Friday, March 1, 2013

The Path of Spirit

The True Essence of Everything in the Universe exists without definitive boundaries of Form, Time, and Space for everything is Spiritual in Nature. Love is the Energy that serves to coalesce the entire Universe as One single Entity of Spirit. Our Mother Earth and Milky Way Galaxy’s entry into the Fifth Dimension and Ascension into the Universe on February 2, 2013 is the springboard to bring all things into the Spirit of Love. In order to find your place in this New Horizon, dear Ones, there will be many adjustments that will need calibration for total understanding. This will become more apparent to you even before the Energy of April 2013 emerges before you!

Many will take about three years before they bring forth the required calibrations within his or her Soul to understand what the New Horizon is all about. Some will take less, but there will be even fewer who will take only a few months, or even weeks to become fully Activated into the New Horizon. Those who will rise up early in this process will be the ones to provide leadership for the world to emulate and follow. Not like puppets held by strings, but as consciously aware Souls who know he or she is following God the Father and Mother of ALL Things with their Heart and Soul! The awareness this will take is to be one who is Present with whom he or she is!

When the Energy of April 3 and 4, 2013 arrives upon Mother Earth, those who have declared that he or she is Present and Ready to begin with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things, will rise up rapidly, wherever they may stand on Earth, as Unified Leaders of Light with God through God Source! The Striker Force of Light will have predominately cleared the way for them through their methodology of silence, courage, and Truth in their Hearts and Souls! There will be nothing to fear for God is within their Hearts and Souls to demonstrate the way for you!

Being reactionary as opposed to being open minded will not be the way of these days, but by the end of the first week of April 2013 you will know why, dear Ones! For God Source does not, and will not reside, within those who remain in ego in any to attempt to redirect Mother Earth back into third dimensional thinking, where everything was about learning to grow with Love. These lessons are over and it is time to place into motion all lessons of Lovingness, for the repercussion of “Creative Paralysis” will function to assist those in ego to learn rapidly!

When the Hand of God will complete its sweep of Mother Earth on April 6, 2013, the New Leadership of Light will be in their respective placements, ready to direct and lead the World of Light and Love into formation! “Many are called but few are chosen,” and so it is that these ones of Light will serve as God’s representatives, for they are ones who have been tried, tested, and found to be True in the Ways of God! The Ways of God are Spiritual in Nature and by understanding this Truth, you too will become better prepared for the New Horizon of Light and Love presenting itself before us!

There will be nothing to fear for the New Horizon of Light and Love will serve to lead everyone back into the Path of Spirit! The Path of Spirit, once experienced, is one that will produce the essential elements of Sharing and Cooperating with one another through the Brotherhood of Man and Light! This is the foundation that will ensure that God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone will be a fact, rather than an ideal state of mind! There will still be a few months to achieve its fullness, but rest assured, dear Ones, IT IS HERE and all it takes is Harmony and Understanding through the Path of Spirit!