Friday, February 15, 2013

The Turning Point

From February 8 to April 17, 2013 everyone will begin to feel the impetus to “move” in some way or another with the intent to abide the internal calling from within. The first to respond will be Lightworker Souls followed by Man of Destiny Souls, almost as if a natural disaster would have occurred. But there will be no natural disaster, dear Ones, it will be the response to the New Horizon appearing on the forefront on March 15, 2013! Many are conditioned to walk in fear and will continue to do so for a time. Some will lead by example and demonstrate that reciprocation of Love in the Fifth Dimension will initiate improbable possibilities in the New Millennium!

March 15, 2013 will be the Turning Point in Mother Earth’s Evolution to become the Abode of Peace and Harmony. From this day forward the direction of all Humanity will be set with Mother Earth’s Pathway! It will be as if there were four rivers moving into the ocean of improbable possibilities, with each one being longer in distance and more treacherous than the easiest Pathway offered to Humanity with Mother Earth. Many will be taking the longer and treacherous of these Pathways for lack of Spiritual Experience.

There will be many opportunities to gain Spiritual Experience during the next two years. This will make the likelihood of every Soul learning what will be needed to become fully emerged into the New Millennium – God Source for guidance, Love and Joy for every experience, and understanding with Harmony and Brotherhood – quite easily! This may still sound like a tall order for some to consume all at once but recall that Life is a process and not a foot race! But by the end of this process on February 11, 2016 everything will be complete for every Soul, Man of Destiny and Lightworker, to be in Joy of Living!

During the week of March 15 to March 22, 2013 there will be many precedents set into motion, including the most important – Joy of Living for every Soul upon Mother Earth. The pathway has been long and enduring and, as if in a flash, every detail to allow every Human Soul Create with his or her Heart will be open! The Striker Force of Light will be waging war against man’s system of control without bloodshed, injury, or even casualty with the Hand of God at their side! Truth, Justice, and Freedom will be their cause and will bring disclosure at every level of deceit, injustice, and the “feudal system” against the Soul! Stay open, dear Ones, God’s Promise will be fulfilled in the blink of an eye!

Do not let fear permeate you for you are in the Fifth Dimension – the Dimension of Love! There will be no need for fear or worry for Love is all around Mother Earth, so know this now, fear and worry will only come through the memories and habits one will carry forward into the Fifth Dimension! Do not allow yourself to buy into the illusion! Let go and let Love prevail in your Lives, dear Ones, for the three year transition is designed to be an easy one and all you will have to do is be willing to Unify yourself with the Universal Energy of Mother Earth’s Turning Point!

When the completion of this phase arrives on April 17, 2013 many will be astounded by what they have witnessed. The shackles will have been removed but many will be looking for leadership and guidance, not aware that all they will have to do is stop, listen within, and heed the Voice of God Source to lead him or her to the next station of progress! You are in the Dimension of Love, dear Ones, and are being introduced to the Great Power that Created Everything, God the Father and Mother of ALL Things!