! This meaning that Creating with your Love and only our Solar System’s sources is over! No longer will you be Creating with “airy” particles that are made for Man of Destiny Souls to practice Creating with Love, for you will be Creating with the Eternal particles of the Universe! The difference being is the Creation particles of the Fourth Dimension and lower do not coalesce as well as the Creation particles in the Fifth and upper Dimension or even have Eternal longevity and sustainability. For the Universe to remain Eternally in Growth and Expansion, dear Ones, “airy” Creation particles would allow anomalies that would not serve the purpose of Eternal Growth and Expansion with God!

The Energy after May 3, 2014 through May 15, 2014 will have you feeling and knowing that there is “something different” in the air. The feeling will be the product of the One Day that is “downloading” in our current days to provide assistance in your internal integration process for Eternal Growth and Expansion with Mother Earth. From May 16, 2014 onward the effortlessness and ease you will be having with your Heart’s Expression towards Unlimitedness will begin to amaze you! Some of the Light are already in an Unlimited status with the Universe and will be the ones Chosen by God to lead the three year process of reentering into the Universe! Every Soul in Higher Self knows of their coming for they are Ordained by God for the task at hand!

In the days to come the most important thing will be each and every individual Soul’s Spiritual growth in order to Grow and Expand with the Universe. How this is ascertained is to just simply follow whatever is in your Heart and Soul, nothing else. Many Man of Destiny Souls will ignore the Spiritual Knowledge not realizing that he or she is at the most critical point of Mother Earth’s Evolution Process. If One Day could a make a difference, it will all depend upon each Soul’s development with the multileveled information and Spiritual Knowledge available from March 12, 2014 through May 2, 2014. For Man of Destiny, he or she must at least be willingly able to recognize his or her own need to learn. By November 6, 2014 every Soul, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, will realize that One Day does make a difference and that Day is NOW!