Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Awareness

In August 2010 we will gain a New Awareness in our conscious thoughts towards the New Millennium and the responsibilities it will bring. The judgment of one another by race, creed, color, religion, or even sexual orientation will not be tolerated, for now the only criteria of evaluation of Man’s merit will come by his Attunement to God! And this will be measured through his Joy of Living built upon Truth and Love. All else will merely render him to exist as All Man with his latent ways of learning his Spiritual Truth and will require him to learn the New Rules of the New Dimension that are as near to him as his heart in understanding. The goal in these days will be to become the Man of Destiny, one who has persevered through time and broken through the Illusion to achieve his life’s task and service with God, not as a religion but as a Way of Life!

The Season of Harvest will begin on August 19, 2010 and will require us all to focus upon the Path of our Destiny that will be guide us with Truth and Love. This will be our time to harvest what we have sown with our hearts since the New Millennium’s beginning in springtime 2010. Was your focus upon the lack in your life? Or was your focus upon the attainment of Spiritual Growth? Mediate on these thoughts and know that a focus upon lack will only increase your lack while your focus upon the Spiritual will increase your Spiritual Power, which is where your True Power is!

On August 1st All Humanity will be given the choice to choose the expanding growth of Truth and Love to guide him into his Path of Destiny or to let his love in what brings him the shallow rewards of his self-proclaimed truth to move him laterally. Though it may seem like a simple choice, consider that Man of Negativity will not know the difference between God and himself for his claim to be god in his epiphany of ego will demonstrate how he will continue to try to control by manipulation and greed in order to seduce himself into thinking he has conquered his fears. Know this Man of Negativity, YOU will be facing your own fears and it will CONQUER and CONTROL YOU much like how you manipulated with malice and greed just so that you could materially prosper and control your fellow Man!

The Energies of August 2nd will set into motion the course of momentum for All Humanity’s Path of Destiny to begin with the Choice that each individual soul’s task for Living in Joy is, whether he is Man of Negativity, All Man, Man of Destiny, or from the Legion of Light. Choose carefully for what you may ask for may not be to your soul’s delight but you will gain from the experience the knowledge you will need to learn about your Spiritual Prosperity. The move away from what was known to the Realm of the Unlimited will begin, as the New Millennium will now be manifested for the Joy of Living! Enjoy and prosper Man of Destiny and Legion of Light!

August 3rd will bring forth your Soul’s unique and individualized plan for Living in Joy as well as your Dimensional Access within the Brotherhood of Man. Man of Negativity, did you think you were unaccountable in your path of future mayhem towards your fellow man? God is so Merciful, Man of Negativity, He will allow you to make your choice but will not allow your interfering creations to manifest in the Dimension of Love! He gives you this opportunity to build your foundation with Him so that you too may gain your own Spiritual Prosperity. He does not want you to extinguish your Soul, in which you carry a part of Him, nor lose His Love for you!

The Way of Light was Manifested on July 30, 2010 and will bring all the Goodness from God for those on their Path of Destiny on August 4, 2010. Man of Negativity will be in a suspended pattern once more until he will learn to move himself away from control and greed and learns of his Spiritual Truth. See the Legion of Light to strengthen their offering of Love and Brotherhood to All Man for it is the Legion of Light’s task to help usher in All Humanity’s Path of Destiny.

On August 5th the Universal Energies will bring the Forces to confirm that the Foundation of God is available to all while those in the suspended pattern of negativity will be spewing their hate and cursing against all those who oppose them. See this day to strengthen the Ways of God, as the Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light will collaborate to Create the Path of Destiny with the Foundation of God. Find the quiet time to utilize and access the Realm of the Unlimited! It will be there for all of your needs.

For two days, August 6th and 7th, the Opportunity of Choice will be available to All Humanity to move forward with the Way of Light. This shall entail the release from Security as we know it today in order to progress our Path of Destiny towards the Realm of Love in Brotherhood with our fellow man. The Choice shall bring with it the Responsibility of securing our endeavor of Joy so that we may begin to create a State of Cooperation. The State of Cooperation will begin its first testing within days as the Realm of Man of Negativity shall begin their next plan of control once more.

August 8, 2010 will bring the Universal Energies to set into motion the cause of Spiritual Change to bring Awareness to our current state of affairs. Are you Living in Joy? Have you released the no solution problems caused by Illusion? What are you actively doing to pursue your Path of Destiny? There will be much more Change to come and as long as you will allow yourself to remain flexible and can take time to make the adjustments needed there will be no need to fear what is to come!

Hear the calls for the old ways prompted by the discouraged and down trodden! We have no work and no food! We lost our homes! We followed the rules and did honest work for honest pay! Now we must steal to let our families eat! And the Realm of Negativity will only rub their hands with glee! The Energies of August 9th will begin to impede and repel the Realm of Negativity’s influence upon All Man and though they will think out loud that they are in control, little do they chance to look up and see the Creations of God all around them, as the Universal Energies will line up to ready their battle with the Legion of Light against them. Fear not Man of Destiny the Realm of Negativity will not interfere with your way towards your Destined Joy!

On August 10th the Universal Energies will stress to All Humanity the need to progress with your Power Within. There you will find and access your True Power to Create your Joyful Life in the New Millennium! Turning outward you will see and know that you are the Creator of your Destiny by the beginning of November 2010 when the Season of Rest will be upon us. Your Destiny is not conditional or contingent upon your financial or a healthy state of wellbeing. Look within and you will find that all you ever needed to find your Destiny was by deciding to activate and acknowledge that I AM a CO-CREATOR with GOD!

August 11, 2010 will begin the next Light Battle against the Darkness and will last through early September. Remain guarded and protect yourself from within. Take time to meditate and ponder upon your course of action towards your Spiritual Destiny. Freedom from the hindrance of the Illusion will work wonders in this time period as the Realm of Negativity will work to charm and seduce All Man with Rhetoric designed to appeal to the days of old when they were on the verge of completing their mission to hold All Man hostage through economic bondage.