Friday, September 7, 2012

Co-Creators with God Part 2

The Co-Creator with God Status that will be bestowed upon you on September 23, 2012, dear Lightworker, will only require two things: one, you remain in a state of Lovinginess to Create with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things and two, play to recharge your internal batteries! That will be all you will need, so do not worry or fall into despair about the current state of world affairs, for this will be the way in which Man of Destiny will begin to turn to God for all of his or her needs upon the Earth Plane!

God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will be leading the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny together on September 24 and 25, 2012 to begin His/Her Promise of Joy in Living for everyone upon the Earth Plane. Many dramatic events will occur worldwide and will not leave anyone or anyplace untouched with this Energy’s Presence! Now you will witness firsthand the Power of God’s Presence upon the Earth as the shackles that keep Humanity bound to another Human Being with unjust laws loosen and release to improve the impoverished conditions of the Soul!

Many Man of Destiny Souls will be in shock and disbelief rather than exuberant and cheerful about the extraordinary turn of events at the end of September 2012. But this is only the beginning of the Great Transformation to bring Unity with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things for Man of Destiny. There will only be three opportunities for Man of Destiny to become Unified with God. The first will occur from January 15, 2013 through February 14, 2013 while the second access period will happen from January 16, 2014 until February 13, 2014. The last and final opportunity will be offered from January 16, 2015 until February 13, 2015. By the point of this final chance many will become convinced and understand that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things walks upon the Earth!

There will still be a long way to go in terms of time and understanding, dear Lightworker! But you and all members of the Legion of Light will be beginning your Service of Light and Love as a team with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! So remain focused upon God’s burgeoning World of Light and Love appearing at the end of September 2012 that will fully manifest by December 3, 2012!

You will also begin to recognize other members of the Legion of Light, dear Lightworker, by the manner in which they will speak the Words of God directly and speak about God in His/Her True Essence of Love without Judgment and not through religious terminology of separation from this world, but as He/She is, walking upon the Lands of the Earth! This time period will also begin the Brotherhood of Man and Light upon Mother Earth!

The Brotherhood of Man and Light will become the core foundation through which everything upon Mother Earth will be accomplished – by Sharing and Cooperating with one another! Instead of nations and industries negotiating upon ego based values, the Spirit of Brotherhood will bring what is best for each individual person involved! When the Energy of October 2012 will arrive, there will be a new Spirit of Love roaming the entire Earth. Those who resist it will see it as a plague in their lives of keeping Humanity bound to another Human Being! Know now, dear Lightworker, the Separation of Souls has begun!