Sunday, July 21, 2013

Days of Activity

When the Energy of August 18, 2013 arrives on Mother Earth there will only be two directions that every single Soul will be traveling: 1) the pathway of learning to activate his or her role as a Co-Creator in Unity with God or 2) the Activated Pathway of Co-Creator in Unity with God! For the first group of Souls, it will be a time of learning, unlearning and relearning for the next three year period in order to become a Co-Creator in Unity with God. This opportunity completes on February 11, 2016. The most difficult phase will be “unlearning” all that the Third Dimension has demonstrated as “truths” – “survival of the fittest,” doing things that one does not Love in order to “survive,” and reinforcing differences between human beings that segregate everyone by race, creed, color, nationality, and gender. Far from the Truth, the Energy that we are about to encounter will introduce the qualities of Sharing and Cooperating through Brotherhood Consciousness.

There will be three significant Universal Energy influenced Events initiating on August 15, 2013. All three have been in motion for various lengths of Time and signify that the Time to begin with Light, Love, and Brotherhood are here! The first results from the Energy of August 12, 2013. This Energy will initiate the Time of God Living and Dwelling upon Earth and will place God the Father and Mother of ALL Things in Charge of Mother Earth’s Transformation. The second Event is indicative of Mother Earth’s choice to reorganize herself through the Oneness that Harmony offers to her surface on August 15, 2013. Both of these Events will require that every Soul upon Mother Earth reprogram his or her priorities according to the New Decree of Heaven – ALL you need is Love! The third Universal Event coincides with the these two in that it will lead each individual Soul to take responsibility for his or her own Spiritual Growth in order to acclimate into the New Vibration of the New Reality!

This will not be an issue for you, dear Ones, as most of you have already been one to have dutifully acclimated! For you, it will be a Time to begin to draw upon the New Vibration with God Source to lead you! Look for the Energy of September 23, 2013 to take you to your place of Joy in Living as Mother Earth continues to reorganize herself through September 16, 2013. Your own Joy in Living will serve you well to radiate as a role model to others in what the New Reality will bring to those who understand how to become Love in the Fifth Dimension! There will still be one more element to purge and that will be the Souls who will reinforce the false truths from the Third Dimension in order to keep “rule and dominion” over all Souls upon Earth!

They will be known as “false prophets” and will bring their underlings to tell untruths to deceive anyone who will listen. One false rumor will lead to another and another and bring media sources to inundate everyone with fear, for the “false prophets” have learned that if they want to keep “rule and dominion” over everyone, the best approach is to keep them unbalanced and in fear! Their days are numbered, dear Ones, for when September 26, 2013 arrives they will know internally that the “game” that they have been playing for years IS OVER! For with the Energy of August 15, 2013 the New Vibration of the New Reality will let them know that they will be the ones “unbalanced and in fear!”

As their domination diminishes and fades, so will the New Vibration of the New Reality gain momentum through you! For you have will Light and Love to Create a New World! You will have Mother Earth Harmonizing with the Universe and inspiring you through the Oneness that prevails throughout the Universe! But it will be God Living and Dwelling upon the Earth Plane that will produce the greatest distinction, for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be leading everyone into the New Horizon! And once everyone realizes and understands that distinction, there will be many accepting the Truth that the Days of Activity are here beginning on August 15, 2013 as you do, dear Ones!