Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manifestation of the Pathway of Truth

The manifestation of the Pathway of Truth begins in early July 2010 and will be the determining factor in all of our future events. It will be an easy transition for some but for most it will be a painful and torturous experience to eliminate the Ego and replace it with Lovingness. The time to seek the True Path of your heart and soul in order to fulfill your Spiritual Destiny is now and is the Responsibility of one and all to accept.

July 1, 2010 will begin the month with a Plan to Flow with the Energy of Truth in order to shift our perspective from security in the material realm to Spiritual Prosperity and by remaining true to the Brotherhood of Man and seeking flexibility and cooperation in all our endeavors will this be brought to conclusion. July 2nd will reveal the second part of the Plan, which has the primary responsibility of leading us to enjoin the Energy of Love and Truth together and move forward with the New Millennium.

July 3, 2010 will produce the Manifestation of the Pathway of Truth and will hold us accountable in all our endeavors. Though we may believe we are already on this path, use this time to question all of your principles and ask yourself the inevitable question, “Am I living my life in Joy?” Any hesitation or conditional responses will bring you to a state of inaction in order to examine the work you must do to gain your True Path. This is not a question of religion but is a matter of a solar system event prophesized long ago and misplaced into the context of religion.

July 4th will bring a day of decisions. One decision will emphasize our need to seek Joy in our lives while the second reminds us to accept the Way of Love and Brotherhood. Though we may feel interconnected with one another we will need to seek deeper relations beyond the traditional definition of immediate family and friends to process a level of understanding required so that if one fails we will all fail. On the other hand this time period will also allow the Love Energy to produce material wealth through accumulation inspired by fear and security. Do not be so inspired, as the Realm of Man’s Control shall be disbanded with its greed and will lead to its own demise!

July 5, 2010 will cause the Energy of Change to Flow throughout the remainder of July 2010 with manifestation after manifestation to demonstrate that the New Millennium is upon us. July 5th’s Energy will proclaim that the Man of Destiny who processes Unlimited Love will find the Pathway of Truth and will change his Foundation so that he may step quickly into the New Millennium and gain his share of Spiritual Prosperity. Others will focus upon the Chaos and become IT because they have not yet examined and understood the Change occurring all around them.

July 6th will then further Change our spectrum of experience and will leave those in the Chaos longing for the old security based needs standards to work once more but they shall not! The path forward will only begin when they release their need to control and lose their sense of self-achievement and finally begin to shift their minds to the work within the Universal Energies! And until they realize that their path forward only begins by eliminating the self and thinking as WE rather than I will they remain in the cycle of Chaos! The Manifestations of July 6th include the Growth of Love, the Creation of the New Millennium Pathway, and Your Destiny within it.

On July 7, 2010 the Universal Energies will function to progress Man of Destiny with the Legion of Light towards Creating the Pathway of Truth. The Pathway will then follow through into July 8th with the Energy of Change that will bring Man of Destiny into the Rhythm of Joy. Does it seem impossible to be in Joy? Think about why we become attached to our sorrows rather than our joys. Could it be that we do not take the time to process our sorrows and hold the pain within while we enjoy and process the entire Rhythm of Joy in a moment? Think about how far your soul can progress by simply being in the Rhythm of Joy and applying Love into your soul’s journey!

July 9th will simplify the Universal Energies Flow to declare to one and all that the closer you get to your Soul’s Destiny, the more you will find that the Foundation of Love within you will help Create the Joy you truly deserve in your life! July 10th will provide a plan to progress our thought patterns into the Realm of the Unlimited. No plan is farfetched as long as it has a purpose to FREE us from the Negativity of our world. Look beyond and think the unconventional for the chains of the past are broken!

July 2010 began with the Pathway of Truth nearly completed as the second cornerstone of the New Millennium. The first was the establishment of the Dimension of Love on May 18, 2010. Now with the completion of the Pathway of Truth on July 3, 2010 will we be directly guided to more actively seek our journey towards Spiritual Prosperity. The next posting of Alexandrian Kosmos will provide guidance in ten-day increments much like in April and May 2010 so that a more comprehensive guide of the emerging Pathway of Truth may avail itself to you!