Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Unlimited

In everyday language the concept of Unlimitedness is both difficult and abstract in meaning to even suggest common usage and thus, is rendered into a superficial and meaningless term. Most people therefore do not even attempt to pursue or make an effort to define it for daily usage in his or her own Lifetime. Unlimitedness is the Way of the Universe – Eternal, Expansive, and Everlasting! Your Soul, dear Ones, is as Eternal, Expansive, and as the Universe and to conclude that you are not Unlimited in any way, shape, or form is an untruth! What keeps most Souls upon Mother Earth in a place of lack and limitation are Man’s value systems that place currencies of the printing press to be more of value than the Universal dynamics of Light, Love and Harmony, nothing else!

The Universe is not a place of purchasing power but a place of Creating Light with your Love. Your Love, dear Ones, is equal in quality, magnitude, and preeminence with the Universe and is as powerful as God’s Love! In this way there are no rich and no poor in the Universe unlike the current Earth Plane where the uneven distribution of “wealth” produces multileveled social issues derived from disillusionment and malcontent. The Energy of May 2014 will begin to reveal the Truth of the Power of your Love and the Creation capacity that you hold within your Heart and Soul, dear Ones! This will become more evident from May 13, 2014 through July 19, 2014 when the veil of who you are within the echelon of the Universe becomes revealed to you!

It will not be until February 7, 2015 that everyone will become aware what is Truly going forth upon Mother Earth with the Universe. There are still many choices that all Souls will need to make, Man of Destiny and the Lightworker Souls. Much like the Biblical patriarch, Noah, it is a time of knowing the Truth for the Times we live in. In this way every Soul will have choice in the way they will find his or her own way. Let the choice be to each Soul and do not become worried or in despair for the choice of others. For by the Energy of July 12, 2014 through August 6, 2014 the choice of every Soul shall be locked in for the direction of his or her Soul with the New Age of Light, Love, and Harmony with the Universe! In this is the Truth, dear Ones, for God the Father and Mother of ALL Things Eternally allows Freewill for every Soul!

The Energy that will follow until February 7, 2015 will begin your process of returning to the Eternal state of Unlimitedness with the Universe, dear Ones. In your return to Creating Light with your Love, you will begin to feel the Lightness of your state of being through your Freedom to Create without inhibition, reserve, or even self consciousness of who you are for you are a Co-Creator in Harmony with God and the Universe! But for now the Energy of May 2014 will be serving to reintroduce you to the capabilities of your Soul and outwardly begin revealing and demonstrating to a world limited by the printing presses of Man’s currency the power of God’s Currency of Love!

To understand the Time we are currently in, dear Ones, do not look outwardly for your direction. Instead look within your Heart and Soul, for there you will always find the Kingdom of God and the Unlimitedness of your Love within the Universe! It will not be much longer to finally see the full manifestation of the Universe upon Mother Earth but before it prevails, there will be ample choices for all Souls to ponder. For the Soul is the place where accountability and responsibility will always be – upon the individual Soul to decide, whether he or she be Man of Destiny or Lightworker Soul, to be a part of it or not. The Universe is ALL LIGHT, ALL LOVE, AND ALWAYS IN HARMONY and cannot be anything less!