Friday, October 5, 2012

Joy Is Forever!

Joy and Happiness are the end goal of every Human experience upon Earth. Yet few currently realize the goal of Joy and Happiness for any enduring amount of time. However, dear Lightworker, the final week of October 2012 is designed to do just that – to align everyone’s Heart and Soul into an enduring place of Joy and Happiness! Don’t look outside of yourself to know what is right for you! Instead look within your Heart and Soul to lead you!

The weeklong sequence to develop each individual Soul’s Joy and Happiness will begin on October 24, 2012 when the leadership of the Legion of Light will begin to initiate God’s Plan to bring everyone upon Mother Earth into his or her place of Joy in Living. It will not be an easy process for everyone who will not yet be aligned with his or her Internal Self, dear Lightworker, but for those who will be ready, the process will place them “light years” ahead of the curve! Those who will not be ready will begin the learning process to recognize his or her Spiritual Destiny as a Co-Creator with God.

By turning one’s Internal Awareness towards Joy and Happiness during the week of October 24 through 31, 2012, one will be establishing his or her foundation for his or her Pathway and Purpose in the New Millennium! This foundation will then serve as the basis from which one will Create in Lovingness and contribute as a Co-Creator with God through his or her participation in the Brotherhood of Man and Light. This time of heightened awareness of Joy and Happiness will take an even bigger step at the beginning of November 2012 when everyone, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, will be activated as Co-Creators with God!

The Way of the Universal Energies is one of Free Will. And in Free Will there are always opportunities to promote one’s Spiritual Growth. During these last days of October 2012 there will be three days, October 29th, 30th, and 31st, for choosing to Live with Joy and Happiness forever! These thee days will provide the decisive time in which everyone will consider what they will be doing in a world of Peace and Harmony with Love, Joy and Happiness! Your choice is already known, dear Lightworker, for this opportunity will bring you closer to being in a place like “home,” and with it, the ability to Create experiences of Joy and Happiness once again by December 3, 2012!

Because of Man of Destiny’s limited experience upon the Earth Plane, the days ahead will be without precedent for him or her! But rather than to let him or her begin to withdraw and isolate themselves with fear, God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will have all Man of Destiny Souls willing to become a part of the upcoming future of Man and Light, be brought to you, dear Lightworker, to learn and understand what it Truly means to be a Co-Creator with God! And in this will begin the expansion of your Service of Light and Love!

Those who will set aside their ego and allow themselves to be led in the direction of Light and Love will prosper in these days and bring themselves one step closer to Enlightenment Status. But those who remain torn between the leap of faith and what they knew and experienced in the past, will be between a rock and a hard place by choice. We are now at the Point of No Return, dear Lightworker, and as you have always known in your Heart and Soul – Joy and Happiness are forever!