Monday, October 29, 2018

Trust, Unity, and Love!

Humanity’s evolution upon Mother Earth is largely the result of humanity’s adaptation to not only the planetary conditions produced by Mother Earth Herself, but also by the forces produced by her entire Solar System.

Humanity’s entire evolution on Earth is not what humanity may dictate or command – but is a process of adapting and acclimating to whatever conditions Mother Earth presents.  Currently, Mother Earth and her Solar System are transitioning to adapt and acclimate into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. 

By default, humanity is intertwined within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Transition. Humanity’s only choice is to transition with Mother Earth into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension and adapt and acclimate with her!  

The Calling has been present for humanity since December 1, 2017.  The Calling will conclude on December 14, 2018.

Humanity’s choice – in choosing to transition with Mother Earth and her Solar System into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension – will serve as an embrace of mankind’s capability to increase and expand our own consciousness, so that we may adapt and acclimate with Mother Earth. 

The only possible way of increasing and expanding one’s consciousness, Dear Ones, is to increase and expand one’s own individual vibration and frequency in alignment with Mother Earth’s adaption into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension.  The difficulty will not be in the hope or wish that one may do so, but in achieving what many cannot yet see, hear, touch, taste, or smell!  

The elements of vibration and frequency manifest subtly – even stealthily – through, with, around and within everything and everyone in the Universe.  Manifestation is largely increased and expanded through conscious application of the Universe’s Light, Love and Harmony!

If we were not operating at the same vibration and frequency as Mother Earth, we would not be Earthly inhabitants, but a visiting alien species.  

We have done this before.  Humanity has transitioned in the past to align and adjust to Mother Earth’s biosphere and whatever environmental conditions She may have produced.  And so once again, humanity is on the verge of another period of adapting and acclimating and aligning with Mother Earth.  

What will be the difference now from previous stages of evolution and our experiences with Her in the other Dimensions of the Universe?  The biggest difference now is that every inhabitant of Mother Earth will be transitioning from the Universe’s Learning Dimensions of Experience to the Application Dimensions of Experience. 

What could go wrong with that?  Everything that the Collective Consciousness of humanity’s learned states of comparison, competition, judgment and fear could collectively imagine!

The essential essence of Ascending from the Universe’s Learning Dimensions of Experience (the First to Fourth Dimensions) to the Application Dimensions of Experience (the Fifth through the Eighth) is transitioning from learning that Love creates ALL THINGS to applying Love to Create ALL THINGS! 

Mother Earth and our Solar System’s planets have all completed their own alignments within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension.  

Humanity, however, is at a crossroads.  “Will I fulfill The Calling of my Soul’s Spiritual Purpose within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension?” 

Mother Earth and her Solar System have a preordained schedule to keep with the Universe.  So too humanity, but humanity will have to expand beyond its previously learned states of comparison, competition, judgment and fear in order to move on to Trust, Unity, and Love!

When all of humanity has completed their collective decision on December 14, 2018, Mother Earth and Her entire evolving Fifth Dimensional world will begin to accelerate Her ascension process.  As will humanity, Dear Ones! 

On December 27, 2018, Mother Earth completes Her “Great Melting” phase.  At that time She will eliminate her Fourth Dimensional Vibratory Frequency for our use.  She proceeds into Her “Re-Organization” phase through August 12, 2020. 

All – everything and everyone upon Mother Earth – are now in transition.  To think, to say and do things as in the past will seem as if one were to develop “tunnel vision” into his or her own world – nebulous to the world around us – and attempting actions against Mother Earth and Her Solar System’s Vibration and Frequency.  Thus, many will acquire the “tunnel vision” syndrome and fail to think, say and do things in alignment with Mother Earth’s New Vibration and Frequency!

Humanity’s ultimate role within the Universe’s Fifth Dimension is to become Caretakers of our Home – Mother Earth – through the development of our Fifth Dimensional Experience.  All is complete and ready for our use.  Mother Earth and Her Solar System are already aligned into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension.  They are now primed for their physical transformations. 

Humanity is now upon the very doorstep of evolving, adapting, aligning and acclimating into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensional Vibration and Frequency. 

What does it look like, feel like and the experience like?  The world’s picture will become even more confusing and chaotic.  Rest assured, Dear Ones, the over all difference in the world now is – and will be – a New Vibration and Frequency to experience a Life with Trust, Unity, and Love!

Peace and blessings in Oneness.  Namaste.

Received and written, edited and shared, in co-creation - Alexandar Kosmos & Brenda Garcia.

Image: Aaron J. Groen