Saturday, February 2, 2013

Expanding Universe, Expanding Self

You are the Universe, dear Ones! You belong to the Universe and the Universe belongs to you! All that can be, will be, and will become with Love will enter upon Mother Earth through your Love, for Love keeps the Universe Expanding! From March 1, 2013 onward you will see and witness all you have come to do with Love and more! No longer will your growth and expansion be stunted as you will now be absolutely integrated into the Fifth Dimension and Living in the New Horizon!

When the first week begins in March 2013 there will not be much to do on your part, dear Lightworker, as you will be in a place of waiting, It will be during the week of March 8 to 15, 2013 when Man of Destiny Souls will be coming forward to assist the Projects of Light you and the aggregate whole of the Legion of Light will initiate with the Hand of God! The mass assembly eventually forming with Man and Light will work together in tandem, with the common theme of Truth, Justice, and Freedom to not only raise human conditions in the United States as well as the world, but will also raise standards to promote the causes of the Soul – Peace, Love, and Brotherhood – in order to bring the common goal of Joy in Living within every Soul upon Mother Earth!

There will still be obstructions to overcome by those who will egotistically claim that they are “doing the work of God,” not realizing that God the Father and Mother of ALL Things has been present upon Mother Earth since August 13, 2012! Those making these egotistical claims will simply be false prophets attempting to lead everyone back into the third dimensional world where they were totally in charge by whims and wants of ego. They will promise food, jobs, and housing and let the “undecided ones” standing between the third and Fifth Dimensions take the bait! It will not be long before they will realize that growth will not be possible without God Source through processing or learning for the Spiritual Experience they will need!

The Beginning of the Movement for Truth, Justice, and Freedom will begin on February 14, 2013 and will progress rapidly and expansively all over the world! Some will be caught off guard with sudden urges of panic and nostalgic longings while others will narrow their focus and move towards nothing but the past. Even though these steps may sound illogical for the Fifth Dimension, they are actually steps of learning and processing in order to understand with Truth. Truth from God Source, dear Ones, will be the guiding force that will endure over everyone and everything in the New Horizon!

The Universe is in an everlasting process of Expanding Light and Love and you are a part of it, dear Ones! The Times ahead will be bringing everyone, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, into the calling of their Soul’s Purpose. It will not be easy for everyone but as Time progresses towards the ending of 2013, things will be extremely different in all ways of Life upon Mother Earth! Let there be no fear for Light and Love are already prevailing upon the Earth Plane, and it all expands with you!