Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Reset

Everyone has run into a moment when a software program on his or her computer would not function as it was designed to work. The easiest answer would be to shut it down and restart the faulty program. In the same way, dear Lightworker, the Earth Plane will witness a restart, or Reset if you will, with the Energy of August 18, 2012. The Time of Reset will not be in any shape or form a calamitous or catastrophic event. Rather it will be an internal Reset of the conditioning and programming in all sentient beings upon the Earth Plane.

What the Time of Reset will do is simply this: it will bring to the forefront the need to internalize with God Source in order to return Spiritual Experience as the form of communication between God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and all Souls – Lightworker and Man of Destiny! This will not be a testing at all for you, dear Lightworker, but the Spiritual Experience with God the Father and Mother will be startling, unsettling, and disturbing to many who have never experienced at the Heart and Soul level like you, dear Lightworker! This Time of Reset will also serve as the Activation Point of your Project of Light!

There will be three days to choose to progress in the Time of Reset, August 19, 20, and 21, 2012. Those Souls who choose to progress with Spiritual Experience will align with the Energy of August 30, 2012 when the Separation of Souls will begin upon the Earth Plane as God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be walking upon Mother Earth since August 13, 2012! Let this Truth not be unsettling to you, dear Lightworker, but understand that the entire reason you have come upon the Earth Plane will begin!

“Why now?” you may ask. Dear Lightworker, the Universe is a synchronized achievement of God that generates Light and Love to Create Extensions of Light and Love from the very pattern of Creation begun by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. You, dear Lightworker, and Man of Destiny are His/Her Extensions of Light and Love! In the Enlightenment Pattern of Evolution for ALL Things, it is now time to acknowledge the Source of ALL Things so that all Souls may extend the Enlightenment Pattern of Evolution once more through his or her own achievements of Light and Love as Co-Creators with God! As it currently stands, the “passing of the baton” will not work with the majority of Souls still in Third and Fourth Dimensional mindsets!

This is why you, dear Lightworker, and your Task of Light will Activate with the Time of Reset as the Energy of the Universe brings you into the timing of your Project of Light! This will result in enhancing your Spiritual Experience and allow you to “listen” more closely and with more detail directly from God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! All you will have to do is listen to the inspiration that comes from your Heart! This will be True for every Soul despite past conditioning and programming as Spiritual Experience will become the Pathway of every Soul to develop, promote, and execute into their own Lives!

The result of developing the skill of Spiritual Experience will allow everyone choosing to move forward through the Separation of Souls Energy of August 30, 2012 beyond his or her physical experiences and on into the experience of Joy in Living! Joy in Living is a byproduct of Spiritual Experience and is not dependent upon time or money, it is merely an expression of God’s Love and you, dear Lightworker, are also an expression of God’s Love as is Man of Destiny! Most Man of Destiny Souls will be slow to recall this Truth and that is why you, dear Lightworker, will be here to remind him or her about Spiritual Experience in this Time of Reset!