Friday, August 11, 2017

The Great American Forecast

On August 21, 2017 the world will experience a total solar eclipse projecting a 70 mile-wide shadow from our Moon across the United States, fittingly called “The Great American Eclipse.” An eclipse occurs whenever our three Solar System’s components involved, our Sun, Moon, and Earth, all align to form a straight lineup on Earth’s “ecliptic,” the path our Sun appears to follow on Earth. Because the Moon travels up to a 5 degree variance either north or south of the ecliptic, an eclipse will not occur at every New Moon or Full Moon. An eclipse, dear Ones, is just one of many miraculous wonders within our physical experience of Life on Earth. A rainbow is another, as a rainbow is a manifestation of Light waves interacting with physical matter – a rainbow is produced by Light waves interacting with water particles within a specified 42 degree angle from an observer. We also experience the natural wonder of thunder and lightening. Thunder is an auditory experience and is caused by the expansion of air near a lightening bolt, while lightening is a “sudden electrostatic discharge occurring during a storm.” The experience of all of Mother Earth’s natural phenomena serving to support our Lives has not changed, even as she has already assumed her new role as a Fifth Dimension Creator Planet! So what will be so unusual about “The Great American Eclipse?” Firstly, this is the first solar eclipse since Mother Earth completed her entire Fifth Dimension Transition and secondly, its unique location on Earth!

The Great American Eclipse is uniquely positioned to project a 70 mile-wide path of our Moon’s shadow across the United States. In fact, the Great American Eclipse will only be visible either in its entirety or partially within North America and South America, hence its title, “The Great American Eclipse.” The Eclipse’s unique location on Earth will be indicating which landmass was “preselected” to begin the renovation of Mother Earth for Life in the Fifth Dimension. What may now seem to be an accumulation of obstructions or a multitude of deterrents to block that from occurring will actually be a “blessing.” The “blessing” occurs with the administration of the United States’ current president, Donald Trump, who is one who sees everything entirely from a Fourth Dimensional perspective – a past where possibilities no longer exist on Earth! For this reason Trump sees people serving to fulfill an economic purpose rather than as Souls fulfilling a Spiritual Purpose. His shortsighted understanding within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will only be leading him to fulfill his own role in Mother Earth’s “Great Melting” from April 19, 2017 through December 27, 2018 – serving to assist Mother Earth’s elimination of the use of her former Fourth Dimension Vibratory Frequency! In actuality, anyone else elected as President of the United States would have also been serving in the role of assisting in Mother Earth’s “Great Melting” process, but Trump will do it faster and more thoroughly, or in his own words, “bigly.”

The administration of Trump will always be remembered for its tendency to be in a state of war or in a state of preparation for the next war – at war with someone while preparing for the next war with someone else, or threatening war with another nation while preparing for the next war! Old habits are hard to break, dear Ones, as this is a tendency from a previous incarnation on Earth as a former absolutist king in Europe. In a state of war or in preparation for war, Trump’s interest in humanity’s economic purpose serves to generate his own self worth and self-interest – to increase the value of the economy, whatsoever the cost to humanity! International relationships will suffer greatly in the next few years, especially with nations having similar interests. All one has to do is see the tendencies of Trump’s general approach to Life – to be in a state of war or preparing for the next war! Although leadership around the world will continue to provide support for him, they too will also be learning from him – how to further advance their own self-interests without him! Our world will become even more chaotic and will enter into a hyperactive state of disarray like we’ve never seen before! What we will be waiting for, as Souls seeking to fulfill our Spiritual Purpose in Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension, will be the momentum to enact our new direction in the Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! So, see the chaos and hyperactivity to be a “gift,” dear Ones, as the entire world will expect you with open arms!

For the duration of two hours and thirty seven minutes, Mother Earth and every Life form upon her body will be unified in the oneness of her momentum for the first time within her Fifth Dimension, as “The Great American Eclipse” is an Earth Event and not an isolated incident solely affecting the United States! Many people will be physically watching the Eclipse within the proximity of the 70 mile-wide path of our Moon’s shadow across the United States while many more still will also be watching “The Great American Eclipse” live through their mobile phones or the Internet. Even those sleeping or consciously unaware of the existence of this two hour and thirty-seven minute event will be affected, for consciously aware or consciously unaware this is an Earth Event and not an isolated incident solely affecting the United States! We are all connected within the entirety of the Universe and always have been! The realization that we are all connected and unified in oneness will serve to awaken many Souls through their participation in the witnessing of “The Great American Eclipse!” Not by just watching it live but also through the realization that for a moment, they all rose in Unity with every Life form on Earth to witness it! And now, dear Ones, the gap between those experiencing Life within Mother Earth’s evolving Fifth Dimension Vibratory Frequency and her former Fourth Dimensional world will be severing even further apart, as will all the last remaining bridges of access to the past! 

The experience of Mother Earth’s natural phenomena serving to support our Lives has not been altered, dear Ones! Eclipses will still occur into the future as long as Mother Earth is still rotating around our Sun and our Moon continues to rotate around Mother Earth. The major difference between now and in the future will be the locations where we view our eclipses, as Mother Earth will soon begin to realign her entire physical body for participating in the Universe’s Fifth Dimension. The realignment of her physical body will begin initiating during the “Vega Effect” from September 25 through December 23, 2017, when Mother Earth will be shifting her internal magnets to align her with her new Pole Star of Vega. Mother Earth’s rainbows will still be present for our observation in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, but the phenomena of the rainbow will have much to teach us, dear Ones! For by remembering and accessing our Soul’s vast pool of memories we will begin regaining our innate ability to Create in the Fifth Dimension – for as a rainbow is a manifestation of Light waves interacting with physical matter we too will become Light Sources to transform and manifest physical matter into our own “rainbows!” As for the United States’ President Trump, he was a “gift” and a “blessing” to all of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, for he will serve quite well in his role to assist Mother Earth’s “Great Melting” process, or in his own words, “bigly.”