Friday, March 29, 2013

Necessity of a Pure Heart

The Period of the Turning Point began on March 15, 2013 and will complete its first major phase on May 1, 2013, and bring all things not secured with Love to unravel from their foundation as if they were made of sand. The period of Time from May 9, 2013 through August 20, 2013 will be known as “The Time of God,” when God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will make His/Her Presence upon Mother Earth felt and known! See the last week of April 2013 to begin the process of clearing the way for those who will bring a Pure Heart into the days to come!

One who will have a Pure Heart in the days to come is one already Ordained as a Co-Creator in Unity with God and will also be one beginning to attune him or herself with the Spirit of Brotherhood and Harmony within his or her Heart and Soul. You, dear Ones, will find many who will be willing to bring forth the qualities of a Pure Heart, but just about as many who will not have trust in his or her fellow countrymen or for that matter, all Souls in general! But once that they will realize that they are being led by the Legion of Light and not despots with followers of self interest at hand, they will reconsider!

The last week of April 2013 will introduce many eager units of Lightworker Souls to the world. They will be ready, willing, and present in bringing assistance to Mother Earth in Re-Creating herself with Light and Love for the New Millennium, for these ones will already have God in their Hearts and Souls, and know there is no place like HOME! Love, Brotherhood, and Harmony will be the song of cohesion and will direct them through God Source to Create the way of their Hearts and Souls as they are used to – with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things at their side!

There will still be much to redo and Re-Create upon Mother Earth but with little adversity for those Ordained as Co-Creators with God, who will have no fear in any of their circumstances! The key component will be their access to God Source, which will guide them to the entryway of their own Unlimited Pathways by the end of June 2013! Others will be too occupied with their own circumstances of “victimhood” to notice that they too, will have the same opportunity beginning on April 25, 2013! These will be the ones who will eventually come to follow the Legion of Light and their Projects of Light to bring Enlightenment towards understanding the Necessity of a Pure Heart!

The status of a Pure Heart will not be visible to anyone except for those who have the ability to see Auric Fields of Light, where they will see a golden aura encircled by the color purple to show anyone aware that they are one to have a Pure Heart! The Energy of a Pure Heart will also be one to exude expansive Love Energy that will be able to be felt and heard through their voice of hope and inspiration! Mother Earth will be in a state of Happiness with those of Pure Heart status, for in preparing for the “Time of God” from May 9, 2013 to August 20, 2013, she will begin her new cycle of Harmonic Expansion on May 4, 2013, beginning her task of becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony!