Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Essence of Transformation

Man of Destiny Souls have been in an Evolutionary Process towards Enlightenment for over ten thousand years. There have been three Universal calibrations in the Stars above to assist the Process. The first came in 5950 BCE (Before Common Era) when Noah’s Flood took place. The second came to pass about three thousand years later in 2945 BCE when the period of Great Civilizations began to rise up. The last adjustment happened as recently as 1849 CE (Common Era). This occurrence introduced the advancement of sciences, technology, and industries. Though these calibrations did not produce “instantaneous” Enlightenment for everyone, they have brought us closer to our current process in the Universe – our entry of the New Millennium!

At the Essence of Transformation is the cognitive need to understand that there is something “better or higher” available. Without a “better or higher” value of importance to one’s Heart, any process of Change becomes a moot point in semantics. But during the time frame of April 14 through April 22, 2013, dear Ones, the motivation to become all that your Heart desires will be here! The past several months can be likened to beginning to plan a vacation on December 3, 2012. You make plans and generate an itinerary to go along with your plans, and it becomes as if you are already there, including imagining issues that may arise such as weather conditions, traffic, and even airport delays. But let these minor things not bother you for the departure towards Joy in Living has already begun with the Energy of March 15, 2013!

During the third week of April 2013 the Universal Energies will be completing two important parts from the “planning stage of the vacation” for the Future of Man with Light. The first will directly involve Man of Destiny Souls with the Energy of April 14, 2013, when they will make great strides towards Enlightenment to begin his or her experience of Joy in Living, while Lightworker Souls will (finally) step forward on April 17, 2013 and declare openly and solemnly just what he or she is here to do with Mother Earth and God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! This momentum will serve to begin to form the appearance of the New Foundation, intact and united through the Souls of Man and Light!

On April 22, 2013 the Inner Awareness that a New World is emerging will make one aware, feel that he or she is proceeding towards their intended destination! There will also be the need on this day to unite one’s Inner Self with the New World he or she is Co-Creating with God and others of like-mindedness, and to keep it as guidance in the Heart! Love and Harmony will do wonders in these days for God Source, through God’s Presence Energy upon Mother Earth, will be Activating with all those who have aligned to become Co-Creators in Unity with God! By July 15, 2013 Love and Harmony will become the Foundation upon which Unity with God will stand and enable the Essence of Transformation with Spirit to bring forth permanence for the New World emerging!

It will still be two plus years in the near future, from February 13, 2014 through July 18, 2016, in which it will take Love and Harmony to become immersed and assimilated by everyone upon Mother Earth. In the context of 10,000 years however, this is a very short time frame so consider these days as the time of the Transformation Process, not the end point! In this way, dear Ones, you will know that something “better or higher” is right around the corner for everyone, not just a select few! Bring Joy and comfort into your Heart and Soul for the Essence of Transformation with Spirit was you, is you, and will always be you with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!