Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ordaining Part 2

During the second week of October 2012 the Universal Energies will be directing the Process of Ordaining toward you and your Project of Light, dear Lightworker! What may have seemed impossible or even as likely as “snapping your fingers” for its appearance will be happening! For when the Process of Ordaining completes on October 21st, 2012, you will be directed by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things to your place of Joy and Service to Him/Her!

The place of your Joy and Service to God will bring you into a role of leading, teaching, and healing others as a Co-Creator with God, which, will directly influence the Transforming Energy upon Mother Earth into one of Lovingness. What in the past has only been Pods of Lightworkers advancing their influence in stages through civilizations ready to understand the work of the Soul, will now be more than 144,000 Lightworkers working in unison with God’s coordination to introduce a New Horizon on December 3, 2012 where there will be no opposition left upon the Earth Plane against the Promise of God for Joy of Living for everyone!

In order for God’s Promise to begin on schedule with the Universal Energies, Man of Destiny Souls will have the opportunity to listen and pay attention to God’s Words of Truth being spoken through members of the Legion of Light! The Energy of October 11th through 15th, 2012 will provide the platform through which world events will require action to remove the corrupt and failing financial systems of control. And in this will come the great Fall of Babylon with all of its false values and incentives to keep control over the masses!

When the Energy of October 17, 2012 arrives there will be many egocentric Man of Destiny Souls without power and influence! For they have all failed to acknowledge that God the Father and Mother is the Source of ALL Things and not one’s ego! Though they will attempt to manipulate and regain control, they will no longer be heard or even paid attention to, for now Man of Destiny Souls will be ready to begin his or her own Pathway of becoming a Co-Creator with God on November 3, 2012!

There is a New Horizon forming within your Heart and Soul, dear Lightworker! You may not see it at this time but you can feel it! Its presence will be fully manifested on December 3, 2012 and is in its final stage of Ordaining by God from October 1st to 21st, 2012. Man of Destiny, as you will witness, will be removed from places of interference as you and the Legion of Light, dear Lightworker, make your God-Centered presence throughout the Earth Plane! So when Man of Destiny is given the opportunity to become a Co-Creator with God on November 3, 2012, he or she will be ready to Create with the purpose of imputing value into God’s Creations on Mother Earth. Some will take longer than others as they take time to reorient his or her Soul into this finalization stage with God.

In the times ahead the real issue after the Ordaining period completes will be credibility and belief by Man of Destiny. Some like you, dear Lightworker, already know and understand that we are all Co-Creators with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things. In the past, however, the dominance of ego by Man of Destiny stood in the way of accomplishing anything by the Legion of Light in unison. Unity with God will make a noticeable difference after December 3, 2012 – as All Projects of Light and Love will form in unison with God’s Presence upon Mother Earth!