Saturday, February 9, 2013

Expanding Universe, Expanding Self Part 2

There will come a day when every challenge you face today will not even exist, and will even feel so petty in retrospect. That day will be February 11, 2016 when the Universal Energies will bring everyone on Earth into absolute cohesion to the ideal and pursuit of his or her Spiritual Purpose. This day will mark the beginning of a time when it will not matter if you are a Lightworker or Man of Destiny Soul for the goal of Spiritual Growth and Expansion will be the common goal achieved through the prosperity of Peace, Joy and Harmony! It is not really that far away but at this point of the Great Transformation, we are at the initiation point of transforming the way Man and Light exist upon Mother Earth.

When the week of March 8 to March 14, 2013 arrives, dear Ones, Man of Destiny Souls will be coming forward to assist Lightworker Souls already in process of initiating the Movement of Truth, Justice, and Freedom upon Earth. When the force of masses arrives, Unity through the Oneness of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things will move the common goal of Spiritual Growth and Expansion into motion! There will no longer be a few “agitators and instigators” against the forces of “civil society” but a massive coalition of Souls Unified and aligned with God Source to bring Empowerment to the causes of Peace, Love, and Brotherhood,

God Source, which is the direct Universal communication source that forms between one’s Heart and Soul and the Universe to express God’s Love and Joy, will unite with the Spirit of Love and Brotherhood as the common bonds of the masses. For man’s artificial divisions, implemented to maintain “controlled segregation” by race, color, creed, religion, and sexual orientation, will collapse as Unity with God prevails over the “feudal system” against the Soul and bring about Spiritual Prosperity through the Soul’s ability to Create Joy in Living! There are no higher or lower Souls in the eyes of God, only the pursuit of Spiritual Prosperity attained with God’s Currency of Love!

As the Energy progresses towards February 11, 2016, you will begin to see and observe the plan of God unfolding. And when the Energy of March 15, 2013 settles upon Mother Earth, every Soul will witness the Turning Point in humanity’s Pathway towards Enlightenment in the Ways of God! For from March 15, 2013 onward there will be no return to the past! Man and Light will begin to work together in Unity with God! The ones who will be outside of this Energy will be in a state of “Creative Paralysis” for they function without the number one condition of the Fifth Dimension – Love in all ways and all that you will do!

The New Harmonious Energy of the Fifth Dimension will truly be in effect, dear Ones, but it will be up to each one of us to make the necessary adjustment of turning towards God’s Currency of Love from your Heart and Soul and away from man’s ways and values, for they will no longer function upon Mother Earth. The internal adjustment will still be difficult for some but as long as their Heart is willing, the body will follow. And, in this is the way of learning and engaging one’s Heart and Soul into the Fifth Dimension, with Love and Joy to guide one into the Universe with God!