Friday, November 9, 2012

New Millennium is Here!

When you awaken on the morning of December 3, 2012 you will know internally that something is different. But as you look around your bedroom you will notice that nothing will be out of place or even missing. Outside, you will see the same familiar trees and shrubbery that landscape your neighborhood. Even when you think about your family and friends, they will still be in your Heart. The difference will be that your internal guidance will feel and know that the Energy of the New Millennium will be here!

Love has brought everyone with you, dear Lightworker, and now your valued Spiritual gifts and talents will be in demand! Not that they weren’t already but there is a new mission and that is to bring Light and Love into everyone’s Life. Many in this New Horizon will still not understand what happened and will think that, because there are no physical differences between the days before and December 3, 2012, it will be as any other day. But you know that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is upon the Earth Plane and is guiding all of His/Her Lightworkers to their Soul’s highest purpose of expression, what each and every single Lightworker has been designed to do!

The Energy of December 3, 2012 will begin every Lightworker’s Pathway into a place of leadership for just slightly over a thousand years. The reason is to ensure that Man of Destiny will have gained wisdom and Enlightenment to become a Caretaker of Mother Earth. This way Man of Destiny will know and understand that everything is part of the Universe and that the Universe is an ennobled being of Light and Love as Man of Destiny already is! After the thousand years complete, all Man of Destiny Souls will be ready and more than willing to become Light and Love and contribute their share with the Universe as Co-Creators with God!

The Energy of December 3, 2012 will only be the initiation point, the Unlimited Beginning for Unlimited Change! All Lightworkers will know in their Heart and Soul what they will be doing in their task and Service to God! But first there will come the time to unite and recognize each and every Lightworker who will be on your team to contribute into the Changes of the New Horizon. The first week of December 2012 will become a time of connecting with your fellow kindred Souls of Light so that by January 1, 2013 all Projects of Light will be in process to assist with the first Wave of Unifying with God from January 14, 2013 to February 4, 2013.

Outside of the assembling Projects of Light there will be a general lack of comprehension but there will be a willingness to learn and understand! What a great difference being totally immersed into the Fifth Dimension will bring for the Great Transformation upon us all! For there will be greater growth to become Self Aware and Self Reliant with the Responsibility that one will need to Create his or her own Joy in Living within a foundation based upon Love!

For as you will see, dear Lightworker, Love will not be an issue at all! It will only be unlearning and learning, applying and then activating the Principles of Love that will be needed to Create and become a Co-Creator with God! And as you know, dear Lightworker, in order to be a Co-Creator with God, you will have to purge whatever interferes with that task, and for the most part it takes a path of solitude to know and understand the Truth between what is in your Heart and Soul and what is externally absorbed inwardly as truth! Everything is New and begins all over again for the New Millennium is here at last!