Saturday, July 3, 2010

Manifestation of the Pathway of Truth, Part 2

The Pathway of Truth became fully manifested on July 3, 2010 and its Energy will remain as the most influential mark of the New Millennium for a time to come. No longer will you be able to tell untruths to yourself and think that you are less than who you truly are – A CO-CREATOR WITH GOD! And in this critical month of July 2010 we shall become more and more aware of the Truth of this as we will now be able to not only think upon the ideal of the New Millennium but we shall also begin to feel the essence of the New Millennium!

Look up to skies on July 11th to witness the Power of God! There will be a Solar Eclipse at 11:33 AM PDT that will serve to remind us about the pattern of Change in Process! This date will allow our Thoughts of Truth to generate the New Path of Light and the New Pathway of Destiny. These Pathways will increase Love in our dimension and will incrementally increase our newfound Purpose on Earth and will propel us towards actively seeking our Partnerships in the Brotherhood of Man. Man of Negativity will only see his self-proclaimed truth to continue him towards the manifestation of his own version of truth however regretful it may be for him.

July 12, 2010 will offer Man of Destiny the opportunity to reach within himself to think beyond his current spectrum of thought into The Unlimited! This shall bring him inline with his Pathway in the New Millennium as well as his participation in the Brotherhood of Man. It shall be to each to decide and choose for it is DONE! Those who manifest their own self-proclaimed version of truth shall be moved to the wayside so that they will not interfere with the progress of the Brotherhood of Man though they shall try until July 14, 2010 and then once more for a month from August 11 to September 10, 2010.

July 13th will be a day in which we will recognize ourselves as movers in the Whole Spectrum of Change rather than as isolated non-factors in our world. This shall allow us to gain insight about our newfound Purpose that is in process of becoming The New Reality on Earth. Keep faith against the Chaos! July 14th will function to unravel the pathway of those enmeshed in their own self-proclaimed truth from those whose efforts they have hindered. Stay strong as the way of commerce will remain but will see those of self-proclaimed truth begin to lose their financial grip in attempts to enslave ALL! And the third Battle of Light against the Darkness concludes.

July 15, 2010 will see the Dawning of Activity with the Legion of Light at the forefront to begin the necessary Changes to Manifest the Foundation of the New Millennium. Fear not and know that these necessary Changes come from Above to ensure that Negative Man will not prevail in his dream to keep ALL MAN from becoming Co-Creators with God! All Man is accountable for finding the Truth in these days and to seek his Pathway of Joy.

On July 16th the Legion of Light will engage Man of Destiny into the Plan of the New Millennium with the Action of Love. There is no stronger force than Love to conquer the fear and confusion currently promoting Chaos. Look no further than within yourself to access the Action of Love to promote your own Joy of Living! This is the underlying message of the New Millennium for fear and Love cannot stand by each other in the New Millennium!

July 17, 2010 continues the Way of Manifestations and just as the previous days have built upon each other to contribute their Energies to the New Millennium this date will accelerate Man of Destiny’s movement as a Partner in the Brotherhood of Man and into the Joy of Living. By choosing this Energy Man of Destiny will also prevail in removing himself from the Chaos and progress himself closer to his Destiny of Purpose.

July 18th will begin the Activation of Love in Brotherhood. Look now to see the Pathway you have begun Man of Destiny, Child of God! You trusted and followed your heart for you will stand apart from the Chaos and will proceed into your share of Spiritual Prosperity! Negative Man will work to plan his next attempt to place control on All Man with his self-proclaimed truth to harness the world. Look for him to learn that the rules of the New Millennium are in place and these rules will not allow one to control another’s will.

July 19, 2010 will present an opportunity for All Man to become Man of Destiny once more to promote his Destiny of Purpose in the way of Living in Joy. Should Negative Man choose to Change his ways he will avert the next Battle of Light against Darkness and turn the period of August 11 to September 10, 2010 into a period of exponential Growth. This day shall also provide the beginning of Man of Destiny’s opportunity for Growth in Love for his Pathway.

On July 20th the Universal Energies turn to focus upon the Joy of Living with the ever-present Legion of Light working to place the Foundation of Love into place for All Man to access. Here it will bring cause for Man of Destiny to celebrate his beginning in the New Millennium as Earth has moved into her place of honor as the Foundation of Man of Destiny’s Creative endeavors in the New Millennium. July 21st will then complete the actions initiated on July 20, 2010 by the Universal Energies granting of Man of Destiny’s Foundation for his own powers to Create his pathway in the New Millennium!

More Change is to come in the month of July 2010 and will be subtle but powerful as we are all on our way to becoming CO-CREATORS WITH GOD once more! Pray for those who lack understanding and may be in confusion because they have not fully processed the message of our times. And pray for those who have turned this prophesy of long ago into a game of politics and control so that they too can comprehend and process the message. Man of Destiny, Child of God, be one to give thanks for the future we are about to engage!