Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Foundation of the Fifth Dimension

The human personality is an ego induced “filter” used to protect and support one’s preferential level of internal comfort and balance between one’s inner and outer worlds. The human personality does not originate from one’s genetic factors but is developed through choices rendered within the environmental factors of one’s Life. In itself, the personality does not need any support or assistance from the Spiritual World, as the personality primarily functions to maintain the most basic of survival skills and decisions required for Life in the material reality. Most human beings, therefore, will only reach out for help and assistance from the Spiritual World when one’s ego induced “filter,” the personality, has reached an internalized stress point requiring a self acknowledged need for external support. The Spiritual World, on the other hand, has no need for the personality, as the Spiritual World is concurrently contained and available throughout God’s Universe with Love, and is also self-contained and accessible with the Love from one’s Soul.

The human personality develops its individual psychological characteristics and behavioral traits through the emotions, which serve to guide one’s personality development by developing the preferential system used to support one’s personal level of internal comfort and balance. The emotions can either be led to formulate and develop one’s preferential system through the assistance of one’s Soul or through the ego induced “filter” of the personality. The choice to allow either the Soul’s Love or the personality to lead one’s preferential system is rendered early within the human developmental process, for the experience of Love, Joy, and Happiness is an individually defined option for each human being to choose to experience or not. Freewill is the Way of the Universe and allows for each individual to choose his or her own experiences to define one’s Love, Joy, and Happiness during his or her entire Lifetime. Learning without Love and discomfort is also an option to choose to experience, but the closer one is aligned with the Truth within his or her Soul, the closer one will be in the Truth of Creating with Love in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

The Spiritual Foundation of the Fifth Dimension is located within the Love of one’s Heart and Soul, and is not aligned in any way, shape, or form with the ego induced personality! The Love in your Heart and Soul, dear Ones, will Create all the difference in the world for you beginning on March 23, 2015, when the all Souls will be directed to align into his or her own Spiritual Foundation of the Fifth Dimension, the Love within one’s Heart and Soul! The Energy of March 23, 2015 will also produce a quickening effect in all activities related to Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension! As she progresses further into her schedule with the Universe, so will the increase of speed and demand be upon all Souls to keep up with her! It will be as if all Souls were running at the same Time trying to board a moving train or taxi, some will make it aboard while others will fall and completely fail or miss the opportunity entirely! Do not worry, dear Ones, you will not be one of those failing to “catch the train,” for you have a major role to fulfill and contribute simply by exemplifying what the Spiritual Foundation is and what your Love can do within Mother Earth’s emerging Fifth Dimension!

The vast majority of Man of Destiny Souls primarily function in “personality mode” rather than within the Spiritual Foundation of Love from his or her Heart and Soul. It is not the fault of each individual Man of Destiny Soul, or even caused by the lack of learning or the lack of effort to understand beyond his or her survival, but the collective fault of a social structure emphasizing the value of a person’s worth in dollars and cents over the factors of one’s Love, Joy, and Happiness! The lessons will come when Mother Earth increases the pace of her movement into the Fifth Dimension, as the disconnect between Man of Destiny’s Love and the claim of his or her place in the Fifth Dimension becomes more distant and revealing as the Truth of ALL Things exposes itself for every Soul upon Mother Earth to see! Man of Destiny’s understanding with Love will not occur overnight but when Mother Earth becomes a New Earth for the Fifth Dimension on May 16, 2016, Man of Destiny Souls will begin to see that if there is no Love or a connection from the Love of his or her Heart and Soul, nothing will happen for his or her Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

The disjunction between sporadically connecting with Love and implementing Love into every moment of ones’ daily activities will be so vast for Man of Destiny Souls, it will be as if one were attempting to throw a stone across an ocean! Some Man of Destiny Souls will deem it impossible to connect with the New Reality of Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, but that is why you are here at this Time, dear Ones – to demonstrate and role model what is to be done! Man of Destiny Souls will try to fix all issues from the outside in before attempting to fix what lies at the crux of the entire issue – No one (in Mother Earth’s Fourth Dimension) had to Love his or her job. No one had to Love every relationship or situation one was in. No one had to even Love every minute of one’s Life! And then the realization will come – the rules on Mother Earth have changed forever!

The momentum of Mother Earth’s guiding force to implement one’s Spiritual Foundation for the Fifth Dimension will last from March 23, 2015 through July 5, 2015. It will be an easy transition for you, dear Ones, but not for the world indirectly involving you. In fact, you will find that the world directly involving you will be immune from all of the chaotic events occurring in man’s world, no matter how little you may be involved! Your touch will be like a Midas touch in turning an arid desert like landscape into beautiful oases! Man of Destiny Souls will soon realize that while he or she will continue to complain about the latest events affecting his or her world, nothing in your world is even scratched or bruised! Congratulations, dear Ones, you are role modeling and demonstrating the Way of Light, Love, and Harmony of God’s Universe!